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You could say this is the Space Witches' newspaper. Here you will find announcements, information about changes / additions to our HomePage, and any other important events happening in our universe.

29. November 2005

The wedding day is coming closer in chapter 2 of "A Marriage of Inconvenience", now available at the Witches' Diary.

22. October 2005

We're back with a brand new story, and its first chapter is waiting for you at the Witches' Diary. There seem to be wedding rumours making the rounds... find out if they're true in "A Marriage of Inconvenience". The printable version will be added once all chapters are online.

14. April 2005

Apologies for the delay with this update - once again Real Life interfered. But now we can finally present to you at the Witches' Diary the conclusion of Book 5: Finale. This will also be the last update for a while, but don't worry: This is not the end of the Space Witches' story. We will only go on hiatus for a while.

The Space Witches have been writing this little epic for almost five years now, and we feel that some Thank Yous are due! First of all, big thanks to the four ladies who so generously offered us their beta-reading services: Alexthecat, Antoinette, Helena and Rachel.

And of course, another "Thank you" goes to everyone who has been reading our stories. If you would like to be informed when we update next and are not a member of our notification list yet, send an e-mail to Lily, with the word "subscribe" in the subject of your message.

We hope to see you all again when we return. Until then - Blessed Be!

5. March 2005

Book 5 continues with Part 4: Regrets. Angel's family won't give up on her, but will they be able to find her? And how long can Angel resist Lucas' charm? To find out, head on over to the Witches' Diary.

30. January 2005

Find out if Lucas will get what he wants in three brand-new chapters of Book 5. Part 3: Divisions is now available at the Witches' Diary.

5. January 2005

Happy New Year to you all!

We continue Book 5 with three more chapters that make up Part 2: Persuasion. Find out at the Witches' Diary what the 'man behind the curtain' wants from the Witches and their families.

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