The Captive Witch

by Alex the Cat

The Space Witch and her pretty elf by Angel
The Space Witch and her pretty elf
by Angel

Summary: Angel gets more than she bargained for when she accidently gets sent back to Middle Earth!
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, nor do i profit from their use. They are used for amusement purposes only. Angel belongs to herself and the other characters belong to their respective owners/creators.
Note: Angel herself requested this story after seeing and becoming quite enamored with Legolas in Peter Jackson's LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring. I was more than happy to oblige her!
Rating: NC-17

The Excalibur - 2272 AD

Angel sat in her room with the Ball of Sight in her lap. She wasn't using it, just sitting there holding it in her lap while she tried to read The Fellowship of the Ring. The turbulence of the ship was rocking her all over the place. She'd never known such a rough patch of hyperspace. She had asked Demon what was going on, and 'turbulence' was the only answer she got. Demon wasn't going to say more, so Angel dropped it.

All of a sudden, the ship lost gravity for about five seconds, just long enough for Angel to float up off the sofa. Then the gravity returned. She remembered falling, falling and then nothing...

A forest outside Rivendell- during the period when the Fellowship was readying themselves for their journey to Mordor.

Legolas Greenleaf heard something behind him. A very female voice was saying some very unladylike things. Actually, he wasn't sure what she was saying, but the words sounded obscene. He turned and something hit him, hard enough to land him on his backside. He grabbed that something by her arms and held her away from him. She was beautiful. She had black hair and the bluest eyes he'd ever seen. Her ears! She was human.

"Let me go, you stupid--" Her eyes widened when she looked at him. "What are you?"

"I am Legolas Greenleaf of Mirkwood." She howled with laughter.

"Right! Legolas Greenleaf!" She laughed even louder. He shook her. Those blue eyes flashed at him.

"Let go of me. You're hurting me!" She yelled.

She didn't look hurt. She looked excited to him. Her face was flushed, and her eyes sparkled. She surely excited him, as evidenced by how uncomfortable his leggings were all of a sudden.

"I'm taking you to see Lord Elrond." He dragged the woman to her feet and that was when he noticed it. He noticed her Ball of Sight laying on the ground. A Palantir? She had a Palantir? Was she a spy from Sauron? Was she from Isengard?

The woman fought him like a demon. He struggled with her, but he was strong, stronger than a human. He finally tied her hands behind her, despite her screams and struggles. When they got to Rivendell proper, he stood still for a bit, trying to tame the tightness in his leggings. Every time he looked back at the beauty in her red, skin-tight leggings and red tunic, he wanted to shove her down into the soft green grass and take her, until she screamed his name over and over.

Legolas Greenleaf! Indeed! She was going to kill one Captain Matthew Gideon for this! He must have spent a year's salary on this joke! How could he have known what she was reading? Had Demon told him? Damn him anyway! Sometimes he just went too far. [Just you wait, Matt!]

The elf was good though. He even had little pointed ears. And he was handsome. Goddess, was he handsome! All that silver blond hair, and those deep blue eyes. The way he looked at her wasn't lost on her either, nor was the bulge under his tunic. Matthew had found the perfect specimen to play Legolas. She wondered if the hair was real.

The ropes on Angel's wrists were chafing, so while 'Legolas' busied himself with adjusting his leggings, she set her mind to untying herself. Her mind untied the ropes in short order. She kept her hands behind her back anyway. No use giving her secrets away so soon. Not until she found out what they planned to do with her.

Legolas led her into the home of Elrond. [Rivendell. Right!] It must have cost a fortune to do all this. She followed him through passages and halls. Nothing was closed up. Huge windows made the rooms seem as if they were still outdoors. She took it all in, wide-eyed. She didn't ignore the elf's tight butt or his long legs as he walked in front of her either.

Elrond was as beautiful in his own way as Legolas was, with his dark hair and those intense blue eyes. He fit the part as well as Legolas did his. What planet had Matt found to stage this thing on?

