Lieutenant's Bed

by The Upholsterer

Summary: A bed big enough for two?
Sequel/Series: This is a direct sequel to Captain's Chair.
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to someone else except the story itself which is mine.
Warning: Ice cube time.
Rating: NC-17

Remember to read Captain's Chair first!

It was three months after that intense encounter on the empty bridge. Neither of them had spoken about it after their shuttle had landed and they had been met by Dr. Chambers and Max Eilerson, both complaining loudly.

There had been a few comments from both John and Gideon that could be taken to have a double meaning, if you knew what they had shared, including an innocent-sounding statement from Lt. Matheson on a shift change thanking the Captain for giving him the Captain's Chair. It also might have been Gideon's imagination, but he swore that John cracked a smile last time that they had needed to fire the main guns, and it had certainly not been a laughing situation. Gideon himself had a hard time looking at a particular navigational console to his left without seeing John propped against it, himself stark naked and straddling John's lean body in its black uniform.

The shuttle ride itself was a memory that Gideon treasured, and he hoped that John did too. It had been a quiet ride, in comparison to the first fierce hour on the bridge. They had leisurely explored each other's bodies with fingers and lips, enjoying the warmth of each other and freedom to touch as they wanted. Gideon had practiced his cock-sucking technique, with John both as a teacher and willing test subject. But for the last ten minutes of their approach, just before they needed to get dressed to meet landing control, they had just sat and held each other tightly, like prisoners in the last moments before execution.

Since then, Gideon had been by Babylon 5 and had enjoyed Captain Lochley's company, both in and out of bed. Mr. Jones had visited John, with no obvious repercussions. Gideon had no idea how John hid the encounter from his telepath overseer, but he was relieved. Perhaps John was stronger than they thought. Or perhaps John hadn't thought enough about the encounter that it came to the attention of Mr. Jones.

It was that last thought that both depressed and angered Gideon, when he allowed himself to dwell on it. Life on Excalibur continued, the Search continued, as if nothing had happened at all. John was completely Lt. Matheson again, his Executive Officer and close friend. But John as lover seemed too preposterous when Gideon looked at the strong, efficient Lieutenant at his side. He must have dreamed that he had ever shaped those lips under his own, that he had ever looked up from between those thighs to see that angular face lost in ecstasy.

Sometimes, on the darkest nights alone in his cabin, Gideon would rage against John for ever coming to the bridge that day, for ever showing him the unguessed tenderness and passion that hid behind that ever-neat uniform. It had been so much better, Gideon would tell himself, if he had never known. There was no one else on the Excalibur whom he connected with on the same instinctive level, and even Elizabeth Lochley was a shadow of the few moments of passion that he and John had shared.

Most of the time, however, Gideon soldiered on, focusing on the mission. Then he could just let the memory fall away from his conscious mind, like a shiny bauble that he would take out of a box on rainy days.

* * *

It had been a grueling week. At the end of their sanity, Gideon and John were in John's quarters, working their way through an endless mound of paperwork.

The week had started when the rangers had commed them in a very promising sounding tip. Supposedly, there was a small group of people that had somehow escaped the quarantine of Earth , four men and two women that had hidden for days in an Earth Force shuttle and then escaped when that shuttle landed on Mars. The rangers on Mars heard about the rogue humans before Earth did and managed to keep it quiet. They kept it quiet because, before they could be captured, those six humans had commandeered a small hyper-capable ship and blasted off Mars to places unknown. The rangers followed as fast as they could, hoping to get the humans back to Earth before any general panic could start.

Eventually, the rangers tracked the humans to a small planet on the outer Rim called Redsin. There, to the rangers astonishment, they had captured one of the humans ... and found him completely free of the plague. The Excalibur had been immediately contacted, and while the rangers tried to locate the other five humans, the Excalibur was streaking across the stars to meet them.

Meanwhile, the crew of the Excalibur was trying to dig up everything they could on Redsin. Little was known about the planet. It was small, about the size of Mercury, and orbited a binary star. An elliptical orbit gave Redsin extreme temperature variations, but oxygen-breathing humanoids could still survive there, in shelters dug into the planet's surface. There was nothing geographically to suggest a source of the cure. The population of Redsin was made up of asteroid miners, Rim drifters, and those hiding from the law of any government. Consequently, trying to find anyone who would reveal the location of the missing humans was difficult, to put it mildly. But the humans hadn't gone there just because it was a good hiding place, there were better and closer hiding places. The trail the rangers had tracked had gone straight from Mars to Redsin. So every scrap of material that had ever been collected on Redsin had to be gone through with a microscope, trying to find any clue how the humans might have found a cure there.

