Lieutenant's Ship

by The Upholsterer

Summary: The Captain thinks he's got it all figured out - won't he be surprised...
Sequel/Series: This is a direct sequel to Captain's Chair, Lieutenant's Bed, and Captain's Floor.
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to someone else except the story itself which is mine.
Warning: If you don't need a bucket of ice for this one, then I ain't doing my job!
Rating: NC-17

Remember to read Captain's Chair, Lieutenant's Bed, and Captain's Floor first!

They had five months. Five months before Mr. Jones's next scheduled visit to check on Lieutenant John Matheson, the first telepath in EarthForce. When, if they didn't figure out some solution, Gideon and John would be separated, destroyed, and never see one another again. Five months. Five glorious months. They planned to make good use of the time.


On the busy bridge of the Starship Excalibur, Captain Matthew Gideon casually leaned over the shoulder of his First Officer. Lt. John Matheson's elegant fingers were busy with some calculations that Gideon had just asked him to run. Unexpectedly, Gideon caught a whiff of John's particular scent - a combination of skin and sweat and an aftershave that reminded Gideon of clean wind and sea. Gideon swallowed and gripped his hands behind his back.

He leaned slightly closer, his lips near John's ear. "Lift B. Five minutes." He straightened up and moved back towards his chair. John gave no sign that he had heard but continued to work on the calculations.

Standing by his chair, Gideon made a show of frowning and looking at his chronometer. "Lieutenant, has Mr. Eilerson sent that report I asked for yet?" he asked.

"No, sir," John replied automatically.

"Hmm, I better go ask him personally." Gideon assumed a confrontational air and strode off the bridge. Behind him, he was sure that John was exchanging glances with others of his bridge crew, feeling sympathy for the poor Mr. Eilerson.

Off the bridge, Gideon made a beeline for Lift B. He stepped inside and the lift moved upwards as he waited for the two crew members who were on the lift to get off. Given his general air of irritation, they stepped off at the next possible point. Gideon chuckled to himself. "There are uses for being known as a hardass." He pulled open the lift's maintenance panel and hmmed thoughtfully to himself.

Exactly on time, the lift arrived at the bridge deck and Lt. Matheson stepped in. Gideon was hidden out of sight by the side of the door. John's expression didn't change as he spotted Gideon. The door slid shut. John turned to him. "Captain?"

Gideon held up a hand for silence. He reached into the panel and disconnected the wires that powered the lift security cameras. Speaking into his wrist communicator, he said, "Lift B, immediate maintenance mode. Authorization Matthew Gideon."

Two beeps of confirmation and the lift stopped in place, its doors locked shut.

Gideon dropped his wrist and turned to John, grinning wolfishly. Three steps and he had John pressed up against the wall, nuzzling his neck. John laughed in delight and pulled Gideon closer.

Gideon covered John's face with light kisses, breathing in the warmth of him. "I just can't seem to get enough of you," Gideon said between kisses, "Your skin, your scent, your touch. I want you constantly. I dream about you and think about you and when I eat, I can taste you on my lips. Why is that?"

"I don't know," John said breathlessly, "but you won't hear me complaining."

"I better not." Then Gideon captured John's mouth and no more could be said for a long time.

Gideon's hands found and removed John's jacket, sliding it off his shoulders and pushing it to the floor. He waylaid John's hands when they tried to do the same to his jacket. Gideon broke the kiss and murmured, "I have something in mind."

"I think I should be worried."

Gideon laughed and pulled off John's earpiece and dragged his shirt over his head, totally disarranging his silky black hair. Gideon dug his fingers into John's waistband and unfastened his pants. He knelt down before John, looking up at him. The Lieutenant's eyes were wide with arousal and he was chewing on his lower lip.

Smiling, Gideon slowly pulled John's pants and underwear down his legs. His lips covered each inch of skin as it was exposed. Pulling off the soft black underwear unveiled an already stiffening cock. Gideon briefly kissed John's cock and moved on. When he got to John's feet, he nudged John so that he lifted each foot. With John leaning on his shoulder, Gideon removed each shoe and sock and pulled the pants and underwear over each foot.

He sat back on his heels, looking up at his stark naked Lieutenant. John raised his eyebrows and tried to look self-possessed, a hard thing in his position.

Moving forward, Gideon bent down and rubbed his cheek against one bare foot. He ran his cheek up and brushed his shoulders against John's legs. Rising very slowly, he pressed against John, dragging the fabric of his black uniform up against his calves, thighs, hips, cock, chest, shoulders. John's hands were tangled in his hair. He rose until the whole length of his dressed body was pressed against John's naked one.

He remembered the incredible stimulation created by John's uniform rubbing his naked body. Indeed, John's mouth hung slightly open and his hands were still buried in Gideon's hair. He pressed himself against Gideon, wrapping one ankle around Gideon's to pull him closer.

