Witches Familiars: The Upholsterer

The Upholsterer in her own words:

The Upholsterer loves Crusade and one day she blithely stumbled onto Crusade slash. She was, shall we say, "inspired", and promptly sat down and wrote her very first slash story. The two characters of Gideon and John stayed in her head for weeks after that, demanding more sex and, of all things, a relationship. She gave them some of both and they wanted MORE relationship and a whole lot more sex. Their relationship finally came to a good point by the end of "Lieutenant's Ship" and she thought she was done. But the boys were having so much fun, they insisted on finding someone ELSE to have sex with. Enter poor Max. However, by then enough internal time had passed and she had to deal with the inevitable visit of Mr. Jones. It's time to pay the piper.

The Upholsterer's Stories

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The Captain's Chair

A lonely Captain takes a few moments on an empty bridge for some self-pleasure. What he doesn't know is that someone has been watching him, and wanting him, for a very long time.

1 Captain's Chair
2 Lieutenant's Bed
3 Captain's Floor

4 Lieutenant's Ship
5 Seduction of a Linguist
6 Destruction of a Telepath

Marriage Made in Hell

Did you ever wonder what would come out if Mistress Sarah and The Upholsterer teamed up? Well now you can find out!

Marriage Made in Hell

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