The Education of John Matheson:

by Mistress Sarah

Summary: John Matheson discovers that even the PSI Corps & EF didn't give him enough education for some of the more enjoyable experiences in Life.
Series: This is the first portion of The Education of John Matheson series in which John Matheson is taught about life and love by:
Sarah Chambers (Elementary), Dureena (Preparatory), Galen (Bachelors), Max Eilerson (Masters), Matthew Gideon (Doctorate), Matthew Gideon (Post Doctorate)
Disclaimer: They aren't my characters, they belong to other people, but I dusted them off and borrowed them :D.
Rating: R
Notes: thoughts. I hope you like this series. If you don't...don't flame me, blame John Matheson. He's the one that's living it.

Personal Logs
John Matheson.

Gideon had shuffled me off on a vacation. Apparently he had looked at me and decided I needed to get away from the stress of the Excalibur for a time.

"Go re-charge your batteries, John. Sarah needs to go to a conference on Minbari so take the shuttle craft and take her. She'll be there for a week or so, and you can RELAX. You do remember what that is, don't you?"

Matthew had given me his crooked grin, and that's when I realized that he had already packed my bags and planned my itinerary. With my luck, he had probably signed me up for Minbari Opera every night. But realizing that I couldn't possibly win, not the way Matthew cheats at cards and life, I decided to take the vacation. I had to admit that I was feeling somewhat stressed from searching for THE cure, so I thought it would be nice to visit Minbar. Minbar! Home of the Interstellar Alliance! I had always wanted to see and explore Minbar. I had been to Centauri Prime, the Drazi home world and too many other planets to remember their names of all of them, but I had never been to Minbar.

Maybe, I could meet John Sheridan and get his autograph for Matthew. I laughed softly at that idea, and then my smile faded quickly.

I was exhausted, and Minbar's promise of peace and serenity were calling to me, tempting me, and I knew that I desperately needed to get away from the CRUSADE. Many years ago for some reason I couldn't phantom at the time, Matthew Gideon had seen something in me, and had specifically requested the first Telepath officer to be assigned to his ship. I had been surprised when I had gotten my assignment to report to his ship, as I had expected to be rejected by the first fifty or so EF captains. After all, who'd want a TELEPATH in their command. After all, everyone knew that telepaths were dangerous, sneaky and subversive. I was well aware of the fact that by being ONLY a PSI 6, that if I had been a stronger 'path, I never would have been allowed to join EF. Even at the academy, I was walking a tightrope, worrying constantly about everything. If I got an A on an exam, the others thought I had cheated, while if I did poorly on an exam, people wondered WHY. I had been studying furiously for my finals at the academy when I had felt someone staring at me. The officer had dark haired and had hazel eyes that had a familiar look in them that I just couldn't place at the time.

"Pardon me, I'm looking for someone. Can you help me?" he had asked. He had noticed the PSI patch emblazoned on my chest like a scarlet letter of damnation, but he said nothing about it.

I gave him directions to the office he was looking for and I remembered to introduce myself. "My name is Cadet John Matheson, Sir." I saluted carefully. As a cadet, one had to ALWAYS carefully present themselves to any and all officers.

He had given me a whimsical smile and said "Don't salute, it makes me nervous."

He had started walking away when I heard someone whisper, "He's the Lone survivor of the Cerrbus!" The other cadets proceeded to relive the entire experience. How he had been left for dead after his ship had exploded due to some mechanical problem that hadn't been explained further. His rise through the ranks had been meteoric since then. But I didn't listen, as I finally realized what I had seen in his hazel eyes. It was the never ending sorrow of having survived while your friends and colleagues had died. I should be familiar with that look of pain for I saw that look in my own eyes every time I looked in the mirror.

I had passed my finals, and I had anxiously awaited to find out WHAT my assignment would be. Actually, I had been wondering if I would have an assignment or  would I be shuffled off to some token position. Instead my adviser, a kindly woman who had truly tried to make me feel welcome at the academy, had given me unexpected news. A new captain, by the name of Matthew Gideon had decided to request me specifically.

I was going to SPACE!

Years later, I realized why Gideon had decided to request me specifically. Gideon's experience with the Cerebus had firmly affected him. He never left anyone, be it human or not, behind. NEVER. He had quickly gauged the mood of EF toward me and had decided to give a "stray" a chance. A chance that I probably never would have gotten except for him.  I owed him, and I therefore would follow him through the very gates of hell. He was mentor and... truly, my only friend I have ever had. I never had one while a PSI Corps member and I didn't truly have any as a EF officer. It was a lonely, difficult life, but I had one consolation.


But it was stressful, as I felt as though there was a gaping pit under my feet. I was on a tightrope, with each step to be taken carefully, while the weight on my back grew heavier and heavier. Step carefully or else I would fall into the pit. And I wouldn't just take myself down. I would take the hopes of every other telepath who wanted to join EF, and... I would destroy Gideon if I failed. For he was the one that given my all my chances.

