The Witches of Eriadne:
Interlude Four H - Part 2: Nothing Much on TV Tonight

by The Space Witches

A sex kitten waiting for her tom cat...
A sex kitten waiting for her tom cat...

Chapter 1

March 2271

Angelique Denier

OK, I admit it. I was bored.

Boredom has probably got me into more trouble than anything else in my life, and this time was no exception. We'd been traveling through a really dull section of hyperspace, after completing a mission that had taken Matt and John off the ship for over three days. Since their return, they'd both hidden themselves away in their respective quarters for most of the time they were off duty. That meant my sisters had been somewhat preoccupied.

I have to admit I'd been keeping myself to myself, as I just knew if I popped my head above the parapet, Demon would dump her son on me so fast my head would spin. Much as I loved my nephew, I wasn't prepared to baby-sit for days on end, while my big sister and her husband went at it like oversexed bunny rabbits. When I thought about what Matt and Demon were almost certainly up to, I could feel myself turning a delicate shade of green. Just don't ask me if it was nausea or jealousy that made my skin turn that color, because I won't tell you.

So here I was, sitting in my rooms, and the most exciting thing I'd done since getting off duty was to twiddle my thumbs. I'd just about got to grips with rotating them in opposite directions, when I became aware of what I was doing. "Angel girl, you're gonna go nuts if you keep this up! There must be something better you can do!"

I smiled to myself as I thought of something constructive to occupy my time. I still had the home spa beauty kit that Lily had given me for Christmas. This was the ideal opportunity to pamper myself. With a little bounce in my step, a song in my heart and a smile on my face, I took myself off to the bathroom. If only I had a water shower...

Three hours later, wearing nothing but some naughty underwear, I stretched out on the sofa and preened. My feet were perfectly pedicured, my legs were waxed within an inch of their life, my bikini line was also waxed and what lay beneath it was neatly trimmed. I'd given myself a facial, plucked my eyebrows, exfoliated everything I could reach, and done a wonderful job of painting my fingernails. My hair gleamed in the soft light, after being washed, deep conditioned, dried and softly waved. Singing a chorus of 'I feel pretty', I lay back and wondered what to do next.


Bored, bored, bored.

I wanted someone to appreciate all the effort I'd made to look so good. Actually, I wanted one person to appreciate me. Unfortunately, that person was almost certainly in bed with my sister, appreciating her instead. I could feel a pout coming on, so I turned my thoughts away from Matt and Demon, trying to think of something else to do. Something to distract me from lecherous thoughts about a gorgeous man.

Suddenly, it came to me. If I couldn't allow myself to lust after one handsome hunk, I'd distract myself by lusting after a few others. I had a data crystal I'd ordered a while back, which contained a number of old 20th and 21st century TV programs. The supplier had listed a number of my favorites from that time, and had promised to deliver a crystal tailor made to each customer's requirements. I'd sent off my list, and the next time we'd picked up supplies, my crystal had been delivered, but I'd never had chance to watch it since. Now was definitely the time.

Loading the crystal, I called for the menu to display on the large viewscreen in my living room. I almost salivated at the treat awaiting me. There was an episode of 'Buffy, the Vampire Slayer', featuring Spike, my very favorite vampire. It was the one where Buffy was invisible, and Spike and Buffy got down and dirty in Spike's crypt. Lots of lusting material there!

Then there was an episode of the 'X-Files', with Fox Mulder in the lead role. They may have called the program the X-Files, but to me, it was always the Sex Files, and Mulder was one of the foxiest men on TV.

The very first Star Wars movie featured two of my favorite men, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. I'd happily play with Luke's light-saber any day, and Han wouldn't stay solo for long if I had any say in it.

The crystal was completed by an early episode of Andromeda, with Dylan Hunt wearing those wonderful leather pants, which hugged that amazing butt so invitingly.

I licked my lips, trying to decide which treat to sample first. Buffy. It had to be Buffy and naked Spike. I called the computer to play and settled down to watch.

Having fast-forwarded through the whole crystal, just pausing to watch the good bits--those are the bits with the gorgeous men in them, in case you wondered--I had to admit to some disappointment. The quality of the data crystal wasn't that great and the picture was distinctly blurry in places. Wouldn't you just know that it was exactly in the places I most wanted to see!

Another pout was working its way toward my lips, as I sat nibbling on my newly painted thumbnail. When I realized I'd messed up the nail polish, I got even more annoyed. Damn that crystal supplier! I'd paid good credits for that crystal; I should at least get a decent quality picture to look at. Digging out the box it had come in, I was even more annoyed when I saw a disclaimer in teeny weenie print at the bottom of the sales pitch.

"Because of the age of the material being reproduced, the supplier cannot be held liable for any deterioration in the quality of the sound or picture."

Damn! It was followed by a whole load of legal gobbledygook, none of which I could be bothered to read, but I was sure it meant I'd thrown my credits away.

With a deep sigh, I told the computer to restart the crystal, and tried to enjoy it anyway. By the time I got half way through Buffy, I realized I was having to peer at the viewscreen to even make out the difference between Spike's pallid skin and the white sheet that barely covered his modesty. I was just about to burst into tears, and had the remote in my hand ready to throw at the screen, when I had a thought.

Maybe I could make it better. The company who did the special effects for Star Wars was called Industrial Light & Magic. Well, I might not know much about Industry, but Light and Magic were meat and drink to me. I just had to find the right spell.

Pausing the crystal, I ran to fetch my Grimoire from my bedroom, and I started leafing through the spells I had created over the years. I needed a spell that would enhance something, lighten it, sharpen it, and bring the picture to life. After a little searching, I found the very thing.

Moving in front of the viewscreen, I muttered a few words in the ancient tongue, then cast my spell:

Light & Magic, heed my spell,
Heal this crystal, make it well,
Spirits answer, help it thrive,
Tell the pictures, come alive.

Sometimes I even amaze myself with my own stupidity. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

At the time, my hands were held out in front of me, and as I spoke the final words, streams of color emerged from the tips of my fingers and flowed toward the viewscreen. It was working! As the colors hit the screen, they were absorbed, and the crystal started to play again. This time the pictures were much sharper and clearer. I could see every muscle and line of Spike's near naked body. I settled back on the sofa, smiling naughtily as I slid my hand down the front of my panties.

