Wytches World 2000

You could say this is the Space Witches' newspaper. Here you will find announcements, information about changes / additions to our HomePage, and any other important events happening in our universe.

23. December 2000

We have added some links to the Gateway and finally put them in a semblance of order. ;-)

In time for the Christmas holidays, you can now find Section two of "Toil and Trouble", called "Reunion", at the Witches' Diary.

And to celebrate them further, we put up new title pics on our individual pages at the We Are Family section!

Last but not least, the Space Witches would like to wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! :-D

PS: In 2001 you can expect some exciting -- at least we think so ;-) -- additions to our virtual home - but more in due time.

14. November 2000

You can now receive an e-mail whenever our HomePage is updated (see HomePage).

"Anticipation", the first Part of our second Book entitled "Toil and Trouble", is available at the Witches' Diary.

The Shakespeare link at The Ice Queen's Snow Palace has been changed.

15. August 2000

The printable versions of both Interlude One stories are now available at the Witches' Diary!

1. August 2000

We added the next part of our epic to the Witches' Diary: Interlude One containing two short stories. Enjoy! The printable version will follow soon.

1. July 2000

Welcome to the newly built Space Witches HomePage! We hope to provide some entertainment to you, and would love to hear any comments you may have. Send us an e-mail or leave a message in our Guestbook!

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