That's why I found myself sitting in the shuttle craft, carefully checking and rechecking my flight plan. Rarely had I spoken to Dr. Chambers except for "business". But then again, I never spoke to any of the "riff-raff" that Gideon had picked up for the Crusade except for "business". Eilerson, I found caustic and rude. He was brilliant, but I hated his snide comments toward Gideon. Galen, I didn't trust. Not at all, while Dureena was a rather... attractive mystery to me. As was Dr. Chambers.

Mentally, I called her 'Sarah' and I pretended that I wasn't tongue-tied around her like I was was in real life. I tried to repeat conversation that I had with her, mentally, trying to practice at appearing at ease around her. My conversations had sounded forced even to my desperate ears, and I soon gave up, knowing that it had been a hopeless failure. So I kept my facade of John Matheson, Lt. up whenever I talked to her instead of trying to be a witty and charming John Matheson.

And, it would be good to get away from Gideon. Lately, I had felt that there was a darkness nipping at his heels, that was threatening to destroy him, and I was afraid. He was getting "answers" from someone or something, and I was afraid that his soul was to be the price for the help. I couldn't stand by and watch him destroy himself, and Matthew didn't want to share his source with me. What I needed to do was recharge my batteries, refind my equilibrium and only then could I help Gideon.

 "Hello" she had said. "I appreciate you taking me to Minbar, Lt."

"No problem. Gideon decided I needed a vacation" I had admitted softly, and truth be told, a little shyly.

The medic had laughed and had agreed. That was the basis of our conversation. An awkward silence descended  and then Dr. Chambers had decided to go get a cat nap in the back. We were in a small shuttle, built for speed rather than for carrying large amounts of people and equipment to and fro. You could really only fit four people in the shuttle, so some people found it claustrophobic, but I found it sleek and refined.

When she left to catnap in the back row of seats, I was annoyed with myself. Shit! I thought to myself. I had wanted the chance to get to speak with her, possibly to get the chance to know her as a person, instead of just the "DOCTOR", but I had blown it. I was nervous around Dureena and her. They were both lively and attractive, and I.... Well better not, go THERE.

Shit. Try to be natural! Try to be calm, cool and collected. John! Don't be so goddamn OBVIOUS!

I quickly returned to my task at hand, piloting the shuttle craft.  It was some hours later when I first got the feeling that something was wrong. An idiot light blinked, and then I felt the shuttle shake hard. I quickly determined that there was an uninhabited M class planet nearby and plotted a course to it. I sent off a quick message to the Excalibur and then realized that the damn communication systems had already shut down.

DAMN! I couldn't send off a SOS, so I carefully sent out a probe that Gideon should hopefully be able to locate. When we didn't show up on Minbar, Gideon would come searching for us. I know he would for Matthew never left anyone behind.

Dr. Chambers was suddenly next to me, and she looked alarmed. "What's going on?" she asked.

"Well, apparently the Sarkov Drive has." I was attempting to be calm, cool and collected.

"Don't give me the technobabble, Lt.! We're going DOWN aren't we?"

"Yes. We are!" I admitted. Sarah was a trooper, I have to give her credit for that. She buckled in her seat belt, and she gave me a encouraging smile.

"Don't worry, I trust you."

And I felt her trust in me. It was.. a heady experience for a loner such as myself. It was a rough landing and I could feel the shuttle's structure twist and turn during the descent. Truly, I doubted that the shuttle would ever get off the planet again. The shuttle landed hard, and I was surprised to see that we were still... Alive after that landing. My head hit something so hard I was moderately stunned that I was still conscious.  The pain was dull and I swiftly  ignored it. Time for PAIN later!

"Are you ok, Doctor?" I asked.

"Do you think you can call me by my NAME, Lt.? We're in a bit of trouble here, and our tongues might get tangled up on all the professional titles?" Sarah's voice was sharp, and I nodded to her.

"Ok, JOHN," Sarah said, stressing the use of my name, with a glint of amusement in her dark eyes. "We're not getting off this planet are we?"

"Not in THIS shuttle" I told her.

"So, give me a report, JOHN," SARAH said, glaring at me for not using her name.

"S-Sarah," I stumbled over her name and she gave me an encouraging smile while I damned myself for being so nervous around her. "We're on an uninhabited Class M planet with a 23 hour day. Right now, due to the fact we've landed near the polar regions of this planet so... day light is about 4 hours and night is 19 or so hours. I wouldn't suggest leaving the shuttle craft except during the day hours as there are some pretty large carnivores out there. But the weather's pretty cold out there as we are looking at near Arctic conditions."

"Ok" Sarah said. "John. Let me see your face." She was careful not to touch me directly and she carefully cleaned up my face, quickly and efficiently. "Here! Let me give you something to make you feel better, ok?"

