Seduction of a Linguist

by The Upholsterer

Summary: Enough love to share
Sequel/Series: This is a direct sequel to Captain's Chair, Lieutenant's Bed, Captain's Floor, and Lieutentant's Ship. It is also an answer to the "Catch as Catch" Challenge from crusadeslash egroup (Basically, just a hide-and-seek game on the Excalibur).
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to someone else except the story itself which is mine.
Warning: This may cause a flash flood in Buffalo, NY *g*
Rating: NC-17

Remember to read Captain's Chair, Lieutenant's Bed, Captain's Floor, and Lieutenant's Ship first!

Max Eilerson sat and glared at the box across from him, trying to make it burst into flames. He had no idea what it contained, but even exploding bombs would be better than boredom. Giving himself a headache, Max gave up for the moment and leaned back against the wall. He hated being bored. He spent most of his life trying to avoid it. He could see the Universe Today headline -- "Brilliant Xeno-Archeologist found in Tragic Death from Brain Atrophy".

There was an old earth fictional character named Sherlock Holmes that Max readily identified with. Not only did Holmes and he share a quick dazzling intelligence, but they also shared a loathing of the times when they couldn't use that intelligence. Holmes had turned to heroin, a crude stimulant that Max wouldn't mind having some of right now.

Though if he had a needle in his hand, he wasn't sure it would be his own veins that he would be plunging it.

The first round of captain-ordered "Hide-n-Seek" had been vaguely amusing. He had enjoyed picking apart Trace Miller's thought patterns and hiding in the very first spot the pilot would look. Trace had found him very quickly, and Max had been able to drag him back to the rec hall for some Bridge. Then Gideon had showed up and proclaimed that Max hadn't given the game a fair shake. For that infraction, Max was declared IT for the next game. That next game had turned out to be a variation on Hide -- N -- Seek that Matheson claimed he had played as a child. The game had the repellant name of "Sardines" and it involved one person being IT and everyone else finding him or her. The twist was that whoever found IT had to hide with them, and the next person, and so on. The last person to find the hiding place was the next IT.

So Max had been sent out to hide, like a small child. Perversely, he had decided to make himself as hard as possible to find, and had chosen an obscure store room in an area of the gigantic ship where people hardly went.

Now, sitting alone on a crate of something or other, Max was regretting the decision. He should have found someplace easier to find and get this foolish game over as quickly as possible. Barring that, he should have at least picked up something to read from his quarters before he came down here.

Grumbling, he rested his head back against the wall behind him and closed his eyes. He forced himself to concentrate on remembering the opening sequence from his latest data crystal, Beauty and the Beasts. His lips curved upwards as he pictured the beautiful human woman being undressed by two Centauri woman and a Centauri man with a particularly impressive crest of hair. He settled more comfortably on the crate and reviewed the film move by move.

He had hardly gotten to the best part -- okay, physiologically impossible, but verry entertaining -- when he was startled by someone clearing his throat. His eyes flew open to see standing before him Lieutenant John Matheson, with an odd smile on his face. Matheson's face immediately blanked, but there was a definite twinkle in his eye.

"Lieutenant," Max said neutrally, sitting up and straightening his jacket.

"Mr. Eilerson," Matheson responded. He leaned back against the crate that Max had been trying to catch on fire and crossed his arms. His face was impersonal, but his eyes were still resting on Max.

Max shifted uncomfortably and discovered that his mental exercises had given him a definite erection. He shifted again, trying to look casual and cool. He glared up at Matheson, as usual throwing his own discomfort onto other people. "You found me awfully fast. I expected it to take at least an hour for the first person." His eyes narrowed, "Did you cheat and use your telepathy?"

Matheson grinned. "Absolutely."

Max blinked, startled by the Lieutenant's bald statement.

Still grinning, Matheson moved away from him, closer to the door. Max looked at him in puzzlement. Matheson was always so calm and professional, but there was something ...

He saw Matheson narrow his eyes and mouth one word. Max's linguistic mind immediately determined that he had said something starting with "M-ah"... Matt? It could have been, but that didn't make any sense. No one called the Captain, Matt, not that he knew of. And he hadn't ever heard Matheson address Gideon with anything but "sir" or "Captain".

Max shook his head. He must have just said "Man," or something like that, silently swearing to himself like Max felt like doing. Well, served him right. It was Matheson's stupid idea to play this game in the first place.

Matheson's eyes flickered over to meet Max's. He gave Max a brief, almost imperceptible wink, then looked away, crossing his arms and watching the door. Max stared at him, noticing as if for the first time the sharp-edged profile of the Lieutenant's face. Max shook himself, decided he was imagining things, and closed his eyes once more. He collected his thoughts and firmly returned himself to remembering his data crystal.

He had just gotten once more to the part where the Centauri male had the two Centauri women on their knees in front of him and the human woman was-- when he heard the door open and his eyes snapped open.

Captain Gideon was stepping through the doorway, his eyes on Matheson. Gideon's face lit up with an expression that Max could only call anticipation.

"Captain," Matheson said quickly, and Gideon's face shut down, like the switching off of personality. His eyes found Max and he turned back to Matheson, his eyebrows climbing.

"Why did you call me, then?"

Matheson didn't say anything.

"Are you really thinking what I think you're thinking?" Gideon said.

Matheson smiled.

"Whoa, maybe so."

Matheson still said nothing, and it was like Gideon was carrying on one side of a conversation.

"What do you think about ...?" Gideon said.

Then Gideon nodded thoughtfully. "If you think it will work..." Could the other half of the conversation be happening telepathically?

"Well, if you're game, then I certainly am," a grin spread across Gideon's face that for some reason made Max shiver.

Matheson abruptly turned to Max. "Think of a fish."

"What?" Max responded, his voice loud in his confusion.

"Got it," Matheson said to Gideon, though his eyes were still on Max. "A Bronnen rainbow fish. Good choice."

"You scanned me!" Max said, flabbergasted, "How dare you!"

"Just a little scan," Matheson shrugged, seeming to enjoy Max's irritation.

"Are you sure this will work?" Gideon asked Matheson, while also turning his eyes to Max.

"Yes," Matheson said firmly, "I have a hook into his memory now. If we decide we need to, I can just snap his memory back to that moment. Done it twice before."

"Better not have been on me," Gideon growled, moving closer to Matheson and looking down on him.

"It was in the Corp," Matheson wrinkled his nose at Gideon, "But like I would tell you if I had done it to you."

"Johnnie ..." Gideon said, his voice was not angry, but warm.

Johnnie? Now that's one I hadn't heard.

"Matt ..." Matheson responded in the same teasing tone of voice.

So he does call him Matt, but-- Max jumped as Matheson put his hand on Gideon's chest. He stared when Gideon took Matheson's chin in his hand. His jaw dropped to the floor when Gideon leaned down and kissed Matheson full on the lips.

He could only stare, his mind completely frozen, as the Captain and his First Officer exchanged a long deep kiss. Gideon's hands moved down Matheson's neck and Matheson's hands ran across Gideon's chest.

Abruptly his mind lurched into frenzied motion. What the Hell? How could they -- but I thought -- and here right in front -- but they can't -- I never would have guessed -- look at that! -- his hands are -- and his hands are -- this is not new -- and he's holding him -- the way they look at each other -- how could they hide -- what does this mean -- I thought they couldn't --

Gideon lifted his head from Matheson's and grinned over at Max. Max knew that he was staring at them with his mouth wide open, but he couldn't help it.