And when they had finally reached Redsin and tested the one captured human themselves, all hopes plummeted. They found out the human did have the plague after all. The rangers' testing equipment had missed it, as the elusive virus had mutated into yet another form. As to why the humans set a direct course for Redsin, they wouldn't divulge, but it probably involved a long-term shady partnership that one of the humans had with a group of Redsin smugglers.

Then only remained the arduous task of locating the remaining five humans, and trying to test the entire population of this fractious planet for any signs that the plague had spread. By the time that the humans were all in custody, and the planet declared free of the Drakh plague, the entire command staff of the Excalibur had been awake for at least 48 hours straight, with only a few hours sleep over the days before that. Dr. Chambers had ordered everyone to sleep, threatening to drug anyone who wasn't in their quarters within five minutes.

John and Gideon had escaped from Dr. Chambers with armfuls of paperwork, professing to each other that they wouldn't be able to sleep with the reports hanging over their heads. They had ended up in John's quarters, drinking yet more cups of nasty coffee and staring bleary-eyed at their computer screens.

Slouching on a chair in John's living area, Gideon rubbed his cheek, not surprised to find that he had forgotten to shave for the last few days. He was afraid to look in the mirror and see the hideous creature he had turned into. "I don't know why the Drakh bothered to infect Earth with a virus," he said, "they could have just killed us with paperwork. But they weren't that cruel."

When he got no reply, he looked up from his monitor to see that John was asleep on the couch across from him. The Lieutenant was sleeping with his head tilted to the side and his mouth slightly open. A sound very close to a snore issued from that direction.

Gideon smiled and shook his head, "Good for you. I'll just finish up here." He turned back to his work, but found his eyes wandering back to his First Officer. He looked so young sprawled across the couch like that, his legs propped up on the low table, his computer in his lap. His face was open, relaxed, and Gideon remembered something from Mibari custom that said that a person's true face emerged when they were asleep.

"You'd be much more comfortable in bed," Gideon told him, covering a yawn "You'll wake up with a terrible neck ache if you sleep like that."

John didn't even stir.

"John?" Gideon set aside his computer and moved to John's side. "Lieutenant?"


Gideon gently touched his arm. His fingers brushed the bare skin and he jerked back from a sudden jumble of pictures and noise. "Sometimes you forget he's a telepath," he laughed to himself, "Not smart." Gideon reached back out and gripped his shoulder, gently shaking him. With a few more shakes, Gideon decided that John wasn't going to wake for anything short of a fusion core explosion.

Eyeing the smaller man, Gideon decided that he could carry him to his bed. He crouched down and slid one arm under his thighs and the other under his back. With a grunt, he lifted and settled John against his chest. For a brief moment, he just stood there, looking down at his sleeping Lieutenant.

Shaking his head to clear it, he shifted John's weight again, and started to walk towards his sleeping chamber. Turning sideways to get through the doorway, John's arm slid over until his hand touched Gideon's neck. A jumble of sounds and images flooded into his head, momentarily blinding him. He stood there, blinking, until his overloaded brain could make some sense of what had suddenly invaded it. John must be so tired that his usual strong mental barriers were down. Eventually, Gideon's vision cleared and he figured out that what he was experiencing was John's unconscious mind, his conscious mind blocked by the natural barrier of sleep.

No wonder the muddle made no sense, he supposed that no one's unconscious did. He blinked again, and could see John's bed, neatly made, of course. He stumbled over to the bed and lay John down on top of the blankets. As he set John down, the skin to skin contact was lost and Gideon found himself alone again in his own head. He rubbed his rough cheek and stared down at John, feeling somehow lonelier than he ever had before.

Shaking his head, he attributed it to lack of sleep. He found John's pillow and tucked it under his head. With difficulty, always avoiding touching John's skin, he pulled off John's boots and removed the earpiece from his ear. He yanked the blanket free of the mattress on the other side, and wrapped it over him. He stood over him for a long unfocussed moment, staring at his open face.

Unable to summon the energy to resist, Gideon reached down and ran his finger along one of John's cheekbones. The riot of color and noise erupted again into his head, and he began to pick out single images and words. He saw the Excalibur exploding, a double sunrise, a child crying in an empty room, and Gideon himself dressed in the cowboy hat and clothes he had worn down to the Technomage's planet with Galen. Intrigued, he didn't pull away when he should have, and he saw John captured and screaming in a Drakh torture machine, the Earth dying before his eyes.

"Shh..." Gideon said, stroking his cheek. "You're safe. I won't let anything happen to you." John murmured in his sleep and reached up his hand to grip Gideon's, holding his hand against his cheek.