"This is a human I found in the forest. She had this," Legolas held out her Ball of Sight to Elrond, "Palantir with her."

Elrond took the Ball and looked at it closely. He held it up to the light and ran his hands all over it. His brow wrinkled as he studied the ball. He finally lay it on a table behind him, careful to place it in a place where it would be safe from rolling off the edge. He turned his attention to Angel and smiled.

"And who might you be?"

"I might be Goldilocks, but I'm not. I'm Angelique Denier."

He just looked at her for a long minute, like he could see inside her. "You are lost here, though. You must be tired and hungry. I shall have some food and a bath prepared for you." He nodded to a dark haired female elf who left the room.

"Legolas, take your guest to the chamber beside yours."

When Angel moved to get her Ball, Elrond said, "I think I'll keep this for a bit. I know it's not a Palantir, but I'm not sure what it is. I'd like Gandalf to see it, before I give it back."

Angel was angry. This had gone far enough! She raised her hand and made the Ball rise from the table and come toward her. Elrond plucked it from the air and put it back on the table. He looked hard at her then smiled again. He was almost impossible for her to read. Was the smile one of indulgence or did anger glitter in those eyes?

"No harm will come to it. It will be returned to you." He turned and addressed Legolas. "Take her to her room."

Legolas grabbed her roughly by her elbow and jerked her toward the door. She jerked her arm away from him, but followed him from the room. He took her arm again once they were outside in the hall.

The very air was charged with his anger AND his arousal as Legolas led, well, dragged the woman to her room. He allowed her to eat and wash up a bit, before he said anything to her.

"Will tying you do any good?"

"What do you think?"

"I think I shall do it anyway. And stay here with you to guard you. Right here with you." He picked up her as if she was a small child and plopped her unceremoniously in the middle of the big bed. Before she could do anything, he had tied her left wrist to the bedpost and then he tied her right. He towered over her, looking down on her. She almost took his breath away. He could see her nipples through the thin red material of her tunic. He wanted to suck them, bite them till she screamed and moaned beneath him.

This woman made him crazy, made him want to hurt her, want to love her! It was so confusing. Elves didn't normally show a lot of emotion. That came from being immortal. There just didn't seem to be anything to get all upset or excited about most of the time. But this girl. She was all excitement. She made his blood boil. She made his cock ache. She made him furious.

He moved up on the bed over her. She didn't look very afraid. She looked defiant. And she looked aroused. Her eyes were darkened and her lips were parted. She slipped her tongue out and ran it along her lower lip. He swooped down on her, laying his body over hers, kissing her hard, plunging his tongue in, conquering not exploring. He raised up and grabbed her shirt, tearing it from top to bottom.

The sight of her creamy white breasts made Legolas' cock twitch. He reached one hand down and freed himself from his leggings. He sat back on his haunches and stroked himself as he looked at her. He reached for her leather leggings, drawing them down, down until she was exposed fully to him. He had to remove her boots first then he slid the leggings off. Legolas realized he was about to take her, whether she wanted it or not. He didn't care. He moved over her, and looked down into her sapphire blue eyes. He knew then that it wouldn't be rape. She was consenting. He slid his hand down to touch her, opening her folds and sliding his fingers in easily. He moved down her body, finally suckling those perfect breasts as his fingers continued their assault.

"Legolas!" She gasped as she arched into his hand.

"Yes, my lady?" His voice was a low purr as he looked up from her nipple.

"Take me now!" Angel found herself saying to this beautiful stranger.

He did, plunging in deep and hard. She gasped as her body welcomed his assault. His mouth was still at her breast. He bit her nipple, pulling it with his teeth until it hurt just enough to make her groan. Then he moved up enough to kiss her while he thrust into her. Legolas had his hands on either side of her and his tongue in her mouth as he slammed into her. She felt her body begin to tighten around him, not allowing him to pull all the way out.

Angel let go of any control she had left and went hurtling out into that place of pleasure that defies description. Legolas went with her, murmuring her name as she felt him fill her. He pounded into her again and again, until he lay unmoving on top of her, still joined to her with his head resting on her shoulder.

