The Education of John Matheson:

by Mistress Sarah

Summary: John Matheson discovers that even the PSI Corps & EF didn't give him enough education for some of the more enjoyable experiences in Life.
Series: This is the second portion of The Education of John Matheson series in which John Matheson is taught about life and love by:
Sarah Chambers (Elementary), Dureena (Preparatory), Galen (Bachelors), Max Eilerson (Masters), Matthew Gideon (Doctorate), Matthew Gideon (Post Doctorate)
Disclaimer: They aren't my characters, they belong to other people, but I dusted them off and borrowed them :D.
Rating: R
Notes: thoughts. I hope you like this series. If you don't...don't flame me, blame John Matheson. He's the one that's living it.

Lesson Two in the Education of John Matheson.

Personal Log: John Matheson.

"Well, I have to admit it, I was somewhat disappointed when Gideon rescued me. Why the heck did he have to be THAT maddeningly thorough? I had estimated that Dr. Chambers and I would be stranded in that shuttle for approximately 10 days. And the cavalry had shown up on the seventh day, with Sarah and I in a moderately compromising position. Ok. There was nothing moderate about THAT particular position. Thankfully, he gave us enough warning that he was on the planet, so that we could at least get dressed. It would have been somewhat embarrassing to have a cohort full of Marines open the shuttle doors while Sarah was demonstrating THAT particular position."

"Though I think the Marines would have been as awe struck as I was by her grace in motion. Ok- I guess I should give a brief recap. Let's see...we were on a trip to Minbar, involving our shuttle crashing, my virginity being lost to a more experienced, older woman..."

The more experienced, older woman not being happy with how my personal log was going, decided to nip me.

"OW! Sarah, did you have to bite me THAT hard! I'm going to have a bruise!"

I gave her a wounded look, while I tried to find some ice for the bruise that was going to be developing. I wasn't going to a staff meeting with a hickey on my neck. Eilerson would have certainly noticed that and COMMENTED on that. Lt., I do believe you've been tagged and branded. By a size 18 hoover attachment. Tsk tsk tsk. My dark haired doctor just gave me a whimsical smile.

"Ok, personal log continuing on, ignore that last interruption. Where was I? Oh yes... virginity lost to an extremely beautiful, caring and loving friend." I gave her a quick look, and Sarah preened a bit over the compliment. "And then three rather intensive days of incredible one on one instruction with her. I think she was making up for lost time, but I was in such a state of ... absolute bliss... that I would have done anything that she asked."

"Really?" she mouthed. "Next time let me know!"

"Looks like I better go, she's getting impatient with me. Personal log out."

I gave Sarah Chambers a bemused smile. The doctor was wrapped in my comforter and she was lying in my bed. My lover had the flash of fire in her eyes, and I grinned again. Since the shuttle had crashed, I found myself  more comfortable with her. We talked easier than we had before our little misadventure and we even had lunch together occasionally. Meanwhile, Sarah was continuing my instruction on an almost daily basis, waylaying me in my office, in Medlab, and where ever and when ever the mood struck her. Sarah was breath-takingly beautiful, and I was worried that I might develop deeper feelings for her than what she would accept from me. It would be easy for a loner such as me to fall in love with her fire and grace.

My teacher was adamant about keeping our relationship as loving friends, nothing more. And I was grateful for that much. But I couldn't help but tease her, as I loved watching her expressive face.

"Older? older? OLDER? I am not OLDER than you!" She playfully punched me, and I tried to grab her hand.

I was successful in capturing her hand and gave her another grin. "Ah ah ah.. you're not getting your hand back until you pay a toll." I was lying next to her in my bed, and was holding her left hand hostage.

She entwined her right hand about my neck and brought her face close for a kiss. "I think I can pay the toll.."

And one thing led to another, which is why both she and I were quite late to Gideon's meeting. We were in the elevator and Sarah was giggling at me while I was trying to hide that "love bite" on my neck with my uniform collar.  Doctor Chambers was always serious, while Sarah Chambers had a streak of whimsy in her soul.

"Sarah!" I threatened her. "As Gideon's 2nd in command, I can't have this showing!"

"Why, don't you like being marked?" Sarah giggled again, and she continued on, relishing the fact that she was embarrassing me. "I mean, that way that nice little ensign in stellar cartology that just.. stares at that tight ass of yours, will know HANDS OFF. And I'm sure Gideon would be happy to know that his second in command is getting some action. That is, If he hasn't noticed the lace panties I left in your upper left hand drawer of your desk." She rearranged my collar for me, and I saw that she had deliberately exposed the mark. I then smacked at her hands, and rearranged my collar again. When the elevator doors opened, I fled, my face flaming, while she laughed again.

By the time we got to the conference room, I was my usual reserved self and thank the maker, Sarah was once again the composed Doctor Chambers. Though I saw a distinct twinkle in her eyes, that made me nervous.

"Dr. Chambers, Lt. Matheson, so nice of you to join us," sneered Maximilian.

My stomach clenched into a knot whenever I heard THAT particular tone in his voice. "While you were among the missing, we discovered that once again, there's nothing new to report."

"Mr. Eilerson," warned Gideon.