"Umm, John?" Gideon tried to pull away and John's hold tightened. John's dream changed to flying a skimmer over a desert, laughing and shouting out to someone out of sight.

"John?" Gideon said again, and found himself swaying on his feet with that last effort of carrying John into here. John's grip tightened to almost a painful level.

"Alright," Gideon said soothingly, like to a child, "I won't leave. Just let me ..." He cut himself off with a huge yawn.

Gideon kicked off his shoes and removed his communicator. Carefully turning his hand in John's viselike grip, Gideon clambered around the foot of the bed and climbed into bed beside him. His hand was still pressed to John's cheek, his arm over John's shoulder. He settled himself against John's back as comfortably as he could, the blanket bunched between them, and immediately dropped into oblivion.

When Gideon awoke, it was two hours later, and his shoulder was killing him. John was still asleep, his mind at a indistinct hum that Gideon guessed must be deep sleep. Gideon tried twisting his hand away, but John still held him in an iron grip.

"John," Gideon pleaded, "Let go." Not even a twitch for an answer. He'd have to tease his First Officer later about sleeping like a stone carving.

No, Gideon corrected himself, John was much too warm to be made of stone. Gideon could feel the soft rise and fall of his chest through the blanket.

"Now what?" he asked, expecting and receiving no reply. Gideon turned and slid his knees off the far side of the bed. With great effort, he managed one-handed to drag the blanket with the Lieutenant laying on it to the other side of the bed. Now Gideon was stuck in between the bed and the wall. Grumbling to himself, he proceeded to crawl around the head of the bed, his knees narrowly missing John's hair. Now, he was on the other side of the bed, with his left mostly numb arm and hand still connected to John's face.

He placed his other hand on John's smooth cheek. "Should have known he'd found time to shave." He wormed his right hand under his left, keeping the firm connection with John's skin. He pulled his left hand out and shook it until it painfully returned to life.

Crawling into bed beside John, he turned he lay on his back with his right arm crossed over his chest and right hand touching John. He looked at his First Officer for a moment, his face youthful and innocent. "But we know you aren't as innocent as you look, eh?" Yawning hugely, he scooted against John's body, getting himself into the most comfortable position possible with such an awkward pose, and fell back to sleep, the low hum of John's mind within his.

Gideon came more gradually awake the second time. He felt foggy and indistinct, his mouth full of cotton. He tried to determine where he was, but couldn't seem to focus. He decided instead to count limbs, and see if his were still all attached. His head seemed to be up against someone's shoulder, someone's arm under his neck. Lochley? Why was he at Babylon 5?

There was another arm that didn't belong to him draped over his rib cage, with a hand that had somehow pulled up his shirt and slithered its way underneath to rest against his bare skin. He was on his right side, the whole length of his backside pressed up against someone. Someone warm and snoring gently. His eyes focused on the arms around him and he recognized the uniform.

"Damn," he swore softly to himself, abruptly remembering Redsin, the plague, and carrying John to bed. John murmured and thrust his hips up against Gideon's ass. Gideon could feel John's erection press against him.

Gideon held himself very still as John's mind cycled over into dreaming. Very erotic dreaming. He couldn't make it out clearly, the images were too quick, too disjointed, and from an odd perspective, but he saw himself and John on the bridge once more. So at least John's unconscious mind hasn't forgotten. The images were joined by bursts of emotion, too complex to sort out clearly. There was lust, triumph when Gideon called out his name, and many others, including fear of discovery and something akin to deep loyalty.

Gideon cuddled back against John and smiled, reliving the memories himself, knowing that John's unconscious mind would pick them up. He suddenly didn't feel as tired, and more than a little aroused. He would stay this way until John woke up, and then could claim that he had been asleep the whole time.

Gideon had indeed dozed off when he felt an abrupt shifting of John's mind. First there was a confused questioning, then a panicked horror, and then a wall came crashing down, sundering him completely from John's mind. Gideon reached out with his own feeble mind, trying to bring him back. The warm hand jerked out from underneath Gideon's shirt.


Gideon ignored him and pretended to still be asleep, not wanting to move from his comfortable position.

"Captain?" John said again, "I ... know that you're awake."

"What is it, Lieutenant?" Gideon murmured, his voice muffled against John's arm.

"I think you should move, Captain," John said, his voice unreadable.


"Because ... because ..." John stumbled, "you're in my bed."

"And a lovely bed it is too," Gideon replied. "Where did you get these soft sheets?"

"Captain, someone will find you here."

"So what. Tell them I slept on the couch."

"You aren't on the couch, sir."