Doctor.... Ok. SARAH, quickly injected me with something that was incredible. My headache disappeared and I felt.. GOOD. I  swiftly checked the shuttle for its suitability as a shelter.  It wasn't my first choice for a shelter, nor the second, but it would have to do.

"Environmental controls are.. working..."

"But barely," Sarah gave me another of her dazzling smiles.  "I'm a little cold." 

It was true, the shuttle craft that was to be our "home away from home" was definitely chilly.

 "I'll see what I can do with the environmental controls," I assured her quickly which earned me a grateful smile.

"Thank you, I don't want to turn into a frozen Sarah-sicle."

I worked on the damn controls for three hours while Sarah was attempting to rearrange the shuttle to make some room.

"Damn it, I go on vacation, and suddenly I'm in the stereotypical maternal role," Chambers mumbled darkly, and I stopped myself before laughing. I managed to get the environmental controls working enough to take the chill out of the air. Then I realized, that it was.. time for bed, and.. there was only one place to sleep. Sarah had tried to make it comfortable by spreading some blankets on the floor, and I gave her a smile when I noticed she had pillows.

"Ok. I brought some, ok? Last time I went to Minbar, I couldn't sleep on those damn beds of theirs, so I figured I'd be sleeping on the floor." Her dark eyes flashed a challenge at me, as though daring me to make a comment.

"Do you want mine? I brought some too, Eilerson suggested it." I figured her confession would be "eased" by my own. I gave her a quick grin, and she... SMILED back at me.

I really liked her smile, especially when she directed it toward me. Sarah always seemed so happy and open, and I envied her that.

"Eilerson? Made an useful comment? I better mark it down somewhere. He must be getting soft in his old age." She laughed, and I did too.

Eilerson had made many a "useful" comment, especially to Gideon, but this was the first time, the "useful" didn't define making a profit for IPX.  When Sarah was done making up her bed, it looked soft, comfortable and inviting. She'd be warm sleeping there and for a moment, I envied her.

"Good night, Sarah. I'll be up front if you need me." I started walking toward the "captain's seat" of the shuttle when she gave me an exasperated look.

"Come on and share the blankets, John. I'm not going to bite you!"

That wasn't the problem. I was very much nervous about lying down next to her. She misunderstood my nervousness completely.

"Do you think that I'm worried you're going to scan me while I'm sleeping. OK? COMPUTER RECORD! I, Dr. Sarah Chambers, do hereby give you, Lt. John Matheson of the EF permission to scan me and my innermost dark secrets. END RECORDING. Now get under the covers before you freeze."

I lay next to her, my back touching her back, and my bed partner promptly fell asleep. I was a few minutes behind her and then I had the most delicious dream. Sarah and I were making love, and it was... incredible. Sarah was everything I had ever wanted in a woman, and she didn't seem to mind the fact that it was my first time. I guess I have a very dirty mind as she did things to me that.. well, I think Eilerson and his collection of data crystals would have approved!

My dream was erotic as hell, and when I woke up, I found that I had risen to the occasion. Even more embarrassing was the fact that I had rolled toward HER during the night and her buttocks were warm and soft against my erection. I suddenly got really embarrassed...

God, I can't even talk to her and I'm suddenly having these dreams about her...

I tried to lie on my back, and realized that my arm was pinned underneath her. I couldn't move that arm, but I could CERTAINLY move my hand that was cupping her breast! Quickly, I moved my hand, moving my hand back to my hip as she was obviously waking up. Sarah suddenly rolled over and she suddenly was lying on top of me. Her breasts were soft and... I was...

Oh God.

Her hand was on... my cock which was rather delighted and eager about that. But thank God, she apparently wasn't waking up. Instead, Sarah drifted off to a deeper sleep, and her hand was still firmly on my erection. If I didn't know better, I swear she was doing it on purpose. But.. she couldn't be.... could she? And I certainly couldn't scan her to find out! But the lovely woman who was touching me,  was apparently having pleasant dreams, as she had a slight smile on her face. I  finally was able to move her body away from mine, and I tried to calm myself down by thinking of Gideon, Eilerson and GALEN. But Dureena kept popping into my mind... so it didn't  work, not with her warm body next to me.

And so it continued for the next three days. We'd leave the shuttle occasionally during the brief time we had sunlight, and then crawl back into the shuttle for the 19 hours nights. Unfortunately, my internal tension was reaching the breaking point. During those 19 hours stretches, I was usually working on something. The environmental controls, the communications system. SOMETHING. I was... God help me... extremely attracted to her... with my telepathic abilities... and the extremely tight quarters we were living in, I was afraid that I would accidentally scan her. I needed to concentrate on something, so I couldn't hear her. If I failed, the next meeting with Mr. Jones would.. be my last. I would be court martialed and I would be a failure. And so would Gideon.