Slowly, teasingly, Gideon ground his hips against John's exposed cock. John's mouth found his and he sucked on Gideon's lower lip. Gideon felt the blood pounding in his own erection, but he ignored it. This time was just for John.

He freed his lip from John's and ran the very tip of his tongue along John's cheekbones, his jaw, nipping at his ear. He turned John's head, so he could kiss the sensitive skin just behind his ear. He turned his face back. John's eyes were closed and he kissed each eyelid. Continuing to keep as much contact as possible between his uniform and John's skin, Gideon's mouth and hands traveled over his neck and shoulders. On the smooth skin just below the collarbone, Gideon sucked hard, fully planning on leaving a mark on the almost hairless expanse of skin. "Mine," Gideon growled.

"Always," John whispered, his eyes still closed.

Gideon's lips sucked and pulled at John's nipples, while his hands traced feather-light lines down John's back. He could hear John's breathing growing ragged. John's hands had found their way back to Gideon's hair and seemed frozen there. Gideon released John's nipples and leaned away for a moment to snag the Lieutenant's jacket from the lift floor and pull it towards him. He folded it up into a small pillow and knelt on it. Gideon ran his hands over John's flat lower stomach and narrow hips. His fingers trailed through the small patch of pubic hair at the base of his erect cock and down the textured surface of his balls. Finally, taking pity on the trembling Lieutenant, Gideon let his lips brush the tip of John's upright cock.

John made a noise somewhere between a groan and a whimper and his fingers flexed convulsively. Gideon steadied himself against John's legs and took the head of John's cock slowly into his mouth.

Just his own mental picture of how he looked, fully clothed and kneeling on the floor of the lift at the feet of his naked First Officer, with his First Officer's cock in his mouth, was enough to send a jolt of erotic electricity straight through Gideon's own body. Gideon pulled away and closed his eyes, concentrating briefly on tamping down his own desires.

Somewhat under control, he opened his eyes and sucked the head of John's cock into his mouth. He ran the insides of his lips around the rim of the head, sucking it in and out of his mouth. His tongue flickered over the smooth surface, tapping the slot at the end each time he went by.

He took his mouth off the cock and gripped it in one hand. With the tip of his tongue, he traced the line that ran down the front of the cock - from the top, down the V split of the head, down the fine ridge of skin, to the base and dividing the balls in two. One after another he took John's balls into his mouth, sucking and pulling gently. His thumb and forefinger were busy massaging the head of John's cock. He traced the line back up to the top of the cock, pausing to tease and nuzzle as he went.

Reaching the tip, he sucked the whole head back into his mouth, tasting the salty-sharpness of the few drops that had formed at the slit. He moved his lips downward, taking more of the cock into his mouth, his tongue dancing along the veined surface. He sucked upwards until the head of the cock was almost on his lips, then plunged down again, his mouth creating a firm seal. With one hand, he gripped the base of John's cock, steadying himself. With the other hand he squeezed one asscheek in rhythm to his sucking as he pulled the cock in and out. John's hands were trembling where they were still clenched in his hair.

Gideon slid his tongue out of his mouth and sucked the entire length of the cock in, filling his mouth and throat with the taut organ. Above him, John moaned, a sound that seemed to swell up through his entire body. Gideon could feel the moan through every connection his body had with John's.

That gave him an idea. As he slid Jock's cock in and out of his mouth, he began to hum deep in his chest. He could feel his lips and mouth slightly vibrating, those vibrations transmitting through the sensitive cock. He could feel John's ass tensing under his hand as the Lieutenant tried to hold out a little longer.

Still humming, Gideon quickened his pace, driving an intense rhythm up and down the length of John's cock. The hand that was on his ass crept to the crack between his asscheeks, one finger rubbing the outside of his asshole in time with his sucking. John began to shake, his hands gripping Gideon's head tightly.

Abruptly, John threw back his head and cried, "Matt!" and began pounding furiously into Gideon's mouth. John's cock spasmed and hot juices poured down the back of Gideon's throat. Gideon swallowed eagerly, like a thirsty man gulping water. John gave one last shudder and collapsed back against the wall.

Smiling up at John's flushed face, Gideon licked the last of the juices from his lips. John's knees buckled and he slid to the floor, landing in a graceful heap in front of Gideon. Gideon pulled John onto his lap and gathered him into his arms. He tilted up John's chin and placed a salty kiss on his lips. "That should keep me satisfied," he murmured against John's mouth, "for about five minutes."

"I will need a little longer than that to recover," John's voice was husky. "I have to say, Captain, that you are getting most proficient at that."

"I take that as a great compliment, Lieutenant, since it comes from the master."

Gideon shifted in his position, arranging his pants to make his own pounding erection the most comfortable. John reached towards his crotch. "Let me--"

Gideon grabbed his hand, kissing the palm. "No, John. You have to learn how to just take sometimes. You are too giving."