"Oh, Lieutenant," Gideon said with exasperation, "must you be so literal? The bed is much more comfortable." Gideon turned onto his back and looked up at the withdrawn face of his First Officer. John looked so pale and dismayed that Gideon reached up a hand to touch him on the cheek. John flinched away.

"I'm so sorry, Captain," John said, looking away, his voice ragged, "I woke up and didn't know where I was and ... I scanned you, sir." John closed his eyes, his face a mask of despair. "I am so sorry. You will have my resignation immediately."

"Lieutenant, if I can get a word in here, what the Hell are you talking about?"

"I scanned you, sir," John said again, his voice leaden. "You were mostly asleep and I scanned you. I broke all the rules. Maybe they are right about telepaths and the military."

"Lieutenant Matheson!" Gideon said, gripping John's chin, "Look at me!"

"Yes, sir," John opened his eyes, which were bright with unshed tears.

"If anyone is to blame, it's me." Gideon said, talking over John when he tried to interrupt. "I put you in a situation that you had no control over and were perfectly justified scanning me. If you had been taken prisoner, what it the first thing you should do?"

"Determine the enemy," John said tonelessly.

"How in Hell, then, did you know I wasn't the enemy?"

"I should have known."

"You are way too hard on yourself."

"I should have known, had my shields in place."

"You don't have as much control when you're sleeping, right?"

"I should not have been sleeping."

"Bullshit, Lieutenant. You hadn't slept for most of a week and neither had I. The body breaks down eventually. The mind is only so strong."

"I should have been stronger."

"Dammit, John, if you try to give me your resignation over a stupid thing like this, I'm going to boot you out an airlock."

John looked at him wordlessly.

"But I would much rather be doing this." Gideon recklessly reached over and grabbed John's chin, pressing his lips to John's. He concentrated as hard as he could on the memories of their frenzied sex on the bridge.

John broke away and stared at him, the tears leaking out of his eyes. "I had thought it was a dream."

"Then we were sharing a very erotic dream," Gideon said, echoing his own words from that other time and place.

John looked at him, dazed. "I thought it was a dream, I convinced myself so much that it was a dream that Mr. Jones just glossed over it. How did I do that?"

"I don't know, but I'm glad you did. If I had lost my First Officer because of ... If I had lost you because of it, I would have never forgiven myself."

"If I recall correctly," John said, his eyes still stunned, "It was me who made the first move."

"I think it was a mutual decision," Gideon grinned. "And you sure as hell didn't force yourself on me."

"Captain, I would never ..."

Gideon rolled his eyes and grabbed John's chin again, silencing him with his lips.

John kissed him back, tentatively at first, then with more enthusiasm. Gideon flicked the tip of his tongue out, exploring the faintly familiar seam of John's lips. John's tongue joined his, caressing his tongue and lips.

Abruptly, John broke away. "Captain, we shouldn't --"

"Lieutenant, if I hear one more thing out of your mouth that involves 'should' or 'the rules', I'm going to kick you from here to Mars. If you want me to go, I will get up and go without any further repercussions and we will never talk about this again. But I'm hoping ... I'm hoping that you want me to stay. Just say the word, John, stay or go."

John looked at him for a long moment and Gideon closed his eyes in sorrow. He moved away from John's body, crawling out of the bed.

"Stay," John whispered.

Gideon froze. "What did you say?"

John swallowed. "Stay."

Gideon jumped back on the bed, straddling John's hips with his knees. "What did you say?" He asked again, his face lighting up.

"Stay," John grinned. "Stay, stay, stay."

"God, I love that word."

Gideon dropped his head to John's and proceeded to kiss him much more thoroughly. John's hands reached around the back of his head and pulled him closer.

Leaning down on his elbows and gripping John's face between his hands, Gideon's tongue flickered over John's lips. Just touching John felt so good that he wanted to devour him where he lay, but he made himself go slowly. There was no rush.

Gideon's lips left John's and explored his sculpted face. He kissed his eyelids and his lips wandered across his eyebrows and down to his ear. "Computer, voice command." John said loudly, his voice only slightly unsteady, "Quarters privacy mode." The computer beeped twice, acknowledging the command. John's quarters were now locked down tight. No one would be able to walk in now, without invoking high level security codes, and giving them a lot of warning. Gideon nipped lightly at his ear.

"Computer, voice command." John said again, "Communication mode for Lieutenant John Matheson, Level One Emergency contact only." Two beeps.