"I think we're already scaring poor Max," Gideon said, one hand still idly running down Matheson's neck. Gideon's lips settled into his wolf's grin, which always means trouble for someone. Dear God, why is he looking at me that way?

Then Matheson looked at him and Max's breath caught. He was used to seeing raw emotion on Gideon's face, but Matheson was always so calm and controlled. What was looking at him out of Matheson's eyes was anything but controlled. If he had to put a term to it, he'd have to call it pure unfiltered lust.

Max's stomach gave a great lurch and his jaw snapped shut.

Matheson ... John ... grinned, arching his eyebrows. "I think you're right," he laughed, "Poor Max looks quite overwhelmed."

Swallowing, Max desperately tried to find his voice. "What is going on here?" He tried for an authoritative tone but it came out more as a plaintive squeak.

Gideon gave a low chuckle, a sound that did odd things to Max's chest. "Let's see, how shall I put this?" He licked his lips and tilted his head to one side. "We are going to seduce you, Mr. Eilerson."

"What?" Max stumbled to his feet, backing away from the door and the two insane men. He looked behind him, trying to find any other way out.

"Definitely scared him", John laughed. "Maybe we should let him run away?"

"If he wants," Gideon said, trailing his fingers down John's back. "But it'd be an awful shame. Such a perfect opportunity to get to know his fellow shipmates better."

Max grabbed the crate next to him to steady himself as John pinned him with those eyes. "It would be a shame, but we should certainly give him a chance."

"Indeed," Gideon seemed distracted by John's ear, running his tongue down the edge of it and taking it between his teeth.

"Matt!" John laughed, "Tell him!"

"Oh," Gideon's teeth left John's ear. Max couldn't help think that his teeth looked white and sharp. Max swallowed again.

Gideon looked at him, the playfulness leaving his face. "Max, if you want to go, please go. Neither of us will hold it against you. We only want you here if you want to be here." He cocked his head towards John. "Does he believe me?"

John narrowed his eyes in a way that Max now knew meant he was using his telepathic powers. "Doesn't believe you."

Max jumped, "I don't?" I guess I don't.

Gideon pursed his lips, and his eyes locked with Max's. "Believe me."

Max swallowed, trying to think coherently. Gideon may be a lot of things but he does not go back on his word. He gave a quick nod.

John also nodded to Gideon, and Gideon relaxed, the smile creeping back into his face. His penetrating hazel eyes turned back to John. "Shall we occupy ourselves so that Mr. Eilerson has a chance to make a hasty exit?"

"Yes," John growled and stepped back away from the door. Bracing himself against a large box, John pulled Gideon hard up against him. Gideon threw his arms around John's shoulders and their lips locked again.

Now was the time to leave. Max told himself to start moving, get out of this insanity.

John's fingers in Gideon's hair. I've always wanted to mess up that damn hair of his.
Move, just walk out that door.
Gideon sliding his hands underneath John's hands, lacing their fingers together.

Put one foot in front of the other.
Holding their hands together above their heads. They are still kissing, do they ever breathe?

Just let go of the crate.
Gideon pressing up against John, their hands still locked.

Peel your damn hand off the crate.
Lips breaking apart at last. Releasing their hands. John leaning his head back as Gideon devours his neck.

Let go of the damn crate and walk to the door.
Look at the way Gideon's hands slide down John's back to his ass.

Move. Just start with moving one finger.
John's hands on Gideon's ass ... God, pulling him tight against him.

One damned finger. Get the hell out of here...
God! Grinding their crotches together through their uniforms...

Max's licked his lips, feeling the pounding of his own erection. There was something incredibly erotic about the way Gideon and John moved together. Maybe it was the fact that it was a forbidden relationship. Maybe it was showing passion while wearing the stiff EarthForce uniforms. Maybe it was how the two men were completely focused on each other, intensity in every breath. No artifice, no games. They moved as one sensual creature.

"Is he still there?" Gideon murmured against John's cheek.

John turned eyes heavy with passion on Max. Max swallowed, still locked into place. "He's still there," John's eyes turned back to where his fingers were busy undoing Gideon's collar. "He looks like a rabbit, caught in the headlights of a hoverscooter, but he's still there."

"Do you think that means he's interested?"

"Or just too shocked to run away."

"Should we ask him?"

"I suppose we should." John looked and smiled at Max over Gideon's shoulder. "What do you think, Mr. Eilerson?"

"Think?" Max said vaguely, watching Gideon's fingers trace the outline of John's hip.

"Would you like to be seduced?"

"Uhh..." Max blinked, looking for some sort of response. His normal sharp repartee had deserted him. At last he asked, "Why?"

Gideon turned and grinned at him, "You mean, why should we bother with you when we already have each other?"

"That wasn't quite what I-- "

"Why do you think, Johnnie?" Gideon ruffled John's hair with obvious affection.

John appeared to give it some thought. "Maybe because we thought it would be fun? Or maybe because we wanted to see the look on your face?"

"It was worth it," Gideon laughed, then his face grew wistful. His arms tightened around John. "We don't know how long we still have together before ... We want to make every moment memorable."

John laid his head against Gideon's shoulder. "And we didn't want to ... leave before we found out if there really was a human being under that ill-tempered exterior of yours. You're a puzzle, Max and both of us like solving puzzles."

"Or maybe," John lifted his head and grinned impishly, "because I got tired of playing 'Max' for Matt."

"And John," Gideon said quickly before Max could ask what John meant, "John thought that there just might be a great ass underneath all those clothes. Johnnie is ... how shall I put it ... an ass connoisseur."

"That I am," John agreed, running his hands down Gideon's ass, "Though I already have whenever I want it the best ass on the ship."

"Second best," Gideon shook his head sadly, "Doesn't hold a candle to yours."

"Oh, but you have," John teased, "Held a candle to it, that is."

"That's true," Gideon grinned, "And don't think I won't do it again -- "

"Excuse me!" Max interrupted loudly. "I hate to break up your little lovefest, but we were talking about me?"

Gideon laughed out loud. "Thank you for recalling us to task at hand, Mr. Eilerson." Releasing each other, Gideon and John turned and looked at Max. Max felt the weight of their attention and suddenly wished he would have let them continue to be involved in each other. He took a step back.

John cocked his head. "Looks like he hasn't quite decided yet."

"Yup," Gideon agreed. They continued to look at him.

Max's brain was busy bringing up hundreds of reasons why this wasn't a good idea -- unprofessional, irrational, and goddamnit, even unsanitary. The rest of him was completely ignoring his brain and soaking in the power of the two men's attraction. For the first time in who knows how long, he felt desirable, wanted. His skin was tingling just from the heat of their stares. And what they were promising was so much more ...

Max swallowed around a lump in his throat. "Okay," he said, almost inaudibly.

"What was that, Max?" Gideon raised his eyebrows.

"Okay, already, okay," Max said, falling back on his usual grumpiness.

Gideon and John's faces broke into identical, hungry grins. Max forcibly restrained himself from taking another step backwards. He raised up his chin, and tried to look unruffled. It wouldn't do to let them know how apprehensive he was. Gideon chuckled and Max knew he wasn't fooling anyone.

"Why don't you start, Johnnie?" Gideon said, motioning towards Max and leaning back against the wall.

John shot Gideon a dirty look. "Captain?"

Gideon grinned and continued to point to Max. John shrugged and started to walk towards Max. Quite against his will, Max found himself retreating from John, until his heels hit up against a wall of boxes. John grinned at him, walked up to him, and then walked right past him. Max didn't know whether to feel relieved or disappointed. Gideon looked just as mystified.

