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17. August 2005

The American Gothic: Complete Series DVD set is now listed at! For some reason they didn't update the entry where we were able to subscribe for a release notification - hence if you subscribed, you didn't get a note from them, at least not so far. Instead they put it on a new page. Click below if you want to pre-order your copy for shipment on October 25th. Let's make it a sales hit!

11. August 2005

More from - here you can find the large cover art and some menus! Looks like we'll get double-sided discs.

And it seems that news of the AG DVD release is making the rounds! Thanks to John for the link.

10. August 2005

This was just posted over at (CHECK OUT THE UPDATE!!!!)

Our retail friends came through for us again; American Gothic has been announced for October 25. The three disc set will contain all 22 episodes of the show (1002 mins), including 4 which didn't air during the initial run of the series. Universal is reporting a Full Frame (1.33:1) transfer, English/Spanish subtitles, and English mono audio, though we suspect the mono audio track is an error (Universal has previously reported sets would contain a mono track when it was actually Dolby Surround). The only extras for the set will be "Deleted and Extended Scenes." The SRP on the set is $39.98. Update: We've just been told there will be a commentary track by director Shaun Cassidy and the producer on the pilot episode! The SRP on the set is $49.98.

We were only able to dig up a small thumbnail shot of the artwork which we have enlarged for you below. We'll post the full-sized art when it's available.

American Gothic DVD cover art

So no commentaries. :( But while more extras would have been fantastic, at least we get deleted/extended scenes AND A COMMENTARY- and the episodes themselves! I guess the content won't change anymore but if you'd still like to let Universal know what you'd have liked to see added, or if you'd like to thank them for finally releasing AG on DVD, why not drop them a line?

Thank you all for not dropping the loyalty ball!

19. July 2005

Mark October 25th on your calendars and then all hail Gord from - he found out that this is the probable release date for American Gothic! Check out his news entry here!

18. July 2005

It's been a long draught, but FINALLY news - VERY GOOD news - and from Shaun Cassiy himself!!! Hardygirl and Lilith who were at his panel at past weekend's San Diego Comic Con have both reported that Shaun said American Gothic is to be released on DVD - tentative date October 2005! Lilith said that he sounded pretty final. To have the series itself FINALLY released is already fantastic, but of course we wouldn't mind some extras like commentaries, blooper reels etc., now would we? I'll keep you updated on any news I hear!

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