"You think of everything, don't you," Gideon grumbled into his ear, "I'm going to have to see if I can distract you a bit more." He lifted up his head, grinning down at John. "Computer, voice command. Communication mode for Captain Matthew Gideon, contact me only if Hell freezes over." The computer waited. "Okay, okay, contact me only for Level One Emergencies." Two beeps and they were shut off from the outside world.

Gideon stayed where he was, on all fours straddling John's body, and looked down at him. His First Officer was still fully dressed, as Gideon was, the black uniform emphasizing his shoulders and narrow hips.

John reached up to his cheek, his strong capable fingers tentatively touching his face. "Captain?" he sounded uncertain.

"Lieutenant?" Gideon closed his eyes and rubbed his cheek against John's hand.

"Yes, sir?"

"Call me Matthew -- No, no, call me Matt. Whenever you call me Matthew, it means I'm in trouble."

"Trouble?" John's lips quirked. "Not you."

"Not with you around to protect me."

"Rather like trying to protect the Excalibur with a shuttlecraft." John ran his fingers across Gideon's jaw and down his nose.

"I think you make an adorable shuttle." Gideon captured John's wandering fingers gently between his teeth.

"And I think you make a exceptional Excalibur." John drew his fingers from Gideon's mouth and hooked them in the collar of his uniform. "Now, Matt, what are you doing way up there?"

"Coming down there," Gideon replied and suited action to words, swooping down to kiss John.

Gideon's lips traveled around John's lovely full mouth, kissing him on the edge of the lips and darting away when John tried to turn his head to catch him. He left his lips for a moment, covering the smooth skin underneath his throat. Then he returned to his lips, teasing him with a feather light touch and pulling away when John lifted his head to make the kiss firm.

"You like being on top, don't you?" John said with mock disgust.

"Of course."

"Of course," John repeated, and grabbed Gideon's shoulders pulling him down so that Gideon lay fully stretched out on top of him. John promptly wrapped his arms around his shoulders and legs around his legs, then he pressed his mouth firmly to Gideon's. Gideon laughed against John's mouth then flicked his tongue out to trace John's lips and tease his lips open. John opened his lips and let the tip of Gideon's tongue in, sucking on it.

John's fingers ran through Gideon's soft hair, thoroughly messing up the smooth layers. "I've always wanted to do that", he murmured against Gideon's lips.

His tongue darted into Gideon's mouth, swirling around his tongue. Gideon's lips and mouth replied, wordlessly demonstrating all of his pent up desires. John responded with no less fervor.

Finally, they broke apart, gasping for breath. Unimportant things like breathing seemed to get forgotten whenever their lips joined.

Catching his breath, Gideon rubbed his nose and cheek against John's cheek.

"Some one needs to shave," John teased.

"Some people have been busy, unlike others who have had time for trivial matters."

"Like kissing their Captain?"

"I said trivial," Gideon growled.

John grinned and detached his legs from around Gideon's. Before Gideon could comment, John got his left leg underneath him, pushed with his leg and turned with his hips and rolled Gideon over onto his back, with John on top of him.

"Hey," Gideon laughingly protested, "Who's the Captain here?"

John lips roved over Gideon's strong face. "You are, sir," John said, punctuating each word with a touch of his lips, "Brave and dangerous Captain Matthew Gideon."

"Brave and dangerous?" Gideon repeated, a little surprised, "I would have expected rash and foolhardy."

"That too," John's lips traveled down to his neck, his warm breath on his skin.

"Figures." Gideon reached up and started to unfasten John's collar. "Why are you still in uniform?"

John immediately sat up straight, straddling Gideon's hips.

"No, Matt," he said, and a shiver went through Gideon at the verbal caress John made of his name, "I haven't gotten to undress you yet."

"And why should a Captain waste his energy on a task that a Lieutenant can do?"


John pulled the zipper of Gideon's jacket down, running his hands underneath it. He tugged at the jacket and Gideon obediently sat up so that John could pull it off his shoulders. John tossed the jacket over the back of a chair. Gideon lay back down and John slid his hands underneath his red shirt. Gideon's skin tingled at each point of contact. John pushed his shirt up higher and Gideon sat up again.

"Wait," Gideon said, grabbing the shirt before John could pull it over his head. He was remembering how he trapped John inside his own shirt when John tried to remove it. "I'll get it." He grabbed the shirt, and with one swift move jerked it over his head and threw it across the room.

John laughed, the vibration of his laughter sending interesting tremors through Gideon's body.

"Now pants?" Gideon asked, "Do you want me to stand up?"

"No need." John stood up on his knees so that his weight was no longer on Gideon. He unbuckled Gideon's belt and unfastened his pants, then pushed his hands into his fly, his palms brushing Gideon's already firm cock. Gideon made a soft incoherent sound.

