The Captive Witch


by Alex the Cat

Onboard the Excalibur

Legolas Greenleaf stood beside Angel's bed and held out the worn piece of glass to her. Gods, after several thousand years, he still got rock hard just looking at her face.

"We meet again, my lady."

He had followed her into the forest, and he had caught up with her just in time to see her fall and see the glass ball shatter into a million pieces. Something that he never was able to explain to himself or anyone else had happened then, and she just disappeared before his eyes. He had picked up a shard of the glass and taken it with him. He had carried it with him everywhere he had gone for several thousand years.

Angel knew it was him, though he looked different. His eyes were brown, like dark rich chocolate and his short hair was dark, but the face was all Legolas, as was his smile.

She reached a hand out to touch his hand, and as had happened before, his mere touch filled her with desire. This was Legolas, no doubt about it. She sat up, a bit too quickly though, and dizziness forced her to lie back down. Luke came to see what the commotion was.

"Lt. Greenleaf, I thought you were here for your shots, not to bother my real patients." And he shooed Legolas over to the nurses' station where a very pretty blond nurse had him turn around, so she could do his injection in his hip. Angel stared with cold eyes at the young woman. Luke noticed that her eyes followed the young weapons specialist everywhere.

"Who is he, Angel? You seem to know him."

"He's an old friend, Luke. No one for you to worry about. Now can I go back to my own quarters? I'm sure Lily and Demon will take care of me."

"You're still awfully shaky. I don't want you to fall again."

Angel turned her feminine wiles on Luke. He was a good friend, but he was a man and couldn't resist her blue eyes and her smile. He let her go with the promise that she'd let Lily and Demon come by to check on her and help her until her dizziness went away.

She managed to get Legolas to walk her back to her quarters under the watchful eye of Luke Raven. Luke finally went back to Medbay, leaving her alone with the elf.

"So now tell me why you have brown hair and eyes. Are you still an elf?"

He showed her his ears, pointed elf ears still. He popped his lenses out and looked at her with midnight blue eyes. She remembered looking into them as he moaned in passion. She felt heat pool inside her at the thought of making love with him again.

"What about your hair?"

"Cut and dyed brown. I don't draw so much attention with brown hair, even with the ears."

"Kiss me then, elfboy." Angel wasn't shy about what she wanted and never had been. He sat down beside where she lay on the sofa and leaned down to kiss her. His mouth met hers gently, but didn't stay that way. His hunger for her was obvious. His tongue slipped into her eager mouth as his hands moved under her sweater. He unfastened the front closure of her bra and cupped her naked breasts, rubbing his thumbs over rapidly hardening nipples as he explored her mouth, then began nibbling and kissing down her neck to her collarbone.

"Are you sure you're well enough for this?" He whispered in between kisses. She just moaned as he lifted her sweater and leaned his mouth down to her breasts, suckling her like a hungry baby. She pulled her sweater over her head and flung it to the floor. He then began a journey down her belly that had her whimpering and thrashing by the time he slid her pants off and opened her legs so he could taste her. He opened her folds with his long fingers, rubbing her clit with his index finger as he touched her with his tongue, lapping up her sweetness until she clamped her legs around him and screamed his name.

He stood and removed his uniform. His body was slender and strong. He had little body hair, none actually except a dark blond patch of pubic hair that Angel wanted to touch. His cock was hard and stood almost straight up against his flat belly. He reached a hand down and stroked it so she could watch him. Angel was amazed at how beautiful he was. She had so little time with him the first time they had met.

"Come here," she breathed. He did. He lay on top of her, pressing his naked body against hers. He settled himself between her legs. She wiggled enough to make him moan involuntarily, and opened herself for him. She knew that was something he couldn't resist. He moved above her and entered her quickly, thrusting hard, groaning with pleasure. He came so quickly that Angel was amazed, and then she was amazed again when he kept thrusting deep into her, still rock hard. is eyes fixed on hers, sapphire and midnight. He filled her with his body, his presence, his soul. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders. His mouth found hers as she moaned and gasped in pleasure, the sounds muffled by his kisses.

