Captain's Chair

by The Upholsterer

John kneeling in front of the Captain's Chair...
John kneeling in front of the Captain's Chair...
(I obviously felt inspired by the story. *ng* Please ignore the uniforms,
! know they're not the right ones, but couldn't do it any other way. - Lily)

Summary: Gideon has some time alone on the bridge, then someone interrupts him...
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to someone else except the story itself which is mine.
Warning: You probably want to have a cold drink handy, maybe even a Slushee.
Rating: NC-17

Captain Matthew Gideon leaned back in his command chair and sighed. The command deck around him was empty and quiet, displays glowing softly in the dim light.

It had been a tough last few months. Every time they seemed to have a promising lead to finding the cure for the Drakh plague, the lead turned to dust. Sure, Max Eilerson had found plenty to interest him, and IPX was stumbling over themselves to exploit every new find. But hundreds of more people had died back home, as the plague had discovered yet another human disease on its way to murder all humanity.

Gideon sighed again, running his hand through his hair. No good to think of that now, the nightmares would return soon enough to haunt his sleep. Right now, he was going to take advantage of the rare opportunity to be alone, completely alone with his ship.

The Excaliber had taken its own share of battering in the last few months and it was in space dock for some hull repair and systems checks. The Earth Force engine techs had seized the chance to get a hold of the ship and were delaying its departure for three more days while they tested some fancy new engine upgrades. His crew had also deserved some rest and repair, and they had gladly taken the shuttles down to the blue-green planet below the space docks, known to be a planet of great natural beauty as well as other more exotic pleasures.

Normally there would be a skeleton crew on the Excaliber during the maintenance, both to do maintenance of their own and to be ready if some insane alien race decided to attack the Earth Force's one and only class ship. But the engine upgrades had the real possibility to be dangerous. However, as the techs had quickly explained before he ripped their heads off, the danger was some possible radiation which would cause no lasting damage to his ship, but would kill any living creature aboard at the time.

So everyone had left the ship, some with more excitement than others. Dr. Chambers was on the second to last shuttle out, loudly protesting that she was running some critical experiments and didn't have time right now to relax. But Gideon had pushed her through the shuttle door and shut it behind her. If anyone needed some time away from this damn plague, it was Sarah Chambers. There was a small shuttle still left in the docking bay that Gideon himself would take down to the surface later.

But right now, he wanted to just sit in this chair, and feel the ship hum around him. They had been running at lung-burning speed since he hit the deck of the Excaliber, and he had never been able to just sit and appreciate the beauty and strength of the living ship around him. He leaned back in the command chair and stretched his legs out in front of him. His head rested against his black jacket that he had thrown over the back of the chair.

There was something powerful and primitive about the ship, for all of its technological sophistication. He rubbed his hands down his legs. Something very masculine about the way it tore through space, straight and unyielding. Hell, he grinned, just in the way the main guns fired everything they had in one glorious shot but took a while to recharge. He looked down and was surprised to realize his wayward hands had found their way to the bulge beginning to form in his tight pants.

Jerking his hands away, he looked around self-consciously. Then he laughed quietly at himself. Why not? He had had a fantasy about having sex on the bridge of a starship ever since he was an ensign. This might not be quite what he had imagined, but it was too good of a chance to pass up.

He reached his hands again to the bulge in his pants, running his thumbs down each side of the thick shape. He stroked the middle finger of each hand from the base to the tip and back again, tantalizing himself. His cock was straining against the black fabric of his pants but he wouldn't release it yet. He took a deep breath and willed himself to move slowly, his touch light. He had plenty of time before the techs were scheduled to invade the ship.

Settling back in the back and closing his eyes, he let his mind drift. He thought briefly about Elizabeth Lochley, about the way her hair fell forward across his face as she had straddled and mounted him in that first furious round of lovemaking in her quarters.

Then his thoughts wandered on to this ship and the way his command of it felt so right. His crew, yes even Max, had formed together into a unit of strength and determination that he had never felt before. Sure, there had never been a more desperate mission than the one they were on, but it went beyond that. Max's intelligence sparking off new ideas. The way Galen showed up at the most annoying, and mostcrucial times. Sarah and her deep love for life that suffused her work. The way Dureena could find her way into and through any God-damned lock, trap, or door. And especially how he and Lt. Mattheson worked together in a smooth partnership of give and take.

He finally gave into the demands of his throbbing cock and reached down and unfastened his pants, letting his cock spring free. Laughing at the brazenness what he was doing, he settled into the chair for some serious stroking.

"Captain, I thought you had left ..." came a soft voice behind him.

