The Wheel of Time...

keeps turning and cannot be stopped. Since our story developed into a veritable epic-in-the-making, we would like to help you place these events in the Babylon 5 / Crusade and Space Witches universe with this timeline. We will update it as new stories are added. The order of the Crusade episodes is the same as given in the Official Babylone 5 Magazines.




January 2267

War Zone

Gideon is given command of the Excalibur and gathers his crew.

February 2267

The Long Road

Gideon and Galen meet up with Alwyn, another Technomage, on Regula IV.

March 2267

Appearances and Other Deceits

The Excalibur is invaded by an alien life form and Gideon has to accept a change of uniform.

March/April 2267

The Memory of War

Galen tries to stop the crew going down to the planet where they find the Technomage virus. Chambers and Galen develop the temporary virus screen.

April 2267

The Needs of Earth

Gideon and Dureena free a prisoner and obtain something they hadn’t expected – hope.

May 2267

Racing the Night

Galen helps the Excalibur crew escape the trap set by a race infected by the Drakh plague.

13/14 May 2267

Visitors From Down the Street

Some unexpected visitors speak perfect English, and Gideon doesn’t like being lied about.

May 2267

Each Night I Dream of Home

Chambers finds out more about the Drakh plague and the Excalibur has some familiar visitors. One of them seems to give Gideon gas.



An ‘accident’ in the laundry destroys the bellhop uniforms and the crew go back to basic black.

June 2267

The Path of Sorrows

Gideon won’t leave the alien behind, but it arouses uncomfortable memories for him, Matheson and Galen.

June 2267

Patterns of the Soul

Robert Black and his team have been deliberately infected by the Drakh plague and pass it on to the sole survivors of Dureena’s people.

June 2267

Ruling From the Tomb

Doomsday cultists plan to blow up a Medical Conference on Mars. The crew of the Excalibur and Lochley stop them just in time. Max teaches Dureena to dance.

July 2267

The Rules of the Game

Gideon tries to negotiate with the perfect idiot and nearly gets himself and Lochley killed. Max saves his ex-wife and Mr. Kitty.

July 2267

The Well of Forever

Galen finds the secret of the Well and hi-jacks the Excalibur to get himself there. They take Mr Jones along for the ride and Gideon blackmails him into leaving Matheson alone.

August 2268

Book 1: Double Double

The Excalibur arrives at Eriadne B and meets the Space Witches for the first time.

September 2268


Chambers returns to the Excalibur and Dr. Raven has to leave, but he and Matheson share some memories and a little more.

October 2268

Wake-up Call

Dureena has some surprising news for Max.

December 2268

Book 2: Toil and Trouble

The senior team from the Excalibur return to Eriadne and find a few surprises.

December 2268

Fear of Flying

Before he leaves Eriadne, Gideon learns something new about Demon.

February 2269

Nocturnal Habits

Angel and Lucas settle into their new home.

February 2269

Angel's Delight

A rather interesting breakfast on the morning after.

February 2269

Procuring a Cure

Gideon's past reaches out for him, but it's not quite a full hand.

March 2269


Demon is struggling with her sense of loss.

March 2269

Light Blue Touch Paper and Retire

Because when Lily loses her temper it's like a sky rocket going up.

April 2269

Book 3: Fire Burn

Gideon gets a message and responds accordingly.

June 2269

Tangled Web

A cure is in sight at last.

July 2269

The Long Way Home

The Excalibur heads for home, wherever that may be, but encounters a few difficulties along the way.

August 2269


John's hopes sustain him.

Late August 2269

Book 4: Cauldron Bubble

The Excalibur returns to Eriadne.

October 2269

Book 4: Cauldron Bubble

The witches leave Eriadne and go to Mars where they meet someone they didn't expect to find.

November 2269


Gideon returns to a planet to keep a promise.

December 2269

Christmas present

Flying isn't the only thing that Demon is afraid of.

