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We finally orderd the links thematically. Other than this, no particular order. It's still a list of sites that seemed interesting, informative, funny, hot... to us, of course. ;-)

Please note that some of these links may lead to sites with content not suitable for minors!

American Gothic and Crusade Actors'/Actresses' Official and Fan Sites

A few sites that pay tribut to the actors and actresses who brought these two TV series alive.

The Gary Cole Archives - Very extensive fan site with heaps of info on everyone's favourite Sheriff and Captain!

- Very extensive Daniel Dae Kim fan site!

New Offical David Allen Brooks Website - A very elaborate David Allen Brooks fan site.

The Official Carrie Dobro website - Get the latest from the actress that played everyone's favourite thief.

MarJean's Eleven Dragons - Marjean Holden's official site.

Jake Weber Tribute Page - Very stylish fan page.

Elfjune's Jake Weber Celabration Page - To quote the webmistress' introduction to the page, "This is an eccentric webpage devoted to the talented and totally cute actor Jake Weber."

Peter Woodward - Official site.

American Gothic

A few especially recommendable sites about the TV Series American Gothic - there are tons more out there!

The Trinity Bookstore - Heaps of American Gothic Fan Fiction.

Shadows of Trinity - Erotic American Gothic Fan Fiction covering a wide rating spectrum.

American Gothic Tarot - Queribus created a wonderful Tarot deck based on AG. Also contains screen captures from several episodes, and lots more.

Gothic Phantom's American Gothic Site - Very extensive, contains lots of magazine article transcripts, and even a transcript of a Gary Cole chat!

Virtual Trinity - Another great AG site, brought to you by the Gary Cole archives.

The Craig Shrine - Every Gothnik's favourite AG P.A. (Production Assistant) gives us a glimpse behind the scenes!

American Gothic @ - Bev's AG site contains tons of links, plus Trinity Moments, short excerpts from every AG episode in *.avi format!

Bucksangel's American Gothic Site - Bucksangel has a fantastic collection of screen caps from the whole series, Top Five, Notice That?, as well as character and episode overviews.

Buck Mansion - Episode synopses, character guide, pictures, The Unofficial American Gothic Soundtrack, and lots more. Home of The American Gothic DVD Petition - A petition to finally get Universal to release the TV series American Gothic on DVD!


The B5/Crusade Spoiler Junkies Page - Heaps of info and pics about B5 and Crusade.

Em'Lynn's Crusade Chronicles - Extensive Crusade site.

Crusade @ - Sci Fi Channel's official Crusade pages!

Down Below Sound Archive for Babylon 5 - All your fave quotes - The Crusade archive is now fully integrated.


Sites that inspired/amused/intrigued us or give additional/background information to our story and HomePage. You can find more of these on the sister's individual pages.

British Castles - Explore England's many castles!

Don Diego - This Spanish artisan can fulfill all your needs in arms and armouries.

Tantra: Kama Sutra - The Love Teachings of Kama Sutra.

KamaSutraFreeCom - A free illustrated guide to the Kama Sutra.

The Feminists Against Censorship Website - A British group formed in 1989 by a group of long-time feminist academics and campaigners who wished to fight censorship from a feminist perspective. - Scott Bourne's wonderful Antelope Canyon pictures.

- A Small shop offering darkly romantic apparel for the wild of heart.

New - The only website run by a Tok'ra symbiote.

Sites for Webmistresses and Webmasters

WitchesBrew Mail - Free e-mail.

Dreambook - Free Guestbook Server.

Absolute Background Textures Archive - 3300 Free Tiling Background Textures (Most of the background pictures used here can be found among them.)

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