Gideon jumped, trying to stuff his engorged cock back into his pants. Failing, he just covered it with his hands. He turned to see Lt. John Mattheson staring at him with a bemused expression on his face.

John visibly shook himself and his military mask slipped into place. "I'm sorry, Captain," he said, taking a step backwards, "I came up here to shut down the environmental systems on the decks that the techs won't be using. I didn't realize that you were still on board and needed some ..." and here his lips quirked slightly, "some private time."

"Damn it, John," Gideon said, his face red as he fumbled to recover his dignity. "It's just that I thought I was alone and ... I'd always had this fantasy, I suppose every Ensign in Earth Force has it, of having sex on the command deck and I was thinking about my crew and about you, ... but but not like that, I was just thinking how good we are together, as a Captain and first officer I mean ..."

"No need to explain, Matthew," John backed towards the door. "I will leave you to your ... work."

John turned away to go and Gideon was just about to draw a breath in relief when John paused and turned back.

"You know, Captain, you are right about every Earth Force Ensign having those fantasies." Smiling slightly, John narrowed his eyes and sent an image directly to Gideon's mind. Gideon jerked back with a gasp as he saw an image of John kneeling between his knees and taking his cock into his mouth.

"Holy shit!" Gideon said, "I never knew you would ... you wanted to ..."

John's lips turned up at the corners. "There are still a few things left you don't know about me."

"I guess so! I just never thought ..."

"Well?" John asked.

"Well? Well, what?"

John gestured to where Gideon still tried to cover his cock with his hands.

"You mean now, that you would, right here, now?"

John's grin grew as his normally in control Captain became more flustered. "Yes, right here, right now. May I?"

Gideon stared at him, his mind whirling but returning again and again to the image that John had sent him. He shouldn't, no never, not with an officer in his command, not here ... And he had ever noticed before how lovely John's lips were, soft and moist ...

"Hell, yes!" Gideon said abruptly.

"Excellent choice, Captain." John said evenly, only the widening of his eyes giving away his excitement.

"Get the hell over here before I change my mind!"

"A moment, Captain."

John walked over to a nearby console, his skillful fingers bringing it to life. Gideon stared at John's hands, long and elegant ...

"Computer," John said, "List all living entities currently on the ship."

"Captain Matthew Gideon. Executive Officer Lieutenant Jonathan Mattheson."

"Alert me if that status changes."


Then John slowly detached his earpiece and placed it on the console. His fingers went to the neck of his black uniform and loosened the collar.

Finally, John turned towards Gideon. Gideon watched him walk towards his chair, the Lieutenant's every move suddenly filled with sensual meaning.

John took his time kneeling down before the Captain's Chair. He reached underneath the chair and flicked a lever Gideon didn't even know existed to stop the chair from swiveling.

Licking his lips, he gently moved the Captain's hands away. Gideon's cock, which had begun to shrivel when he was interrupted, was quickly coming back to life. It sprung from underneath his hands eagerly.

"Do you think you could remove your pants?" John asked.

"Alright, give me a second." Gideon lifted his hips and wiggled out of the tight pants, highly aware of John who still kneeled before him. For good measure, he removed the red shirt as well, tossing it across the floor and over a console.

"Now are you finally gonna ...Ahh." John's hands ran lightly along the inside of Gideon's thighs. John's lips followed, his tongue tracing swirls in the soft hair of his inner thigh. He set the right thigh trembling then turned his tongue to the left thigh, licking and sucking his way towards where the ample cock bounced and jiggled with every movement.

"I never would have guessed," Gideon said breathlessly, "that you were such a tease."

Finally, John's questing lips reached the waiting cock, but he only nuzzled it aside and nipped gently at the tender skin where thigh met crotch. "Do something for me?" John said, his voice tickling Gideon's skin.


John nipped his sensitive skin again. "Pretend that it's a normal day - No, pretend that we are in the middle of a battle and that I'm not here at all."

"How am I supposed to forget you are ... Alright." Gideon cleared his throat, which had somehow gotten thick. "Umm ... Full scan, I want to know who those ships are."

John's tongue tickled the base of his cock, and traced a searing line up to the swollen head. "Power to the front sh-shields ..."

His tongue circled up the head and flicked the tiny slit at the end. His lips kissed the head allowing it to move just slightly past his lips as his tongue circled the rim. "Ungh... Fire ... forward guns."

John removed his mouth and licked the cock from base to tip with the flat of his tongue, leaving it glistening and wet. "Evasive maneuvers." His mouth returned once more to the top of the cock and steadied it with one hand gripping the base. A slight breath of air on the wet head and Gideon shivered.