He rolled over and pulled her on top of him to rest. He pulled the afghan down from the arm of the sofa and covered them both up. She smiled and let herself drift off to sleep. Legolas would keep her safe.

"Let me get this straight. One of my new weapons officers is staying in Angel's quarters with her?" Matthew had that incredulous look that could only mean trouble for Angel.

Demon just smiled at him. She wasn't bothered when he got like this. Very little upset Demon's calm. She knew about Angel's new friend. She knew all about him, but didn't think that Matthew needed to know as much as she did.

"Angel is fine. She likes the young man, and he likes her. Just leave them alone."

Matthew was still seething an hour later. Angel had taken up with one of the new weapons officers! He tried not to think of why he was so upset. Images of nights spend with her flashed unbidden through his mind. They were memories he cherished, but dared not to let surface very often. But right now, he couldn't stand the thoughts of that BOY between her thighs.

He decided to visit the boy at his duty station.

He found Greenleaf hard at work, doing calculations on the data pad on his console.


He stood, saluted Matt and said, "Sir!"

"At ease, Greenleaf. I hear that you're not staying in your quarters, but with my wife's sister."

"She is a friend of mine, Sir."

"How can that be? Where did she meet you?" He peered closely at Greenleaf to see how nervous his questions made the young man.

"I think you might be better satisfied with her answers to those questions, Sir."

"You won't answer me?"

"I'd rather she did, but I will if you insist, Sir."

"I insist."

"I am from a place called Middle Earth, and when Angel fell recently, she was really in my land with me. She and I became close."

Gideon was about to pop a blood vessel trying not to laugh. "Middle Earth!? Yeah right! And you're an elf, I'll bet."

Legolas pulled his hair back off his ear. Matthew opened his mouth as if to speak and closed it again, speechless for once. Finally regaining the power of speech, Gideon said, "I don't care what or who you are, Greenleaf. Don't you hurt Angel. She's my family, and I'll hunt you down if you hurt her.

Legolas looked into Gideon's eyes, "I would not knowingly hurt her. She has come to mean a lot to me."

Gideon glared at him. "See that you don't," and he walked away.

Legolas and Angel explored more ways of pleasure than he had known in his thousands of years. Only one other had ever meant so much to him. Angel was a delight with her passion for life. She wanted everything, and she wanted it all now. It was the one thing he wished he had, but as an immortal, that was one thing that was denied him and others like him: that childlike impatience for life.

They sat in her quarters on the sofa, she had curled up against him as they both enjoyed a bit of quiet after a long day, his on duty and hers at her work in Medbay.

"Was Middle Earth like the books? Were they true?"

"Yes and no. The books couldn't convey the horror and the suffering. Frodo Baggins was the most tortured soul I ever met. The burden of the Ring was heavier than anyone could imagine and so was its pull. I still imagine I hear that voice inside my head now and again, whispering to me, making promises."

"What about Aragorn? Boromir?"

"Aragorn was always more elf than man, but he made a good leader. Boromir's death made Aragorn human, something that his birth couldn't do. He may have loved Arwen, but his heart was with Boromir. Everything Boromir did was done with passion, even if it wasn't always with conviction. He came with us not really believing and in the end, he died defending the Fellowship." He touched his face, amazed when his fingers came away wet with tears.

Angel's own face was wet as she thought of the depth of a grief that he had carried for thousands of years. She knew that she could only imagine his pain. She put her arms around him and held him. She kissed his cheek and as they sat, her caresses grew less comforting and more erotic as she slid her hands down his chest, his stomach to the zipper on his uniform pants. He was hard very quickly, and she smiled as she slid the zipper down.

