General-Master & Assassin

by Mistress Sarah

Disclaimer: These are not my characters. They are owned, copyrighted and created by far wiser people than me. I have attempted to bring them back to life for a short time, attempting to ease that gaping hole in my heart where B5/Crusade once was.
Note: Series is NC-17. m/f, m/m.
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Matthew Gideon I

The Avatar seemed to be sleeping well, wrapped up under a multitude of blankets. His fever had broken, and I didn't have to play nursemaid for another six hours. I was tired after a long, harrowing day, and I decided that for tonight it would be all right to sleep in the same bed as JT.

After all, I needed to be nearby in case he needed something, and well, the couch was somewhat uncomfortable. I had tried it out enough with Dureena-Assassin to realize that I wasn't quite as limber as she was and I certainly wasn't going to sleep on JT's rug.

I was the Captain-Master after all, and I had the whip and cudgel to prove it.

Ed Ryan, Alexander.

"Hello, old friend." I spoke cautiously to the face that appeared on the view screen. "We'll be docking at Babylon 5 in approximately four days, twelve hours and three minutes."

"And twelve seconds. Don't forget the twelve seconds."

It was a running joke between the two of us on how exactly I timed things. I hadn't heard the end of being three seconds off on one time estimate I had given and that had been a significant amount of gray hair ago. For both of us, I might add.

"You were always too damn precise. Anyway, I'm bringing someone along who I'd like you to meet, an old crew member of mine who managed to make something of himself, in spite of a really lousy first impression."

"Let me guess. He's the one who beat you at cards?"

Laughter from the both of us, as sometimes it was good to escape from the joys of command, and laugh at days long gone by. We both had been so damned innocent, idealistic and exuberant. We were both damn lucky that we hadn't been spaced by our fellow officers.

"Why yes, Matthew Gideon is the Captain of the Excalibur, and I figured I should introduce the two of you. Maybe that way, he'll stay out of the Engineers' hair while they fix up his ship. She was hurt pretty bad, and she's going to need some cosmetic surgery to look sharp again."

"Does he still play cards?" Flash of a smile.

"Yes, he does. I'll invite Randy, if that's OK?" There, that would signify to my fellow General that something was out of the ordinary, as Randy rarely was given shore leave on Babylon 5. Too much potential for disaster and calamity as someone usually tried to provoke him. Randy never started fights, but he always ended them, completely. Just ask Hal. "I'll make sure he doesn't cheat when he deals, and maybe we can play for something really important?"

"Truth, justice and all that stuff we used to believe in?"

"Yes, all that stuff that we used to believe."

"I've got a job for Randy anyway. We had an uprising with the Minbari, and I need him to take care of one of them for me."

"You're borrowing my Assassin? Why?"

That was an odd request, for most Captains felt that exchanging Assassins was akin to swapping spouses. The Avatars were linked to their ships forever and then some, but most people didn't like to mess with the connection between Commanding Officers and their Assassins. I had been lucky, because Randy had been Hague's Assassin before I had been promoted, and he hadn't 'bonded' with Hague. It was a private ceremony held between a Master and his Assassin, where the Assassin swore allegiance to his Master completely. Randy had sworn his oath to me, two days after I had been given command of the Alexander and I had been startled.

What the hell had he seen in me that made him want me to be his Master? Am I suppose to be overjoyed that he wants me to be his Master?

Years later, I had asked him, why, and he had appeared puzzled.

"You talked to me. Like I was... Human," my Assassin had responded. "Hague saw me as a tool, while you did not."

Assassins were... touchy about some things. They'd easily kill, murder and destroy half the universe if you let them, but injure their pride by treating them like a pair of old shoes, and they... pouted.

Randy had sulked a few times in our years together, and I'd had to work miracles to get him to stop. There are few things more dangerous that a suicidal Avatar, and one of them is a bad tempered Assassin.

"I'm currently without one, and I think that Morrison would provide this Minbari with a dignified death. The others wouldn't, and I have enough respect for this particular foe that I want him to have a clean, swift death."