Abruptly, he took the entire cock in his mouth and sucked it down his throat, pulling his hand away in time for his mouth to reach the base of the cock and bury his nose in the curly pubic hair.

"God!" Gideon bucked underneath him. John held very still until Gideon had settled and taken a deep breath. "Left forward guns, focus on the mother ship's engines."

John sucked slowly upwards until the head almost left his mouth before plunging downward again. Gideon's cock rubbed against the back of his throat and a groan escaped Gideon's lips. "L-launch fighter wing Delta."

John's agile mouth sucked his full length in again, his tongue flicking and swirling as he took him in. With one hand, John steadied himself against Gideon's leg and with the other, caressed and squeezed his balls.

John sucked and swallowed him in and out, pulling his head up until the head of Gideon's cock rested on his lips before he dipped downwards again. "Damage ... Uhhng" The rest was lost in a throaty moan. His fingers dug into the fabric of the chair arms.

John's mouth left his cock and his tongue began tracing up and down the length of it. He swirled his tongue around the head clockwise and then counterclockwise. His tongue darted into and out of the slit in the end. "Damage report," Gideon managed to gasp out.

The nimble tongue made its way down the length of the cock, teasing the little ridge of skin on the underside of the cock. John moved his free hand, which had been massaging Gideon's balls, up to his cock and softly stroked it as his mouth moved downwards.

Gently, he took one ball and then the other into his mouth, sucking and teasing. His fingers were squeezing the head of the cock lightly. "Ready ... main ... guns."

John brought his head up slowly, lingering over every sensitive spot before finally taking the cock into his mouth again. He moved up and down firmly, building a rhythm, and Gideon could only moan ecstatically. Gideon felt the familiar urgency building up in him and he pushed himself towards climax. His muscles began clenching and just before he reached release ...

... he felt John grab his balls and twist them slightly, cutting off his climax.

"What the Hell?"

John's mouth continued to move up and down his cock, which was straining with an incredible pressure.

"Oh God, John, let me come!"

John removed his mouth from Gideon's cock long enough to thoroughly wet one pointer finger. Gideon had slid in the chair towards him, almost straddling his shoulders, and John took advantage of the access to run his wet finger between the cheeks of his Captain's firm ass. His finger found and circled the tight ass hole before sliding in. Gideon jumped in surprise and the virgin ass hole tightened around John's finger. Carefully, he slid it farther in and began to massage the sensitive gland just under the surface.

"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God ..." Gideon cried out, and wrapped his fingers in John's hair. John's mouth and tongue moved up and down Gideon's cock with increasing urgency and his finger slid in and out of his ass with a surging rhythm. Gideon's skin felt like it was going to burst open and every nerve from his fingers to his toes was burning in desperate need. "I swear, Lieutenant, if you don't let go of my balls, I'm going to fucking court-martial you!"

John waited just one agonizing second longer and then released Gideon's balls.

Gideon howled and shoved his cock as far as into John's mouth as he could, his body spasming and bucking with primitive force. His ass tightened again and again around John's finger as he shot his fiery juices down the back of John's throat. John swallowed every last drop, as he sucked the softening cock dry.

Gideon slumped back in the Captain's Chair, weak and exhausted, his entire body still tingling. "Where did you pick up that skill?" he said, his throat still tender from that last primal howl.

John sat back on his heels, wiping his lips. "Oh, here and there. You'd be surprised what you learn by watching and listening."

"Don't try and tell me you've never actually sucked anyone off before. You were too good."

"Well," John's lips quirked, "maybe once or twice."

Gideon shook his head in mock sadness. "And I never guessed what lurked behind that innocent façade."

"Looking innocent is good for a first officer's health." John's tongue slid out of his mouth to capture a wayward drop of saliva. Gideon found himself watching that tongue. He blinked and blew out a lungful of air.

"Well, it was incredible, and I'm going to be walking funny for days." He groaned and began to lever himself out of the chair. "I'll have to return the favor sometime."

"I doubt that," John said under his breath.

Gideon paused with his hand out towards his pants. "What did you say?"

"I said, I look forward to that."

"No, you didn't," Gideon pointed at him, "You said, 'I doubt that'".

"Why would I say that?" John's angular eyebrows raised.

"You don't think I would, huh? Why not?" He took a step towards John. "Is it that I don't keep my promises? Huh? Don't follow through on what I say?"

"No, no," John backed away from his advancing Captain, who was still stark naked.

"Or what, is it that you don't think I'm capable? Don't think I would be good enough?"