I must have fallen asleep with the crystal running. Well, all that lusting can wear a girl out. The next thing I knew, I was having a very naughty, but very pleasant dream. A firm hand was massaging my breast, sliding inside my bra, and rolling my rapidly hardening nipple between strong but gentle fingers. Sensual lips caressed mine, gently pressing my lips apart, allowing a skilful tongue to invade my mouth. Another hand was placed at the nape of my neck, touching, stroking, caressing, and sending shivers of pleasure running down my spine. I was responding to the stimulus, becoming excited, as the lips slid from mine, and moved gently down my neck, the hands all the time continuing to arouse me.

A sharp sting on my neck was followed by a bellow of pain, which brought me bolt upright on the sofa. There was a loud thump, and my eyes flicked open to see a man sitting on the floor of my room. He was clutching his head with one hand, moaning loudly, while his other outstretched hand was firmly trapped inside my bra.

I grabbed a cushion and started beating him around the head, screaming at him to let go, while trying to get his hand off my breast. He was trying to pull away, but my struggles only trapped his hand more tightly. His fingers wriggling inside my bra didn't help matters one little bit. He started yelling back at me, "Stop hitting me and I'll take my bleeding hand out! And leave my fucking head alone, will you? It hurts enough without you hitting it!"

At that moment, he finally managed to release his hand, which he immediately clasped to his head. He sat on the floor, moaning about how much his head hurt, so I hit him again. Then I took a moment to recover, and to look at the man who had so rudely intruded upon my pleasant dream.

He was dressed all in black, from his rather scruffy boots, to his tight, black T-shirt, which outlined a rather nicely muscled torso. His hair--what I could see of it through his hands, which were still wrapped around his head as he rocked back and forth--was platinum blond. I could hardly see his face, but I knew exactly what he looked like, as I knew who this man was. It was utterly impossible, but I knew.

It was Spike. I had a vampire sitting on my living room floor. I put my hand to my neck, and looked at the smear of blood left on my fingers. Yes, definitely a vampire. What the hell was going on here?

It couldn't possibly be happening, but somehow it was, and much as I lusted after a fictional Spike, a real live--OK, dead--vampire in my quarters was a different matter. The problem was that he was sitting between me and my commlink, so I couldn't call for help. Maybe I could get to the door before he recovered? While the thought of being chased around the Excalibur in my underwear by an over-sexed vampire didn't exactly appeal, it was a damned sight better than the alternative!

I started to slide off the sofa, hoping to get to the door, when he looked up and glowered at me. "Where do you think you're off to, sweet-spots? Not trying to run away from me, are you?" His voice was low and threatening, with a strong English accent. I suppressed the shiver that ran through me at the sound of his voice, unsure whether fear or anticipation caused it, but that man--vampire--did have one hell of a sexy voice.

Clutching one of the sofa cushions in front of me--I was only dressed in leopard-skin underwear, remember? I was feeling a little exposed--I kept my voice as steady as I could, saying, "What do you expect? You just tried to bite me!"

The smile that spread across his face as he looked up at me from the floor was full of charm and mischief. "Well, what do you expect? I find myself in a strange place, and there's this delicious looking, nearly naked bit of fluff spread out in front of me, looking good enough to eat. No self-respecting vamp could resist a nibble. I wish I had resisted though. I keep forgetting about this fucking..." He trailed off, rubbed his head again, then he shook it, blinking several times.

"Stop swearing. It's not nice. And I'm not a bit of fluff! Now wherever you came from, just go back. You don't belong here." I tried to be strong, but a small part of me was telling me not to be so stupid. He was positively gorgeous, and I hadn't had a man of any kind in my bed for way too long. I couldn't help remembering how he'd looked, half-naked, in the episode I'd just watched. What would it feel like making love to a vampire? He didn't have a heartbeat, so just how did he pump blood into...

[Get a grip! He's a vampire for God's sake!] I quelled the wave of lust that swept through me, as he picked himself up off the floor and stood over me, staring down, raking my body with his eyes, and smiling that very sexy smile.

"I don't know where 'here' is. I don't know how I got here. I don't know how to get back, but I do know that the view from where I'm standing is bleedin' amazing. If I promise not to bite again, maybe we could pick up where we left off?" Spike's blue eyes sparkled with mischief, and I could feel myself melting inside, getting warm and wet, and seriously tempted by his proposition. [No! He's a vampire. He's not real! Get him out of here!]

I went to stand up, and before I knew it, Spike had grabbed me and pulled me into his arms. I struggled--OK, not very hard, and I never even thought about using my telekinetic powers--but he held me tightly, and he was very strong. He grasped my hands in one of his and pulled them behind my back, running his free hand over my body, as he leaned in and started to kiss the place where he'd bitten me before. I could feel his arousal pressing into my belly, and his lips caressing my neck sent my temperature soaring. My struggles weakened, as I surrendered myself to the pleasure of his mouth and hands.

Spike whispered against my neck, "You got a bed around here somewhere, sweet-spots? Or shall we just do it on the floor?"

I silently debated how to respond to that question, but the debate was only about which of his proposed options would be best. All thoughts of getting rid of him had fled from my mind under the assault of his mouth and hands. Then a voice interrupted.

"If you're going to do it on the floor, can you wait until I leave? Voyeurism has never been one of my vices."

I pushed Spike away and looked over his shoulder at the man standing in the corner of the room. This was getting ridiculous! This man was as familiar to me as Spike, and for much the same reasons. He was tall, dark and handsome, and I'd spent many long hours lusting after him on TV. He wore his usual dark suit, with a dark shirt open at the neck, his smart appearance presenting a total contrast to Spike's chic scruffiness.

The vampire spun around and stared at the newcomer. "Where the fuck did you come from? And who are you? Get lost, will you? This lady..." he paused and looked back at me, asking, "What the hell is your name, sweet-spots? Oh, who gives a damn, it doesn't matter anyway." He turned back to the other man, continuing over my outraged spluttering, "Sweet-spots and I don't need an audience for what we plan on doing next."

I hit Spike on the head again. Hard. I made sure that I hit him just where he'd been rubbing it, wanting to inflict as much pain as I could. How dare he? Talking over Spike's outraged bellow of pain, I turned to the man in the corner, asking in my most reasonable tone of voice, "Would you care to introduce yourself?"

Not that I needed an introduction; I knew exactly who he was, but I was stalling for time. This was turning into a nightmare, and I didn't need to pinch myself to wake up. I was wide-awake, and this was all too real.

The newcomer reached inside his jacket pocket and pulled out a leather cardholder, which he held up as he introduced himself. "Agent Fox Mulder. FBI. And you are?" He looked quizzically at Spike and me.

Spike stopped rubbing his head, pouting as he replied, "I don't have a fancy-pants card, but I'm Spike, professional vampire and trouble-maker." He cocked his head to one side, silently challenging Mulder to respond.

