The Witches of Eriadne:
Interlude One - Part 1: Sharing

by The Space Witches

The Excalibur beside Babylon 5
The Excalibur beside Babylon 5
Taken from the B5/Crusade Spoiler Junkies Page


NC-17. M/M


It's time for Dr. Raven to leave the Excalibur and parting is such sweet sorrow...


The Crusade characters and technical equipment featured in this story are the property of JMS, Babylonian Productions, Warner Brothers, etc. The Space Witches and the rest of the characters and technical equipment are our own creations, with the exception of Dr. Raven, who was created by us, but is heavily based on another TV-series' doctor ;-). The story is an original work and may not be reproduced or archived without the permission of the authors. Any comments welcome to above e-mail.


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The Witches of Eriadne: Interlude One

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