"I know that parcel is around here somewhere," John muttered to himself.

Of course, the very capable First Officer would know what was in all these crates. He suppressed the urge to ask him if there were any that contained alcohol. There was no way that alcohol would be sitting around untouched, but Max sure could use a bracing shot at the moment.

John wandered away, down another aisle, and Max and Gideon were left standing, staring at each other. Gideon looked like he was quite enjoying Max's discomfort. Arrogant bastard, Max thought automatically. He broke away from Gideon's gaze, shifting on his feet. He found his eyes wandering over Gideon's lips, his neck, his shoulders ...

A crash and both Max and Gideon jumped. They heard a muffled "Ah!" of triumph, and John appeared, his arms loaded with blankets.

"I knew that we had a box of emergency blankets somewhere," John said cheerfully, and dropped the pile next to Max's feet. He left and returned again with another huge pile of blankets. Humming under his breath, John grabbed the crate Max had been sitting on and dragged it into the small cleared space. He took the top blanket and draped it over the crate. He straightened up and looked at Max. "Have a seat."

Max stood there nervously, chewing his lower lip.

"Just sit down, Max," John said, "We aren't going to hurt you. How about we just start with a nice shoulder rub?"

Max was still frozen in place.

"Sit!" John said, a note of command in his voice.

Max jumped and walked over to the crate. He sat with his back to John, his back ramrod straight.

"Take off your jacket?"

Before he could think about it, Max quickly pulled off his black IPX jacket and tossed it over the nearby pile of crates. He loosened the collar of his plaid shirt.

"Relax," said John's voice, warm and next to his ear.

Max took a deep breath and tried to relax, but he still flinched when John placed his hands on his shoulders. John simply held his hands against his shoulders while Max settled himself. He could feel the warmth of the Lieutenant's hands through his shirt. His analytical mind insisted on calculating how long it had been since someone had deliberately touched him. Touched him without being paid to. A helluva long time.

Slowly, John began to rub his shoulders, his palms firmly massaging the muscles. Max began to gradually relax under John's nimble and skilled hands. He closed his eyes and felt the fingers knead his neck and shoulders. The hands moved down his back, spreading waves of relaxation from his spine out along his back. John reached his lower back, which always seemed tense, but John firmly massaged the tightness away.

Amazing hands. Max melted into John's touch. John's hands left off kneading and softly stroked his back, drawing expanding circles up to his neck. The touch, though lighter, seemed somehow more intimate. Warm fingers drew lines up his neck and into his hair. He felt the fingers slide through his short hair and stroke the back of his ears. They traveled from his ears down the side of his neck, pausing at each pulse point.

John's breath caressed the back of his back, ruffling his hair. Lips, warm and soft, touched his neck and he shivered. Light kisses traveled down his neck and one finger ran underneath his collar.

"How are you doing, Max?" John's voice floated from behind him.

"Lovely," Max responded, hardly recognizing the languid sound as his own voice. He opened his eyes.

Gideon was sitting on his heels on the floor a few feet away from him. He had a half-smile on his face, like he knew exactly what Max was feeling. "It's only a loan," Gideon chuckled softly, "You can't have him." Gideon had taken off his black EarthForce jacket, and his torso looked strong and muscular underneath his red shirt.

John continued to kiss the back of his neck. His hand were on Max's shoulders, gently gripping him. Gideon shuffled closer to him, until he was crouched at Max's feet, looking up at him. Gideon licked his lips.

Max blinked as he realized that Gideon, brave brash presumptuous Matthew Gideon, was also nervous. The realization emboldened him and he carefully reached out and touched Gideon's cheek. It was dry and smooth.

Gideon rubbed his cheek against Max's hand. He then turned his head and kissed Max's palm. When Max didn't move away, Gideon took Max's outstretched hand in his own two hands and began kissing his fingers. He kept his eyes locked with Max's as he kissed the tip of each finger, then ran his tongue in a circle of Max's palm. Gideon then took Max's fingers into his mouth, one by one, sucking and gently biting them. All the while, he watched Max's face. He wrapped his lips around Max's wrist and sucked firmly on it. Max could feel his pulse against Gideon's mouth.

Releasing that hand, Gideon took Max's other hand and gave it the same treatment. Meanwhile, John was running his hands down Max's back, and kissing the sides of his neck. Max was becoming rapidly and undeniably aroused. John reached around from behind him and began unbuttoning his collar. Gideon released his second hand and moved in closer. He started undoing the buttons John couldn't reach. Reaching down, Max disarranged Gideon's perfect hair. Gideon laughed and tugged the tail of Max's shirt from his waistband and finished unbuttoning it.

Almost ripping off the last button, Gideon pulled open Max's shirt and ran his hands over Max's chest. Gideon's bare hands felt hot and sizzling against Max's skin. John undid the buttons at Max's wrists and raising Max's arms above his head, pulled off his shirt. Max shivered slightly in the sudden cool air.

"Computer," John spoke into his communicator, "Are there any items stored in Storage Room 522 that would be damaged by a 10 degree raise in temperature?"


"Computer, raise the temperature in Storage Room 522 to 23 degrees Celsius. Authorization Lieutenant John Matheson."

"Acknowledged." Immediately, the room began to warm up.

From where he crouched between Max's knees, Gideon grinned up at Max. "Isn't he amazing? But you still can't have him."

Out of corner of his eye, Max saw John taking off his communicator and his jacket and laying them neatly over the growing pile of clothes. His hands and lips returned to Max's back, and Gideon began to run his palms over the top of Max's thighs. Max felt like a rajah with the two men concentrating solely on his pleasure.

"Alright," Gideon suddenly grumbled, "we can switch."

Max realized that Gideon was answering a telepathic request from John, and he threw up his hands. "Stop doing that!"

Both men immediately stopped in mid-movement. "Doing what?" Gideon asked.

"That half of a conversation thing," Max said, "it drives me crazy!"

"Oh," John laughed, "I think we forget we are doing it."

"It's very cute. Now stop it."

"We'll try," Gideon laughed. He stood up and stretched his legs, then walked around his back. John came around his other side. Max felt Gideon's nails scrape lightly down his back and Gideon's lips and teeth on the back of his neck.

John smiled down at him. "Hello, Max."

"Hello, John," Max couldn't help returning the Lieutenant's impish smile.

John pushed Max's legs together and climbed onto his lap. He took Max's face between his hands and pressed his lips to Max's.

The kiss was firm, sweet-tasting, and Max gave himself completely to it. It started tame and grew increasingly enthusiastic. John's tongue was quick and agile, exploring the seam of Max's lips and flickering into his mouth. His tongue found Max's and lifted it up, swirling around it, darting and teasing then plunging deep into his mouth. Max responded, pressing back with his lips, sliding his own tongue into John's mouth. Max's hands crept to John's shoulders and ran down his spine.

Pulling his tongue back, John wrapped his lips around Max's tongue, sucking it rhythmically. Max felt slightly dizzy. He clung to John, placing his hands on the back of John's head and keeping the connection firm. Max withdrew his tongue and John gently nipped at his lower lip, then pulled it into his own mouth sucking the full lip and flicking it with his tongue. He loosed the lip and plunged his tongue back into the Max's mouth, dipping and swirling. Max mirrored his movements and passion blazed between their lips like a taste. Some part of him was thinking that he must not have ever been really kissed before now. Finally, John broke away and sat smiling down at Max, licking saliva from his lips.