Mulder raised one eyebrow and said calmly, "Vampire? That's an interesting psychological aberration. Have you sought counseling?"

Spike grinned an insane, greedy smile. "Yeah. She was very tasty. Eating her was better than listening to her drivel on about all that psychological clap-trap. Look, Foxy, Doggy, or whatever your name is, why don't you just be a good little puppy and go lose yourself? I have unfinished business here." He tilted his head in my direction, so I hit him again.

Ignoring Spike's protests, I turned to Mulder and said, "If you're interested, my name is Angelique Denier. Most people call me Angel. I think I'm getting an idea about what's going on, and how you got here. When Spike says he's a vampire, you'd better believe him. He bites, or at least he used to, before they put the chip in his head that stopped him."

Spike spun around and glared at me. "How the fuck do you know about the chip, and what did you have to tell him for?"

Before I could respond, Mulder interrupted. "Ms. Denier. Spike. While I can't exactly say it's a pleasure to meet you, it's certainly interesting. Could you tell me where we are, exactly?"

Just for once, Spike kept his mouth shut and joined Mulder in looking at me. They both had inquiring expressions on their handsome faces, and as I looked from one to the other, a part of me couldn't help thinking this was nearly a dream come true. Two gorgeous men in my rooms, me in my underwear, and a bed only a few steps away. The images that rushed through my head of how the three of us could entertain each other were distracting to say the least, and I had to swallow quickly to stop myself drooling.

I licked my lips nervously and looked from Spike to Mulder and back. "Exactly? Well, I'd have to call Helm to get the precise position, but I don't think that would be a good idea. Could we just leave it that you're in my quarters on board the star ship Excalibur, and if the Captain ever finds out what's happening here, the fact that I'm his sister-in-law isn't going to help me much." How Matt would look if he walked in on me at that moment didn't bear thinking about.

After all the shouting and screaming had stopped, and I'd told them when we were, as well as where, they wanted to know how they'd got there. I'd just opened my mouth to explain, when a movement caught my eye. Spinning around, I let out a groan of dismay. The viewscreen was pulsing and emitting a stream of colored particles. The particles coalesced, but this time they didn't form just one figure but three. And one of the three was very big and very hairy.

The sound that came from the biggest life-form's mouth was half-snarl, half-growl and half-whine. I know that makes one and a half. It was one hell of a noise, OK?

I suppose I should have seen this coming. I knew what was on the crystal, right? But you try to think straight when you have a gorgeous vampire biting your neck, and a hunk of an agent looking on. Not easy.

The presence of an over-excited Wookiee in my room did not improve matters. The two men accompanying the hairy beast immediately pulled weapons from their hips and trained them on the three of us in the middle of the room. Did I mention that it was getting crowded?

Three pairs of hands got raised very quickly. I had no idea what sort of weapon the older man was holding, but the buzzing, humming noise coming from the beam of light held by the younger man told me exactly what it was. Luke Skywalker was waving his light saber around, which was very naughty of him. Despite having my hands in the air and three weapons pointing at me, I couldn't help thinking, [Is that a light saber you've got in your pocket, Luke, or are you pleased to see me?] Thank God I didn't say it out loud.

The older man--Han Solo, who else?--spoke quickly to the agitated Wookiee. "Hang on, Chewie. Don't eat any of them until I tell you."

Oh, great. First I get bitten by a vampire, then a Wookiee is looking to make me into a midnight snack. Did you ever have one of those days? The problem was that I had an uncomfortable feeling this was all my own fault.

Spike and Mulder seemed to have been struck dumb in the face of the Wookiee and the weapon wielding wild men. They both stood there with their hands in the air, looking like bad sculptures. Bloody typical. You'd have thought a vampire and an FBI agent could handle strange situations better than that. I dropped my hands a little, and slid in front of the two dummies, smiling weakly at Han, very much aware that I was still dressed only in my underwear.

"Um, I can explain, honestly. There's no need for violence. Could you just lower the weapons and keep Chewbacca under control, Han? I'm sure we can sort this mess out."

Han looked me up and down, and for a moment an appreciative grin flicked across his face, before he turned serious. "How do you know our names?" His eyes narrowed and turned suspicious. "Are you agents of the Empire? Is this a set up?" The weapon that had wavered as he'd inspected my assets lifted again, and was directed straight at my belly.

I hurried to assure him, "No, no, nothing like that. I can explain. Just give me a moment."

I took a deep breath and introduced myself again, then told them what had happened. As I described the data crystal, I waved at the viewscreen, and Han let me walk over and show them how it worked. The screen came alive with images of the various programs I'd been watching, but they could all see that in certain places, there were odd blanks. Characters were missing. The Buffy episode looked particularly odd, as both Buffy and Spike were now invisible. At one point the sheet was moving up and down all by itself!

The four men and one beast listened carefully, but I could see they didn't really believe me. With another deep breath, I turned my back to the viewscreen and started to describe the spell I had used.

"Look, I think I got it wrong. I just wanted the pictures to be clearer and more...well, alive. Instead of just clearing up the images, the spell seems to have been a bit more..." I paused, realizing that none of them was paying attention. I was distinctly miffed. If I couldn't keep four men looking at me when I was wearing so little, I may as well give up and slit my throat! The Wookiee didn't bother me so much, as I think I was just so much meat on the hoof to him.

Ten eyes were staring over my shoulder at the viewscreen behind me. "What? Are you listening to me? What is it?" The eyes remained fixed on the wall. I spun around to see the same coalescence of colors happening again, and I moaned softly, "Oh God! No more, please, no more!"

I changed my mind when I saw the man now standing in front of me. Dylan Hunt. One of the most gorgeous hunks of male humanity ever seen on TV. His bright blue eyes ran up from my toes to the top of my head, dragging a rush of heat through my body in the wake of his gaze. Then he gave me a quirky little half-smile. His soft hair flopped forward over his forehead, and my desire to lift my hand and gently push it back was almost irresistible. He looked over my shoulder at the others, then said softly, "Are you having any trouble here, Miss? Can I help?

[Oh yeah, you can help, honey. You can help by falling into my bed naked, that's how you can help.] I somehow managed not to whimper, and I squeaked, "Could you all just wait a minute? I have to..." I didn't finish my sentence, as I rushed into my bedroom, slamming the door behind me and leaning against it, breathing heavily.

I looked down and could see my nipples standing out through the thin material of my bra. Oh, great. Captain Hunt would be in no doubt whatsoever about how I felt about him. I might just as well have dropped to my knees and started to unzip his pants! The thought of doing that sent another little shiver and rush of heat through my body.