Angel moved so she was on her knees in front of Legolas. He watched, fascinated, as she reached inside his pants and slid his erection out. She looked up into his eyes as she touched him with the tip of her tongue. He sighed, a sound that made Angel almost melt. He reached his hands down and tangled them in her silky black hair. He also pushed himself into her mouth just a bit farther. She felt him tremble as she slid her mouth down over him. She smiled to herself at the sound he made when she grazed her teeth up the lower side of his swollen cock.

She had meant to finish him with her mouth, but the elf had different ideas. He pulled her up into his arms. He kissed her hard, his tongue plundering, demanding she acquiesce to him. He stood and carried her to the bed, dumping her rather unceremoniously onto it. She looked up at him, expecting him to undress and join her, but he didn't bother with undressing. He fell on her, pulling and tearing at her clothes enough to make her breasts available for him. He grabbed both wrists and held them above her head as he licked and sucked her tender, aching breasts.

With his other hand, Legolas pulled her leggings down, Angel squirming to help him. She lifted her legs up so he could finish removing the tight leggings, leaving her exposed completely to him. Still holding her hands over her head with one hand, he slid the other hand between her legs. She opened them for him. He slid his fingers into her folds, finding her tiny pleasure center and rubbing it gently as she squirmed and whimpered.

She looked into his eyes and saw fire. He shifted in the bed, letting her hands go long enough to position himself between her legs. He plunged into her, hard and fast. While he was buried deep inside her, he stretched his body over hers so he could capture her wrists above her head again. She arched up against him, inflaming him further as he slammed into her so hard that her bed banged the wall. He was splitting her in half, driving her wild! She cried out in pleasure over and over again, followed by Legolas' own cries as he came inside her, pulsating deep inside her until he was spent.

He let her wrists go and gathered her into his arms and rolled over so she was lying on top of him. He kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her eyes and finally her mouth as she struggled to catch her breath. His rubbed her back and held her for a long time.

Only one man had ever made love to her like Legolas had. She pushed that other man out of her mind and looked up into pure midnight blue eyes.

Legolas kissed her, her lips igniting the fire in his body again. He couldn't seem to get enough of her. After he had her, he just wanted her again and again. She was like the Ring, her lure was almost impossible to ignore. He deepened the kiss and moved her over him, smiling as she moved onto him, taking him into her sweet, tight body yet again. The pleasure this time was slow and sweet, like a gentle wave rolling over them, sweeping them along with it.

They rested. But not for long. Legolas gently slid her off of himself and onto her side. He moved behind her and began kissing her neck and shoulders and whispering in his native tongue. His hands slid around to her front, one cupping a breast and teasing the nipple with his thumb while the other slid into damp curls at the v of her legs. He pulled her back against him. She whimpered when he pressed his hard cock against her again. She was still slick and relaxed from being penetrated so many times, but she tightened around him as he entered her yet again.

He wondered at the wounded look he could see in her eyes now and again, then thought about his own wounds and wondered if they were visible to her as well. As he began to move in and out, all thought was lost in sensation as he gave himself to his own her pleasure. After Angel came, he pulled out and moved up enough to press against her other entrance. He moved slowly and buried himself inside her again. He tried to be quiet, but couldn't. He moaned and growled and grunted and even whispered a word or two he'd learned from the humans. He rubbed her clitoris as he slid in and out. Her rhythmic contractions were his undoing as he spilled inside her yet again.

"Legolas," she finally said as he held her and smoothed her tangled hair back from her face, "if you touch me again, I think I might die!"

He smiled to himself. He always tended to forget how frail these humans really were.

"My lady, I am sorry I have misused you." He kissed her sweaty brow.

"Oh, Legolas, it's just, well, so much in one night."

"I sometimes forget that humans don't have an elf's endurance."

She turned and looked at him quizzically. "How many times can you do it in a night, Legolas?"

"As many times as I wish, Angel. Is this not so with men?"

Angel burst out laughing. "Not quite, though some do go almost all night."

She snuggled back into his arms, and soon they both slept.

