Wytches World 2003

You could say this is the Space Witches' newspaper. Here you will find announcements, information about changes / additions to our HomePage, and any other important events happening in our universe.

30. November 2003

In "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardroom", the Excalibur has an encounter with a Lion that may or may not be what it seems, and Angel asks a friend to do some historical research for her in "Discovery". Both stories are now up at the Witches' Diary:

2. November 2003

Angel finds something unexpected during a dreaded visit to Babylon 5 in our latest story, "Awakening", which is available for your reading pleasure at the Witches' Diary:

30. September 2003

Again we have two new stories to offer you in this month's update: "Bravery", showing how not listening well can have rather painful consequences, and "Bearing Arms", in which an unlikely hero saves the day. Both stories are now available at the Witches' Diary:

31. August 2003

The adventures of the Excalibur crew and the Space Witches continue in two all-new stories, now available at the Witches' Diary: The first story concentrates on "The Mage, the Thief, the Linguist and Their Lover", while Matthew and his crew and family have to face "Shadows of the Past" in the second.

31. July 2003

Two new adventures of the Space Witches are up at the Witches' Diary: "Gambling Man", and "Angel's Law".

29. June 2003

This update of the Witches' Diary offers another collaboration with Mistress Sarah, "The Spirit of the Outfield", and some interesting revelations about Matthew in "Surrender".

15. May 2003

In today's new stories "Comfort" and "Nothing Much on TV Tonight", things don't quite go as expected for Lily and Angel. But Matthew is also in for a few surprises. Find out more at the Witches' Diary.

12. April 2003

Sorry for the two week delay, but Real Life™ can sometimes turn into a roller coaster. The next two updates will be in mid May and late June.

In today's update, we catch up with Sarah Chambers in "Room Service" - a collaboration with Mistress Sarah - and join the men of the Excalibur on a dangerous mission in "Knives and Balls", both stories available at the Witches' Diary.

2. March 2003

Matthew has his hands full, quite literally, in this month's stories. You can find 'Poltergeist' and 'Déjeuner à Deux' at the Witches' Diary.

15. February 2003

Matthew Gideon is taken on an increasingly wild ride in the six final chapters of Mistress Sarah's Captain-Master series, now available for your reading pleasure at the Witches Familiars section.

This will be the last update of the Witches Familiars for a while, but of course the Witches' Diary will still be updated at the end of every month.

1. February 2003

This update is dedicated to our raven-haired and fiery-tempered sister - Interlude 4 continues with "Touched by an Angel" and "Angel's Ride", available as usual at the Witches' Diary.

14. January 2003

The first update of the new year brings more of Mistress Sarah's Captain-Master series! Three all-new chapters are now available for your reading pleasure at the Witches Familiars section.

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