The Sanctuary

Hi, I'm Ilas.

Ilas is air...

All right, I've never been good at this introduction stuff, and it's even harder on a web page when I can't shake hands, bow or other nearly forgotten social gestures. So just come on in, and feel free to poke around. Good luck figuring out what's what, as I'm not telling, and even forget sometimes.

Ilas is like our baby sister, a little child in a womans body. She is the one who makes me laugh the most. Full of energy and life. She is loving and affectionate and shares herself willingly with people. She is also tough, our protector, the one who will charge into the fray and take care of the danger.

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She makes me laugh. Living with Ilas can be like having an ill trained puppy around the house. She tears around, ripping the furniture, dashing off in every direction and biting your ankles when you're not looking. She scraps, she fights and she is energy personified. She is warm, affectionate and never judges, always accepting. But don't get on the wrong side of her. She bites!

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We call Ilas our baby sister, though we don't really know her age. Sometimes she seems like a child, sometimes much too wise for "her age". She loves to have fun and is always ready to help.

You'd like to talk to me? Then come here!

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