I admonished myself, loudly. "Get a grip on yourself, Angel. Take this one step at a time. First, cover yourself up, for God's sake! At least that way they won't be able to see that you're having a bad attack of lust." I grabbed my red silk robe and hurriedly wrapped it around me, tightening the belt but not knotting it. A little voice inside me said, [You never know, you just might want it to fall open again.]

I told the voice it was a slut, took a deep breath, opened the door, and walked back into the living room. I wished I'd stayed in hiding. I wished I'd never ordered that damned data crystal. Actually, at that moment, I wished I'd never been born. I stood and stared at the five gorgeous men gathered in my room, and not one of them stared back. The only one looking at me was the Wookiee, and the hunger gleaming in his eyes was not the sort of hunger I was interested in.

Luke, Han, Spike and Mulder were all yelling at once, while Dylan was standing watching them, apparently amused by the whole incident. I caught fragments of the sentences flying between the angry men.

"You can take your light saber and stick it where the sun don't shine, sonny!" That was Spike to Luke

"Say that outside, where the hairy animal can't defend you!" Mulder had got offended about something Han had said.

"Han, I think it's a plot!" Luke was waving his light saber much too enthusiastically for my taste. Of course, if I ever got him alone, he could show me his light saber any time. Luke may have been a little younger than the men I usually went for, but in hiscase, I was willing to make an exception.

"I may not be able to bite any of you idiots, but that hairy thing is fair game!" Spike again. Chewie snarled and whined back, and Han restrained him, almost absent mindedly, while most of his attention was focused on Mulder.

"What the hell does it matter what planet I come from?" Han got offended right back at Mulder. "What sort of stupid name is Fox anyway?" They continued to swap insults, until Spike got bored with taunting Luke, and turned his attention to the other fight going on in the room.

I hadn't heard what Mulder had said, but I heard Spike's response. "Do you think I give a flying fuck about your conspiracy theories?" The vampire joined in with the general theme of 'let's get the man in the suit'. Mulder slumped down into the corner, looking up at me, pouting. He probably thought this whole thing was a new conspiracy. Just for once he wasn't being paranoid; they really were all out to get him. Before I could intervene, someone beat me to it.

"Gentlemen, please! This isn't getting us anywhere. Perhaps we should allow the young lady to explain." Dylan's deep voice cut across the babble, and twelve eyes turned in my direction.

On second thoughts, maybe I preferred it when they were ignoring me.

Matthew Gideon

I was deeply asleep when my commlink went off. So deep that my wife had to nudge me awake. Given the amount of activity we'd indulged in since my return from the negotiations on Ceroni IV, I was surprised that the commlink managed to wake either of us. We were both worn out, but very, very happy about it.

"Matthew. Answer that, will you?" Deborah's words were slurred, and as soon as she saw I was awake and groping for my wrist-band, she rolled over onto her belly, and was dead to the world again in seconds.

I took a moment to focus, then groaned into the commlink, "Gideon. Hold." I half fell off the side of the bed, grabbed a robe, and staggered through into the living room, pulling the door shut behind me. As I shrugged the robe over my shoulders, I activated the commlink again, saying, "OK, what's the bad news?" It had to be bad news. They would never disturb me for anything trivial. Since I got married I hadn't been very receptive to being aroused in the middle of the night. Not outside my bedroom, anyway.

My Second Officer's voice came over the commlink, "I'm sorry to disturb you, Captain, but this could be serious." Jackson sounded anxious, which was unusual. She was normally unflappable, and I'd had no hesitation in leaving her in command of the ship while my First Officer and I had been absent during the recent negotiations. Since our return, Jackson had been pulling night shifts to allow John and I to spend time with our families. I grunted an acknowledgment, as I slumped into a chair, and she continued, "We seem to have an intruder alert."

I stood abruptly, all thoughts of sleep banished from my mind, and demanded details. "Seem to have? What does that mean? How did they get on board? Who are they? Where are they?" As I spat out the questions, I activated the viewscreen. Now I was decent, I didn't mind Jackson seeing me, and I wanted a view of the bridge.

Jackson's dark, handsome face frowned out of the screen at me. "We don't know how they got on board. They just appeared on the internal scanners. We know there are four humans, one other life-form and one..." she trailed off, still frowning, then shrugged her shoulders. "There's something that registers on the motion detectors, but it doesn't appear to be alive, and neither is it a machine. It's just..." she paused again, searching for a word, before finishing, "odd."

"So where exactly are these five life-forms and one dead-form?" The answer to that question had to be something strange. If we had intruders, normal policy would be to dispatch a team of Marines to deal with the problem. From the way Jackson was talking, she hadn't done that, and I wanted to know why.

"That's another thing that's odd. They all appeared out of nowhere, and they're all in Ms. Denier's quarters."

Well, that explained a lot. I sighed deeply and tried to tell myself that every problem in the universe was not caused by my sister-in-law, Angel. An inner voice nagged at me, [No, just 99% of them!] I told it to shut up and turned my attention back to the viewscreen.

"Get G'Tan to assemble an assault team. Tell them to meet me outside Angel's quarters in five minutes. Gideon out." I snapped the commlink around my wrist, and stormed back into the bedroom, muttering comments about Angel as I went. I tried to mutter quietly, as I didn't want to wake Deborah while I dressed. She'd want to know where I was going, she'd sense that I was angry, and if I told her that Angel was involved, she'd want to come along. I was better off leaving that particularly sleeping dog lie.

As I pulled on my jacket, I looked at where my wife lay sprawled across the bed. She was sleeping on her belly, and her long blonde hair was spread across her back, covering her nearly to the waist. Below her hair, the covers had fallen aside to show her beautiful naked butt, and her long legs, spread invitingly apart. There was no way anyone would ever describe her as a dog. A bitch, maybe, given her tendency to be overly truthful on occasion, but never a dog.

With one last regretful glance at Deborah, I left my quarters, checking that my PPG was fully charged as I ran to the bullet car. I swore that if Angel was up to any of her witchy tricks again, I'd...Well, I wasn't quite sure what I'd do, but whatever it was, Angel wouldn't like it.


I had just opened my mouth to try to explain what was happening to my uninvited guests, when the door buzzer sounded. I closed my eyes and groaned softly. Don't ask me how, but I just knew who would be standing on the other side.

