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17. December 2002

I've finally found time to sit down and write this update on the American Gothic DVD Petition.

You may remember that had expressed interest in producing an online limited edition box set of AG. It was recently brought to my attention that on their previous (and first) DVD box set project AU really, REALLY messed up. This was the cult TV series, "My So-Called Life" (see previous update). Maybe that explains why I haven't heard from them since early September... If you're interested in reading the whole story, there was a series of detailed articles published: parts 1, 2 and 3)

Those who find the above too lengthy may prefer this interview with Jason Rosenfeld, initiator of the MSCL DVDs.

For even more information, and to get a more immediate impression of the MSCL-fans' feelings on the situation, go to the DVD section of the forum.

I am sure you'll agree when I say, in light of this situation, that a collaboration with AU in bringing AG to DVD may not be in the best interest of AG and its loyal fans . However, I'm still convinced that it's possible to make our dream come true, and so is Jason, who kindly offered to help us.

I'm sure that with his experience and his contacts, he'll be able to call more attention to our Petition, and ultimately, to find someone who will produce a DVD box set of AG. It may take time, but with the increasing number of TV series being released on DVD, the companies owning the rights on such series seem slowly to be getting the idea that there *is* a market out there, even for niche/cult products. I'll be sure to keep you updated.

Sincere thanks to Jason and those members of who informed me of the MSCL DVD situation - and even more thanks to those who also signed the AG DVD Petition! Don't give up hope!

7. September 2002

Just a short update. We have a total of 1302 signatures at the moment, with more coming in daily.

You may remember that in June, I mentioned that have contacted Universal regarding a limited online release of AG - like they did for My So-Called Life (see and the news of 8. June 2002 for more info), but there seemed to be some rights issues at that time. Well it seems that whatever these issues were, they have been resolved in the meantime, and AU will keep pursuing this. My contact at AU thinks they should be able to get the rights, so we have reason for cautious optimism. I'll keep you posted!

1. August 2002

You may have noticed a few layout changes. That's because The AG DVD Petition is now an integral part of my new & improved AG site, Buck Mansion. Feel free to take a stroll around the house, and please sign the guestbook before you leave!

13. June 2002

We just broke through the 1000 vote mark! Way to go! :-)

8. June 2002

The AG DVD Petition is slowly but surely nearing the 1000 vote mark (150 at Dreambook and towards 840 at Petition Online). Keep signing!!!

I know I'm late, but I'd still like to congratulate Sam Raimi! Spiderman has broken all box office records in its opening weekend! (From a Variety article: Sony's web-slinging superhero finally leaped from comic-book pages to the silver screen this weekend, and the result was a mega-boffo bow that broke the all-time record for opening box office by 26% with an estimated $114 million over three days.) Not only that, but it continues to be a big hit - hopefully also in the international market.

This would be a good time for those among you who enjoy Spiderman, to drop Sam Raimi a note. Not only to congratulate him, but also to remind him that the same people who made Spiderman such a success are still eager to get American Gothic on DVD! Sam's address is still up on page 3 of the AG DVD Petition site.

Two more ways to 'pester' Universal:

  • have an e-mail addy where you can let them know which TV shows you'd like to see on DVD. If Amazon see a lot of interest in a particular series, they contact 'The Powers That Be' to let them know. They just did this for Miami Vice. The Gothniks may not be as numerous as the MV fans, but if we could get Amazon to take note of AG and its loyal fans, they may become interested. It may have been a while since the series aired, but the fanbase is still very loyal. If Amazon would contact Universal about a release of AG DVDs, I am sure that would help convince them that a release *would* be profitable. So even if you're not one of their customers (yet), please take a few minutes to let Amazon know at [email protected] that you want a boxed set of AG on DVD.

  • Something similar can be done here (thanks to Blaine for the link): You have to register before you can vote, but it's a simple process, and definitely worth it. From the site news of May 1st: "The biggest news from the past 6 months is something that has happened quite recently. I have entered into a partnership with Dry Grass Partners to explore cult TV shows to release on DVD. We're going to be using the votes on this site as well as message board activity and fan websites to gauge interest in TV shows. Dry Grass Productions was a driving force behind the "My So-Called Life" DVD set which is being sold online through I'm excited about the possibilities this partnership will bring, and I think it's an excellent way to get shows released that wouldn't necessarily stand a chance at retail." For information about the MSCL DVDs, see AU only does Region 0 releases, so these DVD's can be played on all DVD players around the world! The probability of them taking on AG is high - have already contacted Universal regarding such a release, and although there seem to be some issues over rights, AU are still pursuing it as a possibility. So do add your vote to asap!

20th February 2002

I found out who's responsible for the Home Video department at Universal: Mr. Craig Kornblau is President of Universal Studios Home Video, and Executive Vice President/General Manager of Universal Music & Video Distribution. So write your letters/postcards to him! Please take a moment to read the points I listed below before sitting down to write.

31. December 2001

An update before we move on to the new year. :-)

No news yet on the AG DVDs, so we'll have to keep pestering Universal about them! In addition to Universal's postal address, I added contact information for their DVD store, and also updated Sam Raimi's address, since the one I had doesn't seem to be valid anymore. I also found another address for Shaun Cassidy, c/o The Agency, his current series for Universal Television.

Please do take the time and contact Universal, Shaun Cassidy, and Sam Raimi. Writing letters or postcards does take more time than only signing the petition, but that's just why they can be more effective to show that people are dedicated about the DVDs, and the series itself.

I contacted many horror/fantasy/Sci-Fi/TV/DVD related sites when the petition went online, and many of them mentioned it. If you know an online, or even better, a print magazine or news service which could be interested, please contact them and ask them to mention the AG DVD Petition. I'd appreciate if you let me know what magazines you contacted. Alternatively, send me their address (snail mail and/or e-mail), and I'll put something together.

A few guidelines that may help:

  • Mention how much you love AG, why you love it, etc., and what you'd like to see on the DVDs.

  • Be sure to mention the petition (including URL)!

  • Be specific

  • Be courteous :-)

  • Get your family and friends who like American Gothic to sign or send letters/postcards/e-mails too. Every person counts!

Thanks to everyone who signed and supported the AG DVD Petition so far, and to those who still will. May 2002 be a happy year for all Gothniks!

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