I focused on fixing the controls, but I found myself being distracted by her. I'd see her out of the corner of my eye, and I'd be entranced by her.  God, Sarah smelled so sweet, and she was so damn beautiful even when she was fighting with an obstinate piece of equipment.

Finally, I reached my breaking point. Each night I would crawl into the blankets with her, and damn if my arousal wouldn't be sky high within minutes. She seemed oblivious of my inner turmoil, though sometimes I thought I saw her giving me an appraising look. But with my obvious inexperience in all things beyond EF and PSI, I wasn't sure if I was imaging it. She couldn't be looking at ME like THAT.... now could she?

"Dr. Chambers. I have to ask you something. Please."

"Sure, Lt." She gave me a winning smile while she stressed the fact that I didn't use her first name.

"I.. need sleepers. Do you have any?" My voice cracked, and I could feel her ... ANGER.

"What? Lt.? Don't you trust me?"

It was obvious that Sarah was annoyed with my lack of faith in her.

"No.. No... It's.. hard for me. We're in tight quarters and.. I might accidentally scan you.. and .. If I do.. then ..." I stopped and turned away from her. "Mr. Jones will find out.. and he'll destroy me... and.. Gideon. Gideon's given me all the chances I ever had... and.. so.. they'd..."

God. I can't destroy Gideon, he's the only one that has ever given me a chance to prove myself on my own mettle.

I just couldn't go on, and I felt her hands on my shoulder. I turned to face Sarah, and her eyes were dark and intense while they peered into my soul.

"I know. That's why I recorded my permission to have you scan me. You're exhausted, I'm exhausted.. and we' re in tight quarters so I thought you might pick up something or another. But I don't have any secrets, John. Go ahead, let down your shields." She then cradled my head on her shoulder, and hugged me hard.

"I won't... scan you..." I promised her. The hug ended entirely too soon for my taste, as it had immediately gotten me thinking of other... things.

"I know you wouldn't think of it. But if something leaks, don't feel guilty. Ok?" Sarah smiled at me, and then.. she leaned over and kissed me. Sarah was probably going to kiss me on my cheek, but she misjudged the distance. Our two mouths touched.. and it was a gentle kiss. Well, it was, until my raging desire took over. I tried kissing her back, and I grew nervous with my rather fumbling attempt to kiss her. I pulled back, and I tried to look away from her.

Sarah put her hand on my face and spoke softly. "John? Are you...?" She gestured with her head.. and I knew what she wanted to say.    I nodded.

"Really?" Sarah asked.

For some strange reason, I thought she was.. DELIGHTED. I tried to walk away from her, which was impossible in a four person shuttle. I wanted to die, I wanted to hide, I wanted to have her walk me through the ways of love, but... all things considered, I wanted to get the hell out of the shuttle craft! Dying outside and becoming a permanent ice cube would be easier than her scorn. A man my age!

"Hey! We need to talk, John."

Sarah sat next to me, and I saw that her shirt was slightly unbuttoned, displaying some very... nice curves. She noticed me looking, and damn me for a fool, I think the lovely lady preened a little, just to show off some more curves.

I was trapped. No doubt about it, Matheson.

Personal Logs
Sarah Chambers.

John had kissed me! It was delightful and sweet, but I could feel his nervousness. I tried to increased the intensity of the kiss another notch, and I could feel his inexperience.

I asked John... and the look of embarrassment on his face plainly said it all.

"Really?" I asked, which earned a nod of embarrassed agreement from John.

I was delighted!

Simply, I couldn't wait to start the education of John Matheson. I knew that he would be a star pupil, and I was already planning his schooling. There would be other teachers, naturally, but I'm sure he would always be fond of his elementary teacher. I licked my lips. John had already estimated that it would be at least three or four more days until Gideon realized definitely that we weren't on Minbar. Gideon would have to confirm it, and my captain was a very thorough man. I guestimated that I had a week more alone with John Matheson, and if he was still a virgin after that week, I'd turn in my teaching certificate. Then I'd get Dureena involved. It would hurt my pride, but... John obviously needed an experienced female (like ME, I thought delightedly) to introduce him to the wonders of sex. He tried to flee from me, and my smile increased.

While he tried to hide, somewhere, unsuccessfully, I unbuttoned a few buttons on my shirt. I was going to enjoy this. And damn it, so was he!

John was sitting in the corner of the shuttle, and I sat right next to him. I put my hand on his leg and began tracing the Greek letter PSI on his leg. John tried to move, and I told him, "John. Stop. It's nothing to be ashamed of. I was just surprised. I thought that with your looks and personality, someone would have... deflowered you years ago. To be honest, Dureena and I always thought you and Gideon were..." I was speaking softly to him, like he was a wild animal. I was trying to calm him, attract him and entice him.

Take the bait, John. Take it! I thought privately. I know you are interested, so come on!