Six pairs of eyes had flicked toward the door and I snapped my fingers to regain their attention. I managed to keep them all reasonably quiet, as I hustled them into my bedroom. I told them I'd explain everything as soon as I'd dealt with my visitor, but if anyone saw them now, I'd never get them back where they belonged. Spike was inclined to argue--big surprise--but he didn't get much chance when Han mouthed a few words at Chewie, and the big Wookiee put his hand over the vampire's mouth and carried him bodily through to the bedroom. I flashed a quick smile of thanks at Han, and moved to answer the door.

I ruffled my hair a little--not much, as Spike had taken care of that earlier--and tried to feign a sleepy expression as I called the door to open, standing so that I was blocking the entrance. What was waiting outside was worse than I'd expected.

Matt Gideon stood leaning with one arm against the side of the door, his other hand on his hip, and a face like thunder. Behind him and off to one side, stood G'Tan and five Marines. A little voice in my head started saying, [Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit,] repeating the single word over and over. If the Captain had rousted out the Marines, he must be really mad.

Matt's voice was deceptively calm as he looked over my head at the inside of my quarters. "I believe you have visitors, Angel. Is it a private party, or can my friends and I join in?" He waved at the Narns standing behind him. The last thing I needed to add to the chaos in my rooms was a party of armed Marines and one distinctly pissed off Captain. He moved his hand back to his hip, and a glance in that direction showed me that this time he wasn't pleased to see me. That really was a PPG in his pocket.

I licked my lips nervously, saying, "Party? What do you mean?" It was so pathetic. I may as well have had a neon sign over my head flashing, "Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!" For a moment, I wondered how he'd known what was going on, then I remembered that the Excalibur was calibrated for the number and type of life-forms it was supposed to carry. Any additions or subtractions were automatically notified to the bridge, along with the relevant location. And of course, the bridge would call the Captain when they noticed intruders in the early hours of the morning.

Matt's glower got more pronounced, and I had to silence a little voice inside me that was saying, [God, he's so damned sexy when he's mad!]

"That wasn't even a good try, Angel. Who the hell have you got in your quarters, and how did they get there? Tell me now, or we're coming in to hoist them out of there. They're going in the brig, and at this rate, you'll be joining them." The Captain's voice was low and threatening. He really was mad, and he meant every word.

Suppressing a little whimper of lust, along with a mental voice that said, [Just don't forget the handcuffs, Captain darling,] I decided it was time to pull out all the stops.

"Captain," I lifted my hand to touch his face, but he pulled back, still glaring at me, "Matt. I did something silly. It's entirely my fault. Will you give me a chance to fix it? I promise that by morning there'll be no one on your ship who doesn't belong here. If you and the others come in here now, it will just make things worse. Please, Matt." As I dropped my hand, I allowed my arm to brush against the belt of my robe, 'accidentally' loosening it, and with a little help from my telekinesis, the robe fell open.

Matt's eyes flicked down, and his expression wavered for a moment, as he caught the full effect of my underwear. Then he looked up and met my eyes, the merest hint of a smile quirking one side of his mouth--and what a very sexy mouth it is--as he said, "Nice try. Under normal circumstances, it might even work, but this time I have the safety of the ship and my crew to consider. Let us in, Angel."

He moved to get past me, pulling his PPG from his pocket as he did so, and I stepped forward quickly, blocking his path again. My door slid closed behind me and we were now almost touching. I could feel his breath on my face. Considering the state Spike and the others had gotten me into, Matt was damned lucky I didn't pounce on him right then and there in the corridor. Then again, if I'd tried that, I'd have been in the brig so fast my feet wouldn't have touched the ground!

I licked my lips again, and gazed up into his golden eyes, which at that moment looked as cold as ice. Matt's close physical proximity was doing what it always did to me, creating a little puddle of desire deep inside me, sending a rush of warmth through my body, making me breathless.

I placed my hand on his chest, and I could feel his heart thumping. I could have stopped him with my telekinesis, but I knew if I did that, I'd lose his trust completely. I could feel my own heart keeping pace with his, and something surged through my hand into his chest, affecting us both. I don't know what you'd call it, hormones, lust, or sheer animal passion, but whatever it was, it felt like an electric shock running through my fingertips.

Matt's eyes widened a little and I knew he'd felt it, too. He stopped and looked down at my hand placed over his heart, then looked back into my eyes. That same spark ignited our gaze, and we both knew what we wanted. The presence of six very large Narns as an audience was the only thing that kept me from flinging myself into Matt's arms. I like to think that the same thing was all that held him back, too.

He took a step back, and I dropped my hand, very much aware that physical contact with Matt was not a good idea. I was quite worked up enough.

"Angel..." Matt's voice was low and warning, sending a shiver of excitement through me.

"Please, Matt. Give me some time. Give me until morning. If I haven't got rid of them by then, you're welcome to throw us in the brig. I promise you that no harm will come to anyone on this ship." I whispered my impassioned plea, and saw Matt's face soften.

He lifted his hand to my face and ran his thumb along my cheekbone, a gesture that nearly melted me into a pool of yearning. His words were spoken so softly that the Narns couldn't have heard them. "And what about you, Angel? Will no harm come to you?"

[Oh god, he cares!] Jubilation surged through me, and I couldn't help but smile at him as I said, "I'll be fine, Matt, I promise. Just until morning."

Matt smiled softly, continuing to caress my face. I turned my head into his hand, closing my eyes in pleasure at his touch. I heard him say softly, "It's already morning, Angel. It's gone 02:00 hours."

Forcing my eyes open, and my hormones under control, I looked at him sadly. "I'm so sorry for dragging you out of bed, Matt." OK, that was an outright lie. I would happily drag him out of my sister's bed anytime I could. The trouble was that I wanted desperately to drag him into mine, and there were four men, one Wookiee and a vampire in the way. Just my luck. I went on, "Give me a deadline. Let's say 07:00. If I haven't gotten rid of them by then, you can come in and arrest us all."

Matt smiled a lop-sided grin. "Deal." He'd never know how much that word made me shudder, but that's a different story. "07:00 it is. But I'm leaving G'Tan and his team right here. At the least hint of trouble, they'll be in there, and you'll all end up in the brig. The bridge will be monitoring the life-signs, Angel. They'll call me at 07:00 precisely if there's more than one person in your quarters. OK?"

I nodded and smiled at him gratefully, standing on tip-toe to kiss his cheek, and breathing my thanks into his ear. As I did so, the contact between our bodies was sufficient to let me know that he wasn't unaffected by my appearance. That sent another little rush of happiness through me as I stepped back.

Matt smiled again, then reached out and pulled my robe together, tying the belt tightly. He looked up and met my eyes, his expression turning puzzled. "Just tell me one thing. What exactly is in there? The four humans are easily identifiable, but the other two are a mystery, particularly the one that seems to be a dead man walking."

