Wytches World 2001

You could say this is the Space Witches' newspaper. Here you will find announcements, information about changes / additions to our HomePage, and any other important events happening in our universe.

29. December 2001

As the year 2001, so does Book 3 of the Space Witches' ongoing epic come to an end. The last part, "Conditional", is now available at the Witches' Diary. We wish all of you a good start into the New Year, and may all Gods and Goddesses hold their protecting hands above you!

15. December 2001

Sadly, we come to the last three chapters of Mistress Sarah's "Karma" series - and things get dangerous for our two heroes! Go read at once at the Witches' Familiars section.

4. December 2001

A bit later than planned, but better late than never... ;-) You can now find Part 4 of Fire Burn, "Future", at the Witches' Diary.

17. November 2001

Angel and Demon have new e-mail addresses! You can find them on their personal pages at the We Are Family section.

And here we go with the next three chapters of Mistress Sarah's "Karma" series - as usual at the Witches' Familiars section.

31. October 2001

Happy Halloween! Just in time for this special day, we put up "Present Perfect", Part 3 of "Fire Burn", at the Witches' Diary. Have fun reading and trick-or-treating!

13. October 2001

You can now find chapters 2-4 of Mistress Sarah's epic "Karma" at the Witches' Familiars section.

30. September 2001

Book 3 "Fire Burn" goes on with Part 2 "Present*, which you can now find at the Witches' Diary.

15. September 2001

Something for those who need distraction from the horrible events in the US. Alternating with our own Book 3 "Fire Burn", another of Mistress Sarah's elaborate series will be added to the Witches' Familiars section over the coming weeks. It's called "Karma", and again focusing on Matthew Gideon and John Matheson. And for those who visited Mistress Sarah's lair previously, yes we changed from hankies to tissues. :-)

12. September 2001

An addition to yesterday's message - this userfriendly strip expresses perfectly what we feel. Thanks Illiad.

11. September 2001

To all our American readers - the Space Witches were totally, utterly shocked to hear about the terrorist attacks on New York's World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

31. August 2001

It's time for Book 3, which is called Fire Burn. Part 1, "Past", is now up at the Witches' Diary.

11. August 2001

The fifth and final story of Interlude Two, "Light Blue Touch Paper and Retire", can be found at the Witches' Diary. You can now also consult a timeline of our stories for easier reference there.

We updated a few links and added some new ones, among them one to an American Gothic DVD Petition, at our Gateway page.

30. July 2001

"Missing", story no. 4 of Interlude Two, is now available at the Witches' Diary. Furthermore, we added due thanks to Mistress Sarah on the title page of "Procuring a Cure", which we had shamefully forgotten in the last update! Our most sincere apologies to MIstress Sarah!

And yes our counter is down, we're working on it... We love it SO much when services are changed without noticing the clients!

And talking about changes, ListBot will stop their free service, so Lily will manage the update list through her e-mail addy in the future. More information with the next update.

16. July 2001

You can find the third story of Interlude Two, "Procuring a Cure", at the Witches' Diary

3. July 2001

The second story of Interlude Two, "Nocturnal Habits" (also know as Nocturnal Emissions... *ng*) is now up at the Witches' Diary.

11. June 2001

We did it!!! Three weeks before our HomePage's first birthday, we had our 1000th visitor! :-D Thanks a lot to all of you out there who come here to read our stories! To celebrate this special occasion, here's a little treat. You can find the first story of Interlude Two, "Fear of Flying", at the Witches' Diary.

15. May 2001

The waiting is finally over... we can reveal a new section of our HomePage! It's called Witches Familiars, and it is... but why don't you go see for yourself? We hope you like it as much as we do!

13. April 2001

Just in time for the Easter holidays... and what day would be more perfect to update the Space Witches HomePage than Friday 13th anyway? ;-) Here is the final section of "Toil and Trouble", and it's called "Breaking Away". As usual you'll find it at the Witches' Diary. We also uploaded it to the Tripod version of the HomePage, but this really is the last update there. Refer to the news of 24. March for our new location! :-)

Talking about updates - the next one will be something special - a new section will be added to our HomePage, and we're *really* excited about it! But more in due time... remember, good things come to those who wait! ;-)

24. March 2001

We're back! :-D Tripod restored our site after it was deleted last week by their automated system going wild... Well it made us think anyway, and in the meantime we were offered help by a friend, so we took it! We decided to leave the HomePage at Tripod, but it won't be updated anymore. You can find the latest version of the Space Witches HomePage at http://www.ourdramaqueen.com/sw/ Many heartfelt thanks go out to the Drama Queen for hosting us at her domain -- Blessed be!

If you know anyone who enjoyed our stories but may not know yet of the HomePage's new location, please let them know!

To celebrate our resurrection, you'll find "Life and Death", the fourth section of "Toil and Trouble", at the Witches' Diary.

9. February 2001

"Out and About", the third section of "Toil and Trouble", is now up at the Witches' Diary.

Added a few more sites to the Gateway

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