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Who are we?


First there is Demon, oldest of us all, she is ice. Then there is Angel, half-blood to Demon; she is fire. They were taken from Earth and brought to this place. Lilith is earth, generous in her gifts. She is human, but no one knows where she was born. She too was brought here and made sister in her turn. Ilas is air, constantly changing and shifting. She is not human. Her origin is a mystery, but she is our sister too.

We were brought to this planet by an ancient race, which walked the stars before life began on Earth, who had been fighting a war for most of eternity. They needed new weapons for their war and they found us. We had potential. We could be used and molded into something that the enemy could not bend or corrupt.

They worked on us, changing us to their needs, making us what they wanted us to be.

It didn't work.

We retained the essence of who we were, but learned to use the powers they brought out in us. We would not be bent to their purpose any more than we would bend to the enemy. We remained true to ourselves. We became one under the pain of their changes, but we were not their one. We were our own.

They punished us for our refusal to bend. They locked us away in stasis chambers for a long time. We don't know how long but one day we will find out.

We were released by accident and we were threatened by those who released us. They too tried to bend us to their will.

It didn't work.

We became rulers of the community on this planet; taking service from the people who found us in exchange for the gifts we could give them. We were at peace with them and they with us. We were content.

Then we were found.

Food for your imagination

We are different but we are the same... Find here a few details about each of us.

Demon by Lilith

Angel by Lilith

Lilith by Lilith

Ilas by Lilith

Full name

Deborah Montgomery

Angelique Denier

Lilith Morgaine, last name is a mystery since I can't remember

Ilas Wynd (pronounced: Eye-liss Wind)




Lily, Fire-Lily


Planet of origin






Tall (5' 10")

About 5‘5

almost exactly 5'

about 5'3


Long, blonde curly hair. Tall, slim athletic build, but curvacious. Hazel brown eyes.

Long, straight black hair.Thin but not too thin. Pale skin. Crystal blue eyes. A few freckles across nose and cheek… more visible when excited.

Petite. Waist-length, flamboyant curly red hair. Very light skin, almost like alabaster, with light freckles all over my skin. Emerald green eyes.

Usual look: Powder blue hair, about mid thigh. Delicate but sturdy build. At first glance I look fragile, but look closer and you can tell I won't break. Chest size varies to whatever looks best in the clothes I'm wearing, or not wearing. Albino skin and Lavander eyes with a slightly Asian look to them (also for real).

Real look: Lavendar hair, mid back length. Solid, muscular build. Red cat's eyes.

Physical peculiarities


Scar on right shoulder, Celtic Unicorn tattoo on my right hip.

Several birthmarks all over my body. One small snake tattoo, just at the inner base of my right breast.

Usual: Scar on my hip, running from my stomach down to my crotch. Very sensitive in a good way. It's practically got a neon sign saying "Lick me here" ...

Real: None on the thigh, one on the face, across the right cheek. (Prime reason I maintain the illusion almost all the time.)


Deep and husky, with strong English accent.

Husky and soft.

Melodious, a tad raw - and I can purr like a cat!

Soft, almost childlike sometimes. Other times deep, sultry. Because I can alter my vocal cords, I can sound like whoever and whatever I want. My laughing (which I do a lot) ranges between a soft bell like giggle, to a hearty gafaw.


Cool, aloof, apparently umemotional, passionate below the surface.

Tempestuous. Firy… have little control and patience. But I do have a big heart, but sometimes I tend to not think about my actions.

Lively and emotional, laugh and cry often. It takes very much to really make me angry, but once I am... you definitely don't want to be around me!

I'm the youngest, I generally strike most people as being a little sister type. I don't have any memories prior to waking up on the planet. I like playing the innocent, but you can usually tell I'm only playing. *ng* I don't speak much, so I rely on unspoken means of communication (body language, looks, etc)

Favourite clothing / jewellery

Always wear black, leather and lycra. Never wear jewellery.

Most of my clothes are red suede and soft leather. Tight long pants and half/midriff tunics. Do wear other colours like brown, tan usually in skirts.

Silk & other flowing fabrics, bright, warm colours (especially greens and reds), exotic materials and styles. Skirts & dresses, bodices, low-cut décolletés, generally sexy & risqué stuff. Fine shoes matching my small feet, sometimes also barefoot. Filigree and beaded jewellery of all kinds and styles.

Clothing: One of the few things that don't vary. Satins, velvets, rich heavy fabrics. Generally fairly tight pants, usually in black. Full sleeved shirts (normal at the shoulder, flaring out down to the forearm an gathered at the wrist.) lace on the cuff. The shirts are usually of a single color, but vivid - Sapphire blues, blood reds, bright emrald green. The vests are usually black with some pattern on them in silver. Large pendants, several rings of always changing design, a dragon/snake theme is recurring, as is classic magic (full bearded wizards, pentagrams, unicorns), and death (skulls, mainly).

Favourite weapon / self defense technique

Use knives if I have to, but prefer to use power.

Crossbow and knife… Karate… but don‘t really use it often

Daggers. Something similar to Judo if I have to.

I don't like getting physical unless I'm going to enjoy it, so I generally just let out with a high pitched squeal or something that'll turn my attacker/enemy into jelly. I can also fine tune it, and 'throw my voice' in such a way that I can pin point it to one person

Special power

Empathic, receiving and projecting.

Telekinesis. But I tend to not be able to focus my power when I am upset or angry.

Foresight/3rd eye, but it only comes in hunches, I can't control it. I can block other telepaths, but can only send to my sisters.

Shapeshifting (only humanoid forms, also gender). It doesn't take much to maintain the illusion, and it only slips when I'm *very* exhausted, or very sick. Not even a bad cold will jolt it, but a coma would. Sometimes it goes out when I sleep.

Responsibilty in the village





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