I couldn't help giggling at his description. It was perfect. I fluttered my eyelashes at him and grinned, saying, "You will never know how right you are, Matt. Now let me go wave my magic wand, and see if I can rid of these intruders. Don't rely on the bridge for an alarm call at 07:00, Captain. They won't need to call you."

The Captain nodded, giving me a warning look, and said, "Make sure they don't," as I moved back. The doors opened behind me. I stepped through and allowed them to close.

Matthew Gideon

I sighed deeply as I turned to G'Tan. I really shouldn't let Angel wrap me around her little finger. It's not good for morale. Well, it's not good for my morale. It probably does hers the world of good. But when she looks at me like that, and she's wearing so little, I'm putty in her hands. Something about the women in that family can reduce any man to Jell-O, and I'm no exception. My wife just has to look at me in a certain way, and I fall apart. If we ever have a daughter, I'll be helpless.

It was obvious G'Tan knew exactly what was going on between Angel and me, from the knowing grin he gave me. It can be a little difficult to maintain the respect of my crew when they see a half-naked girl making me spin my wheels. At least there was a good chance the Narns would think the bulge in my pants was the PPG.

Part of me wondered why I had let Angel talk me into leaving. Part of me knew that Angel could talk me into anything she wanted to, as long as I knew she and my ship were safe.

I gave G'Tan and his Marines brief orders to stay on guard, then limped back down the corridor toward the bullet tube. I wondered how good a mood Deborah might be in if I woke her up--and I do mean up--when I went back to bed.


I leaned back against the inside of the door and breathed a sigh of relief. The sound of the door to my bedroom opening attracted my attention, and I looked over to see Han Solo sliding through. He raised his eyebrows in question, and asked quietly, "Is the coast clear now?"

I nodded, expecting him to let the others know. Instead, he pulled the door to the bedroom closed behind him, and moved like lightening across the room. Before I knew it, I was wrapped in yet another strong man's arms. By this time, I was so aroused that poor Han must have wondered what hit him. I grabbed his head and pulled him down into a passionate kiss, my tongue forcing his mouth open, then dueling with his. I could feel his hands moving around my body as we kissed, untying the belt of my robe and sliding inside.

Using my telekinesis, I threw Han onto the sofa. He looked startled as he landed, but didn't say a word, just grinning up at me as I climbed on top of him, rubbing my pelvis against his. Dropping my head over his, I started to grab random pieces of his clothing, trying to get him undressed.

I was so preoccupied with getting Han naked, that I didn't hear the door from my bedroom opening. I wasn't even aware that we were being watched, until a soft clearing of a throat alerted me to our audience. Luke Skywalker stood just inside the living room, blushing slightly but grinning as he watched his friend and me on the sofa.

Han looked up and saw the younger man, then moaned softly, saying, "Luke? Do me a favor and get lost for half an hour. And can you and Chewie keep those other guys in there?"

Luke shook his head, his smile a cross between regret and mischief. "Sorry, Han. The vampire just bit Chewie's hand. The man in the black suit is trying to stop the bleeding, while the big guy--Dylan, is it?--has the vampire pinned to the bed with a weapon at his head. It's getting a little out of hand."

I groaned and climbed off the Captain of the Millennium Falcon. It obviously wasn't my night for Captains. "Bring Chewie in here, and I'll see what I can do," I said.

While I collected a regenerator, Luke and Mulder brought Chewie into the living room, the FBI agent holding a handkerchief around the Wookiee's hand or paw or whatever you want to call it. Chewie was emitting a high pitched, snarling whine, which I guess meant that it hurt. Who would have thought a two meter plus high Wookiee would be such a cry baby

I unwound the handkerchief, and started to run the regenerator over the wound, looking up at the men, and smiling sadly. "I think I'd better get you out of here, before anyone else gets hurt."

Luke looked over at Han. "And before anything else happens that I might just forget myself and tell the Princess about." The young man stood with his arms crossed, grinning widely. Han growled at him, but Luke just laughed back.

The Wookiee's whines were subsiding as the regenerator did its job. I tried to pass Mulder's bloodied handkerchief back to him, but he just muttered, "Keep it. Even if I got the blood analyzed, no one would believe me if I told them where I got it."

Poor Mulder. He had the evidence of everything he'd ever suspected right in front of him, but still no one would ever believe him.

Patting Chewie on the shoulder--that was as high as I could reach--I looked at Han and Luke and sighed regretfully. "Time for you to go home. But before you do..."

I moved quickly across the room and pressed myself against Luke Skywalker. He looked surprised for a moment, but then opened his arms and held me close. Smiling into his eyes, I kissed him gently on the lips, and whispered, "You've got some bad times ahead, Luke, but it will all work out for the best, I promise you."

The young Jedi-to-be blushed furiously, squeezed me tightly in his arms, kissed me hard and fast, then gently pushed me away.

I turned to Han, seeing the grin spreading across his face as he watched Luke blush. Then he turned his attention to me, and took me back into his arms. He leaned down to whisper into my ear. "Sure you don't want to come with us? I could give you a job of some kind on the Falcon."

I laughed and looked up into his twinkling eyes, whispering back, "Yes. As the Captain's bed-warmer, no doubt." He'd never know how long I'd dreamed of occupying that position on the Excalibur.

Han laughed back, hugged me tightly, then gave me a long slow kiss, before releasing me.

I moved to face the viewscreen, again summoning the necessary words from the old language, before casting the spell:

Luke and Chewie, go with Han,
Leia needs you, every man,
Don't surrender, persevere,
Force be with you, end is near.

The three bodies began to waver. I saw all three raise their hands in farewell, and heard a goodbye snarl from Chewie. Their forms started to break apart, becoming almost pixelated, then streaming back into the viewscreen behind them. In a moment, they were gone.

I heard a surprised noise from behind me, and turned to watch Mulder standing open-mouthed in astonishment. He quickly closed his mouth when he saw me watching, and asked, "How did you do that?"

I smiled and gave him the only answer I could. "Magic."

Mulder stepped toward me, and I closed the gap between us, taking his arms and placing them around me. My robe was still open, so only the thin material of my underwear separated me from him, and I could feel the warmth of his body pressed against me.

The FBI agent held me loosely, not pulling me hard against him, as Han and Luke had done, but he smiled down at me, saying, "This has been one of the strangest nights of my life, and that's saying something. I get kidnapped and taken aboard a starship, not by aliens, but by a beautiful, half-naked woman. I meet a real live--dead--vampire, and watch him bite a hairy alien. The alien doesn't tear him limb from limb, which is what you'd expect from something looking like that. Instead, it sits down and cries, and I end up using my first aid training on a seven foot hairy monster. Oh, and I had to explain to the Captain of a starship--not the ship I'm on, but another one--that we're all characters from TV programs, and none of us is real. Definitely one of my more interesting nights."

