List of Characters in Karma

by Mistress Sarah


Matthew Gideon, Captain EA Excalibur
John Matheson, XO EA Excalibur
Dureena Nafeel, Thief
Galen, Technomage
Max Eilerson, Linguist
Sarah Chambers, Doctor


Kritika Makam, Captain EA Dyavaphritivi
Michael St. John, Lt. Operations Officer
Vladimir Zbignewski, Doctor
Thomas O'Neil, Sgt. Major, Security Head
Dagmar Andersen, Lt. Engineering

Assorted other EF personnel

Gabriel Matrando, Captain EA Euphrosyne
Ivo Lee, Captain EF Lexington
Elizabeth Lochley, Captain Babylon 5
Sheila Masterson, EF Retired
Malcolm Ayers, EF Retired, Esquire

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