Captain-Master & Assassin

by Mistress Sarah

Disclaimer: These are not my characters. They are owned, copyrighted and created by far wiser people than me. I have attempted to bring them back to life for a short time, attempting to ease that gaping hole in my heart where B5/Crusade once was.
Note: Series is NC-17. m/f, m/m.
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Matthew Gideon I

Lovely universe in which I've found myself.

One of my best friends has cybernetic implants and is considered to be a sub-human.

My Executive office is MAX EILERSON, and he wants to kill me.

How much worse can things get?

I found out when I entered my quarters. Dureena or the alternate Dureena, was busy being cruel to JT. I remembered quickly that the other Matt had commented that Dureena appeared to take a perverse delight in teasing JT, even more than the rest of the crew.

"Now, I can't give you too much chocolate, or else you'll get plump, and Captain-Master won't like that," she cooed that at JT, who was looking at her with terror in his eyes. "Then I'd have to exercise you, and you don't like that now, do you?"

Dureena patted John... JT... on his head, and she turned to face me. I wasn't sure what to expect from this version of Dureena, but I nearly flinched when I saw her.

Her eyes were dead, and she had a long scar that ran from one side of her face to the other. She was marked with tattoos on her hands and forearms, but they didn't hide the fact that she had at least ten centimeters of fine white scars that ran from her wrists up to her elbows.

They were from a suicide attempt, I remembered dispassionately from my reading of my alter's logs, as they were done in such a way as to prevent the blood from clotting. When the Chambers of this place had found her, Dureena had claimed that she had an accident with her knives. No one believed it, but no one dared comment on them in front of the Captain-Master's Assassin and Whore. My alter believed that since she was an Alien, and no one understood the other races as well as one's own that the best thing was just to ignore her suicide attempt.

"Captain-Master. I've come to give you my report," Dureena remarked quietly, as she began stripping out of her clothes. Her body was firm, and well muscled, and I suddenly felt my breathing quicken. I had always thought the Dureena of my universe attractive, but now, face to face with her clone, I was finding out that attractive was an adjective that didn't do her justice.

Try gorgeous, and those full breasts of hers were drawing my attention to them.


"Chambers warned me that I have to take it easy for the next few days, until I'm recovered," I lied urbanely to her. I hoped that would work, even though I knew that I was firming up rather quickly.

Dureena was suddenly in my arms, and I refrained from yelling, "HELP!" Her hand was firmly on my swelling erection, and I wondered again, how the hell  did my counterpart get any work done.

"Captain-Master, you seem to be quite... recovered from your ordeal, but if you want me to do all the work, then I'll have to." My assassin nuzzled my ear, and then she bit me hard on my neck. "Enough small talk, Captain. I've got a report to give, and you'll need to analyze the data most thoroughly."


I was alone in my master's quarters, first cleaning up my sleeping area, and then making his bed, when I suddenly felt Dureena-Assassin's presence in the room.

"Ship-boy, I have a present for you. You'd like that, wouldn't you?" She asked me in a voice that seemed oddly intense.

I feared Dureena-Assassin more than anyone except for my Captain-Master. She was a dichotomy, a woman with two distinct personalities vying for dominance, as though there was something controlling her. There were times when she was gentle with me, when she talked to me like I was a sentient being, telling me that we were both slaves to our respective owners. Then there were the times when her mood would darken and she would hurt me repeatedly.

I alone knew the truth about the scars on her wrist, how she had set her knives up so that during one of her daily practices, she would accidentally trip and slice her wrists open. The blood loss would be fast, and irreversible, and Dureena-Assassin would have peace.

But whatever controlled Dureena, the alien cancer in her soul, had caused her to call out for help, and they had managed to save her, in spite of her best hopes.

Dureena-Assassin sometimes gave me presents, as though she was in her way apologizing for hurting me, and I hid those small gifts away from everyone, especially my Captain-Master. Some brightly colored stones, a crystal of music that I had played until I knew each song note by note in my heart and soul, and sweets. Dureena-Assassin seemed to delight in giving me sweets and she would tease me about becoming plump. She would threaten to exercise me, if she thought I was putting on weight from her offerings, and then she would take me fast and furiously, delighting in the pain that she caused me.

Dureena-Assassin was, first and foremost, the Captain-Master's woman, and she shared his bed frequently. Unlike me, she was allowed into his bed while the two of them consummated their passion. I would be at the foot of his bed, and I would try not to listen to her soft cries, my master's gasps of passion, and the other soft sounds of their desire, but I would still hear.

My body would respond to what was occurring on the bed above me, which appeared to amuse both of them highly. My Captain-Master would usually order me to stand at attention, so that Dureena could see how well trained I was in all things. She'd stroke my swollen erection, trying to cause me to ejaculate, and if that didn't work, then Dureena would take me into her mouth, while my Captain-Master watched, and commented.

The worst times were when they both knew I was affected by their passion, and they refused to allow me any release. I'd be burning for a chance to climax, and I couldn't do a damn thing. He had caught me one time while I was trying to quietly masturbate, and he had harangued me bitterly in front of the Doctor. Her laughter had splashed like acid on an open wound.

"Only animals do that, and I thought I had trained you better than that."

I feared whenever Dureena caught me alone in my master's quarters, and today she had offered me chocolate. It was a rare treat for me, and if I didn't eat it fast enough, Dureena would take it away from me. It had been half-melted, and I had made a mess eating it, while she had mocked my clumsiness, then she had pinched my arm and told me that she better start keeping an eye on my figure.

But fortunately, Captain-Master had arrived soon after she had begun to detail my new exercise regime, and the two of them were now fucking wildly on the bed above me. I curled myself up into a ball, and wished that I couldn't hear, or that my body wouldn't respond so eagerly to their sounds of passion.