 "Oh my GOD!," John said as he put his hands over his face, trying vainly to hide his crimson face. "No. No. NO! DUREENA?"

Ah HAH! The way he said Dureena. He's got a crush on our little thief there, doesn't he. And all this time, we thought he was just too much Gideon's playmate to want to join us! Won't the Dureena and the boys be surprised!

"But Eilerson said... NO! I guess he was right. He kept saying you two weren't lovers."


I noted that his voice cracked when he spoke Max's name, so I knew that he  feared Max's sharp tongue, so I made a mental note to speak with Max. As one of John's future teachers, he would have to control that silver edged tongue of his, but since Max's taste ran to the exotic, John would  need quite a few classes before Max taught him what he knew. Maybe I could WATCH during those lessons. Heck, maybe I could be a teaching aid! I mentally giggled. What would have happened if Max had gotten those Xeno- archeologist's hands on our little virgin telepath FIRST?!? John would  have died of pleasure, but John would also have been absolutely terrified of his partner. And Max would have enjoyed that, watching and savoring John's terror while he taught the younger man EVERYTHING. He wouldn't have hurt John, that wasn't "Master" Max's style, but he would have enjoyed knowing that John feared him, but that John stayed put out of desire and lust. It wouldn't be love, as our little telepath only loved Gideon, who was too damn blind to see it. Instead it would be a purely sexual love.

I gently moved my hands higher, and cupped his erection. He tried to shift his weight away from my wandering hands. He obviously could have move my hands if he had REALLY wanted too, but he was trapped by his fear and inexperience. Lord, he wanted me, I had adequate proof on that but he was still afraid. I would be gentle and careful with my scared little boy.

"And Galen agreed." I wanted to see his reaction to THAT name, so I "innocently" dropped it into the conversation.

 "GALEN? Do you people have nothing better to do than discuss people's SEX lives? Or Lack of one?" He was bitter, but I knew he was trying to hide his terror. He feared Galen less than Max, I could tell. While he didn't trust either of them, Galen appeared to be less fear inspiring than Max.

Max is going to love THAT bit of news. A Xeno-Archeologist is more fear inspiring than a Technomage. Galen will pout, so maybe I won't tell him, but now I have my order of instructors. Sarah, Dureena, Galen and then... Maximilian. Yes, Eilerson, you're going to have to wait to put your hands on this tender morsel. Else you may turn him into a celibate monk! Poor John, you're going to LOVE your education.

"Why YES. It's because we're all sleeping together."

I figured blunt honesty would help John over his hurdle.

"WHAT?" He was stunned, and I laughed inwardly. We had fooled the telepath! Which probably meant we had fooled GIDEON!

"Well.. Not Gideon. Because.. he's the captain, and it would look BAD if he was sleeping with the four of us. And well... we didn't invite you because.. well... we all thought you and Gideon" I continued, delighting his look of absolute terror. "So. John." I gave him a big smile. "Why are you...." I trailed off, figuring I'd let him tell his story. But my hands stayed firmly where they were, and he had stopped shifting his weight. Instead his eyes were closed, and John was leaning against the back of the seat. I started exploring the scared man child in front of me carefully, gently, trying to think loudly that.. .I wasn't going to hurt him, and that I wanted this as much as he did.

Really, I did. There's something quite satisfying about taking a man's virginity away from him and I wanted him to remember his first time fondly, with tenderness and awe. But it wasn't going to happen unless he kept talking! Or maybe it would anyway? I wanted to nip his ear, but I warned myself to control myself.

"I... really didn't have a lot of friends in the PSI corps... I wasn't a particularly powerful Teep in the grand scheme of life, and the girls went for the guys with the ..."

BIG PENISES? I thought loudly at him. I was now stroking his leg, and enjoying the feel of his leg under my hand. That damn black uniform hid his muscular frame! Unlike those bell hop uniforms which had revealed... much.

Like I expected, John nearly choked at that thought.

"NO! .... high.. PSI ..ability... And there was this one girl who I was interested in. I really liked her.. and she was cruel. She... pretended she was interested in me, and then.. she found out that I wanted to be in EARTH FORCE rather than the PSI CORPS.. and she told everyone. Nobody would talk to me after that... and when they did, they all mocked me by calling me... Major or Captain or General. So I haven't found anyone that I ..."

I continued stroking his leg, moved my hand higher up his leg. He gave me a terrified look and I smiled gently. "You know John.. It could be days... weeks before we're rescued." My voice was soft and seductive.

"Dr. Chambers, you're trying to seduce me, aren't you?" His voice was high, and I think I detected... PANIC in his voice.

"Do you want me to? Is that what you're trying to tell me?" I was deliberately coy, and I was still tracing patterns on his body. He was getting use to me touching him, and I inwardly smiled. I was going to have fun with him. Maybe we wouldn't be rescued until I had thoroughly educated him! What a delightful idea! John looked scared, and I realized that my smile had scared him.