My captain was leaning at the wall, giving Eilerson a baleful look. He probably wasn't sitting in his chair as it had a rather noticeable "squeak" when he leaned back in it. Nothing ruined the "aurora" of authority faster than a squeaky chair. Or so I thought, later I'd find out how mistaken I was about THAT thought.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Captain. Did I spoil your big announcement?" Eilerson gave another innocent smile while Galen and Dureena rolled their eyes.

"Well, YES. There's nothing new to report, and the rangers are getting information on a few dead worlds so I've decided the ship should go to Babylon 5..." Gideon was still glaring at Eilerson, who was pretending to be innocent. I would have sworn that Gideon's look would have blistered paint at fifty meters, but Max was just ignoring the "Matthew Gideon" glare.

"Oh Ho! Lizzie's going to be overjoyed when she sees who's docking at B5!" staged whispered Eilerson.

Dureena laughed openly while Gideon turned his glare upon HER. She gave him a bright innocent smile, which Galen was mirroring. As was Sarah. Gideon noticed that that the three of them were giving him the same smile, and he tried to regain control of the staff meeting.

"For some R&R, Mr. Eilerson. And I'm sure you'll enjoy the chance to pick up a few more data crystals." My captain's voice was dry, but I realized that he had just thoroughly smacked down our pain in the ass, Max.

Eilerson gave him another fake smile, while Sarah choked back a laugh. I laughed out loud, which earned me a puzzled look from Gideon. Quickly, I composed myself and became the stoic second in command. "Well, sir, since I had the last R&R..." I began.

"Which ended up with a crashed shuttle, and a rather intensive rescue mission, I seem to recall..." inserted Max. "If our dear captain continues the tradition, it soon might be too expensive for the EF to allow Matheson and Gideon out and about without adult supervision." He whispered that to Sarah whose face was beginning to twitch.

"I think I'll remain on the ship, so you can get some time off." I continued as though Max hadn't interrupted me. That annoyed the linguist the most, I think, when we just chose to ignore his bitchy comments. But he was in rare form today, I had to admit it. As was the rest of the senior staff members. What was in the air today? I hadn't ever seen them this raucous in quite some time.

"Sounds like a great idea, John," suggested Galen. "So, I'll go out and see what I can scrounge up for information..." He paused for a moment as he was about to make a "Technomage Statement" when he was interrupted.

"Expect me when you see me," chimed Sarah, Dureena and Max in unison, complete with a perfect mimicry of our favorite Technomage, including his accent. I nearly chortled out loud, but quickly restrained myself.

"Oh dear, I am becoming quite predictable in my old age. Aren't I?" With a puff of smoke, Galen then disappeared. Max, who was sitting next to him, began to cough softly from the smoke. The linguist began to wave his notebook around in the air to try and dissipate the smoke in the air.

"I just HATE when he breaks the laws of physics, right in front of me. Just turns my stomach." Max sighed, and then put down his notebooks. "It could have been worse, he could have disappeared like the Cheshire Cat, leaving his cheesy smile behind until it faded from view." He shivered over THAT thought. "Well, looks like it's time for the meeting to adjourn. We always break the meeting up right after the mandatory flashy technomage exit."

He gave Dureena a crooked smile, while I watched the two of them carefully. Were they LOVERS, like Sarah claimed they were? Sarah noticed me giving them the once over, and she gave a brief nod. NO! They detested one another! ... Least, I think they did?

"Max..." warned Gideon.

"Yes?" he asked innocently.

"Meeting's adjourned."

We said our goodbyes and we all were about to leave when Gideon said "John- a few minutes of your time, please."

I looked at his curiously, and he made a motion for me to sit down. He pulled a chair up next to me, and he waited until the "masses" had left.

"You don't have to give up your R&R time for me." Matthew stretched his back, and I could see the stress in his face and his eyes. He was exhausted and desperately needed time for himself. Couldn't he see THAT?

"Yes, sir. In all due respect, I do. You need a break from the Excalibur." I tried to sound convincing. Couldn't he see how tightly he was wound?

"You need one too, and your last one wasn't really that much of a break" Gideon admitted. He stretched back in his chair, and the chair squealed in protest.

"That's ok. Look, Captain. You need a break. I can handle the ship while you..." I paused, wondering how far I could tease Matthew about his "relationship" with Liz. "Present your ruggedly handsome self to a certain captain in charge of a certain space station." I paused, noticed I had scored directly on Matthew, and then I continued on. "And I'll make sure that they fix that chair. It's always squeaking."

"What would I do without you, Matheson?" Gideon's voice was pensive, and I suddenly realized that he was far more exhausted than he was letting anyone realize, including himself. I debated about the propriety of sending a  message to Elizabeth advising her of his exhausted condition, and I decided to hell with propriety. The darkness that I feared in him, was still there, continuing to spread its hold over him, and I  was afraid. Perhaps, Liz would be able to help him where I couldn't.

"You'd probably be courtmartialed for spacing Mr. Eilerson." I was trying to be light and whimsical. "I'm sure the ship would have taken up a collection for you." I was about to leave, thinking our conversation over,
when Gideon suddenly gave me a penetrating look.


"Yes, Sir?" My Captain had caught me halfway between standing up, and sitting down, so I quickly sat down again.

"What exactly happened on that away mission of yours?" His voice was soft and questioning.

"What do you mean, sir?" My voice was puzzled, I could tell.

"You seem... more relaxed ... then you were before you left." Matthew stretched again, and I knew that he was pretending to be nonchalant about the question, but for some reason, the answer was important to him.

