Wytches World 2004

You could say this is the Space Witches' newspaper. Here you will find announcements, information about changes / additions to our HomePage, and any other important events happening in our universe.

2. December 2004

We are proud to present to you at the Witches' Diary Book 5: Something Wicked this Way Comes! No matter how much we wish to avoid them, some things have to be faced eventually...

2. November 2004

Yet again we have updated the Witches' Diary with two stories: The first one is "In Memoriam" of Michael Healy, and in the second one, "Secrets and Revelations", we find out even more about him - as well as a mysterious young man from Angel's past.

5. October 2004

Two stories have been added to the Witches' Diary: "Healed with a Kiss" about a mysterious plague and a just as mysterious (or not?) cure, and "Three Men and a Snake" in which a belated stag night gets somewhat out of control.

31. August 2004

The Witches' Diary has been updated with two new stories: "Heredity", in which the would-be teacher gets taught a lesson, and "Ranger's Return", in which Angel's solution to an old friend's problem is not quite what he expected it to be.

4. August 2004

We have added two more stories to the Witches' Diary: In "Loose Ends", John has some business to finish before he can start his new life, and in "Punishment", someone intends to deal out just that.

11. July 2004

Apolgoies for the delay with this update - the transfer from old to new computer did not go as smoothly as your webmistress would have wished. But at long last, we can present to you two new stories in the Witches' Diary: "A Quiet Evening at Home", which may just be the quiet before the storm, and "Avalon", which we hope won't become a final resting place...

30. May 2004

You can find a new story in the Witches' Diary - "Alternatives".

30. April 2004

We have updated the Witches' Diary with two more tales: Angel needs "These Sheltering Arms", while Matthew and John need the Witches' help for what they hope is "The Last Battle".

Unfortunately the new section I mentioned in February is more work intensive than anticipated, but it will be revealed in one of the next few updates.

15. March 2004

The Witches' Diary contains two new stories: "The Last Tango in Geneva", in which we learn more about John's past, and "End of the Trial", in which the future of not only Demon, but all four Space Witches and their families is in limbo.

8. February 2004

Updated the links on the Gateway page, and added a banner link to what probably is the funniest Stargate site out there in the world wide web. Go check it out! Meanwhile in our latest story which has been added to the Witches' Diary, the Excalibur crew and the Space Witches have to endure "The Centauri Trial":

The next two updates will take place in mid March and late April, and hopefully at the latter one, we'll be able to celebrate the grand opening of another section of the HomePage.

7. January 2004

Happy New Year to all of you! To celebrate, we have redesigned the HomePage slightly, including a new welcome picture. And not only do we have a brand new story in Interlude Four - "Shifting Sands", but also an addition to Interlude Two, called "Angel's Delight". As usual, these stories are waiting for you at the Witches' Diary:

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