I laughed as I gazed up at him, lifting my hand to place it behind his neck, and gently pulling his head down toward me. He didn't resist, and a moment later I felt his lips touch mine. I'm not even going to try and describe that kiss. Let's just leave it that by the time he stopped kissing me, he had to hold me up, as my knees had turned to Jell-O.

With one last regretful glance at the sofa, and telling myself that I must send him back, I steered Mulder to stand in front of the viewscreen. The memory of that kiss almost made me change my mind, but then I remembered my promise to Matt. Mulder had to go.

Choosing my words carefully, I again wove my spell:

Something's out there, something's near,
You can find it, never fear.
Back to Scully, watch the sky,
You'll see us one day, FBI

The expression on Mulder's face turned to one of surprise as he caught my words, but before he could speak, his form pixelated, and he was drawn back into the screen. With one last sigh of regret, I turned toward the bedroom. Four down, two to go.

The sight that met my eyes when I walked into the bedroom was a little unexpected. Spike was tied to the bed with four of my silk scarves. He was spread-eagled across the mattress, with another of my scarves tied around his mouth. He looked up at me as I walked through the door, and I could tell he was mad. Those blue eyes of his were spitting sparks.

Dylan Hunt sat quietly in the arm chair, reading my Grimoire. I wondered what he was making of the contents, when he looked up and smiled, running his eyes from my feet up to my head again, reminding me that my robe was still open. I fastened the belt hurriedly, before moving over to the bed and untying the scarf that bound Spike's mouth. He started yelling as soon as his mouth was uncovered, and for a moment, I seriously considered gagging him again.

I won't repeat what Spike said--I'm not sure I could. His command of expletives rivaled Demon's and I didn't think anyone knew as many swear words as my sister--but the gist of it was to challenge Dylan to a one on one fight, as the vampire insisted it had taken Dylan, Han, Luke and the Wookiee working together to tie him down. Mulder had apparently looked on in distain as the others had grappled with Spike.

When Spike finally ran out of words, Dylan cleared his throat and said, quite cheerfully, "He kept telling us that shooting him in the head wouldn't kill him. We thought about letting Chewbacca rip his throat out, to see if that would shut him up, but we decided you wouldn't want your bedroom covered in blood, so this," he indicated the scarves which still bound Spike to the bed, "seemed like a reasonable alternative."

Dylan's smile turned wicked as he stood and drew one of his force lances from his thigh holster. "Of course, if you don't mind the mess, I could always try shooting his head off. That might silence him."

Spike went quiet, and I hurriedly assured Dylan that I didn't want to have to redecorate. I asked him to wait a moment, and he nodded, putting his force lance back in its holster, and standing quietly, watching from the corner of the room. His watchfulness made me a little uneasy. Never mind. I'd have to deal with him in his turn. For now, I had one pissed off vampire to calm down.

Leaving his bindings untouched, I clambered onto the bed, and sat astride Spike's hips. His expression changed immediately, from a sulk to a lascivious smile. Looking up at me, he said softly, "Hey, sweet-spots. Get rid of the Incredible Hulk, will you? You don't have to untie me. I've always liked a woman who can take charge. You go on top, why don't you?"

I smiled down at him, and leaned forward to kiss him gently on the lips. He tried to make the kiss deeper, and I felt him thrusting his pelvis up under mine. Spike was getting aroused. Much as I would have loved to respond, I sat upright, and ran my hand down his cheek, smiling regretfully.

"I'm sorry, Spike. Wrong time, wrong place. You don't belong here. You can't stay."

Spike muttered something about how perfect a starship was for a vampire. No dawn to worry about, and his food not being able to run very far. He really was incorrigible. He knew damned well he couldn't attack humans, but it never stopped him trying. I kissed him gently again, and made him promise to behave if I untied him. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dylan draw his lance again. He obviously didn't trust Spike's word. Sensible man.

Spike must have seen him too, as he didn't try anything when I untied him, just sighed deeply and stood, stretching and rubbing his wrists. I asked Dylan to stay in the bedroom, while I took Spike through to the living area, and assured Captain Hunt that I'd be quite safe with the vampire.

Spike followed me through to the living room, pulling the door closed behind him, and as soon as he turned, he pulled me into his arms, and started kissing me again. His hands slid under my robe, and I couldn't help responding to his caresses and kisses. Damn it, but that vampire could kiss! He made Mulder seem like an amateur, but then he'd had a couple of centuries as a vampire to perfect his technique.

All too soon I recollected myself, and had to gently push Spike away. "It's time. You have to go, Spike."

The platinum blond shook his head and sighed deeply. "It's a damned shame, sweet-spots. We could have had a lot of fun together."

I pushed him to stand before the viewscreen, smiling as I agreed silently. Yes, we could. Lots of fun. But I'd made a promise to the Captain, and I keep my promises. So with a heavy heart, and a little hot flame still burning deep inside, I bade farewell to my sexy vampire, and wove the spell to send him home:

Spirits hear me make this vow,
Vampires don't belong here now,
Take Spike home where he should be,
Buffy needs him more than me.

Spike's eyes widened as he heard my words, and he realized that I'd known all along who he truly loved. He opened his mouth to speak, but before any sound emerged, he was drawn back into the viewscreen and was gone.

I stood looking at the screen, feeling a little sad and tired, when I heard a voice from behind me.

"Is it my turn now?"

As I turned to face Captain Hunt, I wondered exactly what he meant by those words. His turn to do what? To leave? Or to follow the example of the other gorgeous men in kissing me first. I had no doubt that he'd watched me and Spike together, even if I hadn't heard the door open. Dylan Hunt had a gleam in his eye that told me he was teasing. Well, two can play at that game.

I smiled naughtily at him, and strolled across my living room, swaying my hips and allowing my robe to fall open again. I only stopped when the gap between his chest and mine was about the width of a coat of paint. Looking up at him, I swallowed, making sure that my breathing stayed steady. Damn it, he was big! Tall, broad, with big hands and...The thought that flashed through my mind was sufficient to harden my nipples. They instantly closed the gap between us, exciting me even more as they rubbed against his leather jacket, through the thin material of my bra.

