No, we don't mean "A"riadne

The name of the planet we now call home is "E"riadne B.

A landscape of Eriadne B

I really love the pool, to go swimming there... any time of day or night. Sometimes I go there with Lily when she takes the villa
ge children for a swim, and we always have lots of fun. My other favourite place is that forest where I can overlook the village.

The area we live in - its climate, fauna and flora - is very similar to the temperate zones on Earth. Due to the fact that Eriadne's axis is almost in a right angle to its orbit around the sun, we don't have seasons, only a slight difference in temperature, precipitation and growth between "spring", "summer", "autumn" and "winter". And for the trivia collectors among you: its rotation period is 23 1/2 hours.

Outside the castle, my favourite place is the Orchard. I go there everyday to walk amongst the fruit trees, or I often times take a book from the Library and go and sit beneath a tree, losing myself in it. I love the fragrance and sounds that fill the Orchard, makes me feel closer to nature and at peace with myself when I am there. I also love to go there at night...especially when it is a full moon...the Orchard never looks more beautiful and magical when seen on a night like that.

One of the most significant differences between Eriadne and Earth is the ferocity of the native animals and plants. Everything bites or fights. When the Vorlon created the castle they cleared a large surrounding area, which is why the Brakiri colonists settled here. This land had already been cleared of predatory plants and animals and they could immediately plant their crops and build enclosures for their animals. Most of their food sources are suitable for humans too, which was fortunate for us. But there are some things of theirs that we can't eat, finding out which those were was interesting!

My favourite place is the pool. I love to swim; it's how I stay in shape. On hot days I can swim in the cool shade of the trees where the water is always cold. On cold nights I float in the warm spots where the thermal springs heat the water. I love to float there, naked in the night, watching the stars....

My favourite places? The hill, the bat tree and the pool. I love to roam the area around the castle. Sometimes I go out with the children from the village to show them plants and animals, or to swim at the pool. I love that the weather is so warm and steady; one thing that I still remember from my home on Earth is that there were times when it was raining constantly.

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