"I needed a break, Sir. Remember? You suggested it yourself." I tried to parry his question. I'd never lie to Gideon, but.. some things were best left unsaid.

My Captain gave me a whimsical look. "That wasn't the type of vacation I had in mind, when I sent you. But you seem... " He gave a fluid motion with his hand and then sighed again. "You seem... happier. And you seem, less alone..."

"Oh. I finally got the chance to talk with Sarah. She's really rather remarkable." I was dissembling to him, not wanting to share what had happened between Sarah and myself with anyone, especially HIM.

"Sarah?" he mimicked. "I don't think you have ever called her anything but Doctor Chambers since she joined the quest. And now you're calling her... Sarah?!?"

"Considering we were trapped in that shuttle for the entire time, we got a chance.... to talk. She also insisted that I call her by her first name. Sarah," I said, stressing her name, "was most insistent on THAT. So we talked. A lot."

"You talked?" Gideon looked surprised, as though expecting a different response.

"Yes.. talked...." I slowed down, and deliberated about what I should tell him. "I.. don't really... get a chance to talk to... many people. They're... uncomfortable ... about me being... a 'path. " The silence continued for a moment, and he gave me another strange look, and then motioned for me to leave. But not before asking me another question.

"Does... EVERYONE.... know about...HER?" His voice was plaintive and I realized suddenly that Matthew probably had only slightly more experience with women than I did. What an amusing though enlightening thought! He was nervous about his relationship with Liz Lochley! And Matthew was uncomfortable because his entire senior staff had been commenting on it pretty much non-stop during the meeting. Little snide comments that Matthew obviously hadn't been expecting.

It's probably not nice to admit, but occassionally it's nice to see Matthew Gideon flustered.

I gave him a big smile, which caused him to groan.


"Honestly..." I  answered. "YES!"

"Oh god. How?" he sighed.

"Miller." I admitted. "If you ever want something spread throughout the crew, tell Trace. He's the worse gossip, and he was the shuttle craft pilot for you two on Mars. His exact words were 'the sexual sparks were a flyin' about fit enough to jump start a supernova', I believe."

"Well, I better inform Mr. Miller that he's just volunteered to do the B5-Excalibur crew runs for the entire week we're there." Matthew leaned back again and winced when the chair squeaked again.

I returned to my quarters, pondering my conversation with Matthew. When I entered, I was surprised to see that the lights in my quarters were dimmed. I didn't leave it like that. Everything else was the same, including the mess I had left on my living room table. I'll clean that tomorrow, on my "day" off. I stripped down my boxers and crawled into bed. It had been a long day, and I was exhausted.

When I woke up later that evening, for a few minutes, I was quite disorientated as I was no longer alone in my bed. There was something warm and soft, and rather deliciously inviting lying next to me. There was only one person, it could be.


No. The perfume wasn't hers.

In fact, the only person... who wore that particularly musky scent.. was...

Oh God.


Dureena had apparently managed to break into my quarters, and was lying next to me, sleeping. And... she was...


I must be dreaming.

There's no way, that  Dureena Nafeel would be lying in MY bed.

And she certainly would be wearing... more....than.. well... nothing.

My heart was racing, and I think my sudden, sharp intake of breath woke her up. She stretched catlike for a moment, and then gave me a sleepy smile

"Sarah told me to tell you, it's time for your finals. What an odd thing to say, John. Do you know what she meant? She wouldn't tell me."

The limber thief stretched again, and curled up next to me, her body radiating heat. I curled next to her body, and she went to sleep again, while I just lay next to her body, unable to sleep.

I tentatively put my arm around her body, and snuggled closer to her. Daring greatly, I kissed her hair softly, and I inhaled her scent for hours, until at long last, I drifted off to sleep. She was gone, when I
woke up, and I was disappointed, yes.. but more importantly, I was relieved. I would have thought it nothing more that a delightful dream, except that I could still smell her perfume on my pillows.

We docked at Babylon 5 the next day, and Lochley then pretty much kidnapped Gideon for the next week. I had given her a bemused look when she "commandeered" him, and she had acknowledged my note to her with a brief, quick smile. I could see that she cared for him, almost as much as I did. There wasn't any jealousy on my end, just an acknowledgement that Elizabeth could give Matthew something that I could never give. A respite from the cares of command, and a chance to completely unwind.

Oh, and there was that female-male thing, also.

I'm glad that Gideon wasn't around during the next week, as Dureena was... confusing me. Since Gideon wasn't on the ship, I was able to concentrate on my suddenly expanded ship duties. But Dureena was always nearby, watching, waiting, instigating. For the next week, I saw her everywhere. Dureena would sit next to me in the cafeteria, and "accidentally" stroke my leg, carefully so that no one saw what she was doing. I would be working on something at Gideon's desk, and she would come in to say "Hello". She never
said hello, but instead, would give me a challenging look as she leaned on the table, displaying her deep cleavage. I'd go to sleep, solo, and I find her next to me, soft and naked. And.. she would be doing things....

Sometimes, I would wake up to find her hands exploring my body. Stroking my chest, my legs and my abdomen. But for some reason, she took even greater delight in sliding her hands underneath my briefs. She usually wouldn't do anything, but I'd wake to find her hand nestled under my waistband. And
she'd be asleep, and I would try not to wake her, while I couldn't help but concentrate on ... other things. Like how I wish she'd.... Never mind!