John slid his hands under Gideon's ass and lifted it slightly, pulling the pants over and down his legs. John then moved his right knee to the other side, then straddled Gideon's torso facing away from his head. Gideon ran his hands down the smooth fabric covering John's back and ass. John removed Gideon's socks and pulled his pants the remainder of the way off and tossed them over top of Gideon's jacket.

"Damn, John, do you do everything well?" Gideon complained.

"I don't know, Matt, you'll have to tell me." John twisted back around on him, sitting now just below Gideon's hips, his legs pressed up against the black underwear that was all that remained.

John leaned down against Gideon, his lips on his and his uniform rubbing his bare skin in the way Gideon found so intoxicating. John gave him only a quick kiss before moving away down his neck. He tickled his adam's apple and then traced a line down his lean muscular chest. Gideon stroked John's fine, soft hair.

His lips circled around and around Gideon's left nipple until finally reaching the rigid nipple and sucking on it. His right hand reached out and rubbed his palm against the other nipple. John teased the nipple with his tongue, then bared his teeth and bit down gently. Gideon arched his back, clenching his teeth, and digging his fingers into John's hair. John proceeded to give the other nipple the same treatment until he had Gideon quivering beneath him.

He then worked his way lower, running his fingers across Gideon's firm stomach and dipping to the waistband of his black underwear. "I always thought that your underwear would be red," John mused, running his fingers across the fabric that bulging around Gideon's straining cock. "To match your red Captain's shirt."

"Who the hell would ever see them?" Gideon said through clenched teeth.

"Maybe I'll have to get you a pair," John pressed his face against the black fabric and nuzzled the firm cock. He rubbed his cheek against the fabric, creating an exquisite double sensation of his warm cheek through the soft fabric.

Gideon shuddered. "I thought I should warn you, Lieutenant," he said, through his locked jaw, "That you have about ten more seconds until I'm going to throw you on the floor and rip that uniform off of you."

John lifted his head and smiled at him, his eyes dancing, "Yes, Captain. Perhaps I should remove my uniform in a more ... tidy manner right now."

"Good idea." Gideon watched in appreciation as John removed his jacket and black shirt, then unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down, exposing his black underwear and strong, narrow hips. As he moved to lay his clothes over another chair, Gideon was rewarded with a view of his tight ass.

John turned back to him, and his lips quirked, as if he knew that Gideon had been admiring his ass. "I'm afraid I'm not very good at the striptease."

"John, if you tease me any more, I'm going to loose it right now."

"That would be unfortunate," John said, coming back to the bed and straddling Gideon once more. "As there are so much more pleasant ways to go." He slid his lean body up along Gideon's, rubbing his cock against Gideon's cock through the double layer of soft fabric. Their lips joined for a long, lingering kiss.

As they separated, Gideon absently stroked John's hair. "I've been thinking, and you'll laugh at me --"

"Never." John said firmly, his face serious.

"I know." Gideon ran his finger down John's cheekbone. "But no need to be so grave, I've just been thinking that there must ... That all that you and I have done together ... It's kind of been a your-turn then my-turn ... and I'm sure that there are ways that we can both ... at the same time ..."

"Yes," John said, smiling down at him, "there are a number of possibilities."

"Like ..."

"It would be easier if I showed you," he touched Gideon's forehead, "May I?"

"Yes, please."

John narrowed his eyes and a series of pictures appeared before Gideon's eyes. "Whoa," Gideon said, impressed, "Going to have to try those."

"One at a time," John laughed.

"What's the fun in that?"

"We shall see," John replied. "If you want to ... Choose one. Or I'd be quite happy doing a hundred times more what we did on the bridge."

"You want to kill me, Lieutenant?"

"No, sir." John grinned.

Gideon lifted an eyebrow, "I'm not sure I trust that smile, John."

John laughed again, the sound doing warm things to Gideon's chest. "Your choice, Matt."

"You keep saying my name like that, and I'll gladly follow you to Hell."

"I don't think Hell is on the itinerary today."

"That's a relief."

John placed his lips against Gideon's ear. "Chooose."

"Umm, the second one?"

"This one?" He showed him the picture again.

"Is that okay?"

"More than okay." John placed a kiss on Gideon's nose and rolled off of him, getting off the bed.

"Where are you going?" Gideon asked plaintively, reaching out to grab him. John evaded his grasp and walked across the bedroom to the door of the bathroom.

"Just going to make sure I'm clean, and get some lubricant."

"Oh," Gideon said, distracted by the sight of his First Officer walked around in just his underwear. Gideon noticed that he himself still had his underwear on and stripped them off, tossing them onto John's desk.