"Yes, Matt," John said meekly.

Gideon raised his eyebrows in suspicion. "What are you plotting in that devious Teep mind of yours?"

John widened his eyes, all innocence. "First Officers do not 'plot', sir, we make contingency plans."

Gideon laughed. "What contingency plan do you have if I suddenly release the maintenance mode on this lift?"

"Crawl out of the top of the lift?"

"Now there's a picture," Gideon chuckled, his fingers running down John's bare chest. "Almost makes me want to try it, just to see your naked ass disappearing up the lift shaft."

"What makes you think it is me that would be doing the disappearing?"

Gideon tweaked John's left nipple and growled, "Because I'm the Captain."

"Ah, I forget that."

"You better not," Gideon captured John's face with both hands and kissed him thoroughly.

A little while later, when Gideon returned to the bridge, he had a hard time keeping a contented grin off of his face. He hoped that anything that showed through would be attributed to a satisfying chewing out of Mr. Eilerson, though Gideon's conversation with Max had been brief and cordial.

Gideon sat back in his chair and found himself daydreaming about riding hoverscooters with John across the desert.


"Captain?" Executive Officer John Matheson spoke into his wrist communicator, forcing his voice to sound normal. "Do you have a moment?"

"What is it, Lieutenant?" came Captain Matthew Gideon's muffled voice.

"Some odd noises in the bullet car tunnel, Deck 12."

"Odd noises? Shouldn't you call the maintenance crew?"

"Do you have a moment to come down here yourself?"

"I don't see how--"

"I think you should see for yourself ..." John played his trump card, "... Matt."

A pause at the other end and John chewed his lip.

"I'll be there in 10 minutes. Gideon out."

John let out his breath and looked over his setup. The bullet car tunnel wasn't a comfortable place to have a picnic, but John was determined. He had taken a large inflatable mattress and laid it down along the bottom of the tunnel. He had covered the mattress with some huge towels, anchored down in the corners against the gusts of wind down the tunnel. The wind ruffled John's hair and he nervously smoothed it down again.

Why are you nervous? he chided himself. He and Matt had been ... lovers for almost a month and a half now. But he still woke up in the mornings and had to remind himself of the fact. He still got a little jolt of surprise every time that Matt looked at him with lust in those warm eyes. And before every time they were scheduled to meet, John had those moments of self-doubt, wondering if Matt would really come. If he would really touch John's face with those hands, his lips with those lips, bring John to a sheer sweetness of arousal that no one ever had before. He felt like he was constantly living in an erotic haze.

For one of the first times in his life, he was grateful for his Psi Corps training. It kept most of him moving, taking care of his duties, feeding him, making sure his uniform was straight, and that he went to all of the right meetings and said the right things. Meanwhile, the rest of him was dreaming about Matt

It wasn't being fair to the Captain. Matthew Gideon deserved a First Officer who had all of his attention on his work. And a lover who was all his and didn't have to sneak around. But dammit, John wanted to be selfish, wanted Matt in his arms so bad that he would willingly throw everything he had ever worked for away for just one night with him. And to have five months ...

John shook himself, Matt should be here soon. Was everything ready? He had the massage oil, the picnic basket, lunch, extra towels ... damn, where were the extra towels? He took a deep breath and pushed away his nervousness.

He sat on the ledge on the side of the tunnel and waited for Matt. Matt, matt, matt ... he loved to call him that.

John was under no illusion, he knew what any counselor would call his feelings for Matthew Gideon. Hero-worship. And yes, John did admire Matt and wish he could be more like him, impetuous and fierce. But he also loved, yes loved, Matt for his flaws and quirks. Matt was like a fine mesh of arrogance and insecurity, a man of wildly oscillating moods, zealous in loyalty and cunning in the face of death. He viewed every one of the men and women under his command as a personal responsibility, and he took on the universe single-handedly for them. And it didn't hurt that he was ... what did he call it -- "ruggedly handsome"?

Since he and Matt had become lovers, lovers - what a wonderful word, Matt had shown him unexpected tenderness and passion that had driven any last doubts out of John's mind. Who would have guessed there was so much pent-up desire behind those hazel eyes? John felt he could spend the rest of his life exploring the puzzle that was Matthew Gideon, and he dearly hoped he would get that chance.


He jumped. "Hi, Matt."

Matt sat down next to John and frowned down at the inflated mattress. "Isn't that going to ... well, explode the next time a bullet car comes whizzing through here?"

"Yes, it would," John grinned, "But there aren't going to be any bullet cars through here for a while."

"Are you sure?"


"How did you manage that?" Matt looked impressed.

John said innocently, "I just told the system that there was an electrical malfunction in this section of the tunnel. It immediately shut down all bullet car activity through here. And also dropped the containment barriers on the tracks on both sides of the tunnel. The only way in here is that door right there, which you locked behind you. The system will spend at least 3 hours analyzing each and every circuit in this section."