I tried linking with Ship, and even when I was successful, I still knew what was going on.

Matthew Gideon 1

She handcuffed me to the bed, then slit my clothes off of me using one of her knives. I was glad that I had thought ahead enough to remove my leather jacket when I still had some sanity. I really liked that jacket - and I'd hate for her to shred it.

"I'm warning you, Dureena-Assassin, you hit anything vital, and your next evaluation isn't going to be so great."

Dureena laughed, and I almost believed that this was the Dureena from my universe, as no one had quite the same mellow laugh that she did. Then I looked at the scar on her right shoulder blade, it was jagged, and from the angle it looked like it had been self-inflicted, as though she was trying to cut something out of her body.

She straddled me, parts of her limber body lying on my abdomen and chest, as she checked to make sure the bonds were tight and secure. Her breasts were rubbing against my face, and in spite of my best resolutions to be strong, and not give into the temptations that this other universe was offering me, I found myself suckling her breasts.

I had a brief flash of rational thought, that perhaps I should send JT out of the room to do something... anything, but that thought soon got lost and waylaid by other darker thoughts. Oh well, looks like he was going to get an education in one of the finest arts known to humankind.

I managed to free myself from my bonds after our first few furious sessions, and I somehow wrestled her body to lie beneath me. It terrified her, the fact that she wasn't the one in charge, and she squirmed unmercifully beneath me, nearly kneeing me in a spot I hold near and dear to my heart.

"Calm down, Dureena. Calm down." I ordered her.

That didn't work, and Dureena began fighting harder to free herself. I began sensing real terror from her, and I tried again to calm her down. "Dureena Nafeel. Calm the hell down, or do I need to restrain you?" I commanded.

"No. NO." She screamed. "I will not be restrained again. NEVER!"

Quickly I moved away from her, and somehow I managed to grab her fist before it connected solidly to my jaw. Twisting her arm behind her, I again ordered her to stop.

"Enough. Enough. I'm in no shape to wrestle with you today, Dureena." God damn it, I hurt everywhere, and I was still trying to catch my breath. "Easy... it's all right. Nobody's going to restrain you again."

Dureena's eyes were blazing with fear, and I saw that she was close to tears. Even as I watched, I saw one tear slide from her eye, and down her face. Then another fell, and I hated myself for doing this to Dureena.

Sighing, I let go of her arm, and I lay next to her in my bed. "Don't cry Dureena. You know I can't stand to see you cry." Gingerly, lingeringly, I kissed her tears away. Damn the Captain-Master's ice cold black heart, but this woman in my bed reminded me far too much of my Dureena. Always trying to hide the pain she was in, terrified of losing control, and I felt... compassion ... for her.

I began kissing her neck slowly, tasting her skin, and I felt her shaking increase.

"Dureena... Dureena... " I verbally caressed her by repeating her name until she stopped trembling. Then I seduced her, deliberately, slowly and compassionately. Straddling Dureena, I began rubbing the palms of my hands on her breasts, her arms, and her face, trying to find where her pleasure centers were. Spending as much time as I could, I touched, caressed and nibbled at her body, and I even kissed the scars on her shoulder blade and her wrists. That started her shaking again, and I again consoled my assassin, assuring her that I found her beautiful, even with the pale scars that crisscrossed her body.

"So much pain, Dureena. Don't let yourself drown in it, Dureena, don't lose your way," I whispered into her ear.

Slowly I made love with her, knowing that I was failing miserably in my attempt to be my alter but I knew that if I completely became him, that I'd lose my soul in the process. Dureena seemed to need to be held, touched and consoled, and when we finally climaxed together, I tried to catch my breath quickly, waiting for her to denounce me as an impostor.

She lay in my arms, and I continued stroking her hair.

"Captain-Master, I fear you so much, and never so much as when you're compassionate," Dureena admitted in a soft whisper. "Because I know that you'll steal my heart from me, if I'm not careful."

"Shhh... go to sleep, and I'll listen to your report tomorrow, but for now... go to sleep."

Gideon II.

God help me, Matthew Gideon in this time and place appears to be a celibate monk.

Or maybe he's just discrete - because I'd hate to think that any alter of mine was a gelding.

I had flirted with the Doctor, which had earned me an amused comment that she could tell I was feeling better, and nothing more. Even Dureena, my favorite lover in my time and place, didn't appear interested, and I growled in disgust.

CELIBATE? Who the hell did he think he was? A priest in the Church of Elvis? He couldn't be.

Then I found something, a data crystal that he had stashed in the farthest part of his desk. After making sure his... my... office door was locked, I decided to play it. I had reviewed the reports surrounding my appearance in this strange universe, and I needed a break.

Within a few minutes, I found myself needing to unzip my pants, as apparently Mr. Secretive likes porn data crystals. Maybe he wasn't such a complete loser after all, especially after I watched Snow White and the Seven Narns.

Matthew Gideon I.

Next day:

Dureena-Assassin seemed unaffected by last night, but I knew she was hiding what she felt.

"Assassin, you were going to report to me last night, before we got distracted. What is it that you wished to tell me?" I questioned after sending JT out to run an errand or two for me.

"Eilerson." She said that softly, "You shouldn't have made the comment about how if he wanted command so badly, that he should be a damn sight less clumsy about it. It offended him greatly."

"It's true, Dureena-Assassin."

"It may be true, and it might not, but he is quite angry about it. Watch out for Chambers, as he's been trying to convince her to come over to his side. You need to court her to keep her allegiance firmly to you. If you're not careful, Captain-Master, you might have a mutiny on your hands."

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