My winsome thief was driving me crazy. And Durrena knew it. The breaking point almost came in the elevator. I was almost in a constant state of arousal due to her, and I was focusing on concentrating completely on my ship duties. And vainly wishing that I could take a lot of cold showers. But I thought I had a few moments peace in the elevator, as I was completely alone, until she got into the elevator with me. We were alone, and then Dureena picked out her stop. Things were fine, she was ignoring me, and then... the elevator stopped.

Between floors.

With Dureena, whose eyes were ... glinting in amusement.

Oh God.

I was proud to say my voice didn't shake when I spoke to maintenance about the problem in the elevator. Maintenance assured me that they were on the problem, and it would take some time for them to fix the problem. Maybe... 15 or so minutes.. possibly an hour. But did I realize that the video in the elevator wasn't working? And that the elevator's vital signs monitors were ... fried and unrepairable?

She had planned it.

I could tell, by the smile she had on her face. I tried to remain motionless, but she trapped me in a corner.

HELP! I mentally felt like screaming which was really stupid. As no one can hear you scream in space, nor in an elevator.

My seductress positioned her body next to mine, and then began slowly, gently, undulating her warm body against mine. She was like a cat, rubbing herself against me, causing me to suddenly rise to the occasion. My clipboard dropped to the floor, and I just closed my eyes, and waited for her to take me now in the elevator. I wouldn't have fought. I would have surrendered on the spot. I knew it, and SHE knew it.

But she didn't take me. Instead she began humming softly, and kept rubbing her body against mine. I began shaking as I realized that things were getting wildly out of control between us, and for the life of me, I didn't want it to end. Dureena kept rubbing against me, and then took one of my unmoving hands, and gently slid it into her cleavage. Her full breasts were soft and warm against my hand, and I wanted to explore them fully. I was on the very edge of losing complete control, was about to turn her to face me,
and kiss her hard. Where that would have ended.... would have been a fiery merging between us. In the ELEVATOR! For the love of God! The ELEVATOR! I severely doubted that Eilerson had ever thought of doing THAT in the elevator, and here I was, about to ... IN the elevator. With Dureena. In the Elevator!

And then maintenance fixed the elevator.

In Ten Minutes. Maintenance NEVER fixes anything in ten minutes. They took six hours to fix Gideon's squeaky chair, for the love of god! I wasn't sure if I wanted to kill them or give them a commendation.

The elevator started up with a noticeable jolt, and I quickly tried to get my hands out of her cleavage. She grabbed my clipboard, handed it to me, and said to me in that incredible voice of hers. "You might want to use this... to hide... something..." and then she squeezed my erection.


The damn temptress was amused!


I did what any sane Lt. would do, when the elevator door opened, I had my clipboard positioned carefully in a death grip, and I walked to my quarters. But she was a few steps ahead of me, undulating like a cat, and
occasionally giving me a come hither look. Ignoring her as best as my body would let me, I finally got to my quarters, and tried to concentrate on my overdue crew roster.

When I was done with my rosters for the next three months, I went to bed.

And, amazingly enough, she wasn't there.

For a moment, I was disappointed, and then decided to be grateful. Sarah had obviously told her.. about what had happened, and... my male pride was wounded. Bad enough to be .... a notch on Sarah's belt.. but now Sarah was passing me off to Dureena. Like a PRIZE!

It was humiliating. It was also rather intriguing. But... it was really humiliating.

Well, it could have been worse. I mean... it could have been... Galen!... or... Eilerson!

That night, I had a nightmare about the two of them. Galen was on one side, Maximilian on the other, and me lying in the middle of the bed with the two biggest egos on the Excalibur. Galen was wearing his technomage cloak, and Maximilian was a wearing a jacket, with an IPX logo that covered half his chest, and his glasses. Galen with his really big staff, that suddenly looked awfully phallic, and Maximilian with his ever present notebook. And Me! Naked in the middle of the bed.

I was in the middle between them, and I was terrified.

"Come on, Lt. Don't tell me we need our cloaked friend to do a little technomagic on your staff" crooned Eilerson in my ears. He was nibbling on my neck, and I squirmed.

"Max-i-milian!" Galen enunciated clearly, "You're terrifying him. Shut up and let me handle the seduction attempt."

Then Maximilian sighed, LOUDLY, and watched while Galen proceeded to attempt to seduce me, and Max would catalog, critique and rate each position based on dexterity, skill and something he called
"Passionability". He'd also explain to me the step by step evolution of whatever technique Galen was using, the social dynamic aspects and other cultural tidbits, and then Max proceeded to draw pictures! He even helped position me a few times!

When that attempt failed, the two of them tied me to the bed, and then proceeded to try to outdo each other... on me. One would kiss, nuzzle, suckle and caress, and when that didn't work, the other man would try to succeed where the other man had failed. I was caught between the two of them, and they were each trying to prove their sexual superiority to the other one, with me as the victim. I finally woke up when Galen tried to give me a little electrical current in my left leg, just to "jazz" up my erection. When I woke up from that nightmare, I realized I was in really big trouble. You see, I suddenly got a killer cramp in my left leg. Which was perfectly understandable, as...