Careful, Sarah, he's scared, which is perfectly normal. You're not dealing with one of the boys right now.

"Ahh. Well. Uhm...."

He was so cute, so embarrassed, and so aroused. I figured it was time to leave John Matheson to his thoughts, so I stood up, carefully displaying my cleavage to him. I touched his face, and said, "I'd like you to kiss me again. Do you want to?"

"Ah? Uhm?" He was blabbering incoherently by now, so I leaned over and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. I then proceeded to think the most tawdry thought at him while we were skin to skin. It was one of Eilerson's favorite positions, which required strength and flexibility, and I deliberately put Matheson's face into the thought.

Sounds delightful doesn't it?

The young Oriental was almost hysterical by now, and I felt compassion for my poor, virginal telepath.

"It's almost time for bed, John" I whispered at him seductively. I walked over to our bed., "Love Nest" I loudly thought, and then I proceeded to strip in front of him. I felt his eyes on me, and I slowly, deliberately removed my clothes. Unbuttoning my shirt, I thought loudly about John and the delights that he would be experiencing. Slowly I removed my shirt, like a high class stripper on some exotic off world. I threw it over my shoulder, hoping it landed on John, who was still staring at me like a animal caught in the headlights of moving vehicle.

"John?" I asked sweetly. "Can you help me with my bra? I just can't get it off," I whispered.

Minutes slid past.  I was running my hands over my body, thinking of John. I laughed softly.

"Oh,... I guess it's not true about the Earth Force officers. I thought they'd always come investigate a distress call."  I undid my pants, and slid out of them with a deliberate bump and grind. I loudly thought how Galen always liked THAT and then I turned to face John Matheson, virgin telepath. I was just wearing my bra and panties, and I gave him my best come hither look.

 "Come on, John. I'm getting cold."

The young man was sitting so quiet and still, and for a moment, I was worried that I had pushed him too far in my eagerness. The past few days, I had noticed that John had been looking at me carefully, and then looking elsewhere when he had noticed that I had realized. I had teased him unmercifully after that, unbuttoning my shirt slightly, and deliberately snuggling up to John while we slept together in the hopes that John would make a move.  John swallowed several times, while he looked at me, and I was delighted when I heard him whisper softly.

"You are just so beautiful, Sarah."

Extending my hand out to John, I was hoping that he'd take it. Hesitantly, he stood up, and then grabbed my hand. I could sense his nervousness clearly, and I gave John the gentlest smile that I could.

"Sarah?" John whispered softly. "I...can't share this," He pointed at his head, "With you. Please..."

"I understand, you want to share that experience with someone you love, John. I'm not upset."

No, how can I be upset for I just realized who you wanted? Matthew Gideon, you are so blind not to see what is in front of you, and my little lonely Telepath will never say anything until he believes himself your equal. There's no doubt in my mind that you're the one with who John wants to share that particular experience.

Feeling a sudden surge of tenderness for the earnest man in front of me, I vowed that I'd help John overcome his slight problem. For only then could John admit to himself that he loved his Captain.

But that was later, and this was now, and I was still clothed!

"John?" I said, and the two of us drew closer, until I was wrapped securely in his arms. John was hugging me tightly, and he was running his hands over my back and through my hair. I let him run his hands over my body until he got comfortable with touching me, and then I whispered at him to take my bra off.

My lover was nervous, and he fumbled with the small hooks.

"Let me turn around, it'll make it easier for you. I don't want you tearing it in your eagerness, as it would be hard to explain, now wouldn't it?"

I turned around, rubbing my body against his, and I felt his strong hands begin to disconnect my bra.

"Lt. Matheson?" I purred.

"Yes, Sarah?"

"Is that a PPG Rifle in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?"

And John laughed.

Personal Logs
John Matheson

Sarah was seducing me, and I was slightly intimidated by the beautiful woman in my arms. She was comfortable with her sexuality, and dear God, Sarah was so beautiful. I was fumbling with taking off her bra, worried that she'd decide that I was hopeless and inept, and my lover had decided to tease me.

"Is that a PPG Rifle in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?" Sarah cooed that in a voice that fairly dripped in hormones and sex, and I found myself laughing. The doctor was rubbing her body against mine and my erection was responding eagerly to her nearness.

I laughed, and the tension having been broken, I decided to tease her back. It would be like how I teased Matthew, except I'd modify it slightly. "No, it's the Excalibur's Main Gun, and it's on-line."

Having unhooked her bra successfully, I moved my hands to cup her breasts which earned a delighted purr from the Doctor. Using my fingers, I tried to tease her nipples.

"Wonderful, does it recharge as fast as I've heard?"

"Absolutely. The recuperation rate is quite fast. Almost instantaneous recharge."

"Delightful," my lover assured me. "I'd hate to be wide open for an alien attack."