"You're getting soft in your old age."

"Happens to us all. Fact is, Ed, it might even happen to you. I'll see you whenever you show up as I know how your time estimates are."

We signed off, and my headache returned in full force, but I felt somewhat better. For when Randy put Matthew to the Question, I'd have another General there. Fortunately for the four of us involved, it was someone I trusted.

But the number of people I trusted in this universe were getting smaller and smaller each day.

Matthew Gideon I.

I was lying in bed, and I just couldn't get to sleep. Thoughts were busy running around in my mind, and I kept coming back to that damned Assassin. He scared me, honestly, with his innocent seeming face that hid the fact that he was Psychopath. Jovial, cheery and even slightly whimsical, he had taken very good care of JT, but there was something about him that made me uneasy and he'd made a few comments about wanting to play with JT. How the hell was I suppose to deal with that? Wrap JT in a bow and give him to someone who'd probably hurt him for kicks? Should I refuse?

We had played cards for a bit, and the Assassin... Randy made small talk about places we had served, and people we had dealt with in 'our' time together. I had to keep on my toes, answering his questions, and there were times when I thought I hadn't answered correctly, but he didn't seem to notice.

But I couldn't help but think that he had been cataloging everything I had said, and that I had failed his test miserably. Nothing showed in his face and eyes, nothing but apparent good natured cheer, even when I screwed up answering one of his questions horribly. I had apologized, saying that I was tired after the day I'd had and that I couldn't think straight anymore, and he had then left my quarters, claiming that he didn't want to take advantage of my lack of concentration.


What did he say to Ryan? I can just imagine what he said.

I think Gideon's a fraud. He's not who he's claiming to be.

Kill him, I could imagine Ryan saying that. Drop his body somewhere. Toss it in the Engines. Use it in the hydroponics bay for fertilizer, but you can eat his heart raw.

Stop getting paranoid, Matt. Just try to get to sleep.

God. I hope Eddie doesn't come in here with a full brigade of Marines. I hope Max and Ed don't decide to overthrow the ship. I wish that Max would shave that goatee off, as he looks ridiculous. Plus the eye patch makes him look like a pirate.

I was losing my mind, cracking up finally from the stress I was under, and still that thought made me laugh. JT moaned slightly, and he rolled over to face me. He looked fearful, and I felt more compassion for the badly abused man.

"Feeling better?" JT nodded, and I smiled at him, using my softest voice. "Good. Morrison-Assassin told you that you're on bed rest for the next few days?"

Another wary nod of his head.

"Excellent. Now, I was quite impressed with you and Ship today. You did well, far better than I had hoped."

Actually, the minute I'd seen fifteen ships on the view screen, I had thought that I was a goner, and had mentally kissed my ass goodbye, but I figured I wouldn't mention that to JT.

"Since you have done so well, I have something for you."

I sat up in my bed, when suddenly JT flinched, and he nearly curled into a ball. My heart froze at the look of abject terror in his eyes. He was expecting me to hit him, and my stomach rolled at that thought.

Look. You might be my alter, but if I ever have the misfortune of meeting you, I'm going to hit you a few times, just for JT. Just to see how you like it.

Shit. How to handle this? How would my alter handle it? Oh, probably just hit him a few times, and then abuse him some more for having the effrontery to flinch.

"Silly little freak." I tried to impersonate Randy's tone with JT, one of whimsy and gentle humor rather than a timbre of being annoyed and pissed. "I've got a present for you. Don't you like presents?"

JT nodded his head again.

Excalibur's Avatar.

My Master had complimented me on a job well done, and then told me he had something for me. I had gotten fearful then, for that meant that he was going to train me to do even better next time. He had sat up in bed, and started to reach for something.

Would it be a whip? Muzzle? Cuffs? All three? He had been acting strangely lately, and he hadn't Mastered me since his accident with the temporal anomaly. I had thought him still recovering from the incident, and I knew that once he felt better that he would retrain me, aggressively.