Dureena had tied my leg to my bed frame. Both of them. I was spread eagle on my bed, and rather securely tied to my bed frame. And she was humming again. It was an innocent sounding hum, until I woke up, and I realized what had happened. She had tied me to my bed. But on the bright side, Galen and Max were absolutely no where to be seen. Trust me, I looked for them.

But... that wasn't all.

She was cutting my briefs off. With a large knife.

While smiling at me.

Dureena finished and then gave me another catlike smile.

And I knew, with a sinking feeling in my stomach, that I was in a lot of trouble.

Musings from Dureena Nafeel.

Well, when Sarah had told me about what had happened between her and John, I was jealous. John had trusted her enough to let her deflower him, and he hadn't come to me to help him with that problem. Then Sarah gave me the rundown on her plans. She'd teach him as much as she could, and then, she'd send them on to his next teacher.

That would be me, and I was looking forward to it.

So I staked him out, tracked him down like a wild animal. He was terrified at first, so I tried to calm him down. One little step at a time, bit by bit, and he'd come to me willingly. First, I'd sleep in his bed, and he'd get use to that and then it would progress.

But it hadn't!

He was unbelievably difficult! I did everything I could do to let him know I was interested in him, and he.. didn't make a move. I stroked and caressed him in public AND in private. I rigged the elevator so he would be trapped with me. And that hadn't worked!

Now, it was time for me to take further action.

He was sleeping innocently in his bed, when I decided to tie him up. With blue silk ribbons that I had stolen from somewhere just to stay in practice.

His dreams suddenly caused him to moan, "No, Galen.... Max... Stop! I can't bend that way! Stop! No.. no .. no!"

MAX! GALEN!.... GALEN! MAX! I was planning on seducing him carefully.. but he wanted... THEM. No wonder he had fled from me. Refused my advances. He and EILERSON? GALEN? What was I? Day old chopped flarn? My ego was in tatters, because of this near virginal telepath! Time to show him what he was missing. By the time I was done with him, he'd be weeping in heartbreak. Then let him run off to the boys for consolation.

He had woken up right after I finished tying his right hand to his bedpost, and he had been terrified. I tried to reassure him, but for some reason, my smile made him even more nervous.

It was time for me to have some fun, so I proceeded to cut his briefs off of him. With a knife. He was lying in bed, naked, spread eagle and thoroughly... under my power. Delightful! So I began to stroke his body gently. He gasped when my hands reached his erection. I slowed down, focusing on stroking and caressing him, nibbling, sucking and kissing him.

Matheson was shaking from desire, and then I decided to play rough. I had made my interest obvious to him, and he hadn't ... taken me up on my offer, so... I had to salvage my pride in this. GALEN!... MAX!... I took a rather gaudy navy blue ribbon, and tied it carefully around his erection. But that was after I put him in a cock ring. I kissed his erection gently, and then left him tied to the bed.

"D-d-dureena?" he had called. "W-w-what are you d-d-doing?" His voice sounded young and fearful and I smiled.

Let's see you call your Technomage to get you out of this one. Or Eilerson. Either of them will love you like this. And you'll be wrapped like a present, my pet. Just waiting to be unwrapped.

I ignored him, while I carefully got dressed. I was deliberately slow in getting dressed, turning to allow him to see me put my pants on. His eyes were wide, and I stroked his face, gently, tenderly. Just to show him there wasn't any hard feelings between us.

Right, and I've got a space station I'd love to sell you.

"Dureena?" His voice was soft.

I checked to make sure that the restraints weren't too tight, but weren't easy enough to get undone by himself. He would have to call for help... and I was interested in whom he'd call. Would it be Eilerson? Galen? or Both? Maybe he'd call for his Captain to rescue him.  I deliberately rubbed my naked breasts over his face while I checked the restraints. He just continued to ignore me! Even Eilerson couldn't resist that when I did THAT to him. But Matheson did! Not surprising, I mean, after all, obviously Matheson was partial to the boys. Ah! The emotional wounds he was inflicting on me. After I had agreed with Sarah to teach him!

"Please?" he sounded near tears, so I gently stroked him again. He began to shake again while I stroked him, so I slowed down, delighting in teasing him. I straightened out the navy bow again, and gave him another chilly smile. Spurn me, would he? For that pompous linguist and that unbearable Technomage with those extremely tight pants?

"Dureena? Untie me? P-p-please? Dureena? Please?"

"Looks like you'll have to have one of your 'friends' untie you. But they might enjoy you like this..." My voice was cold, and I left him then, tied to his bed, and stormed off to my quarters. On second thought, maybe I'd go to ... Sarah's. I needed some satisfaction... which I couldn't seemed to get from John. And I certainly wasn't going to go to Max or Galen. I shook my head in disgust and decided to return to my quarters to pout. Galen?!?!? ...Max!??!?!?!!?!?

Personal Log John Matheson.

Things had really gotten out of control. Here I was, defacto captain of the Excalibur, tied to my bedposts. With bright Blue Bows. On every extremity. Oh, and the worse part... was that big gaudy one... tied on... what had gotten me into this trouble in the first place. I could see it, out of the corner of my eye. It was a big, sparkly navy blue bow.

She had rather obviously ignored my pleas to be released. I didn't make any effort to "read' Dureena, but I could tell she was very upset... with me. When she had rubbed her breasts in my face, it had taken every ounce of willpower to ignore them. My captor probably would have been even more annoyed with me if I had actually kissed I had wanted to.