"And those people who try to take a bullet car through this area?"

"Will find the bullet car stopping and politely informing them they need to walk around."

"And you picked a place in right in the middle of the tunnel system because ..."

"It had the best breeze."

Matt broke out laughing, a sound John never tired of. "You are a devious man, John Matheson."

"I take that as a great compliment, Captain, since it comes from the master."

"Indeed." Matt reached over and cupped John's cheek, bringing their lips together for a long warm kiss. "So, Master of Ceremonies, what's next?"

John smiled. "Lunch."

"Lunch? Here?"

"Yep," John said, climbing down to the floor of the tunnel.

Matt climbed down behind him, and John couldn't help a grin as a gust of wind in the tunnel messed up Matt's perfectly shaped hair.

John sat down on the mattress, and gestured for Matt to do the same. Instead, Matt flopped down on the mattress, and lay on his stomach, looking up at John. "What's for lunch? ... And don't say 'you'."

"No, you're actually dessert."

"I am, am I?

"Yes. For lunch we have ..." John opened up the picnic basket and began presenting each item with a flourish. "Fresh peaches..."

"Peaches? Where did you get--"

"Some peanut butter sandwiches..."

"Made from real peanuts?"

"Deep fried ratcha ..."


"And some actual bona fide beer, vintage yesterday, origin ... You don't need to know."

"Beer? Real beer? With alcohol and everything? Damn, John, you are a miracle worker!" John grinned and bowed his head graciously. "How in the Hell do you remember all these things, like my favorite foods?"

Because I never forget anything I find out about you. "Just happened to remember."

"Happened to remember, my ass."

"Oh yes, I remember that too," John stroked one hand down Matt's back-side.

"Lunch first, remember?" Matt teased him.

"Then dessert." John handed Matt a sandwich and took one for himself. John took a bite of his sandwich, not really noticing what it tasted like.

"Mmm," Matt said around a mouthful of sandwich, "Really chunky, and you even put some honey in it. Heavenly."

"Here, let me help you with that," John said, taking away the sandwich.


"I wouldn't want you to get carried away and choke yourself," John tore a corner off of the sandwich. "C'mere boy, c'mon."

Matt considered objecting, but shrugged and scooted over to lay his head down on John's lap. He opened his mouth expectantly. John dropped the piece into Matt's mouth and Matt chewed away blissfully. He fed Matt his sandwich bit by bit, interspersed with some nuggets of fried ratcha and rather messy sloshes of beer. The wind gusted around them, making their clothes and hair dance. He then gave Matt the rest of his own sandwich, deliberately smearing peanut butter on Matt's nose so he could lick it off.

"Mmm," Matt said with satisfaction. "Now how about handing me a peach?"

"You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?"

Matt eyed John. "What's so difficult about a peach? Other than finding fresh ones halfway between nowhere and nowhere."

"You're going to have to share. You might want to take off your shirt. These peaches look juicy."

Smiling in anticipation, Matt sat up. He pulled off his jacket and shirt, tossing them aside. John also removed his jacket and shirt.

"Now," Matt said, crawling on his hands and knees to where John sat, "I want my peach."

"This peach?" John held up a round firm specimen. He waited until Matt moved to take it then he bit into the peach. Matt grinned and leaned against John, taking a bite of the other side of the peach that was still in John's mouth. Matt made appreciative noises and moved to take another bite. John shifted the peach and each dug their teeth again into the ripe flesh. Sweet juice ran down both of their chins. They worked their way around the peach, reducing it to a mere pit.

John then cleaned Matt's sticky face, neck and chest with his tongue. Matt returned the favor, setting John's skin tingling and his pulse racing. "Another peach?" John asked huskily.

"Later," Matt growled and pushed John down on the mattress. Matt ran the flat of his tongue up John's breastbone. "Yum, John-flavored dessert, my favorite."

John frowned, "That wasn't what I ordered." He pushed Matt over and rolled on top of him. Leaning over, he sucked on the tender skin of Matt's neck, scraping the skin with his teeth. He chewed on his left earlobe. "Much better," John said, sitting up on Matt's chest. "A generous slice of Matt."

Matt grabbed John's ass and gave it a warning squeeze. "You aren't going to be doing any slicing."

"Unfortunately not," John sighed dramatically. "However, there is something else I would like to do."

"Ooh, something which we haven't done yet?" Matt licked his lips. "I'm game."

John laughed. "I'll bet you are." His face grew serious. "I'd like to try what we called in Psi Corp a Sensory Net. I'm not strong enough to do sight, but if you close your eyes, I can trick your other senses into believing what I tell them to."

"Now that sounds interesting ... What are you going to tell my senses?"

"Where is a better place for a picnic than the beach?"

"We're going to the beach?" Matt grinned and closed his eyes, "Do your thing, my lovely Teep."