He finally moved from her and lay down beside her, falling asleep almost immediately. Angel smiled to herself and worked the ropes loose again with her mind. She grabbed her clothes and dressed. She took the elf's shirt, since her own was beyond repair. She tiptoed out of the room and down the hall to where Elrond had put her Ball of Sight. The young witch heard giggles coming from somewhere.

"Come out, wherever you are," she called and two little men came tumbling out from behind a large chair. They stood up nervously and grinned at her.

"I'm Merry, and this is Pippin. We're Frodo's cousins. We heard that there was a pretty lady here, and we wanted to see her."

Angel stood there with her mouth open. Hobbits! They were gorgeous little men actually. Merry was the taller of the two. He had lovely brown curls and a stubborn little face. He was actually quite handsome, if he hadn't been so tiny. The other one, Pippin, had the sweetest smile she had ever seen. His blue eyes sparkled with good humor. And their feet! They were big and hairy, just like the books said. These two looked like trouble was wherever they were.

"I need some help getting outside. Can you help me?"

"Well, sure we can, my lady." Both of them bowed, and she followed as they ran toward the door.

Angel wondered when she had stopped thinking this was a prank and started believing it was real. Out in the courtyard, everything looked the same. She finally spotted the gates, and she headed for the forest. She had no idea how she was going to get home, but she knew she had to go back to where the elf had found her.

Legolas woke bound to the bed. He was furious with himself for falling under the woman's spell and even more furious that she appeared to be gone. A head popped in the door. Merry's head was followed by Pippin's head. Legolas looked down at his naked body and over at his tied wrists.

"Come here and untie me." He said it deliberately and calmly. Merry untied one side and Pippin the other. "Now where did she go?"

Merry said nothing, that stubborn jaw tightening at the question. Pippin piped up and said, "Who?"

"Angel," was the calm reply.

"OOOOH, the lady? Merry and I helped her find her way outside." Merry gave Pip a stern look, but those looks never did much good.

Legolas got up and put his leggings back on. He didn't have time to be embarrassed by what the hobbits had seen. He threw on his over tunic and grabbed his knife. He ran out the door and back toward the part of the forest where he had found her. He hadn't decided whether he wanted to save her or punish her. He knew he had to find her, though.

This looked like where she had come into the forest, but so did every other part of it! Damn! This wasn't going to be easy. Angel knew that someone would be after her soon. She ran, and she ran, and ran until she thought her lungs would burst, then she ran some more. The forest still looked the same. She stumbled over a tree root, and the Ball of Sight flew from her hands and hit a tree. It shattered in a million pieces! All of a sudden, she was falling, falling ...and everything went black.

Legolas could not believe she just disappeared like that. She was gone! He picked up a piece of the shattered glass and held it in his hand. He just stood there for a long time. Then he slid the piece of glass in his pocket and headed back to Rivendell.

Angel awoke in Medbay. Luke stood over her, looking concerned. Demon was pale with worry as she looked at Angel. Gideon stood with his arm around his wife. Angel tried to raise herself up, but Luke put a hand out to motion her back down.

"You had quite a bump on your head, Angel. Got a nasty little concussion and scared Demon and Lily to death!"


"Just rest." So she did.

Angel found out later that she had fallen and hit her head on the Ball of Sight, shattering it and giving herself a concussion. She had been out for several days. The Excalibur had gone to the nearest base for some repairs while she was unconscious. They had even picked up a few new pilots and weapons specialists.

One of these men had come down to Medbay for some shots that he'd managed to avoid before his new assignment. Angel was sitting at Luke's desk when he came in, getting ready to return to her quarters. She glanced at the young man idly.

And almost fainted.

It was him! The hair was dark and the eyes brown, but it was him. She just stared.

He reached in his pocket and took out a piece of glass, worn over time to a dull finish, but Angel knew what it was.

He laid it in her hand and said, "We finally meet again, my lady."

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