I spent fifteen minutes trying to undo the "ties that bind". No luck. I even debated about trying to crack my bed frame to release myself, but the damn thing was too strong for me to break. Somebody would obviously have to get me out of them.

She had mockingly told me to call some of my friends to untie me. Friends? Friends? I had a total of two friends on the ship. Matthew and Sarah. And Sarah was partly the reason I wasin this position, so....

And.. honestly... there were exactly three people who could access my quarters without too much trouble.

Dureena- Obviously she wouldn't help me out of this mess.

Gideon- Oh good god, no! no! no! I'd rather die than interrupt his RnR with Lochley over THIS. Especially with a big navy blue bow THERE. Oh god. He was truly my only friend on the ship, but... I couldn't face him. Not like this. Oh dear god, not like this.

Sarah- Well, I guess this could classify as a medical emergency. And in a way, it was HER fault.

"Lt. Matheson to Dr. Chambers." I spoke carefully. I was in control, I was in command. I certainly wasn't tied to my bed frame. With big blue ribbons. Like a prize.

"Yes?" Her voice was warm, and I.. tried to be brave. Ok- John, you're just going to have to bite the bullet on this one. Be a man, ask her to untie you.

"Are you busy right now?" My voice shook, but I tried to control it. My cock was throbbing, and it was wrapped like a present. Complete with a navy blue bow! I'd never hear the end of this.

"No, what's a matter, John? You sound upset."

"I ... I... need you to come to my quarters.... Alone. Please, Alone. Completely and totally Alone. Please?" My voice was soft, and I realized that I was near tears.

"I'm not going to ask. Really. I'm not. I'm sure there's a REALLY good reason why you're like this." Sarah... was... AMUSED. She thought this was FUNNY! She stood in my bedroom, looking down at me, and she just shook her head in stunned disbelief.

"Please? Untie me?" I nearly hysterical by now. "Sarah? Please?"

"I don't know where you've been laddie, but I believe you've won first prize!" She was giggling. Ok, she had tears running down her face, and I just closed my eyes. This was humiliating. Bad enough to have my... inexperience talked about between Sarah and Dureena, now this! Tied to my bedposts with those ugly blue ribbons everywhere! ESPECIALLY down there!

"Hey.. Hey..." Sarah was speaking softly. She was carefully releasing me from my bonds, and I nearly wept in gratitude. "John.. what happened?"

"I... I...." I just shook my head. I couldn't even look at her when she undid the fifth and final bow. She had an evil streak in her, just like Dureena, as that navy blue bow  was the very last one she untied. And she took her time taking off that damn cock ring, and I just couldn't control myself, so I came HARD while she was releasing me. I nearly wept in shame, but she was gentle with me.

"Let me guess, Dureena, right?" Her voice was soft. She crawled into bed with me, and gently rolled me over on my back. She began to massage my aching muscles, and I found myself relaxing under her gentle ministrations.

"Yes." I spoke so softly that I thought she didn't hear me.

"I'm sorry John. I didn't think this would happen. She's a little... aggressive. And I thought I had explained..." she trailed off.

"That I'm rather inexperienced... and  that she terrified me?" I was bitter, and angry. And terrified.. and scared... and.. humiliated. That damn navy bow was lying next to me on the bed, and I just had to close my eyes. Oh dear god, make it disappear! Please?

"No.. that you were rather... shy... and she had to help you along. But I think something went wrong. Ok," she said, as she threw several of the blue ribbons onto the floor. "Something seriously went wrong here."

"That's an understatement" I offered bitterly. "What do you think gave you that idea, the blue bows or the really big navy blue one?"

"John...." she sighed again while she continued to massage my aching muscle. Sarah was understanding and compassionate about my situation and made a few helpful suggestions about Dureena. I wasn't sure how I could EVER face her again, but Sarah insisted that I try. "Don't be afraid, John. You need what she can teach you.. and no, it's not how to tie people up. Obviously you two got the signals crossed up somewhere and you just need to get them untied."

She gave me a wicked smile at her use of that word, and I just moaned.

And then Sarah stayed the night with me, holding me tightly and comforting me.

After a few days, I had managed to pull my self together again, and I felt up to talking to Dureena. I began searching for her. And I couldn't find her as she was apparently avoiding ME! I managed to catch her in the hallway, and I gathered my nerve to speak with her.

"Dureena?" I asked, softly.

"Yes?" her voice was cold, and I found myself nervous. She gave me a look full of disdain, and I thought my heart would break.

"Here." I pushed something into her hands, and then quickly fled from her.

Musings- Dureena Nafeel.

He had found me, and tried to talk to me. I wasn't happy with him but he had pushed something into my hands, and then he ran away, like a scared little boy. As though he was terrified of me! I didn't know if I should be even be more annoyed with him or perhaps sympathetic. Annoyance was the better of the two, as after all, he had rejected my advances! For.. Galen.. and Max! So I stuffed what he had given me into a pocket.

Later, I would look at it.

But not now.

The wound was too fresh.

Later that evening, I opened his package, which he had wrapped with a NAVY BLUE ribbon, of all things, to find a handwritten note from him and an ear clip. It was beautiful and I realized that he had picked it out for me during his brief visit to Babylon 5. "Pretty," I murmured quietly, as I removed my ear clip to wear his gift. "He probably doesn't know what this symbolizes among my people, but... one of these days, he might." It was a trysting gift, exchanged between lovers, and I snorted again.