"If you haven't completely devoured him," Gideon said, appearing at John's shoulder, "I propose a change of position." He gestured and Max turned to see that while John had been introducing him to the fine art of kissing, Gideon had laid out a large and cozy-looking pile of blankets in a cleared-out space behind them.

"Great idea," John agreed and climbed off of Max's lap. They didn't give him a chance to catch his breath, but pulled him up and over to the blankets, laying him down on his back.

One man lay down on each side, Gideon on his left and John on his right. Max looked back and forth between them, feeling less like a rajah, and more like a prime cut of meat between two hungry beasts. Gideon grinned, showing his teeth, and Max shivered.

Both men began running one hand down his chest. Gideon lightly kissed Max's neck and nibbled on his earlobe. John nipped at his shoulder and trailed kisses down his chest. He slid his tongue through Max's short dark blonde chest hair.

They looked up and smiled at each other. Then they swooped down together to Max's chest, each fastening their lips around one of his nipples. Max groaned involuntarily and arched his back as two sets of lips sucked and pulled at his nipples. He gripped one hand in each man's hair as they continued to inflame his nipples, and arousing the rest of his body as well. He had always loved having his nipples played with, but usually didn't have the nerve to ask ...

Gideon lifted up his head and then John followed and Max sighed in disappointment. "I don't think Mr. Eilerson can take much of that," Gideon grinned, "We better stick to small doses." John chuckled and returned to kissing Max's chest.

Max felt Gideon move until he was looking down at Max's face. The Captain, as always, radiated strength and power and the kind of presence that Max would kill for. Max gave him an uncertain smile. Gideon grinned, looking suddenly like a boy who had just been given a roomful of candy. His face lowered to Max's, and he kissed Max's eyebrows and nose, his forehead and the corner of his eyes. He ran his lips along Max's jaw and chin, and along his neck down to his adam's apple. Max vaguely felt John stop kissing his chest and move away, then he heard the sound of undressing.

Gideon returned to Max's face and ran the tip of his tongue around Max's lips. Gideon then pressed his lips to Max's, and Max discovered that, while John was a great kisser, Gideon was the master. His lips were honey and his tongue flame. He aroused Max's whole body while just touching his lips. Gideon left him breathless and panting, his mouth and tongue tingling.

Lifting his head, Gideon grinned down at him again with that little boy's grin. Max knew he looked dumbfounded, but he couldn't help it. He had never realized that just a kiss could be so erotic.

"I think I have him sufficiently softened up now ..." Gideon chuckled.

"Soft is not how we want him," John said and Max turned to look at him. The Lieutenant had removed his shirt and Max noticed John had a tight muscled upper body. Next to Max's head, Gideon was also pulling off his shirt. He wasn't as hard and sculptured, but more the sinewy shape of a runner or a man who kept fit by outrunning the law ...

Max chuckled at the image and both John and Gideon looked at him. "Just a little brain overload," he said.

"If your brain is still functioning at all," John said huskily, starting to unbuckle Max's pants, "We aren't doing our job well enough."

Gideon laughed in agreement and leaned over to suck on Max's nearest nipple. John had unfastened and unzipped Max's pants, and he slipped one hand inside, grazing the sides of Max's erect cock. Max shuddered and John lightly skimmed his fingers again over his cock through the fabric of his underwear. Gideon's tongue and teeth on his nipple were sending electric shocks down his body.

"If you could possibly tear yourself away ..." John said to Gideon, "And help me take off his pants?"

"Don't say 'tear' when he has his teeth there," Max mumbled.

Gideon released his nipple and turned to help. They each took off one shoe and sock. Then John and Gideon pulled his pants down and off his legs, touching him at every opportunity. John tossed Max's pants over the pile of clothes. Max felt very exposed with just his underwear. He wished he was wearing any other underwear other than his bright red IPX ones with the little white glow-in-the-dark IPX logos. Gideon and John both cracked up laughing and Max blushed.

"What?" he said defensively, "They are a company perk!" That just made Gideon and John laugh harder. Max started to sit up.

"Oh no you don't," Gideon said, grabbing his shoulder with one hand and pushing him back down. With the other hand, he caressed Max's covered cock. "The underwear wasn't what we were really interested in ..."

"I agree," John said, and placed a series of feather-light kisses on Max's cock through the fabric. Max groaned, this teasing slow seduction about to drive him insane. Time to stop being so passive.

He took a breath, a hard thing to do with John's lips tormenting him through the fabric. Courage, Eilerson. He reached out with his right hand and grabbed Gideon's muscular leg. "What kind of undergarments does the Captain wear?"

Gideon grinned at him, and stood up, his feet near Max's head. Looking up the length of Gideon's black pants, his bare chest, and his strong face, Max told himself firmly that he wouldn't let himself be intimidated by him, as usual. "Let me guess, yellow with a big smiley face on them."

Gideon laughed, and unbuckled his pants and pulled down his zipper. He moved away and pulled down his pants, revealing a pair of soft black underwear that did nothing to hide a sizable erection. Max's eyes were riveted to that shape.

Kicking off his shoes and socks, Gideon pulled off his pants and tossed them behind him. He kneeled down next to Max again, and raised his eyebrows. "Just black. Disappointed?"

"Not at all," Max grabbed Gideon's nearest arm and pulled him down on top of him, reaching his lips up to meet Gideon's. This kiss was harder, more passionate, more urgent. Max felt John's fingers under the waistband of his underwear. Max lifted up his ass and John slid the underwear down.

Max's lips were still locked with Gideon when he felt something hot and wet on the head of his cock. He moaned helplessly against Gideon's lips as John sucked Max's cock into his mouth. Gideon's tongue darted through his mouth just like John's tongue was dancing along the sensitive surface of his cock.

The combination was almost too much for him, and he shoved Gideon away, gasping desperately for control. Gideon didn't seem to mind, his fingers making a lazy circuit of Max's chest.

Max ran his own fingers down Gideon's chest, rubbing across his hard nipples. Gideon's eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared, telling Max exactly how Gideon would guess that Max might enjoy having his nipples played with.

"Come here," Max growled, pulling Gideon's shoulders upward. Gideon moved quickly, placing his knees on both sides of Max's chest and leaning on his elbows above Max's head, putting his chest in the exact right position for Max's mouth. Max eagerly sucked a nipple into his mouth, pulling and sucking hard on it, just like he always wanted. He took the other nipple between his fingers, rubbing and pinching it. Gideon moaned happily.

Max couldn't hold back his own moans as John's tongue and lips set his cock aching. God, it had been far too long, and no matter how hard he resisted, he knew that his climax was coming. John added to the sensations one hand squeezing Max's balls and he lost all control.

He thrust his ass into the air, pushing up as John's mouth stroked down. He moaned and rubbed his face wildly against Gideon's chest and nipples. Great shuddering waves swept through him and with a choking cry, he exploded.

His ass tightened again and again as he pumped what felt like an eternity of suppressed ejaculations between John's waiting lips. Exhausted, he dropped his ass back to the blankets.

"That mouth of yours should be listed as dangerous cargo," Max gasped.

Gideon laughed in agreement, "As I mentioned before, he's mine."

"Feeling a bit proprietary?" John teased back.

"Of your mouth? Absolutely."

"Then Max can have the rest of me?"

"Hell, no! I want you from every your littlest toenail to every hair on your head."

"I'll have to take you with me next time I go to the barber then."