Lovely? John wondered briefly, then shrugged it off and prepared his mind. "Remember, if you open your eyes, your brain will believe what your eyes say, not what I say."

"I got it," Matt's face assumed an expectant air.

John took a deep breath. It had been years since he had done this. Not many people were willing to let a telepath take over their senses. His heart gave a little lurch as he realized how much Matt trusted him. Not just right at this moment, but every day, day after day. Trusted that he wouldn't use his telepathy without permission or need. Matt would even play cards with him ... John tucked those thoughts away for another time, and took a second deep breath.

First, sound. He took the sound of the wind through the bullet car tunnel, and brought out the rush of breaking waves, rhythmically swooping into the beach and drawing away again. He added seagulls, just a few. He stretched out the sounds, shaping them to sound like there was a vast ocean, right in front of them. Did it work?

"Surf's up," Matt mumbled and John chuckled, pleased.

Now, the entwined senses of smell and taste. Drawing from his own memories, he brought out the smell of the sea, the taste of salty breezes on the tongue. A touch of the green fragrance of seaweed. The smell of sand baking in the warm sun. The inevitable one or two grains of sand that always get trapped behind between the teeth and gums.

"Bleh," was Matt's comment.

Now the most difficult, touch. "Can you keep your eyes closed and take off the rest of your clothes?"

"I think I can manage." John watched Matt as he kicked off his shoes and socks, then wiggled out of his pants and underwear.

"Lay down on your stomach?" John asked. As Matt settled down again, John quickly removed the remainder of his clothes and sat back down next to where Matt lay.

Naked, John shivered a little in the cool breezes of the tunnel. He grabbed a spare towel and draped it over himself. For Matt, he brought out the sun. The warmth of a late spring sun beat down on Matt's back, heating his skin.

"Ahhh..." came a mumble from underneath John.

Matt was already laying on the towels covering the mattress, so John just added to his senses the texture of a bumpy towel laid over sand. John rubbed his hands over Matt's bare back and tried to think if he had forgotten anything.

"Enjoying the beach so far?" He asked Matt.


"How about a nice sand rubdown?"


John closed his eyes, concentrating, remembering how wet sand feels when you dig your hands into it. The texture of the finest sand oozing between your fingers, warm with the sun. When he was sure he had it, he placed his hands on Matt's back.

"Oh!" Matt said, jumping a little in surprise.

Keeping his eyes closed, John began rubbing his hands up and down Matt's back, like he was giving him a light massage. Matt was only feeling the sensation of the fine wet sand.

"That's amazing," Matt said, wiggling his shoulders, "Mmm, that feels good ..."

John smiled and licked his lips. If he kept his own eyes closed, he could almost fool himself that they were on a beach somewhere, utterly alone.

John began to deepen the massage, digging his palms and fingers into the muscles of Matt's back and shoulders. He drifted lower, massaging the tightness out of his lower back. His sandy hands moved further, sliding over the sweet curve of Matt's ass.

God, he loved that ass. He remembered the first time he had noticed it. He had been serving under Matthew Gideon for about three months, straining himself to the limit to try to be the most perfect Executive Officer in the history of EarthForce. Captain Gideon had been standing with his back to him, looking out of a viewport. His arms had been folded and John didn't need to see his face to know he was frowning.

As John had been racking his brain, trying to come up with something more he could do for the situation they were in, his eyes had idly wandered lower. What a nice shaped ass, some portion of his mind had observed, firm and tight and probably completely virginal. John had chopped off his thoughts, horrified. He had given himself a long angry lecture and firmly turned his thoughts back to the problem at hand.

But the damage had been done. He had always thought himself someone who preferred women and indeed, most men didn't interest him at all. Yet it was Matt's mouth that he dreamed of late at night, Matt's scent that made him dizzy. In defense, John had turned to other men, and women, going from a relatively inexperienced lover to a well-practiced one. It hadn't helped.

John's activities had tailed off, only turning to others when the need became too desperate. On the Excalibur, he had been fairly circumspect, knowing how gossip traveled in the enclosed society of the explorer ship. He told himself that he only wanted Matt as some sort of symbol of power, some sort of unreachable conquest. He was never very good at lying to himself.

Now, Oh Glory, he had that lovely ass under his hands, and he was squeezing and kneading the asscheeks. He could do anything he ever dreamed to it - touching it, licking it, plundering it with fingers or cock. There was only one other thing he dreamt about doing to that lovely ass, but, No, better not to even think of it, Matt would never agree.

"Daydreaming up there, Lieutenant?"

"I have my Captain naked under my hands, what could I possibly be dreaming about?"

"I don't know, but it sure as Hell better not be about someone else."

There is no one else. "Would you like a rinse off?"

"You aren't going to pour beer on me, are you?"

"Now there's an idea ..."

"I'd have to take a half-hour vibe shower before I can go back on duty!"