Slipping the bra off her shoulders, I began nuzzling her shoulders. The bra slipped and fell to the floor, and Sarah moved my hands from her breasts to where her panties were.

"Help me take them off, John."

I did so, and they soon too, were lying on the floor.  My lover turned around to face me, and I could tell that she was amused.

"What?" I asked her softly.

"Do you want to keep my panties as a trophy?  A little something that you can keep in your drawer in your office? So on those long, lonely nights when you're working on your paperwork, you can look at them and remember?"

"I better not. Gideon has keys to my office, I'd hate for him to rummage around in my desk, and find your lacy panties in my desk drawer." Smiling at her, I spoke to her in a false official voice. "EF frowns on personal trophies."

"It might make him jealous, don't you think?" She drew closer to me, and began to unbutton my shirt. "That his stalwart, stoic First Officer is having a torrid affair right underneath his nose? I know, what I should do. Next time I'm in your office, I'll leave a few dozen of them around. Various colors and sizes so that everywhere Matthew Gideon looks, he'll see mementos of all your sexual conquests."

"Fuck Matthew." I growled at her, "Unless you want to, because I know you're such a free spirit that I can't ever hope of controlling you."

My shirt was on the floor, and the doctor was busy with my belt. I moved her hands away from it, and I carefully undid it, pulling it free from my pants.  Sarah looked at me, and for a moment, I knew that I was dangerously close to falling in love with her. So beautiful and so compassionate, that was my lovely Sarah.

"Are you... ready for this? We don't have to do this, if you don't want to."

"I'm a little nervous," I softly admitted. "Be patient with me."

"Of course, now..." Sarah unzipped my pants, and she carefully slid them off of me. I was glad that I had kicked my boots off before things had turned hot and heavy, as they were a bitch to get off.

My erection strained at my briefs, and I suddenly was embarrassed.  Sarah had slept with most of the senior staff, and I was wondering how I compared to them.  Let's be honest, Max was probably hung like a horse, and well, Galen no doubt had Technomage enhancements.

Sarah suddenly licked her lips while she helped slide my briefs off.

"Lovely. Simply lovely," she assured me. "Come lie down with me, John. It'll be easier if we lie down for now."

Personal Logs
Sarah Chambers

The two of us quickly made way to our bed, and we began to gently touch one another. John seemed to delight in my breasts, as his hands were constantly on them, teasing and squeezing my sensitive nipples.

"What's the official policy on sex with mundanes?" I asked him. I was already stroking his erection, and his eyes widened. Obviously, he wasn't expecting me to be so.. aggressive with him!

"They.. frown on it. But they don't have any rules AGAINST it. They think that the sex between telepaths is so intense that.. a mundane could get addicted to it." John's eyes were closed, and he was obviously enjoying my wandering hands. The rate of his breathing had sped up, and I was enjoying listening to him gasp whenever I hit a sensitive spot.

"What hubris! Eilerson would certainly disagree with that. He always says it's because they want more little telepaths, so they tell telepaths that... just so they stick with telepaths." I laughed, and then decided that John needed to be consoled. He was trying so hard to be relaxed and calm, even trying to tease me with a false cheer, but I knew my lover was apprehensive.

"I won't hurt you. You'll enjoy this, I promise" I whispered at him. "It's always best for your first time to have someone who's experienced to help you along the way." John opened his eyes, and I was moved the deep emotions in them. He reached over to kiss me and I put my hands on his mouth. "No, I'm doing everything tonight. You're going to lie back and enjoy. This is your first lesson, John."

"But.. But... that's not right for you." John was so nervous.. and he was worried about pleasing me!

"Don't worry about me. For tonight, it's all about you." I then  kissed him gently.

My lover's mouth opened, and I slid my tongue into his mouth. I taught him how to kiss. Slowly, carefully, how to feel for your partner's response. It was incredible. He ended up breaking the kiss, and I felt him gasp for breath. His heart was RACING, I could feel it thundering away.

My little telepath. If that's too intense for you, then how are you going to ever kiss another telepath. Or someone that you love.

"So John." I began kissing John's face, tracing kisses down his neck. "You're to relax and enjoy this. Don't worry about making me happy. Lesson #1 for you, is to enjoy sex."

"Is there going to be a test?"

His smile was breathtaking, and I could feel his body relaxing. Well, except for that one spot. Wouldn't want THAT to relax.. at least not for the next several hours.

"Absolutely, and then I'll send you on for further training" I grinned at my lover's reaction to THAT news.

"More training?"

John's voice cracked, and his face flushed in embarrassment.

 "Of course, my dear virgin telepath." His eyes froze when I called him that. "There's no shame to that, dearest. Remember that. I am honored that I'll be your first. When I'm done with you, you'll understand the joys of a simple fuck between friends. There are many different levels of sex, John, and if you pass the tests, you'll go on the next level. I'll be careful on whom I decide to be your instructor. But I am a harsh teacher, John. Remember that. Now tell me. What do you want to do to you?"