"No, not at all." John said, his hands up in protest. "It's just ..."

"Just what?"

"It's just that I don't see you on your knees in front of anyone."

"Oh really. Now you're calling me too arrogant."


Gideon reached out and grabbed the collar of John's uniform and pulled him towards him. His lips met John's with a bruising impact but immediately softened. His tongue plunged between John's surprised lips, tasting salt, sweat and the unfamiliar sharpness of his own semen. His tongue found John's tongue and lifted it up, swirling around it, darting and teasing then plunging deep into his mouth.

John responded, pressing back with his lips, sliding his own tongue into Gideon's mouth, exploring every bump and crevice. Gideon pulled his tongue back and wrapped his lips around John's tongue, sucking it rhythmically. Gideon's free hand cradled the back of John's head, keeping the connection firm.

John moved backwards slightly, and Gideon moved with him, their mouths still fused together. John grasped the console behind him, to steady himself. Gideon pressed lightly against him with his lean, naked body. Freeing John's tongue, Gideon ran his own along the inner seam of John's lips. John withdrew his tongue and Gideon gently nipped at his lower lip, then pulled it into his own mouth sucking the full lip and flicking it with his tongue. He loosed the lip and plunged his tongue back into the other's mouth, dipping and swirling, John's agile tongue returning each movement.

Finally the need for air became too great, and the men broke apart, gasping and staring at each other.

"Well, that's how I usually start," Gideon said finally, licking his lips. "But I'm not really sure where to go from there. I've never ... I mean, do I just tear off your pants now?"

John swallowed. "Captain, you don't have to do this. That's not why I did what I did."

"You mean you don't want me to?"

"I didn't say that."

"Then goddamnit tell me what to do next."

John swallowed again, convulsively, trying to pull together a coherent answer. "Um, it's not that different with a man as you might think. Just do what feels natural and ex-exciting for you. And when you get to ... there, just do what you would enjoy."

"Ok. Take off your shirt."

"My shirt?"

"Are you going to question everything, Lieutenant? Just take off your shirt."

"Yes, sir."

John unfastened his jacket and shrugged out of it, laying it carefully on the back of a nearby chair. He took his black shirt and began to pull it over his head.

Abruptly, Gideon stepped towards him and grabbed his lower arms. John was captured with his shirt still over his arms past the elbows and covering his whole head.

"Captain?" John's voice through the cloth sounded vaguely worried. Gideon grinned wolfishly and leaned in, his strong hands still holding John's arms aloft, and nipped his neck. John flinched in surprise. Gideon ran his tongue down the long smooth surface of John's neck, flickering with a feather touch over the sensitive skin of his adam's apple. John made a noise somewhere between a moan and hiccup.

"You alright in there, John?"

"Yes, Matthew."

Gideon chuckled against John's neck. "I love it when you call me Matthew. It always means I've done something rash and reprehensible, but you're determined to stand by me anyway."

"Yes, Matthew."

Gideon chuckled again and sent his tongue travelling along the firm, almost hairless chest of his first officer. Teasingly, he avoided the hard nipples and reached his mouth downwards as far as he could go without releasing John's arms. Laying his tongue flat against John's chest, he drew a straight line up his breastbone and circled his collarbone. The skin quivered under his touch and John made a soft whimper that sent shivers up Gideon's own spine.

Gideon moved to one side to John's right underarm and blew on the curly hair, damp with recent exertions. John wiggled underneath him.

"Ticklish, eh?"

"Yes," John gasped.

"Okay, okay. But I'll have to remember that."


Gideon ran his lips and tongue up the sensitive underside of John's right arm, stopping just where his hands gripped John's arms. He couldn't help one of his sideways grins when he noted how little John was resisting his awkward position.

John, without any other outlet for the ripples of pleasure that Gideon was sending through his body, took a mouthful of the shirt that still imprisoned him and sucked on it. Gideon rubbed his chest up against John's, reveling in the unfamiliar feel of a smooth torso and the hard nipples as they scraped against his own.

Swiftly, Gideon brought his lower body hard against John's and both men gasped.

Keeping his eyes on John's chest, Gideon explored John's hips and legs only with his own skin. He was intoxicated by the uniform rubbing against his bare skin. The thick mound that was John's cock pressing against his pants fascinated Gideon. It was like standing before a living mirror. His fingers itched to investigate it, feel a pulsing cock in his hands that wasn't his own. With a low growl, Gideon pushed John back against the console, his bare legs straddling the smaller man's.