"Oh, alright. Just a sensory one." John focused on the feel of water, just a shade warmer than room temperature. He laid his hands on the back of Matt's neck then dragged them slowly downwards as he sent the sensation of a wave of water to Matt.

"Whoosh! You give one impressive backrub." Matt laughed. "Now I need another towel."

"You're not really wet."

"I know."

John leaned over to grab a spare towel. Catching him off-balance, Matt turned him over on his back, and sat on top of him. "Gotcha!"

"Yes, but now what are you going to do with me?"

"Hmm," Matt looked thoughtful. "What would you like me to do with you? It's your picnic."

John pretended to give the matter serious thought. He already had something in mind. "We could run up and down the tunnel, whooping. I bet the echoes are great."

"Whooping? And I could tie you from the ceiling by your ankles."

"That sounds like fun."

Matt raised one eyebrow. "I don't have a ladder that tall."

"Oh well," John stroked his hands down Matt's bare legs. "I guess we'll just have to have sex, then."

"Oh, Damn," Matt chuckled and leaned down to suck on John's neck.

Closing his eyes, John inhaled Matt's unique scent, a combination of skin, sweat, and his favorite cologne -- dark, spicy. Oranges under a hot summer sun.

John lifted his head and ran his tongue along the side of Matt's strong face. Matt's cheek still had a faint peach taste. John's hands ran through Matt's soft brown hair, tracing the shapes of his ears.

Matt's lips moved to the sensitive skin of John's adam's apple. John reached past to Matt's chest and ran the palm of his hands over Matt's hard nipples. His palms circled downward, roaming over Matt's muscular chest. Matt's left John's neck and took possession of John's left nipple. He sucked and bit gently on the nipple until John was wiggling underneath him. Matt proceeded to give the other nipple the same treatment. John's hands stroked down Matt's back.

Leaving John's taut nipples, Matt lay down at John's side and ran his hands down John's chest. John pushed him until Matt was laying on his back, and promptly returned the favor with his lips and teeth on Matt's nipples. A soft whimper. Matt seemed to have a direct connection from his nipples to his cock, a connection John loved to exploit.

Wandering down Matt's chest, his tongue traced swirls in his soft chest hair. He followed the trail of hair downward, moving across his flat stomach, sidetracking to cover his masculine hips. He licked his lips, then place a light kiss on the end of Matt's waiting cock. Matt thrust upwards with his hips, trying to make the connection firmer. John lifted his head and looked up the expanse of Matt's body. Matt was staring up at the distant ceiling, his hands splayed across his stomach as if he was stopping himself from reaching down to where John was.

John turned back to Matt's firm cock, sucking the head into his mouth. He never got tired of the taste and feel of Matt's cock, whether in his mouth or elsewhere. How much longer would he be able to --

Cutting off his own negative thoughts, John concentrated on pleasuring Matt. His lips, tongue, and mouth roamed over the veined surface, reveling in the feel of skin moving over the throbbing core. His mouth traveled down to Matt's balls, pulling firmly until Matt groaned underneath him. John sat up and moved aside. Matt made a disappointed sound.

"Sit up?" John requested. Matt grumbled and struggled to a sitting position. John snuggled up against him, maneuvering Matt until he was sitting on John's lap. He took advantage of the nearness of Matt's lips and gave him a deep, lengthy kiss. He sucked on Matt's tongue and Matt returned his attentions with fervor. One of Matt's hands sneaked down to take a firm grip on John's cock.

John let Matt's strong hand stroke him until he felt the edge coming. Gently, he lifted Matt's hand away from his cock and gave him one last kiss.

"Lean back," John commanded.

"Yes, sir," Matt teased and laid back on the mattress, his knees on each side of John and his ass on John's lap. John licked his lips and reached over to the picnic basket. Finding the lubricant, he smeared his cock with it then slipped one finger into Matt's waiting asshole.

"You have everything in that picnic basket," Matt said, looking at him in anticipation.

"Except dessert didn't fit." John slid a second finger into Matt's ass, making sure he was completely lubricated.

Positioning himself and Matt, John pulled Matt towards him, impaling that sweet ass with his rigid cock. Matt gave a deep moan, sending electric shivers through John, all buzzing into his cock.

John made sure that Matt was in a stable position, then he leaned over and ran his fingers down Matt's waiting cock. Matt wiggled his ass, wanting John to move his cock in and out, but John stayed still, only stroked his hands over Matt's taut organ. He licked his fingers and slid his fingers around the cock, sliding them slowly up and down. His other hand rubbed and squeezed Matt's balls which were dangling down close to where John's cock entered Matt's ass.

John had maneuvered Matt so that the gusts of wind from the tunnel came up and over Matt's body. Matt seemed to just have noticed this, tilting his face into the wind. The gusts rippled Matt's hair, from his head down his chest and stomach to his tight patch of pubic hair. Chills shivered through John, only partially from the cool wind.