Max sighed to himself. Now that they've had their fun with poor pathetic Max, they're going to go off with each other. He started to move out from underneath Gideon.

"Where are you going?" Gideon said, pinning him between his knees. "We ain't done with you yet."

Yesyesyes! "Oh really," Max drawled, "What if I'm done with you?"

"You aren't going to unload and run," Gideon said, rubbing his chest against Max's face, "We're just getting started."

Wonderful! "Well, I suppose solving the problems of the universe can wait for a little while."

"Especially since Matt and I won't be there to help you," John responded cheerfully, "Now turn over."

"If you insist," Max wrapped his arms around Gideon's torso and rolled over on top of him, at the same time knocking over John and rolling up his knees onto his stomach.

"Max following orders," Gideon laughed, "Who would have guessed?" He wrapped his legs around Max's waist.

"Must make a record of the occasion," John responded, climbing out from underneath Max.

"I follow orders if it happens to suit me," Max said and ran his lips over Gideon's chest, scooting down to tease his belly button. John began to knead and rub Max's ass. Max reached one hand down and pulled down on the waistband of Gideon's underwear. Gideon obliged by squirming the underwear down to his feet and kicking them away.

Gideon's wriggling underneath him sent little shivers through Max's body. His head felt light, as if he hadn't been able to catch his breath since John had walked into the room. His breathing wasn't helped by John's fingers running down the crack between his asscheeks.

As soon as Gideon stopped squirming, Max reached down and wrapped one hand around the thick warm shaft of Gideon's cock. His mouth began to water. "Come up here," Max said, tugging on the hard cock.

"Since you ask so nicely ..." Gideon scooted upwards until his cock was level with Max's head. Then Gideon sat up, leaning back on his arms, his legs still under Max.

At that moment, John moved away, and Max looked to see why he had stopped his lovely teasing. John had stood up and was undoing his pants, pulling his pants and underwear off together. Max looked appreciatively at his lean muscled lower body and his firm ample cock as it bounced free. John removed the rest of his clothing, then pulled a small bottle of lubricant/bacterial-nullifier out of his pocket.

"Came prepared, Lieutenant?" Max asked, "Or do you always carry that around with you, just in case?"

"Yes," John gave him a wink, tossing his clothes aside with a carelessness that Max never expected to see from him.

"We like it when everyone comes late to staff meetings," Gideon said.

"I'll have to be early next time," Max murmured and turned his attention back to Gideon's waiting cock.

Licking his lips, Max kissed the head of the large cock. It had been quite a while since he had done this. He hoped that whatever he lacked in technique he could make up for in enthusiasm ... He sucked the cock into his mouth and rolled it around his tongue. Gideon mmmed and leaned back, shaking his head.

Tasting the sweat and the sharpness of the few drops of liquid from the top of the cock, Max sealed his lips over the veined skin, teasing the head with his tongue. He felt John's hands on his ass, but he didn't lift his head from his sucking.

Gripping Max's legs, John encouraged him to get up to his knees. Max got to his knees, then he slid one arm under each of Gideon's legs and took a firm grip on Gideon's ass. He leaned on his elbows which left his ass way up in the air, how John apparently wanted it. Max set to work on Gideon's cock, not worrying about being too gentle, but devouring the lovely thick cock. His avid mouth jumped down to chew on Gideon's balls, and Gideon gave a little moan of appreciation. Max was loving how he could send shivers of pleasure up Gideon's body. He felt frissons of his own pleasure with each moan or shudder he coaxed from Gideon. This man who always intimidated him, criticized him, commanded him, was writhing with arousal under his attentions and he loved the feeling of power.

Then John slid one lubricated finger into Max's asshole and any coherent thought vanished in a puff of steam. John continued to slide the finger in deeper, until his hand was jammed against the sensitive rim of the asshole.

Max groaned around Gideon's cock, his asshole coming blazing into life. He had forgotten how good it felt to have someone deep inside him. John withdrew his finger, commented "clean" to Max's relief, and plunged two fingers back in. Barely keeping enough presence of mind to keep his mouth moving on Gideon's cock, Max pushed back against John's fingers. The fingers were removed, and before he could protest, he felt the wonderful wet hot surface of John's tongue slide into his asshole.

"Uhh," Max groaned, and lifted his head from Gideon's cock. He pressed his cheek against the inside of Gideon's thigh, shaking with the intensity of the sensations rippling through his body.

"Why did you stop?" Gideon asked plaintively, leaning on one hand so he could run the other along Max's lips.

"I didn't think you'd really want to end up two inches shorter," Max said through clenched teeth.

"Ah," Gideon laughed, "I appreciate the consideration." Gideon continued to stroke Max's face and hair as Max panted against his thigh and John's agile tongue plunged deeper than Max thought possible. Then John's tongue pulled back a little, and began rubbing hard against the hyper-sensitive nub right inside his asshole.

Digging his fingers into Gideon's ass, Max closed his eyes and held on. Building up inside him was an thrilling urgency similar to but nothing like the rising pressure that built up in his cock and balls before he climaxed. Gideon rubbed Max's face and shoulders and John's fingers kneaded his ass as his tongue continued its relentless stimulation.

Unable to take any more, Max's eyes snapped open and he cried out as tremor after tremor swept through his body, like an orgasm that was held inside his body. Shaking in the wake of the powerful spasms, Max slowly realized that John's tongue was still inside him, and was awakening his asshole again.

"Mercy!" Max gasped.

Gideon chuckled, "I think we should give Mr. Eilerson a moment to recover." That lovely tongue left his ass and Gideon extricated himself from Max's grasp. They moved away and left Max as he was, lying face down on the blankets with his knees tucked under him.

He closed his eyes and sank into the warm glow that permeated his entire body. His knees felt shaky. Hell, every muscle in his body felt shaky. If this was a normal day's activities for the Captain and Lieutenant, he was surprised they managed to function at all. A large portion of him wanted to pull a blanket over him and go to sleep. He felt like he could happily sleep for a week.

The rest of him, however, was focused on the radiant core of bliss that seemed centered behind his reviving cock. If his body could take more, he wanted more. It had been an eternity since he had felt like how these two men were making him feel. He wanted more and he feared that, if needs be, he would beg for it. His body and wearied soul craved to be touched, tormented and fucked into unconsciousness.

He did not want to think about afterwards. The next day and the day after that when he would have to sit across the meeting table from the Captain, with the taste and feel of the Captain's cock still in his mouth. When he would have to act normally around the Lieutenant when he knew how the Lieutenant's hands and lips could reduce him to a limp ball of exhausted passion. When he had to look each of them in the eye, knowing that they were men who felt no contrition using his weaknesses against him. Maybe he should have the Lieutenant yank his memories after all.

But his body would know. His body would remember. Might as well make my destruction worth it.

He took several deep breaths and opened his eyes. Looking around, he found Gideon and John. They were sitting facing each other, their asses between each other's legs. John had his hand on Gideon's chest and Gideon was running his thumb down one of John's sculptured cheekbones. They were talking quietly and laughing about something. Probably him.

Max choked on a sharp spike of envy. Why don't I have someone like that? He shook himself. Thinking was for later. "Forget about me already?" Max said.

Both heads turned to look at him and grinned matching grins.

"Recovered sufficiently?" John inquired.

"Not at all," Max said cheerfully, "But unless you want to wait for me to sleep for a week, I'm recovered as I'm going to be."

"No, I don't want to wait!" Gideon declared, untangling himself from John and walking on his knees over to where Max lay.