Gideon was astonished to discover that his own cock, so used and abused minutes before, was already starting to harden again. He had to hold himself from the urge to thrust his hips forward and grind his cock against John's. He wouldn't want to end things ... precipitously.

His hands were aching from keeping John's arms aloft and he imagined that John's arms were aching too, but he couldn't give up this intoxicating position just yet. Gideon licked his lips and stepped back from John, their only point of touch Gideon's hands on John's arms. John tilted forward in surprise.

Gideon steadied John then positioned himself carefully. Swooping in, he grabbed one of John's nipples between his lips. John's "oh!" of surprise melted into an incoherent moan as Gideon sucked and taunted the rigid nipple. Taking it in his teeth, he bit down just the tiniest amount.

John's knees buckled and he would have fallen if Gideon hadn't been gripping his arms. Gideon grinned, propping John up again. "So some things aren't that different with men."

"Mm-mph" was John's only reply.

Gideon captured the other nipple, giving it the same treatment. Then he rubbed his cheek against the hard nipple, scratching it lightly with the faint stubble from this morning's shave.

He then took pity on John, and himself, and stepped back, releasing John's arms. John swayed slightly.

"Didn't I tell you to take off your shirt, Lieutenant?"

"Of course, sir, I must have forgotten." John slowly pulled his shirt the rest of the way off. He tossed it away and rolled his shoulders and stretched his neck. Gideon also flexed his hands and stretched his shoulders.

They found it difficult to look at each other.

John's eyes strayed down to where Gideon's cock was already standing straight up. "Fast recharge," he commented conversationally.

"Almost as fast as my ship," Gideon responded.

John raised his eyebrows and Gideon shrugged and the slight tension was gone.

"Now, where were we, before you took so long to undress?"

"I believe the phrase you used was, 'tear off your pants'".

"Ah yes, thank you, Lieutenant."

Gideon took John's shoulders and steered him towards one of the gray console chairs.

"So I don't get the Captain's Chair?"

"Not unless you've gotten promoted in the last five minutes."

"I haven't?" John asked with mock surprise, "Just what does a man have to do to get promoted these days?"

Gideon laughed and John sat down on the chair, one hand reaching around to flip the lever to stop it from moving.

"Damn, this chair has one of those too? How did you know? ... Wait. Never mind."

John blinked his eyes innocently.

Gideon laughed again then frowned in speculation. "I guess I should have had you take off your pants before you sat down."

"Shall I?" John got to his feet.

"Don't trouble yourself. I'll do it." Gideon took ahold of John's belt and worked out how to open it from the opposite vantage point. He turned him around and pulled the pants downwards, enjoying the feel of the straight masculine hips and the muscular legs. He left the pants around John's ankles, and ran his hands over the soft black underwear that covered John's ass. His ass was so firm, with tight flat cheeks, tapering off to the top of his legs.

"Are you going to let me take the pants the rest of the way off or shall I forget to get undressed again?" Gideon growled playfully, and released him. John tugged off his shoes and socks, then stepped out of his pants. He picked up his discarded clothing, and laid it neatly out over a handy console, knowing that Gideon was watching his every movement. Gideon's eyes were riveted to the play of muscles in his legs and the bounce of his cock against the fabric of his underwear.

John turned back towards Gideon, but before he could ask what was next, Gideon grabbed his hips and pulled him up against his body. He captured John's lips with his own and plunged his tongue into his mouth. Gideon pressed his aching cock against John's, only the thin soft fabric between them. He rubbed his cock against John's, the fabric twisting between them, as his tongue plundered John's mouth. John hands gripped Gideon's ass and kneaded his ass cheeks, his tongue sparring with Gideon's.

Abruptly, Gideon grunted and stepped back, freeing John. John's hands left his ass reluctantly. "Sorry," Gideon said breathlessly, "I know that isn't what I promised. I just lost my head."

John glanced downward to see that Gideon's cock was still full and erect. "It looks like you didn't quite loose it."


Gideon guided John back to the console chair and crouched before him. Before John could sit down, Gideon slid his fingers under the waistband of John's underwear, brushing the tip of his engorged cock, before pulling the waistband up and over and down his legs, revealing at last the object of his attention.

"God, it's huge!" Gideon said, "I'm supposed to get that all in my mouth?"

John broke out laughing. "Captain, I can tell you have looked your own ... instrument in the eye lately." He continued to laugh quietly, as he pulled the underwear the rest of the way down and kicked them off somewhere across the dim-lit bridge.

"If you can, then I can," Gideon said, pushing John back into the chair and getting to his knees before him. Gideon shifted, trying to get into a comfortable position. "I never knew this floor was so hard. Remind me to get it carpeted."