My hands were busy exploring his body, and he was just staring at me, his heart in his eyes

"What.. you're doing now is ... just fine..." my lover said softly.

"Just FINE? I want to hear Exquisite! I'll have to try HARDER." I then began nipping his neck and he was moaning softly. Continuing my exploration of his body, I latched onto his nipples. He shook when I first began sucking on his left nipple. I nipped it just to feel his body squirm and then moved to his right nipple.

Then I stopped, enjoying his disappointment. "Like that?" I whispered. "You have to tell me, John."

"Yes. I do like that."


I kissed John on the mouth and I was amazed by how quickly he was learning THAT skill. I carefully held his hands in mine, and I slowly kissed my way down to his belly. He tried to move when he realized where I was heading.

"Stop it! Ok!" I gave him a gentle kiss on his erection. "That wasn't so bad, was it? Some people even enjoy that."

I gave him an absolutely wicked grin.

"I.. did." John admitted softly. I looked up at him, saw his eyes were wide and I carefully tried to keep eye contact with him as I began to educate him further. "Put your hands down. You're not going to touch anything, ok?"

"Ok" he whispered.

I kissed his proud erection, licked it, suckled it, caressed it. I concentrated intently on what I was doing, listening to my lover's gasps and enjoying feeling his body shake. I heated him up, and then slowed him down. He was nearly crazy with desire, and he wanted so badly to touch me, but I held his hands firmly. And so it continued until I realized that my little student was very very close to the brink.

"Dearest, sit up ok?"

John did, leaning against the wall. Carefully, I straddled him, impaling myself on his cock. He gasped, while I still held his hands. The dark eyes I was looking into, startled me as for a moment, as I thought I saw his soul shyly peering at me from their depths. Clenching my muscles, I felt him begin to thrust. He tried to be slow, and gentle, but I was finding myself wild with desire due to my careful, deliberate seduction of John. We kept eye contact while he began thrusting wildly, and I held onto his hands. He came HARD, gasping, and I soared with him.

Minutes later, we were still wrapped in each other's arms but we were now lying side by side.

"So.. dear heart. Did you enjoy?" He gave me a gentle, bemused smile and nodded. "Excellent. We'll keep up on our lessons, but for now, let's cuddle. Sometimes that's just as much fun as sex."

John held me for a while, and I decided to continue his education further. Taking his one hand, I carefully brought it to my breast. I held his fingers and positioned them over my nipple. "Gently now, John." He tentatively began exploring my breast. His touch was gentle and I felt my nipple harden while he gently stroked it. He gently squeezed my nipple and I gasped in pleasure. I grabbed his head with my hands, and brought his mouth down to my breast. "Go head, you can kiss it."

Personal Logs
John Matheson.

Matthew had shown me Eilerson's porn crystals, and he had been amused by the sexual acrobatics involved in them.

"I've never had anyone able to do that, have you?" Matthew had commented after a skillful double jointed movement.

"No. Never," I had quietly assured him which had earned another laugh from Matthew.

The actors had been laughable, but the positions they had tried had been incredible, so I had been worried about how my performance would match theirs when I finally had sex. There had been a few 'loud' psychic experiences during my teenage years from my fellow classmates, and while I had seen and experienced a great deal, I was still worried.

I shouldn't have been, for Sarah had been incredible. Knowing about my nervousness, my lover had seduced me, gently and happily, and apparently she had quite enjoyed the experience. I know I had.

And then Sarah was willing to lie next to me, and to continue to let me hold her while I caught my breath. But instead of catching my breath, she had given me a dazzling smile that told me that my lesson was continuing. My loving partner lay on her back, and guided me carefully in touching her. First one breast, then the other, then I found myself kissing and suckling other parts of her body under her patient tutelage. I enjoyed teasing her pert nipples while Sarah gasped underneath me. Touching and tasting her, I found myself being more and more aroused, and I slowed myself down, trying to increase the enjoyment for Sarah. Following her gasps and moans, I felt her body shudder underneath me.

Then I played with her body again, slowly and carefully until she came again HARD.

"Wow," Sarah said quietly, and I gave her a big smile.

"I hope I'm a fast learner..." I was nervous, and I wanted her approval.

"Delightfully so," she murmured.

"Fantastic." I found myself being pulled on top of her body, and she guided me slowly and carefully. We held hands gently and I looked into her eyes while I tried to concentrate on delaying myself. But she gave me a wicked grin, and clenched her muscles HARD and I came, wildly. Panting, I gently covered her face with kisses while she held onto me tightly.

"Time to go to sleep, John." Sarah whispered into my ear.

"Sarah..." I tried to tell her how much her seduction had meant to me, what we had shared... but she shook her head.

"Go to sleep, my lonely telepath. We've so much more to explore."

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