John came out of the bathroom a moment later, rubbing a bottle of clear liquid between his hands. At Gideon's raised eyebrows, he said, "Only warming it up a little."

John lay down at Gideon's side and ran his hand down Gideon's bare chest, saying softly "I never even let myself fantasize about this."

"Me either," Gideon grabbed John and kissed him urgently.

"It's alright, Matt," John said, breaking the kiss and looking into his eyes. "I'm not going anywhere."

"I know," Gideon said fiercely and rolled John on his back and climbed on top of him. "Because I'm not going to let you."

"As you say," John said, "I would never argue with a naked Earth Force Captain."

"Good. Now I just need a certain Earth Force Lieutenant to get naked." Gideon ran his fingers under John's waistband, pulling the fabric down so that was wrapped around John's engorged cock. John wiggled underneath him, and he let John reach down and scoot out of his underwear. Gideon grabbed the underwear from him and threw it into the next room.

"Mmmm," Gideon said, leaning over and kissing John on the lips, deliberately rubbing their bare cocks together.

Gideon shifted and sowed kisses down John's chest and stomach, placing a long lingering kiss on the head of his bobbing cock. John moaned softly. "Now turn over," Gideon said, moving off of him, "Before I forget myself."

John rolled over, resting his chin on his hands, and exposing to Gideon's eyes the sweet expanse of his back, ass and legs. Gideon ran his hands slowly down John's back, over his tight ass, and down his sinewy thighs and calves. His hands returned to John's ass, kneading the cheeks and running his fingers down the sensitive crack between. He reached between his legs and rubbed his balls, gliding down to circle the base of his cock. John pushed up towards him. "Now," Gideon said, knowing his voice was showing the arousal he felt, "I think you need to move down a little."

Obediently, John slid downwards and off the end of the bed. He positioned himself so that his knees were on the floor, his ass upwards, his arms and shoulders on the bed, while his torso was in the air in between, his erect cock pointing towards the bed.

Gideon licked his lips in anticipation and slid off the side of the bed. He crawled to where John was perched, and ducked his head under John's stomach, slurping the head of his cock into his mouth. John trembled and Gideon released him.

Coming around behind John, Gideon ran his hands down his back and ass. He leaned over and his lips followed when his hands had been, lips and tongue running down John's spine and kissing each ass cheek. The stubble on his cheeks lightly rubbed John's ass. His tongue then explored the crack between his ass cheeks, circling and flicking John's enticing asshole. Underneath him, John moaned helplessly.

Gideon continued to the sensitive skin between his asshole and balls and John moaned again, a sound that went straight from Gideon's ears to his cock. He sucked briefly on John's balls and released them.

Straightening up, he caressed John's ass cheeks with his hard cock. Running the head of it down the ass crack, Gideon almost lost it and had to pull away, taking a ragged breath.

He took the bottle of lubricant in one hand and squirted some into his other palm. He spread the slippery gel liberally over his cock and reached down to press a lubricated finger gently into John's asshole. Inside, it was tight and Gideon could feel muscles closing convulsively over his finger. "John, are you sure you want this?"

"Yessss," John whispered hoarsely.

Gideon pressed a second lubricated finger in and then a third. John pushed back against his hand. Gideon pulled his fingers out and positioned his cock at the waiting asshole.

He pushed in gently, slowly, bit by bit, until his entire cock was inside and his balls rested against John's ass. "Oh God," John groaned, the first time ever that Gideon had heard him swear.

Gideon held himself steady and leaned over John, gripping John's cock in one hand while the other hand balanced him against John's back. His lubricated hand slid easily over John's rock-hard cock. He stroked John a few times, with the smooth firm strokes he used on his own cock when he was alone. Then he slowly moved his own cock in and out of John's ass. John's ass was so tight and just the sight of his cock buried in John's ass was almost enough to send Gideon over the edge.

It took some concentration, but Gideon quickly mastered the double movement, stroking downwards on John's cock as he plunged his own cock into John's ass, then stroking upwards as he pulled almost out. He plunged in again, stroking and pulling out until he the head of his cock almost left the asshole. Then plunging in again and stroking and pulling, building up a rhythm so intense that John had begun to moan continuously under his breath.

At that sound, Gideon lost all control and begin to pound wildly into John, his hand pumping John's cock as if it was his own. Gideon felt the tension build up in his balls, exhilarating and painful. John was shaking underneath him.

He exploded, spewing himself deep inside John. John came a brief second later, spurting his juices over Gideon's hand and onto the bedspread.