Matt's cock was becoming incredibly hard, and his breath was shortening. John moved the hand that was on Matt's balls down to take a firm grip on Matt's hip.

Slowly, John began to stroke his own cock into and out of Matt's ass, doing half the work by pulling Matt towards him and the other half by rotating his hips. He got his rhythm going and then returned to stroking Matt's waiting cock. Matt moaned underneath him, his hands grabbing fistfuls of towel. John had put Matt into a position where John did all the work, and Matt could only lie there and be fucked.

The wind came rushing over their naked skin. John grunted and sweated and stroked and rocked. A sharp gasp from Matt, and John pushed them both towards the edge.

Matt came first, crying out and exploding onto John's hand and his own stomach. John came shortly thereafter, pulling out his cock to pump his juices all over Matt's lovely ass. John collapsed on top of Matt, and they both lay gasping for a long moment.

Soon, with their exhaustion and the sweat on their skin, the wind began to feel too cold. John fumbled over Matt and grabbed a towel, wiping them both clean. Tossing that towel aside, he grabbed two more two large towels, and spread them over their naked bodies.

John lay with his head on Matt's chest, listening to his heartbeat which was gradually returning to normal. Matt's hand, only slightly trembling, stroked John's hair.

John closed his eyes and concentrated on listening to Matt's heart. Now is the danger time.

Now, in the sweet afterbliss of sex, it was so easy to let his barriers fall, to tell Matt with words and mind what John had already said with his body. God, he loved the egotistical bastard. How could one man be so incredibly oblivious? Shhhh.... Count the heartbeats ... one, two, three ...

Over a month ago, when he and Matt had just begun their ... affair, John, in a moment of extreme stupidity had told Matt what he felt about him. Oh, he didn't actually use the word "love" but he said everything else. John knew, as much as he had known anything in his life, that after John had made his foolish revelation, Matt had been just one muscle twitch away from walking out of the room, taking a shuttle, and disappearing into the darkest depths of space where John could never find him. He didn't know what kept Matt from doing just that, and he was determined never again to make such a near-fatal mistake. ... twenty-seven, twenty-eight ...

"You awake down there, John?" Matt murmured, his hand still stroking John's hair.


Matt chuckled, "I asked if you were awake. Why do you have to doze off every time after we have sex? Makes me think I should go easier on you, not make you so tired."

Do you have it together, Matheson? Okay, time to 'wake up'. "You're the old man here," John replied, making his voice sound sleepy, "Just giving you time to recover."

"Very generous of you."

"It would be awkward to have to explain how my Captain came to have a heart attack, while naked in the bullet car tunnel."

"You think I'm headed for a heart attack?" Matt flicked John's ear with his fingers.

John snuggled against Matt's chest. "I think your heart sounds just fine from where I am."

"Is that your professional opinion on the matter, doctor?"

"I think it will require more study. A lot more study."

"Then I need more energy. Wasn't there another peach in that basket?"

"Yes," John said lazily, "But the basket is all the way over there. Much too far."

"Not for a fresh peach!" Matt grabbed John and rolled over on top of him. John found himself halfway underneath him, Matt's chest smushed against John's face.

"Matt ..." John mumbled a complaint.

"Yes? Something wrong, Lieutenant?"

"Only if I want to breathe."

"Picky, picky," Matt sat up on John's chest, already biting into the peach he had dug out of the picnic basket.

"Find what you were looking for?"

"Mmm..." Matt's face was blissful. "Peaches, beach, beer, sex ... what could possibly be better?"

John grinned, pleased beyond proportion at the compliment. Matt continued to enjoy the peach, juice running down his chin and dripping onto John's chest and shoulders.

"I don't suppose you can spare a bite for a poor Lieutenant?"

"How about a pinch?" Matt dug his fingers into the soft flesh of the peach and loosened a chunk. He offered the lump with messy fingers to John, who obediently opened his mouth. The peach smeared across John's face and some actually made it into his mouth. "Tsk-tsk, Lieutenant, you seem to have gotten yourself all messy. I suppose I'll have to clean you up again ... After I finish this peach."

John chuckled, and watched Matt relish every last morsel of peach.


They had gotten sloppy.

Gideon and John arrived at the staff meeting late and together, their faces slightly flushed, their hair and uniforms mussed. Max Eilerson raised his eyebrows, but before he could comment, Dureena broke in with a scathing remark about IPX and Denibian slime. Max immediately turned his attention to her, and the two exchanged barbs while John and Gideon composed themselves and settled into their chairs.

"Alright," Gideon interrupted the squabbling, and started the meeting.

As he talked, he could have sworn that Dureena gave him a long wink.


Gideon eyed his First Officer and laid a card on the table. John returned his stare, his face impassive.

It had been a while since the two had played cards, and Gideon had forgotten what a great poker face John had. Gideon frowned thoughtfully as John drew a card.

