Guests 2

Part 2

by Stephen

I'm never quite sure what to make of Dr. Naroon (sp?). He seems to be a walking mess of contradictions. He appears to be a typical Trinity-ite, in that he's willing to tolerate a little corruption (eg in accepting Lucas's donations, knowing full well there's going to be a bit of quid pro quo) as long as the trains run on time (or in this case, the hospital thrives). This sense of self sacrifice, whereby he sells his soul to Lucas for the good of the hospital (note, he has a clear disdain for Lucas and his methods) seems to be confirmed by his taking of his own life to spare his granddaughter's, but if you look closer, he is a man with very little sense of honour (hell, even less than Lucas!) For all his flaws, Lucas always honours the terms, if not always the spirit, of his contracts. Dr. N, on the other hand is a complete hypocrite and a liar. If he can be excused under the circumstances for claiming to Lucas that 'money didn't buy me' (when he clearly looked the other way for a dubious death), there is no such defence that can be made for when he looks Lucas straight in the eye and 'swears' that he didn't stop his heart. As he desperately pleads with Lucas to spare his life, it is hard to feel pity for a man who not only does not value the lives of others that highly, but actually killed a man in a defenceless state (OK, it was Lucas, but where's the honour in kicking a man when he's down - compare with Lucas's behaviour towards Matt)

Yancy, on the other hand, seems to be one of Trinity's more honourable citizens. I know it seems odd to brand a man who ambushes someone in their own home as this, but he was probably not in a sound mental state at the time, and it was clearly an impulsive act. He did not plan the attack, merely overhearing Selena's carefully planned assault and picked up a weapon which had been used that day, and was probably left out at the hospital. AGain, comparisons with Dr. N's premeditated attack (he must have carefully selected the right drug and the right dose to kill him, but not immediately) on Lucas make Yancy seem less evil. He even shows some signs of regret after the attack, and does not attempt to hide evidence in the way a more calculating schemer may have done.

He is a very loyal and committed person, perhaps too much so, as he immediately returns to work after his wife's death, and then phones his boss (whilst working!) to ask if he can leave early because of the circumstances. His commitment to his wife was similarly strong. He always read her poetry, even though he had no way of telling whether or not she could hear him. He shows similar blind faith with Lucas, only to be cheated slightly ('at least she don't eat much')

Sorry if these are a bit vague and uninsightful, but I don't quite know what else I can say.

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1. August 2002