Leaning down to him, Gideon said in a confiding voice, "I haven't ever sucked any cock but Johnnie's and I'm dying to wrap my mouth around yours." Max's eyes flew open wide, Gideon's words setting his blood pounding and his cock tightening.

Gideon slid his hand under Max's chin. "C'mon, Maxie boy. Show the nice Captain what you've been hiding under that IPX uniform."

"I suppose it's only fair," Max said wryly, sitting up, "I am certainly never going to be able to look at the ... fit of your EarthForce uniform quite the same way again."

"I don't doubt it," Gideon said, licking his lips. Max could almost feel those hungry eyes on his cock. He resisted the urge to cover himself protectively. Gideon glanced up and winked at Max. Then he leaned down and grabbed Max's cock with one hand.

Max couldn't help a little gasp as the Captain's hand began kneading his cock. A second gasp when Gideon placed his lips on the head of his cock and began sucking the top few inches in and out. Max's knees felt weak and he had to prop his hands on Gideon's back to hold himself up.

"You might try using these," John murmured in his ear and Max looked up. The Lieutenant had placed a tall narrow box on each side of Max.

Max cautiously gripped the top of each box and found they were quite heavy, and could easily support him. He was now easily supported on his knees. "Good idea," Max said with approval.

Gideon lifted his head from Max's cock and examined the setup. "Yeah, good idea, Johnnie. You can tell who's the brains in this relationship."

"And who is the balls," John shot back.

Gideon laughed in agreement. Still laughing, he returned his attentions to Max's cock, his laughter sending quivers down Max's length. Max stared down at the back of Gideon's head as it bobbed up and down.

Max felt hands on his shoulders and John's breath on the back of his neck. Fingernails lightly grazed the skin from his shoulders to his thighs. "Did you forget about me?" John's voice was a husky whisper in his ear. Max tried to swallow and pull any portion of his attention from the incredible sensations Gideon was sending through him.

"Let's see if I can help you remember." John laid the flat up his tongue against Max's spine between his shoulder blades and chased shivers up his spine to the back of his neck. One of John's fingers teased the rim of Max's still-tingling asshole.

John moved away from his back and Max's attention was grabbed back again to where Gideon was pulling firmly on Max's balls. Groaning, Max felt the pressure of a climax building up again.

Damn, not yet! He tried to hold it back but the flicker of Gideon's tongue over the head of his cock was driving him insane. He gritted his teeth and made himself run through some complex math equations.

"Matt?" John said behind him.

Gideon lifted his head and Max was able to take a gasping breath. "Ooh," Gideon grinned over Max's shoulder, "You brought the Thing. You did come prepared."

"Of course."

Gideon reached up and John passed him something that Max saw out of the corner of his eyes seemed to be made of leather and metal.

"Whoa!" Max said, backing up into John behind him. "What is that and what are you going to do with it?"

"Don't look so worried! It doesn't hurt!" Gideon laughed. "Johnnie, he ain't gonna believe me. Tell him."

John leaned over Max's back, his bare chest pressing against Max's skin. "It's harmless," John agreed, "It just makes the fun last a little longer. This part," he pointed to one adjustable ring, "holds your erection longer, as well as making it harder and ... bigger, since it constricts blood flow out of your penis. This other part," he pointed to a jumble of leather and rings, "goes around your balls and places a small pressure point right behind your balls. It just halts the seminal fluids from getting to your penis so that it stops ejaculation. See these snaps? You can take it off whenever you want."

Max eyed the contraption skeptically. Did he really trust these men enough to allow them to tie his balls up in some leather? No. But if I can take it off myself ... and if it can make this last longer ... But if they bring out restraints and a whip, I am out of here!

"Alright," he said reluctantly, "show me how it works."

Gideon grinned evilly and grabbed Max's hard cock. He slid one ring over the cock, and tightened it at the base. "Shall I make it tighter?"

"No," Max gasped, enjoying the immediate sense of pressure, "That's good."

Gideon spread the rest of the rings around his balls and tightened the strap behind them. He made sure that Max knew how to undo both fastenings. Wiggling his hips, Max examined the thing. It wasn't uncomfortable, just confining. His balls had been stretched downward and separated. The leather was actually very thin and soft and he didn't see that it would get in the way ...

Gideon didn't let him think anymore as he swooped down and took his cock into his mouth again. Max was just adjusting to that feeling on his newly sensitized cock when John began to rub himself against his back. The Lieutenant's skin was firm and smooth and Max could feel his muscles and tight nipples. Then John pressed his hips against him and his taut cock stroked against Max's tailbone and between his asscheeks. John's balls tapped lightly against his asshole.

Shuddering, Max closed his eyes, needing to shut down some sensory input or his head would explode. It didn't work. Now he was even more aware of the slurping sounds that Gideon made as he took in Max's cock and John's soft breaths at his back. Max's mouth still tasted like Gideon's cock. He could smell sweat and his own juices and the distinct fragrance of each of the other men -- John's scent cool and crisp, Gideon's warm and spicy.

All of these paled before the overwhelming touch sensations his overheated nerves were conveying to his brain. His cock was growing more and more enlarged.

Then he felt John shift and the head of John's cock pressed against Max's asshole.

"Okay?" John asked in a whisper.

"God, yes," Max responded, distantly noticing that his voice made it more of a plea. He leaned over slightly, Gideon moving with him.

"No biting!" Gideon said, with his mouth full of cock.

"Not even a nibble?" John returned and Max hoped fervently that they were just joking.

Well-lubricated, John's substantial cock pushed against his asshole then slowly in. Max groaned as he felt himself stretched open, every nerve in his asshole screaming with sensation. John kept pressing forward until his entire cock was buried in Max's ass and Max could feel John's balls against his asscheeks. Pausing, John held himself steady, allowing Max to get accustomed to the sensation.

Unfortunately for Max's equilibrium, Gideon chose that moment to start sucking his cock all the way in, rubbing the head against the back of his throat. Max bit his lower lip but a whimper escaped him. Gideon pulled back until the head of Max's cock was on his lips, then he sucked it in again to this balls.

John, apparently deciding that Max had had enough of a break, began stroking his cock in and out of Max's ass. Max whimpered again, thinking that this was the stupidest thing he had ever done and he was loving every bit of it. He was trembling on the edge of climax, unable to go over, living in the screaming sweet state of near explosion.

Gideon gave him a few more throat-strokings then lifted his head. Opening his eyes, Max blinked down at him. Gideon rose up to his knees and pressed his body full-length against Max's front. Max could feel Gideon's still-firm cock rubbing against his own.

"I may regret this, Maxie boy," Gideon said, his lips against Max's, "But there's another thing I've only let John do. Toss me the lube, Johnnie."

Max's mouth went dry. "Are you serious?"

Gideon got the bottle from John and began smearing Max's straining cock with lubricant.

"Don't make me offer twice," Gideon growled. He then turned around, and rubbed his ass against Max's cock. At the same time, John was stroking his cock into Max's ass with deep, smooth strokes. With difficulty, Max made his eyes focus on Gideon.

Licking his lips, Max lifted one hand from its grip on the boxes and ran his hand down Gideon's back. He ran one cautious finger down the curve of an asscheek. He had never particularly noticed the Captain's ass before, usually using all his energy when in the room with him to keep his nerves and wit together.

It was a very nice ass. And it belonged to him. Captain I'm-Always-Right. Max felt his pulse pounding in his head and in his cock. He swiped some lubricant off of his rock-hard cock and ran his finger down Gideon's asscrack. His finger circled the inviting asshole then traced downwards and tickled the back of Gideon's balls. He brought the lubricated finger back and teased the very tip of it into the asshole.