They were in the recreation hall and it was their scheduled night off. Both of them agreed that they couldn't afford to completely end their normal social life and had to be seen in public regularly. Gideon wanted to be in one of their quarters, the remains of dinner scattered across the table, sitting with John on the couch, touching, talking, feeling warm and contented.

Instead, they had been dutiful and showed up in the recreation hall at different times, and taken up different activities with different people. Somehow, however, throughout the evening, they had drifted closer together. Despite conscious effort, Gideon had found himself standing next to John when other people walked away. Just wanting to stay near John, Gideon had proposed cards and now they were eyeing each other across the table.

Gideon kept his feet firmly crossed underneath his chair. The table was clearly open and it would not be a good idea for anyone to see the Captain playing footsie with his First Officer. He found himself staring at John's lips. He wanted to reach out and run his fingers along those lovely lips.

Shaking himself, he tried to concentrate on the game. But it was poker, and he could play in his sleep, even had a number of times. Better make it more interesting. "How about we change the stakes a little?"

John raised his eyebrows, "I always worry when you say things like that."

Gideon grinned, "I bet you your 5 credits and raise you ... a back massage."

John's eyebrows shot up even higher. John looked around, but Gideon knew that there was no one in earshot. He was feeling reckless, but not that reckless. "I'll take your back massage and raise you a foot massage."

"You think a foot massage is more valuable than a back massage?"

"Are you kidding, Matt? Have you ever smelled your feet after a day spent pacing the bridge?"

Gideon laughed out loud. A few nearby crew members turned to look at him. Gideon met their eyes and they quickly looked away.

Gideon chewed on his bottom lip. "I'll see your foot massage and raise you a foot massage and bath."

"Hmm," John said warmly, "Sounds very pleasant."

"Only if you can take the pot, Lieutenant."

John gave him a quick grin then his face returned to a blank. "I will bet you and raise you a full body massage."

"Ooh, getting serious are we, Lieutenant? I'll bet you a full body massage and two days of vacation time."

"You can do that?"

"I'm the Captain."

"Right ... I'll raise you four days of vacation time."

"How do you expect to swing that?"

"Who do you think does all the paperwork around here?"

"Hmph," Gideon stared at his cards but didn't really see them. "I'll bet you the four days vacation time, and four days for one other crew member of your choice."

John nodded thoughtfully, "I'm sure that Sarah hasn't gotten enough time off lately, she'd enjoy it."

Gideon growled at him. John blinked his eyes innocently. Gideon gave him a dirty look.

John hid a smile and said, "I'll see your two four-day vacations and add four-day's accommodations at The Crystal Palace on Epsilon 12."

"Whoa," Gideon whistled, "That's a pretty expensive resort. Can you cover that bet?"

"I have a friend who works there and can get me ... considerably discounted rates."

Gideon suppressed the urge to ask just how good of a friend this friend was. He didn't have a right to be jealous of every person who shared some part of John's life that he didn't. He was jealous, but he didn't have the right to be.

"Are you going to raise, call, or fold?" John prodded.

"Give me a minute," Gideon replied with mock grumpiness. He stared at his cards some more, though he didn't see them. He was calculating how many credits he had stashed away in various bank accounts.

Finally, he said, "I'll see you that vacation and raise you breakfast in bed at the resort every morning, one afternoon of parasailing, another afternoon of hovercraft rental, and incredible sex every night."

John grinned, a sly grin that sent off warning bells. "I'll call," John said.

"Alright ..." Gideon said, and placed his cards on the table. "Full House, aces over jacks."

John's grin widened. "Four of a kind, queens with an eight kicker."

Gideon felt his jaw drop. "Now I remember why I don't play poker with you anymore."

John chuckled evilly and leaned forward, "I'm really looking forward to my four days at the Crystal Palace. I wonder if Dr. Chambers likes parasailing?"

"You wouldn't."

"Oh, wouldn't I?" John teased, a wicked gleam in his eyes, "and didn't you say something about incredible sex every night? That could be interesting ..."

"Not on my credits, you don't," Gideon warned. "I ain't letting you go off for four days without me."

"Oh, you can come as well," John said generously, "I'm sure Sarah won't mind."

"Oooh, just try it and I'll ... "

"You will what, Captain?"

"I'll ... Damn this!" Gideon started gathering up the cards. "Let's go back to my quarters."

"That isn't going to get you out of this bet."

"Oh, I don't want to get out of it, I want to get into it. and into Crystal Palace with you, Mr. Smartass."

John lifted his eyebrows. "And you think you can persuade me to take you instead of Sarah."

"Ohhh, yes," Gideon flashed his wolf's grin, "I can be very persuasive. Meet you in my quarters in ten minutes."

John shrugged and began to stand up.

"Lieutenant?" Gideon said

"Yes, Captain?"

Gideon packed his cards together into a neat deck and looked up at John. "Don't dawdle."

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