Not happening, Johnny.

Then I made the mistake of reading his note. I was surprised by the note, as normally I had found John to be rather cute but colorless and competent. If he favored Max and Galen, so be it. Gideon was dark and fiery, Eilerson was acidic, Galen was... Galen... but John was the stoic rock foundation on which Gideon depended on. In other words, he was.. boring with a capital B. Certainly, I wouldn't have expected him to write me such a "sweet" note to apologize for him being so nervous with me. He hadn't been sure how to respond and had unintentionally offended me, so he was offering me an apology. And he'd be honored, if I would be willing to try to instruct him again. But no ribbons, he specifically mentioned that he couldn't handle any types of blue ribbons, and especially not NAVY Blue ribbons.

I broke into his quarters again, easily, and quietly entered his quarters. He was lying on his couch, asleep. Apparently John had fallen asleep during the middle of his attempt to get caught on his never ending pile of paperwork. Don't know why you Terrans focus on paperwork so much. No matter what you do, it just multiplies. I moved the table carefully, and then positioned myself next to him on the couch. We lay together like two spoons, and I could hear his soft breathing in my ear while I fell asleep.

During the middle of the night, he had woken up, and had found me next to him. His soft voice woke me. "Dureena?" His voice was shy and nervous, and I was surprised by the tenderness I suddenly felt for him. He had rejected my advances! I had been a blatant as a whore that sells her body on the street for money, and John hadn't done anything. John had RUN from me as though terrified. Maybe Sarah had been right about him! He was just a poor, scared little boy, needing some guidance and support from someone like me.

"Hello." I said, while I rolled to face him. We were lying face to face on his couch, and his eyes were full of emotion. He had left the lights on, so we could see each other clearly.

"You're wearing the ear clip I gave you." His voice sounded surprised and touched. For a moment, he looked as though he was going to touch my ear to confirm that it was the one he had given me, but he stopped.

"It's lovely" I admitted. He was obviously awkward on where to put his hands, so I carefully guided him to have him holding me securely.

"You don't have..." his voice trailed off.

"Any blue ribbons," I told him, purposely misdirecting his comment. For a moment, I had realized that he was going to tell me that I didn't need to be here. But I did, as I needed to apologize for what had happened between us. Gently, I reached to him, and proceeded to kiss him. It was a gentle, slow kiss. Taking it at his speed, it slowly grew more and more heated.

John Matheson.

She was back, again. That dark haired vixen was lying next to me on my couch, and I was terrified. She kissed me softly, and I responded carefully to her kiss. Slowly, carefully and gradually increasing the intensity of the kiss, I then began to shake. I stopped, and closed my eyes.

"What's the matter, John?" Her melodious voice was warm and compassionate.

"I need to catch my breath" I admitted.

"You're shaking. Are you alright?" She stroked my hair, and I sudden had the feeling that she was trying.. to comfort me.

"I'm ... Terrified. Completely and utterly so. I'm... rather inexperienced... and.." I just couldn't go on, and reveal... everything to her.

"We're going to take this at your speed. I'm sorry, I was a little too aggressive with you. But...I was... letting you make the first move. I mean, I was just so blatant in expressing that I was willing...." She gently kissed me again. "And I thought you were interested in Galen or Max."

"MAX? Galen?" I could tell my voice was stunned. "I...just... wasn't... sure.. I mean... you're beautiful... and... how could you be... interested in someone like me? But... Max?!?!? ... Galen??!?!?!" I was about to start babbling, I could tell. She always had this affect on me, staring at me with those incredible golden eyes of hers.

"John Matheson, you think I'm beautiful?" Her voice was delighted.

"Yes.. terrifyingly.... so." I admitted.

"That's the nicest thing anyone ever told me!" She kissed me again, HARDER, for my compliment and I found myself responding back to her. When we finally broke apart, she gave me a wicked grin. "So, I'm interested ... are you?" She was running her fingers up and down my arm, and I was getting shivers from her touch.

"Y-y-yes," I stuttered.

"But we should take it slow." She rested her body against mine, and gently caressed my face. "We will, and right now, you need to get some sleep. Gideon's going to be back on board later tomorrow and you need to look properly in command, and relaxed. So, I think the bed would be more comfortable, then this couch, so shall we move there?"

And so we did. Dureena curled up next to me, and gave me a gentle kiss good night. "Good night," she whispered.

"Good night, Dureena..."

Needless to say, I had no dreams of the terrible duo, Eilerson and Galen that night.

"Well, Lt. Looks like everything is running smoothly. Not that I expected anything else," Gideon admitted. He leaned back in the chair and gave me a surprised look when he realized that it wasn't squeaking. "You even got my chair fixed. Hmmm. So everything was fine, except elevator #3 broke down unexpectedly."

"Yes, it did. I was stuck in it when it happened, so maintenance was able to solve the problem rather quickly."

He gave me a bemused look and then continued on with his debriefing. He looked better, more relaxed though...somewhat stunned. Obviously my captain's r&r had been spectacular, and for a moment, I was envious of Lochley.

