The Loveseat

Hello, I’m Angelique Denier, but everyone calls me Angel.

Then there is Angel...

Angel is my half-sister, but we couldn't be less alike. If I am ice then she is fire. She can warm you or burn you depending on her mood. She loves life and lives it as if there's no tomorrow. I worry about her so much because I'm sure that her wildness will get her into trouble. But she won't listen to me when I try to warn her, so we fight. I sometimes envy her being so impetuous, as she seems to have such fun. She makes me wish that I could be a little more like her at times.

What can I tell you about myself? Well I am from Earth originally until I was abducted by the Vorlon, along with my sister Demon... well half sister really. And I have been on Eriadne ever since, along with my other sisters, Ilas and Lily.

Though they are not related to either Demon or I by blood, they are more our sisters then anyone could be. We have all been adapted by the Vorlon; given abilities... mine is Telekinesis.

What am I like as a person? Well I am rather tempestuous and fiery. Sometimes gets me into trouble. I am the total opposite to Demon, who is ice, in control all the time. Which is why we fight a lot... but we are still close non-the less, in fact all four of us are very close, linked together forever.

Angel's the wild one - Not that any of us are tame. I think she's a bit more... blatantly pass
ionate than the rest of us. We all have plenty of passion, both for men and other things, but hers is more... vocal. But not in an audible way. She *feels* louder than the others.

I am a romantic, and I love the wilder side of love, another thing that tends to get me into trouble. Oh well life is so boring if you don’t live it to the fullest. I also love magic... something that was taught to us by the Others. You need a spell or a potion; you can come to Lily or me. Now I am not going to say anymore... a girl does like to keep some secrets and have an air of mystery to her.

Angel's fire - you don't want to be around when her temper flares. I think she had a rough youth. She's chaotic, which sometimes causes her and Demon to fight. Angel has a good heart and good intentions, only her temper gets in the way sometimes. *g*

But before I go... Here are a few places you can go to see what it is that I enjoy.

This is my favorite book, all about the strength of love, how it can bring two souls together, a story about a love that not even death could have dominion over.

Wuthering Heights

Interested in Magic? Well I recommend these places…But just remember do not take magic lightly... Wicca is an art and a religion, be sure in your heart that it is right for you.

Toby's Wiccan Refuge
Open, Sesame

This is a place where you can find information on the myth and magic of the Unicorn, a creature of legend that is dear to my heart.

The Mystical World of Unicorns

I would love to chat with you - send me an e-mail!

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