My fear made him even madder at me, but after all our years together, it was an automatic reaction. Instead of hitting me, surprisingly enough my Master began to tease me, calling me a silly little freak, and he told me that I had a present. Didn't I like presents, he wanted to know.

I nodded my head quickly, not wanting to anger him more, and that seemed to take the edge off his anger. My Master then gave me a small bag that held three data crystals.

Looking at them, I didn't understand what his plans were, so I carefully looked at him.

"Music. Classical music. You're always humming something to Ship, so I thought the two of you would like this."

I nodded my head quickly, and I tightly held onto the crystals with my hands, fearful of losing them. Ship would enjoy it greatly, as would I. Quickly, I kissed his hand in appreciation, as my Master had trained me.

Awkwardly, he rubbed my head, and brusquely ordered me to go to sleep. I curled up close to the edge of the bed I was nearest to, so that I wouldn't accidentally touch him while I slept.

Matthew Gideon I

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away and in an universe that I'd MUCH rather be in than this, I had held a discussion with a Sarah Chambers about the meaning of hope. Natchok Var had believed enough to die for the conviction that music and art were capable of producing hope. Right now, the only person who I could think of in this entire universe who needed more hope than me, was JT. I pondered on that rather dismal thought, until I realized that it was time to check on my patient.

He seemed slightly feverish again, and JT wouldn't let go of the data crystals for anything. I tried to pry his hand open, and he fought against it in his sleep.

"OK, JT. Hold onto them as tightly as you want to but understand, nobody's going to take them from you."

Poor, poor JT. What was going to happen to him when I got out of here?

I slept for a few hours until JT woke me up. He was whimpering softly, and he was thrashing in his sleep.

"Come on, wake up. Wake up!" I ordered. "You're going to give me bruises and welts if you keep kicking. Come on."

When he finally woke up, he seemed disorientated.

"You OK?" I asked.

"Hurts..." JT whispered. "Ship hurts. My fault."

"No. No, it isn't. You did the best you could do. You and Ship." God, I was talking to him like he was a three year old and JT still looked unconvinced. Carefully, I held him and I began stroking his hair. "Go to sleep, JT. You're tired."

JT fell back asleep again, and I soon was sleeping also.

JT - Excalibur's Avatar.

My Master had held me and consoled me last night, and he had softly called me JT while he had stroked my hair.


I think I had been given a name, and I wondered about the changes in my Master. I wanted to talk to Ship and ask her what she thought, but for now, I was too tired to do much more than hold onto my presents tightly. No one was going to take them from me, my Master had promised, but still I was fearful of losing them.

Perhaps it was a test? If someone took them from me, he'd be angry, so I vowed nothing would happen to them. When Randy-Assassin arrived to check on me again, I refused to let him know what I held tightly in my hand. My stubbornness entertained him, and he kept trying to make me open my hand.

"You've got the crown jewels of Centauri Prime hidden there don't you? Let me see!"

I shook my head vigorously. No. No! NO!

"Come on. Let's see!"

Still I refused, and Randy grew tired of our game. "Little one, you're all skin and bones, you know. If I were to play with you, right now, I could accidentally snap you in two. You wouldn't like that, now would you?"

I didn't want him to occupy himself with me, as Randy made me nervous. He'd hurt me, I was sure, and I trembled whenever he touched me. My fear seemed to delight him, as he finally forced me to sit on his lap. The Alexander's Assassin was significantly taller and broader than I was, and his one arm was wrapped securely around my waist.

"Gonna have to force feed you there, freak. Put some meat on your bones, so I can enjoy you. Here. Have some. I'll have to feed you as you won't let go of whatever that is in your hand. Probably just a little pretty rock, eh?"

Randy fed me and I was ravenous, attacking his offerings hungrily. When all the food was gone, I found myself sucking at his fingers, and he laughed again.

"Can't wait to fly you, boy. It'll be delightful, but you've got to get some rest. You're still exhausted, aren't you?"

