Our Home is Our Castle

It virtually is, as you can see here:

The Space Witches' castle

Why, of all possibilities, did The Others build us a castle? We don't know, but we think it must have been because in the heads of all three Earthers, they found a fascination with castles.

I love to be on the window seat in my room and look out over the landscape while I play my harp, especially at sunset. There's another window out in the corridor where I like to spend time. And then of course the library... I could spend years in there without having to read a book twice! And the rest of the castle is wonderful too - a place you can walk through and be sure you'll discover something new every time!

The library would have to be my favourite place in the whole castle. I love the feeling of the place, the smell of the leather bound books. I love to just spend hours reading in front of the stained glass window, or just sitting there, listening to the quiet. I always love the feeling of peace that I get when I am there.

Don't let the ancient look fool you, though - inside, the castle is filled with highly advanced technology, some of which we are sure is still buried somewhere in the cellar, waiting to be discovered. The cellars are very extensive and contain a myriad of corridors, rooms, and vaults. Many of them have been left undisturbed since The Others left. One of these undiscovered "machines" would be the one that maintains the F-Band emissions protecting the castle and the village from detection, and regulating the climate inside the buildings. We can handle it from our control panels, but we don't know what the source looks like.

I really prefer to be outs
ide if I can. But my workshop is my sanctuary... where I can just be, refresh my energies, and no one can disturb me.

A big part of the castle is unoccupied, since there are only us four and some Brakiri servants and guards living here, but it isn't prone to signs of abandon and neglect, and is very low-maintenance.

Most of all I love our library. The Others have collected works from most Earth cultures over 100's of years and I love to read. I can spend my days there happily soaking up whatever I find that interests me. And everything interests me!

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Built on 1. July 2000