The Lounging Pit

Welcome! My name is Lilith, but you can call me Lily if you like.

Lilith is earth...

My full name is Lilith Morgaine. I can't remember my familiy name - that memory has been lost along with so many others from my life before The Others took me away from Earth and joined me with my sisters. Sometimes I have dreams, hunches, tidbits of memories long lost, and these are what bother me more than the actual loss. I think what caused this partial amnesia was the same treatment that enabled me to block other telepaths. But I do not mourn the loss - what would it help? That life has long gone, and so has the person I was back then. I am content with the life my sisters and I have. And with the new life that began with the arrival of those who found us... but more of that in the
Witches' Diary.

Lily is full of life. Tiny but spirited. With a big warm heart. She reminds me of a wood sprite, filled with mischief and magic. Don't be misled by her size though, Lily can take care of herself and has a strong nature and a firy temper when pushed. She is also very loving and loves the variety that life has to offer.

What *do* I remember from my life before I was taken away by The Others? I grew up in a green country. At times we had lots of rain - on Eriadne the climate is more stable; we barely feel the change of "seasons". In some ways the landscape around my home on Earth wasn't very different from the one on Eriadne - rolling hills, interspersed with woods. My parents were Pagans, worshipping the Goddess in her myriad forms, and I still follow their beliefs, strenghtened by what I have gone through and what I learnt - by reading and in everyday life - since we were awakened by the Brakiri.

I often forget that Lilith can take care of herself. She's so tiny that she seems younger than she is, and everyone wants to protect her. But she doesn't need it really. Lily knows how to fight for herself and can have a temper when she's roused. All that red hair has to come out somehow. She's passionate and totally female, and Lily loves a little variety in her life and a lot of life in her men!

I believe there's a reason for everything, even if often times it is hidden for us. I believe every person has the right to live as she or he sees fit, as long as they don't bring harm to others. I believe in - and love to - love, but I do not believe that there is a limit to love... the most wonderful feeling that exists. I cherish every moment, every look, every touch, every kiss, every time my lovers make love to me. I couldn't imagine living without them anymore, or without what they have given me.
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There is also my love for my sisters. Though we are not bonded by blood - except Demon and Angel - we are sisters in everything else. The connection in our mind that The Others created may have initiated this bonding, but it is what they have put us through, and our life together here that has made us grow so close. I am most happy when we are all together: the four sisters and their loved ones.

I read, a lot. Sing, play music, especially on my harp, and sometimes percussion - rhythm is important to me. I dance. These are how I can express a lot of my feelings.

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Michael Ende
The Official Stephen King Web Presence
The Art of Middle Eastern Dance (by Shira)
Middle Eastern Dance
The Celtic Harp Page

I am drawn to mysteries, as well as other challenges to my mind. I like to be creative, be it making my own jewellery and clothes, drawing, or trying to fix something that's broken.

Mysterious Places
Sacred Sites

I love to roam the woods, visiting my favourite places, and watching animals. As you may have noticed I'm fond of bats and snakes, but also wolves, horses, unicorns, and many others.

The International Wolf Center
Bat Conservation International

I think of all my sisters, I'm closest to Lily. This could be because we're the two who aren't really sisters by blood. Demon and Angel are blood sisters from Earth - and the
y know it. Lily and I aren't. Well, she's from Earth, and I'm from ... I don't know where exactly I'm from.

My weapons of choice are daggers. They are subtle and discrete, but can be used at great effect, especially with the element of surprise on my side. Many people think because I am tiny that I am harmless too - but I can assure you this is not the case. Besides daggers I also use my own body - after certain events described in the Witches' Diary I started training with some of the guards, something similar to Judo. It is fun to throw around others who are much taller and bigger than me!

Ethnographic Edged Weapons Resource Site
Martial Arts Net

My pages will be expanded in the future. In the meantime I would love to hear from you!

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