"Ok- that's it. You have the next two days off, with my thanks, now, scram!" He proceeded to lean back in his chair again, and gave me a heart-stopping grin when it didn't squeal like a damnned soul.

I returned to my quarters quickly, before I could start to laugh. Gideon was once again in a fine mood, and I again debated about whether or not I should send Lochley flowers from "him'. I had done so previously, which had amused and embarrassed Gideon to no end. I remembered that conversation quite well.

"Sir, I took the liberty of sending Captain Lochley flowers as a thank you from the Excalibur crew for letting the Excalibur dock at B5." For some reason, the word "dock" had caused my captain to blush somewhat.

Fascinating - Matthew Gideon is blushing!

"John... " he had attempted to say something... but I interrupted him.

"Just attempting to promote good relations between the Excalibur and B5, sir." I had answered in my competent 1st officer voice. "And I also forged a note from you, thanking her for your personal tour of her space station." I added quickly, waiting for the reaction to THAT tidbit.

"LT.!" He was almost speechless, and inwardly, I gloated.

A-HA! Got him again!

"Sir? Did I do something wrong? I've always done that before." I was pretending to be completely innocent. Well, yes, I had usually sent something to each space station captain as a "thank you" for letting us dock at their station, but I had never before sent two dozen long stem roses attached to the personal note I had forged. And certainly, I had never used such suggestive wording before this. What I did for my Captain they certainly had never taught me in command school.

"No, you haven't. Dismissed."

So what was I going to send NOW? Hmmm I was smiling broadly as I returned to my quarters, which apparently shocked Max to no end.

"I think that I just saw an EF office smiling," I heard him loudly announce to his IPX co-workers. "I better go to sick bay, as I'm having hallucinations."

I felt so good, that I ignored him. Completely and utterly. I felt like I could wrestle a lion, life...was wonderful. Completely and utterly so, and I was amazed by how giddy I felt. Calm down, Calm down! Entering my quarters, I found someone I had been expecting.


She was lovely, wearing something soft and silky. It was black with a gold pattern that enhanced those dazzling golden eyes of hers. I could have stared at her for years, marveling at how exotic she was.

"You look tired, why don't you change into something more comfortable, I've made dinner, and... we'll see what happens..." she purred at me. I hurried to comply and then returned to my living room. "Lie down on the couch," she ordered while I gave her a whimsical smile look at her tone of voice.

I settled myself down on the couch, lying on my side, and she lit the candles on the table. She then proceeded to sit down on the couch, positioning herself against my pelvis. Dureena began feeding me finger foods, bit by bit and I found myself relaxing, enjoying the chance to suck on her fingers. I tried feeding her and her dainty nibbles at my fingers were driving me wild. The food was spicy, and the service was most assuredly erotic. I began gently tracing the pattern on the back of her robe with my free hand, enjoying the feel of silk against my hand. She relaxed into my caresses and I slowed down my exploration of her back.

"So," her voice was soft, "Looks like we're done with dinner." And I found myself surprised that she was right.

"I hope I've left room for desert," I said, in a low, intense tone that she found amusing.

"If not, we'll have to make you work it off." Dureena gave me a devilish smile, and got off the couch. She began clearing the plates off my table, and I jumped up to help her. I caught her in my kitchen, and I hugged her from behind, slowly rubbing my body against hers.

"Can't the dishes wait?" I asked, before I began nibbling on her neck. She arched her neck and I found my hands untying her robe, sliding underneath it. The feel of her skin was incredible, and I found myself exploring her responsive body, enjoying the chance to touch, to feel and to enjoy.

"No, if we wait, things will harden... and it will be difficult to get off the dishes." She moaned as I hit a sensitive spot on her neck and I focused on it. Relishing, delighting and exploring the subtle differences between Sarah and Dureena, Terran and Xanderian.

"To hell with the dishes."

"John Matheson, are you telling me to ignore the dishes?" Her voice was shocked, and I concentrated on playing with her right breast. I was rubbing circles on her nipple with my callused palm, and she was enjoying it, I could feel it by the way her body was reacting to my touch.

"I'll buy new ones," At last I couldn't take anymore, so I carried her to my bed room. She gave me a delighted purr, as I slowly removed her robe from her body, I slid her pants off and just looked at her. "You are so beautiful do you know that?" I whispered.

I slipped in bed with her, and she reached for me. "No, don't. I want to please you don't worry about me." For I knew what my second set of lessons was supposed to be. To concentrate utterly and thoroughly on pleasing your partner. While Sarah had walked me through everything, enjoying teaching me the ways of love, now it was time to see how well I had absorbed her lessons.

Deliberately, carefully I touched and caressed her body, enjoying the feel of her silken skin. There were subtle differences between Xanderians and Terrans, so I found that listening to Dureena's breathing helped guide me in pleasuring her. She was limber and responsive, so I found myself trying harder and harder to excite her and pleasure her. At long last, we combined together in a fiery climax that left me gasping for breath.

To this day, I swear the Excalibur entered a jump gate when we climaxed.

When my sanity returned, my dark haired thief was stroking my hair, as my face was nestled on her breasts. I was gently kissing them, enjoying them, and she sighed again.

"So, my teacher? Did I pass my final?" I asked quietly, hoping that I had done well.

"A+, dearest. A+. Sarah has taught you well but there are other things to learn, and I will delight in teaching you."

And so my lovely Dureena did.

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