The Ice Queen's Snow Palace

My name is Demon.... well, no it isn't really. Maybe I should start again.

First there is Demon...

My name in Deborah. I was born in England and spent most of my life there in school. Having the last name Montgomery made my nickname inevitable and it's stuck. Now everyone calls me Demon. I live with my sisters on Eriadne... well, no that's not quite right either.

She is my half sister. And raised me after my mother died. We are very different. Where I am fire, she is ice, Demon is always in control. She takes care of me and my sisters. She comes across as strong, but she is more vulnerable then she would like others to see. She is caring and has a big heart and would do anything for those she loves. I wish I could be more like her, unlike me she doesn't get herself into trouble all the time, and she is always willing to see the good side of me, when others won't. She is our leader the one who guides us, keeping us safe and together.

Only one of them is really my sister and then only half. Maybe that's why Angel and I fight so much. I never fight with Lily and Ilas; my sisters of the mind.

I'm a witch.... well, actually I'm not. Angel and Lily are really into the witchcraft and spell stuff but I'm a bit of a sceptic I'm afraid. I'm interested in the science behind the sorcery. But I'm most interested in books. I love to read and I developed a lifelong love of English literature at school. Here are some of my favourites.

The Oxford Shakespeare
The Geoffrey Chaucer Website
Mervyn Peake

She's like a big sister and surrogate mother for us all. She's always looking after us, but tends to forget to look after herself at times. Even though she seems to be an "ice queen" to most outsiders, we know that she really is very sympathetic and caring.

And I want to know why we are as we are. How did we get the powers we have?
Here's some food for thought

Rhine Research Center

How to describe my sisters? Kinda tough being the baby sister, but really great too ...
I would say Demon is like a mother, but I've never had one, so I do
n't know what a mother is supposed to be like. Anyway, she's like what I think a mother would be. She reminds me of the way the village women are with their kids - Loving, but tough. Supportive, but forceful.

And here's some popcorn for the brain




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