"I'll bring it up at the next budget meeting."

Gideon eyed the immense-looking cock dubiously, and decided to work up to it. He moved John's legs farther apart, and moved in between them. With one hand he gripped John's left leg and with his other, reached out to run a finger down the length of his cock. It jumped and shivered, a tiny drop of liquid appearing at the end. His fingers traced up to the top of the thick head and touched the tiny drop, smearing it around the head. He ran his fingers down the underside of John's cock, circling the sensitive ridge of skin just below the head.

Above him, John groaned softly.

"Okay, so far, Lieutenant?"

"Yes, Captain." His words sounded normal, but his voice was breathy and uneven.

Gideon smiled and trailed his fingers down around the base of the cock, sinking his fingers into the small patch of coarse pubic hair. Then his fingers circled and squeezed his balls gently, taking pleasure from the unique texture of the skin surrounding them. He reached behind John and grabbed his ass, pulling John forward until he sat at the edge of the chair. He grabbed his red shirt and shoved it behind John's ass, so he wouldn't slide backwards.

Preparations complete. Licking his lips, he grabbed the base of the cock and moved towards it slowly.

"You don't have to take it all in at once," John said faintly, "just what's comfortable. And keep your head level or up, it'll help you not gag."

"When I need your advice, I'll ask for it," Gideon replied, momentarily piqued.

"You did."

"Oh, yeah."

Licking his lips again, he kissed the end of the cock cautiously. The skin felt smooth and resilient against his lips. His tongue flickered out and tasted the salt of the skin, mixed with a faint unfamiliar taste. He sucked the head into his mouth, his tongue dancing along the skin. John mmmed.

Gideon ran the rim of John's cock around the inside of his lips. Moving a little further down, his tongue found and teased at the little ridge of skin on the underside of the cock. Removing his mouth from the head of the cock, he wrapped his lips around it from the side, sucking and licking his way down. Wherever his mouth wasn't, his fingers were caressing, reveling in the way the skin of John's cock moved over the solid throbbing core.

His free hand snaked underneath John's left leg and around to his left ass cheek. He kneaded the tight muscular ass, feeling the jolts and shivers of pleasure that traveled through John's body as Gideon's mouth and right hand fondled his cock. He removed his hand from the cock and covered the entire cock with saliva. For good measure, he licked his own hand as well, before returning it to a firm grasp around the lower half of the cock. He placed his mouth over the top of it.

"Don't forget ... to breathe." John gasped, sounding like he was having trouble with that himself. "Breathe in when you take it in and out when you let it back out."

Gideon lifted his head. "Do you need an oxygen mask, Lieutenant?"

"No, sir ... Not yet, sir."

"Hmm," Gideon said, his cheek against John's cock, his voice sending vibrations down the length of it, "I must not be doing it right then."

"Not to contradict you, Captain," John swallowed noisily, "but you have always been a fast learner."

"Why thank you, Lieutenant."

Gideon returned his attention to John's cock and sucked it halfway into his mouth. His hand stroked down at the same moment with a slight twisting action. He pulled his head back and his hand followed the movement, creating double waves of sensation. He moved back down again and repeated the motion.

John moaned, the sound sending electric shivers down Gideon. As he continued to suck the cock in and out, his tongue swirled around the head of it, making one large circle then a quick flick at the sensitive slit, then another large circle. The hand on John's ass left off kneading and crept to the crack between the cheeks. He ran his fingers up and down the sensitive crack, and was rewarded with another moan from John.

Deciding that John was near the breaking point, Gideon lifted his head and moved the hand downwards to rest against his straining balls. He looked up at John. His slitted eyes were closed, his mouth hanging slightly open. His hands were white-knuckled where they gripped the seat of the chair.The wolf smile flashed across Gideon's face.

He brought his mouth back to the cock, timing his breathing. He slid his tongue out and pushed downwards, then pulled up again on the out-breath. He sucked it in again and again, each time getting more and more of it into his mouth, until finally the head of John's cock rubbed against the back of his throat. John gave a choked cry and thrust against Gideon's lips.

"Uh-uh," Gideon said around a full mouth.

He bet John could guess what was coming, but John still jumped when Gideon took a grip on his balls and twisted. "Oh n-no ..." John moaned.

"Ohhh yes." He slurped in John's cock, getting more comfortable with the action each time. A few more repetitions and John was writhing beneath him. But he didn't beg. His free hand continued to run its fingers lightly back and forth along the crack between his ass cheeks.