The next morning, Angel had to work, but Legolas didn't. He decided to take a look at Angel's Ball of Sight. He had been fascinated to find that she had another one. She had explained how it worked, how she could use it to open an invisible window to see in other places. It looked like a Palantir to him still.

He went to where she had left it on a stand in her bedroom. It looked like a normal glass ball, or at least it did until he got close to it, then it began to cloud up inside. He hesitated before he touched it, the fear of the Palantir still deep in him. When he finally did touch it, it was warm to the touch. He almost dropped it as images began to form.

The image was not in this ship. It was of elves, elves he knew, his family and friends. They were at a banquet table, all smiling and laughing. He saw himself. His hair was still short but it was blond again, and he was dressed in soft velvets instead of a scratchy uniform. He sat beside the head of the table, and it was obvious that it was a special occasion because of the way all the elves were dressed.

That vision faded and was replaced by Angel and the Captain. They sat side by side and were laughing about something. The Captain pulled her into his arms and kissed her, obviously very much in love with her, if the look he gave her was any indication. But it wasn't the Captain at all, but a man who looked almost identical. This man was a little heavier than Gideon and his hair was longer. His eyes were not Gideon's. He would not like to be on the wrong side of this man.

Was this then the future? If he stayed, would this happen? Would Angel miss this man? Could she love him, Legolas?

The image changed again. Angel was crying, screaming, laying over a body. HIS body! And the man who looked like Gideon stood above her with an evil grin and a PPG aimed at her. She was begging, but the man didn't seem to care. That image faded.

Legolas sat down. He knew then he had to go. He had to leave Angel. If he stayed, she would never be happy. Nor would he. Her happiness depended on this man with the cold eyes. And he did want to go home. He had not been home in many, many years.

He decided he would leave. He went to his own quarters and activated a small transmitter. It was encrypted so that its signal couldn't be picked up by the Excalibur or any ship except the one it was sent to.

"The orders came from where?" Gideon asked John Matheson.

"President Sheridan's office. Lt. Greenleaf is to be picked up in 48 hours by a ship that will send us a code to identify itself."

"But where is he going?"

"The President's office didn't say, sir."

"Notify Greenleaf and prepare to go to the rendezvous point."

Angel knew he was leaving before he said anything. She didn't know how she knew, but she did.

"When are you leaving?" She asked as she walked up behind him in Lily's garden. "I've been looking for you. I had a feeling you were going to leave."

"I need to go home. It's been too many years since I've been there."

"I love you, Legolas."

"I love you too, Angel. But there is someone else in your heart. I can feel him sometimes. Sometimes when we are making love, a sadness crosses your face for a second and I know you're thinking of him."

"He and I have no chance."

"Don't be so sure, love."

"Is there someone at home too?"

"Yes," he admitted, looking at her sadly, "someone who might love me, and I never knew..." He trailed off.

"So when do you go?"

"We will meet my ship in the morning."

"So we have tonight?"

"Yes." He pulled her into his arms and kissed her until standing was hard to do. They made love there in the garden, among the fruit trees, the smell of blossoms all around them. Thoughts of other lovers didn't intrude this time. They both cried as he took her to heights of pleasure she had felt with only one man before. But tonight was Legolas' night, and Angel thought of nothing but his blue eyes and his sweet kisses.

A small earthlike planet somewhere out beyond the rim of known space.

Legolas got off the ship. Only one person was there to greet him.

"You don't look much like an elf, Legolas," said the rich melodious voice.

"It will grow out soon."

"I had wondered if you would ever return to me."

"I didn't know."

"My sweet young one, so adventurous and brave. I've waited a long time for you to return to me."

"And I have, and I love you. I know that now. If you'll have me, I'll never leave your side again."

Elrond pulled him into his arms and kissed him, a first kiss but certainly not the last one.

The Excalibur

Angel noticed that her Ball of Sight had been moved. She picked it up to return it to its place. It went cloudy. When the clouds parted, there he was, the man she loved more than her own life. He was smiling at her, a smile full of love and promise. Then he faded away.

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