"Just shove it in, already!" Gideon grumbled.

Wrong thing to say, Captain... Max grinned to himself. He teased the tip of his finger in and out of the sensitive hole. The sweet burning of John's cock sliding into his own asshole made Max want to 'shove it in', but this was too good of an opportunity to waste.

Gideon pushed against him, but Max pulled his finger away. He ran his finger around and around the outside of the hole. Then he pulled his fingers away and began running his fingernails down Gideon's exposed back.

He could feel John's pace quickening, and then John pulled out completely, his breath ragged against Max's neck. He heard John swallow and slow his breathing, giving himself a pause. John's limber hands began to knead Max's lower back and ass. His lips sucked on the back of Max's neck, spreading warmth down his back. He kept forgetting what else he was doing and would start to lean into John's touch. The Lieutenant was a sultry fire at his back, heating and burning Max simultaneously.

Taking a gasping breath, he looked down at Gideon again. As John rubbed his skin, Max ran his own hands over Gideon's shoulders and back, massaging and kneading. Every few strokes, he would rub the head of his rigid cock against Gideon's asshole. Gideon grumbled underneath him, and made as if to turn around, but Max scooted forward, trapping Gideon's legs between his knees.

"Max!", Gideon complained. Max grinned, dragging his cock down the sensitive crack between Gideon's asscheeks.

As Max teased Gideon, he noticed that on his left side, high up near the shoulder blade, were two half circles, like a recently healed wound ... a deep wound ... made by teeth.

"Where did you get that bite?" he asked suspiciously.

"Ask John," Gideon grumbled, reaching up behind him to try and grab Max, but he jerked out of his way. At the same time Max realized that John was lightly grazing his shoulder with his teeth.

"The Captain said no biting!" Max reminded him hastily.

"Just a nibble," John murmured and laid down a row of tiny bites along Max's left shoulder. Then he plunged his cock back into Max's waiting asshole and Max shuddered. His shudders translated down his arm and to the finger teasing Gideon's asshole.

"Johnnie!" Gideon wailed.

"I'm busy, Matt," John panted, his fingers digging into Max's shoulders as he worked Max's ass. "Maybe you should try asking."

"Asking? Oh," Gideon cleared his throat, "Max, please?"

"Please what?" Max replied wickedly, tickling Gideon's asshole with his thumb.

"You know exactly what," Gideon growled, starting to twist around again.

"If you make Max move," John's voice floated over Max's shoulder, "You'll be sleeping alone for a week."

"Urgh!" Gideon said, then visibly settled himself.

"Mr. Eilerson," he said deliberately, "Do you think you could take that nice cock of yours, that I sucked so assiduously, and ... cram it up my goddamned ass?"

Whoa. That sent a buzz through Max. He made himself answer calmly, "Certainly, Captain. You only had to ask."

He rubbed his hand over his stiff cock one more time to make sure it was well lubricated. Then he placed the head at Gideon's asshole and pushed. Gideon gave a deep groan as Max buried his cock in Gideon's ass up to his balls.

Max held himself still, the tight walls of Gideon's ass squeezing him most pleasantly. He was grateful for the "Thing" they had put him in. Without it, he would have unloaded his goods at five or six different moments since Gideon wrapped it around his balls. But he was still restrained and the pressure was still present, building up to torturous levels. Sweet agony.

John had paused for a moment to let Max settle himself in Gideon's ass, but now he began his long smooth strokes again, pulling out until the head of his cock was almost out of Max's asshole then plunging all the way in again.

Trying to keep his bearings in the whirl of sensations, Max closed his eyes and concentrated on John's rhythm. After a few more strokes -- my ass must be glowing -- Max picked up John's timing and began stroking his own cock out and in Gideon's ass, moving with John as he pulled back and forward as he went forward.

The movement sent waves through Max, like he was the center of tempest and waves of pleasure crashed forward against Gideon and washed back over Max's body to John who sent it rushing back forward again.

John had Max gripped tightly on each side of his rib cage. He could already feel the bruises, but that just added to the maelstrom of sensation. He released his hold on the box supports and dug his fingers into Gideon's back, pulling his ass back to meet John's forward thrusts. John's breaths were coming shorter and shorter. His pace picked up, outstripping Max and Gideon. Low panting growls came from John's throat and he fastened his teeth on Max's shoulder.

A few more deep thrusts and a growled word that might have been "Max" and John loosed his orgasm far inside Max's ass. John's hips pumped wildly as he every squeezed out every last drop. John's thrusting translated through Max's hips down his cock to Gideon's ass. Gideon let out a groan as Max pounded into him.

Finally, after one last push, John unlocked his teeth from Max's shoulder and collapsed over Max's back. Max slowed then stopped his own strokes.

For a long moment, the room was filled with loud gasps from all three men.

"You better not have left a bite mark," Max said at last.

"Nothing that won't go away in a day ... or two," John said, his head resting against the back of Max's neck.

Gideon slid forward, off of Max's cock, and turned around, gingerly sitting on his flushed ass. "I had to live through a half-an-hour of insinuating comments and giggles when Dr. Chambers sewed me up."

Max turned his shoulder towards him and Gideon waved his hand dismissively. "No blood."

"Uh-huh." Max said, putting a world of meaning in those two syllables.

Gideon laughed and moved up on his knees, pressing himself full length against Max. Gideon's cock had lost none of its stiffness while Max had been pounding his ass. He rubbed it against Max's bound cock as his hands slid around Max's ass and rubbed his asshole. "My turn now."

"Oh, you have to be kidding!" Max groaned. "I'm already not going to be able to sit tomorrow."

"Just one day?" Gideon said, nuzzling Max's neck, "We can do better than that."

"And what about my turn too?" John's hand slithered around to grip Max's tight cock.

"God, you two are crazy! Don't you ever get tired?"

Gideon kissed his neck and whispered, "We can't afford to be tired right now. Time is against us."

Right. Their deadline ... "Eat, drink and be merry, because tomorrow we die?"

"Something like that."

Max summoned all of his energy reserves and promised himself that later he could sleep for a week. He also had to promise his strained impatient body that soon he would get release ... "Well, shall I rotate around, boys?"

"Absolutely," Gideon grinned, "Maxie on a swivel."

"Don't call me Maxie," Max said as he moved his exhausted body around.

Before he was completely turned around, John grabbed his chin and placed a voracious kiss on his lips. John lay backwards and pulled Max with him, their mouths still fused together. He was astonished to feel his desire and energy rise again. Must be something about being sandwiched between two naked horny men ...

John wrapped his legs around Max's legs, sucked on his lower lip and ran his hands through his short hair. Max felt warm hands on his ass, spreading apart his asscheeks, then Gideon blowing on his recently plundered asshole. His breath was cold on the lubricant and orgasm-covered skin of Max's ass.

Then the hot tip of Gideon's tongue sliced through the coolness, drawing streaks of electricity across his ass and sensitive hole. Gideon sucked in big mouthfuls of Max's ass, his hands kneading wherever his mouth wasn't. John was chewing on his ear and kissing the corners of his eyes and mouth.

Abruptly, John squirmed around underneath Max until his ass was rubbing against Max's still imprisoned, still impossibly hard cock. Grinning over his shoulder, John handed Max the lubricant bottle. Max reslicked his cock and without preamble, shoved it into John's ass. John gave a thick groan of appreciation, echoed by Max.