I nodded my head again, as I wasn't allowed to speak to anyone except for my Master, and I was suddenly very, very tired. Waves of warmth were spreading from my belly toward my toes and fingers, and I yawned. I felt like I nearly dislocated my jaw as it was such a large yawn that escaped from my body.

"Get some sleep. I'll see you shortly as I need to keep an eye on you. But don't you think that I deserve some sort of thanks for taking such good care of a silly little mind freak like you?"

Again, I nodded my head in complete agreement for he had taken very good care of me, making sure I was healthy and fed. I hesitantly kissed him to show my gratitude, and I felt his arms tighten around my body. We kissed for a bit, and then he decided to push me away gently but not before he nipped me on my neck.

"Now, too much of that will make me want to take you before you're ready to be flown."

He stood up, and carried me back to my Master's bed where I was soon quickly asleep. Despite the fact it was several days after the battle, I was still finding myself easily exhausted, and I lacked the strength to actually hide my Master's presents in my secret spot. I checked often to make sure that my crystals were still in my hand, and I hoped that I'd be soon strong enough to conceal them from everyone.

And so the days and nights continued, with both Randy and my Master taking care of me until we reached Babylon 5.

Ed Ryan. General.

"Randy. Report." Sitting in the darkness of my office, I hoped that Randy didn't see how tired I was or else he'd try to nurse maid me. My Assassin would be horrified to know that sometimes I thought his loyalty had a tendency of turning into 'mothering.' Next thing you'd know he'd be mixing me one of his damn potions to drink.

"I've drugged his Avatar until he doesn't know up from down, and he's still sleeping a great deal, Sir."

"Gideon suspect anything?" I asked quickly.

"About his Avatar? No. But Gideon seems... more tightly wound, as though he's afraid of slipping with me again. I've ignored it, as you instructed me to do."

"Wonderful. He's accepted the invitation to play cards, and we're also having a small celebration, Randy. I've told him to bring his Avatar along as I'm bringing Lyta. It's a slight change in plans, but that way we can make sure that his Avatar's drugged enough not to intervene when we put Matthew to the Question. We're having a party for you, in the Fresh Air Restaurant."

"Really? What for?"

Randy seemed to think it was funny that I was throwing a party for an Assassin, and I decided to tell him the good news.

"The Guides have finally decided to let you become the first Assassin to reach the status of a full Colonel. Don't thank me, Randy. It's long overdue, but it's the only thing I can think of to do, to protect you and Lyta. When I die, you're going to be the first Assassin to have command of an Avatar Vessel, for what good it will do for you and Lyta, I don't know."

"Sir..." Randy's voice seemed unusually solemn.

"Enough. Tomorrow, before we reach Babylon 5, I want a full report of how you're going to drug Gideon and the two Avatars in a full restaurant without anyone else being affected. Remember I don't want the Avatars permanently harmed, but depending on how Gideon answers, we may have to kill him."



John Matheson I.

Matthew Gideon escorted me back to my quarters, along with several guards. We entered my suite, and Gideon began to shake his head. Without warning, he suddenly pierced my skin with a needle, and I felt a mental fog beginning to descend.


"Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. I'm so disappointed with you. After all those chances I gave you. I was the only Captain in the fleet willing to deal with a Mind-Freak like you, and you repay me by trying to lead a mutiny?"

Suddenly, Gideon hit me, and hard. I hit my head on the corner of my coffee table, and I quickly began to lose consciousness.

"Now, I know about the rest of your conspirators. Sarah and Eilerson. I've already got the guards at their quarters, and I've forwarded all my documentation to the proper authorities. I'm tempted to space you, but I'm going to do the correct thing here. In a few minutes, I'm going to broadcast to everyone on board how you and your two friends are... ill. Then I'll place a few rumors about you being mentally ill, and then when everyone believes it, I'll slip up and mention how you tried to lead a rebellion against me. The evidence is rather convincing. Guards. Make sure he's injected with the sleepers every two hours. Don't want Mind-Freak doing anything drastic, now do we?"

Then I felt his boot connect hard with my ribs, and I knew no more.

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