January 2270

Keeping up with the Joneses

The Joneses catch up with John but find their job is more difficult than it should be.

April 2270

Away From Home

Loneliness and separation can lead to some unexpected behavior.

May 2270

Just One of Those Days

Lily is not having a good time, and Matthew gets himself into a mess.

June 2270

Cartoon Time

Gideon wants a pet name so Demon obliges.

June 2270

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Lucas finds a new home.

July 2270

Touched by an Angel

An Angel's touch isn't always gentle.

August 2270

Angel's Ride

Angel wants a ride on the wild side.

September 2270


Gideon has to apply a hands on approach.

October 2270

Déjeuner à Deux

Gideon and Demon share an anniversary dinner.

December 2270

Room Service

A reunion brings unexpected consequences for Gideon when Alwyn brings a friend to the Excalibur.

December 2270

Knives and Balls

A dangerous mission for the men of the Excalibur.

January 2271


Lily's baby is born, but who is the father?

March 2271

Nothing Much on TV Tonight

Angel watches her favorite TV programs.

April 2271

The Spirit of the Outfield

Luke has to get out his catcher's mitt when the Excalibur has unexpected visitors.

May 2271


When the only option available is surrender.

July 2271

Gambling Man

Everyone is having a ball.

August 2271

Angel's Law

Angel takes an unexpected vacation, and her sisters join in the fun.

October 2271

The Mage, the Thief, the Linguist and Their Lover

More visitors create problems, but there really is no place like home.

December 2271

Shadows of the Past

Gideon's past catches up with him and the future looks bleak.

February 2272


Sometimes Demon should listen more carefully.

February 2272

Me, Myself and Bo

Angel finds that occasionally, listening to her inner voice pays off quite handsomely.

April 2272

Bearing Arms

A crisis on the Excalibear.

May 2272


A visit to Babylon 5 gives Angel a new friend.

July 2272

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardroom

Appearances can be deceiving.

August 2272


Angel needs to discover the truth.

August 2272

Shifting Sands

Max finds something dangerous hidden in the sands.

September 2272

The Centauri Trial

A new mission for Gideon and the Excalibur takes them to some familiar places.

October 2272

The Last Tango in Geneva

John remembers his past while Luke can only hope he has a future.

November 2272

End of the Trial

Things haven't got much better in the Gideon household.

December 2272

These Sheltering Arms

Angel seeks solace with an old love.

February 2273

The Last Battle

Some old enemies reappear and have to be dealt with.

May 2273


Life is full of alternatives, some less pleasant than others.

June 2273

A Quiet Evening at Home

The quiet before the storm?

July 2273


A final resting place?

July 2273

Loose Ends

John has one last task to complete before starting his new life

November 2273


Sometimes even the innocent are punished

June 2274


Gideon tutors Marcus and learns a lesson of his own

September 2274

Ranger's Return

A friend from Angel's old life needs help

November 2274

Healed with a Kiss

Another search for another cure, but who is the stranger who finds it and why does he help?

January 2275

Three Men and a Snake

A boys' night out ends with some surprises

June 2275

In Memoriam

Angel remembers

May 2276

Secrets and Revelations

An unexpected visitor reminds Angel of past events

July 2276

Book 5: Something Wicked This Way Comes

The past is never truly dead. Sometimes it's only sleeping. And sometimes there are nightmares...

April 2280

A Marriage of Inconvenience

Weddings bring families together, but not all guests are invited.

September 2281 My Family Sometimes, even teachers need to be taught a lesson.
April 2284 Lost in Space In the darkness of space some things can be lost while others can be found. But sometimes things which are found would be better staying lost.
June 2288 Serenity Not everything that’s shiny comes in small packages.
May 2291 Darkness Descends Nothing good ever seems to come out of Sector 14, with one notable exception. But now a new evil is spreading from that mysterious space, and other forces of darkness are coming together. Can the forces of light resist?

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