Once more, Gideon took his cock all the way in and held it there for moment, waiting until John had steadied. Then, very carefully, he pulled his lips back and exposed his teeth. He drew his mouth back up, his lips still firm on the cock, as his teeth, ever so lightly, scraped the super sensitized cock.

Above him, John whimpered. Lips only, Gideon took the cock in again. Then he drew out his teeth and gingerly skimmed the cock again. He repeated the action only twice more before ...

... John broke. His voice was a harsh whisper, "Captain ... Matthew ... please."

Gideon smiled around the cock, delicately running his teeth over it once more. Wrapping his lips firmly about John's cock, Gideon braced himself and with one swift movement, released John's balls and grabbed his delicious ass with both hands.

John growled through clenched teeth. He lunged forward, shoving himself deep into Gideon's waiting mouth. Gideon held on tight as John plunged deep, again and again, each thrust punctuated by a strangled "ah!" and a tight contraction of his ass.

A final "rrraah!" and John climaxed, spurting his juices into Gideon's mouth. Gideon managed to remember to swallow and sent searing trails of hot sharp semen down his throat. He swallowed again, astonished at the sheer quantity of it. Tears came to his eyes, but he held on until John's thrusts grew weaker and finally stopped with a long sighing groan.

Gideon lifted his head from the spent cock and lay his cheek against the inside of John's thigh. One of John's hands came up to caress his hair and Gideon thought he might be trembling.

Gideon placed a gentle kiss on the tender skin of John's inner thigh and looked up. John's eyes were still shut and his mouth hanging open. There was a drop of blood on John's lower lip, as if he had bit his lip to stop from crying out. Gideon lifted his weary head and moved out from between John's legs.

As Gideon moved away from the chair where John sat, his knees collapsed under him, having gone numb sometime in the last eternity. He leaned back against the chair behind him and finally noticed that he had his own raging erection that was screaming for his attention. He grunted and closed his own eyes, stroking himself so he could simply find some release.

Suddenly, a warm body lowered onto his and a strong hand replaced his hand on his cock. He opened his eyes to find John sitting between his legs, with John's legs wrapped around Gideon's torso. John placed his free hand on Gideon's chin and pressed his lips softly against Gideon's. They both closed their eyes.

This kiss was nothing like the previous ones they had shared. Instead of plundering, the tongues caressed, the lips soft and pliable. John's gentle touch soothed Gideon's mouth and throat which felt stretched and abused from John's cock. The heady mixture of saliva and semen from both of them swirled between their mouths, sparked with a slight taste of blood from John's bit lip.

John's firm grip on his cock brought Gideon steadily towards climax. There were no games, no delays, and Gideon's climax was more like the cresting of a wave than the previous explosion. He pumped his juices across John's hand and lower chest and sighed into his mouth.

Gideon leaned back against the chair and John leaned against him, his arms around Gideon's waist, his head resting against his neck.

"God, that was good." Gideon said at last.

A pause.

"Wonderful," he added.

Another pause.

"Feel free to chime in at any time, Lieutenant."

"Mmph?" said John from where his face was buried in Gideon's neck.

"Oh great, a sleeper. Why am I the only man in the world that doesn't fall asleep after sex?"

"How would you know if you were?" John mumbled.

"Oh, right." Gideon ran his fingers lazily down John's back. "I forget my First Officer has so much more experience than I."

John turned his face so his cheek rested against Gideon's chest. "That would not be difficult."

"Damn -- Is my sex life, or lack thereof, the required topic of conversation in the hallways and dining room?"

"Actually, yes. There were hundreds of credits won and lost when you and Captain Lochley finally ...

"Grr..." Gideon tickled John in the rib cage.

"Hey!" John squirmed about in his lap in the most distracting way. "What can we talk about if not our Captain?"

"Why not the First Officer?"

"Or the Captain and the First Officer."

A lengthy pause as John's remark sank in.

Gideon rubbed his cheek against John's hair and sighed. "This didn't happen."

"Couldn't happen." John agreed.

"Would never happen."

"Can't ever happen again."

Both men were silent. Gideon ran his hand down John's left leg which was still wrapped around him. John drew patterns across Gideon's chest.

"One thing, Captain ... Matthew ..."


"You're right, it was incredible."

Gideon smiled against John's hair. "It was, wasn't it. And you doubted me."

"I did and I apologize," John said gravely, the seriousness of his voice sabotaged by the fact that he was rubbing the palm of his hand against Gideon's right nipple, "you have taught me a valuable lesson here today."

"I think it was you who was doing the teaching."

"That is true, but you are a quick study."