Gideon's face was now buried in Max's ass, his tongue flat against Max's asshole as he cleaned up the dribbles of John's juices. Max shuddered, causing shivers to pass into John.

Slowly, so as to not dislodge Gideon, Max pulled his cock out until the head was just inside John's ass then he stroked down again. Somehow, Gideon managed to slide a finger into Max's ass while still teasing it with his tongue. That finger went immediately to work on that ultra sensitive nub on the inside of his asshole, all the while licking and shoving his tongue in around the finger. Max's jaw clenched tight against the screams forming in his throat.

Every time he thought his system had reached the maximum possible height of arousal, they would ratchet it up another notch, leaving his mind reeling and his body vibrating. Whimpers leaked between his clenched teeth.

Max was shaking and held in place by Gideon's finger and tongue, so John began to raise up and lower his ass, fucking himself on Max's cock.

A shockwave of pleasure grabbed him and rattled him as it shot through his body. He bit down on his cheek to avoid screaming. Another shockwave buffeted him and he tasted blood from his cheek.

Mercifully, Gideon then pulled out his finger and tongue and gave Max a short space to breathe and swallow blood.

It was a very short space. Before he could stop shaking, Gideon was on his knees behind Max, rubbing the head of his cock against Max's ass. Max propped himself against John's back with one hand and with the other held John's hip, stroking himself in and out of John's ass.

"Lay down a little, Max," Gideon said, and Max was pleased to hear that Gideon was also short of breath.

Gideon moved Max this way and John this way until he had everyone how he wanted them. John was on his stomach on the blankets, his legs spread wide and his ass slightly elevated. Max was laying on top of him, his knees between John's legs, his cock in John's ass. Gideon was on his knees behind both of them, his knees between Max's legs, halfway bent over Max's back. Happy with the positioning, Gideon drove his cock in Max's ass.

Gideon's thick cock slid smoothly in and out of Max's asshole, wet as he was with lubricant and John's spent juices. Max soon found himself compressed between the two men, unable to really move. John was pushing up with his ass as Gideon drove down with his cock, slamming him in between them.

Then they shifted abruptly to Gideon coming up the same time that John was pushing up. Most of the force was from Gideon. But Max was still the fulcrum between them, feeling that he was somehow getting fucked from both directions, though technically he was fucking John. ...up ... in ... up ... in ... up...

His breath came in short gasps and his heartbeat felt like it was pounding though his entire body. Soft whimpering sounds were crawling out of his chest. Every inch of his body ached with a fiery torment, a terrible and sweet torment. He was starting to see spots before his eyes. Well, you had wanted to be fucked into oblivion. Be careful what you wish for.

Gideon's strokes were growing stronger and faster, something like a growl coming from his throat. His fingers were digging into Max's hips as he pounded into his ass. The sound of slapping skin and hoarse breathing filled the air, punctuated by grunts and Max's whimpers.

Then Gideon reached down and grabbed a handful of Max's hair, jerking his head back. Max protested, but Gideon simply growled and slammed into his ass with more urgency.

Gideon released his hair, only to rake his fingernails down Max's back as his pounding turned wild. A throaty groan and Max felt Gideon erupt inside him, his juices setting Max's ass on fire as he thrust again and again, emptying himself.

At last, Gideon slowed and stopped, panting. Underneath Max, John gave a few more pushes, then also stopped movement. All three men lay, trying to catch their breath.

Gideon pulled out of him and Max was able to pull out of John, collapsing onto his side. John mmmed languidly and moved over next to Max.

"You have been very patient, Maxie," John said, fingering the leather and metal contraption that still bound Max's straining cock and balls. "Should we take this off now?"

"Please, yes," Max said, hardly recognizing the raw sound as his own voice.

Moving to his other side, Gideon unfastened the Thing, and it sprung open. Max gasped like a drowning man suddenly reaching the surface.

Incredibly, he did not erupt immediately, though he thought he would after such a long buildup. Perhaps his body had been held back too long.

Gideon and John pushed him on his back to the blankets. Both of them grabbed a nipple in the fingers of one hand and leaned on the other hand next to Max's hips, their lips roaming his cock together. Gideon sucked the head of Max's cock in while John sucked and pulled at his balls. John ran his tongue up Max's cock while Gideon bit the tender skin of Max's inner thigh, next to his balls. They joined up again at Max's cock, their mouths fastened on each side of Max's cock and stroking up and downwards together. They pulled and pinched his nipples.

Very shortly, Max felt a massive pressure building up in his balls and pushing into his cock. His coming climax was force and heat and he was a ship plummeting through the atmosphere of a planet, his skin burning white hot and melting around him.

A sound very much like a scream erupted from his throat as his cock pumped his juices all over Gideon and John's lips and his own stomach, his abused ass spasming uncontrollably. With a few last shudders, Max spent the last ounce of his energy and then was still.

Gideon and John leaned over him, sharing licks and kisses and cleaning Max's juices off each other's faces. They then leaned down and with their tongues, washed his stomach and cock clean. Finally, they sat back and there was a long contented silence.

"God, that was fun," Gideon mumbled at last, and John and Max mumbled their agreement.

"Maybe we could do it again sometime," John added.

What Max wanted to say was, Yes, please, absolutely! I didn't know it could be soo good. Take me back to your quarters, lock me in your bedroom, and then both of you can fuck me five times a day... Take me on the conference table, in the rec area, in the turbolift, in front of my entire IPX staff. Just crook your little fingers and I will come running. My drained and battered body already craves more, MORE! This body belongs to you two for whatever you want to do with it. I have no shame left.

What Max said was, "I may be able to be talked into it, after I sleep for a week." Gideon and John laughed in weary understanding.

"I agree," Gideon said, pulling John towards him, "Let's just sleep for a little while and then we can go out and announce that the 'Sardines' game is over."

"That's the best idea I've heard all day," Max said, rolling over on their makeshift mattress. John and Gideon both grinned at him and Max shrugged, "Okay, maybe not the best idea."

Heaving a satisfied sigh, Gideon lay down on his back and John snuggled up to him. Max curled up in exhausted ball away from the two lovers.

"Maxie," John called, "Come over here with us."

"We promise not to jump you ... for the moment," Gideon added.

"Don't call me Maxie," Max responded automatically and dragged himself over to them. Gideon took his shoulders and John his arms and they maneuvered him into position between them. Max lay on his side facing Gideon, with his head on Gideon's chest. John slid in behind him with his head on Gideon's shoulder and his legs wrapped around Max's torso. Max reached down and pulled a loose blanket over the three of them.

"Want to keep your memories?" John asked softly.

"Yes," Max said firmly.

"Good ..." John trailed off, yawning.

Gideon traded a kiss with John, and soft whispers of "I love you Johnnie," and "I love you Matt", then they both leaned over and kissed Max's head.

Max felt warm. Warm and cherished. He knew that it wouldn't last, that he would be soon on the opposite side of the table from these two men, having to hold together his shredded dignity and pride. But for now, he luxuriated in the smell of sweat and weariness, the soft breaths as John then Gideon drifted off to sleep, the irreplaceable feel of skin on skin. His eyes drooped closed.


He couldn't have been asleep for more than a half an hour, when Max heard a "Ahem" noise and his eyes flew open. He could feel Gideon and John awaken at the same time.

There was Dureena, standing over them, with her hands on her hips and the widest grin he had ever seen on her face. "So, that's why the door was locked."

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