Gideon let out a groan of complete surrender and his knees felt like water. He collapsed over top of John, who was collapsed over the foot of the bed. "John, John, John," Gideon could only mumble repeatedly.

"Matt," John responded, his voice hoarse and drained.

Somewhere Gideon found the strength to drag the two of them onto the bed, and lay over top of John, his relaxing cock still in John's ass. "Maybe only one position at a time is the right idea." Gideon murmured into John's shoulder.

"Good," was John's reply from where his face was buried in the blankets.

Gideon finally groaned and pull out and off of John, and lay against his side. "No going to sleep, Lieutenant," Gideon caressed the ear that was visible.

"That's right," John said, rolling over to his side so he faced Gideon, "You're that weird guy who doesn't like to sleep after sex."

"That one," Gideon said, running his finger down John's nose. John then tucked himself under Gideon's chin and cuddled in against him. Gideon drew his fingers down John's side. He caressed John's hair and gathered together his courage. He tipped John's face up so that he could looked at him, and swallowed nervously, "John, will you do something for me?"


"No," Gideon laughed then sobered. He ran his fingers lightly across John's forehead. "Will you let me in, just a little?" John jerked his head away from Gideon's fingers, his body tense.

"Please, John," Gideon said desperately, "Don't turn away. It doesn't have to be now, just whenever you're comfortable." John wouldn't look up and remained stiff against him.

Gideon fumbled to explain, "When you were asleep, I touched you. I know that you usually have shields up even when you're asleep, but we were so tired...

"And when I touched you, I'm sorry, I know that I shouldn't have, but then you were having this terrible nightmare about the Earth dying, and you grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go. So I let you keep the hand and I just went to sleep right there, touching you. Having your dreams in the back of my mind felt so right, and I felt so alone when you woke up and shut me out"

No reply.

"I'm so sorry," Gideon said miserably, the sweet afterglow of the sex fading. "I shouldn't have said anything. I am a jerk and always put my foot in it ..."

"No, Matt," John said softly, raising his eyes finally, "I'm sorry. It's just so ... hard to trust."

"You know that I would throw myself down a gravity well before I'd let you get hurt."

"I know," John's lips quirked in a tiny smile.

As if in apology, he touched Gideon's cheek and his eyes narrowed. Gideon eyes flew open wide as senses and images came flooding into his mind. He felt and saw what John experienced as Gideon plunged his cock into his ass.

"Whoa," Gideon said, arousal shooting through his body. "I'll have to try that myself."

John gave him a full smile. "I'd say 'I doubt it', but that got me in trouble last time."

"Good trouble, hopefully."

"Oh, very good trouble."

Gideon smiled in memory, smoothing John's hair behind his ear. John moved his head and kissed his fingers.

Finally, Gideon sighed, running his finger down John's cheekbone, "We can't ever do this again."

John's face grew serious. "I agree."

"It could ruin both our careers."


"There are good reasons why it's against regs to have ... intimate relations with someone in your same chain of command."

"Excellent reasons."

"So ...
... Tomorrow night, my place?"


Gideon grinned at John who grinned back. "I think I'm infecting you, Lieutenant. You never used to be such a gambler."

"I like the stakes."

"Oh, is that the slang for it?" Gideon teased, his fingers dancing down to John's depleted cock.

John laughed and then frowned as if he had a sudden unpleasant thought. "Matt, what are we going to do next time about Mr. Jones? There is no way I will believe this all to have been a dream."

"Screw Mr. Jones," Gideon said fiercely.

John raised his eyebrows consideringly, "Do you think that will work?"

Gideon chuckled, rolling John on his back and kissing him breathless. "Well, it certainly worked on me, and I'm known to be a hardass."

John grabbed Gideon's ass. "We will have to see how hard it is."

"Yes," Gideon lay his head down next to John's, and snuggled against him, "After a nap."

"A nap? You've had over five hours sleep for the last 2 days, isn't that enough?"

"You forget I'm an old man. I don't have your stamina."

"Perhaps we might want to work on that."

"Perhaps," Gideon smiled, and touched John's cheek gently. "Sleep now."

John smiled back, rubbing his cheek against Gideon's hand. He turned on his side and burrowed against him, his back against Gideon's chest. Gideon reached behind himself and pulled the blanket over both of them. He settled against John's back.

Something tingled in the contact between them, then there was a tentative, almost shy touch from John's mind. A blur of sounds and images poured across Gideon's mind, too fast to catch. The blur slowed and quieted, until it was only a soft warm hum at the back of his mind. John was asleep.

Happiness bubbled up in Gideon's chest, painful in its intensity. He wrapped his arms around John, holding him tightly and closed his eyes.

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