"I think I remember you saying something of that sort earlier, but my attention was elsewhere at the time."


Gideon ran his finger down the line of John's left cheekbone, realizing that he had wanted to do that for a long time. John's hands were exploring his back, dipping down to the top of his ass. His fingers danced up Gideon's spine, sending shivers across his back.

Gideon's finger traced the outline of John's lips. John opened his mouth and captured the tip of the finger, sucking on it. Gideon felt absurdly jealous of that finger. He withdrew it gently from John's lips and when John looked up at him, he pressed a feather light kiss on his lips and released him.

John's lips parted slightly and his eyes met Gideon's. Gideon rubbed his thumb across John's cheek. "How much time do we have left before the techs come aboard?"

John leaned back from him and squinted at a nearby console. "About 15 minutes."

"Damn, that barely leaves us enough time to get dressed and down to the shuttle bay. Not any time to do ... anything else."

Neither man made any move to get up from their current position.

"Bullet car?" John suggested.

"Not long enough."

"What about your mini shuttle, does it have autopilot?"

"It does. That's an idea ..."

John frowned. "But how are we going to explain the shuttle docking by autopilot when there are two perfectly good pilots on board?"

"Hey, I'm the Captain of the Excalibur, Landing Control will believe whatever bullshit I come up with. And the trip down to the surface takes a good 45 minutes."

"Maybe longer, if we tell the autopilot to take the safest possible approach."

"As if I would take any route but the safest possible."

"Of course."

John was running his fingers down Gideon's jaw and exploring the shape of his right ear. Gideon drew his finger again down those lovely cheekbones. "John?"


"I'm afraid that you're going to have to get up first."

"Oh. Right." John tried to stand, and there was a general good-natured untangling of limbs.

Finally standing, the men leaned against each other like drunks.

"Race you to the shuttle," Gideon mumbled.

"Not quite fair, considering I got the messiest. I've going to have to find something to clean myself up."

"There has to be some compensation for being the Captain."

"Other than getting the Captain's Chair."

"Other than that."

Gideon looked around the dim bridge. "What did you do with my pants?"

"I believe that you tossed them off in that direction."

"Oh, yeah." He left the warmth of John's body reluctantly and wobbled across the bridge. Pulling his underwear and pants on with difficulty, he fastened his belt. He retrieved his red shirt from where it had been scrunched behind John, and inhaled the scent of John's sweat. He tugged the shirt down over his chest, dampening it with his own sweat. His jacket was still where he lay it across the back of his chair.

He stood with his hand on his jacket and watched John dress. First John raided the bridge First Aid kit for some antiseptic wipes, cleaning off the remains of Gideon's last orgasm which was already dried and sticky. Then he located his black underwear hiding under the navigational display table. Next the pants -- donned one leg at a time, Gideon noticed, and his belt.

Gideon knew he should be taking advantage of his lead and getting to the shuttle bay, but he didn't move. When John pulled on his black shirt, Gideon shivered. It was still wet in the spot where John had sucked on it as he was trapped. John shrugged on his jacket and lifted his ever-present earpiece to his ear.

John went to another console, changing the environmental settings, which was why he had come to the bridge at all and was also something which Gideon had completely forgotten about. Once again, John was Lt. Matheson, his extremely competent Executive Officer. Gideon could almost believe that the last hour had not happened, that it had been only the imaginings of a tired and lonely man giving himself solitary pleasure. That he had never felt John's lips against his, John's chest under his fingers, John's tongue on his inner thigh. Gideon closed his eyes, determined to remember every moment.

"Captain?" John was at his side, lifting his head slightly to look up at Gideon's face.

"Lieutenant." Gideon responded quietly.

Abruptly, John reached up and grabbed the back of Gideon's head, bringing their lips together with a rush. Gideon's hand went to the side of John's face. It was just a quick kiss, both tongues slipping out to touch at the very tip.

John released him and stepped back, an impish grin lighting up his face. "Just checking that I didn't dream it all."

Gideon grinned back, "Not unless we've been sharing some very erotic dreams."

"Speaking of sharing," John said and grabbed Gideon's jacket and flung it across the bridge. "See you at the shuttle!"

"Hey!" Gideon said, driving after his jacket as John ran out the door. "I will get you for that Lieutenant!"

"I certainly hope so!" came John's voice from the hallway.

"Don't think you can beat me!" Gideon replied, snatching his jacket from the floor and scrambling after him. "This is my ship, I know ways to get places that you never knew existed."

"Are you sure?" drifted back, and Gideon growled and raced after him.

The door closed behind them.

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