Witches Familiars

In this section, we would like to present to you authors who managed to captivate us with their fan fiction in the American Gothic and/or Crusade universes. This is an "invitation only" section, so please do not submit stories to us!

To emphasize the individuality of the authors, each one's stories will look slightly different from the others'. The different formatings for thought, telepathy etc. will be noted in the stories' headers, as well as all applicable warnings and notes.

Each story's ratings will be listed individually; they may range from PG to NC-17. If you are below the legal age to view adult material in your corner of the universe, stay away from the stories marked R or NC-17! Everybody else proceed at your own risk... it will be well worth it!

We hope you enjoy these stories and ask you to please let the authors know what you think about their creations! We are not the only feedback junkies out there, you know! ;-)

Alex the Cat - [email protected]

Alex has written fan fiction for Dark Angel, Star Wars and Babylon 5, but most who know her will have read her Crusade or Lord of the Rings stories. If you don't know Alex yet, get ready for some hot stuff! Step into Alex' territory if you dare!

Mistress Sarah - [email protected]

Yup, our very own Mistress Sarah! Her Crusade stories cover the whole spectrum of emotions, so prepare yourself for a roller-coaster ride! We had to introduce hankie-ratings for her stories... *sniff* Enter the Mistress' lair!

The Upholsterer

The Upholsterer is another very talented writer of the Crusade universe, and she certainly has a penchant for very hot sex scenes! So, do you have that ice bath ready? Then make yourself comfortable in the Upholsterer's realm!

More authors to be added.

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Last added to on 15. February 2003