Loris Holt

Loris Holtis a very misterious woman. We first meet her in Eye of the Beholder, when Merlyn leads Caleb to the Boarding House, and he eats lunch there and helps her cooking soup. She seems to have quite some 'occult' knowledge, but despite that doesn't seem to believe that Merly's ghost really still is with Caleb (Resurrector). Does Loris even know about Lucas' true nature? If so, why doesn't she intervene with his 'business' or fight him more openly? Is she maybe waiting for the right time to take action?

Tina Lifford gave Loris a mysterious aura, coupled with a warmheartedness and innate calm that made 'Miz Holt' a fascinating character. Unfortunately we didn't see a lot of her. Tina Lifford had to be flown in from California for her appearances, so to save money, local actress Sara Lynn Moore was sometimes asked to take over the role of temporary Boarding House manager, as Mrs. Russell (Rose's mother).

Favourite Loris quotes:

"Don't need fixin'. She can see just fine." (Eye of the Beholder)
"Smells good. I think you added the missing ingredient, Caleb." (Eye of the Beholder)
"Caleb, I believe that you loved your sister very much. But she's gone now, an' you have to accept that. She's gone." (Resurrector)
"Doctor, be careful. Once that door is open, it takes more than the intellect to control the outcome." (Dr. Death Takes a Holiday)

Tina Lifford (Photo by Jeff Vespa/WireImage - ©WireImage.com - used without permission)Tina Liffordhas extensive TV and movie experience. She had roles in movies like Colors, New Jack City, Grand Canyon, and Mandela and de Klerk, where she played Nelson Mandela's wife, Winnie. According to IMDB, she is currently filming Blood Work, directed by Clint Eastwood. On TV, Tina appeared in T.J. Hooker, Murder, She Wrote, Beverly Hills, 90210, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, JAG, Judging Amy, and miniseries The Loretta Claiborne Story. In May 2001, she participated in the sixth annual Juneteenth Reading Series in LA, a festival presentation of new plays by Los Angeles area writers, hosted by The Mark Taper Forum's Blacksmyths Playwrights Lab.

Tina Lifford Links

Write to Tina at the following address (unverified):

Stone Manners Agency
8436 W 3rd Street
Suite 740
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Tina Lifford photo by Jeff Vespa/WireImage - ©WireImage.com. Used without permission

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