Dylan looked down and smiled. At first I thought he was looking at my face, then I realized his attention had been attracted by the two tent pegs--otherwise known as my nipples--that had just stabbed him in the chest. I leaned back a little, not wanting to impale his heart. It was too damned late to try to hide my reaction. He knew exactly how I felt and what I wanted. But did he want the same? He didn't leave me in doubt for long.

Those strong arms wrapped themselves around me, hugging me closer, and lifting me onto tip-toe. I put my arms around his neck, but even then, my head only came to the level of his collar-bone. I felt myself being lifted into the air, and Dylan held me tightly against him, his large hands placed firmly around my butt, his mouth lowering over mine.

Some time later, when my head was spinning, and stars started to dance merrily in the darkness around me, I remembered to pull back and breathe. Captain Hunt could certainly kiss, and the lung capacity within that broad chest meant he could go without breathing for a long time. He wasn't quite up to Spike's standard--the vampire did have more experience, after all--but Dylan could certainly hold his own.

The way he held me made me very aware that I wouldn't mind holding his own either. I could feel his arousal pressed against my thighs, and I longed to reach down and touch him, but I didn't dare let go. I was dangling twenty-five centimeters off the floor!

Dylan smiled, realizing my predicament, and he carried me to the sofa. He lifted me a little higher, until my feet rested on the seat, and I could look him straight in the eyes. I hadn't answered his question yet, so I raised my hand and ran my fingers down his cheek, along his dimpled chin, and over his mouth, whispering, "Your turn for what? I have to send you back, you know. I promised my Captain."

He smiled up at me, then he kissed the tip of my fingers as they rested on his lips and said, "And your Captain means a lot to you, doesn't he?" I nodded, wondering how he knew that. He went on to ask, "So why isn't he here instead of me? Why do you have to watch TV alone, Angelique?" His gentle questioning made me want to cry, so I buried my head in his neck and told him the truth. That I was in love with my sister's husband. That he could never be mine. That the only other man I'd ever truly loved was evil and probably wanted to kill me.

Dylan held me close while I wept softly into his shoulder. He stroked my hair, never saying a word, never criticizing. When my outpouring ended, he lifted my chin and kissed me gently. Then he said, "Maybe we can give each other a little happiness. You promised your Captain, and I have to go back to my duties, but I don't have to go right now, do I? Would your Captain complain if I stayed a little longer?"

I glanced at the clock and smiled. "I promised him you'd be gone before 07:00. It's just before 03:00. We have four hours. Can you stay that long?" He nodded and smiled. I wriggled out of his grip, and got down from the sofa, then gave him a saucy smile. "You wait right here, Captain. I'll call you when I'm ready."

Dylan raised an eyebrow, then growled, "Don't keep me waiting too long," smiling as he said it.

I blew him a kiss, promising him that I wouldn't be long, and skipped into my bedroom. This was going to be fun.

"You can come in now," I called out, as I lay curled up on my bed, waiting for my new lover. I had changed into a little red silk camisole and matching shorts, then I'd quickly checked my make-up, tousled my hair, and thrown myself onto the bed. I may have taken off the leopard-skin underwear, but I was definitely in full sex-kitten mode. I couldn't wait for the big tom cat to join me.

The door opened, and Dylan stepped through. He'd removed his jacket and holsters, and wore a thin sweater that hugged his chest, along with the leather pants that raised my temperature. He looked down at me as I lay curled up on the bed and licked his lips. It wasn't a nervous gesture. The Captain was hungry for what was laid out on the platter before him. Me.

Dylan met my eyes and smiled, then reached down and pulled his sweater up over his head, shaking his soft, floppy hair back into place as he threw his clothing onto my chair. I did a little lip licking of my own, as I saw that broad chest in all its glory. The Captain was a big man, heavy, but nicely toned, without being over muscular. A soft covering of hair was scattered across his chest. I longed to run my fingers through it, touching him, playing with the soft pink nipples that peeked so invitingly through the hair.

Moving his hands to his pants, Dylan pulled down the zipper. My breathing accelerated, and a warm glow kindled deep inside me, heating me from my core. The other men had got me started, but at last I was alone with the man who was going to finish me off. I wriggled against the bed covers, as my need to be filled grew. The Captain paused with his pants open, giving me a glimpse of the black underwear beneath, making me pant a little faster. He kicked off his boots, then bent to pull off his socks before straightening and grinning at me. Sliding his hands down over his hips, Dylan pushed his leather pants down.

Now I was panting hard, and my nipples were hurting where they pressed against the silk of my top. I was sure that my panties were darkening with the moisture from my arousal, so I curled my legs higher, trying to hide my excitement.

As Dylan stepped out of his pants and moved toward me, I could see the prominent bulge in his briefs. God, he was big! I just hoped that he wouldn't literally finish me off! He stopped by the side of the bed and hooked his thumbs into the briefs. In one lightening move, he removed them, and leaped onto the bed beside me. I hardly had time to see his stiff cock, but the momentary glimpse I caught was almost frightening. He was bigger than any man I'd been with before.

Dylan leaned over me, running his hands down my camisole, and lifting it gently as he smiled, saying, "I saw something earlier that intrigued me. Just let me..." his words ran down as he gently pulled down my silk shorts, exposing my belly. Dylan smiled as he saw my unicorn tattoo, then he bent his head and kissed it. The sensation of his lips against my skin made me moan with anticipation.

The Captain lifted his head and grinned. "Pretty," he said, "like the rest of the lady." Then he pushed his arms under me, pulling me upright. He moved to kneel beside me, and his cock stood out stiffly in front of him. His thighs were like his chest and arms, large, toned, but not overly muscular, and with only a little hair. Dylan pulled my camisole over my head, then pushed me back down against the pillows, but I just couldn't take my eyes off that incredible cock. The prospect of feeling it deep inside me was both exciting and terrifying.

I think he saw my hesitation, as he kissed me gently, moving his lips over my neck and ear, whispering softly, "We'll take it slowly. You tell me when you're ready."

A part of me was ready right then. The part of me that was warm and wet, and desperate for the feel of something hot and hard pounding into me. My body was screaming for him to fill me, while my mind was telling me to be careful. If I tried to take all of this man into me too quickly, it could hurt.

I slid my hands over Dylan's chest, playing with the soft hairs, allowing my fingers to move down to the part of him that enticed me and scared me. As I started to caress his manhood, he groaned and pushed me back down to the pillows, shifting to lie alongside me, so that I could still touch and fondle him.

Dylan's hands moved back to my hips and he gently removed my panties, then slid one hand between my parted legs, while the other hand moved to my aching breasts, playing with the hardened nipples. As he lowered his mouth to suckle on me, his finger slipped inside me.

I arched my back, closed my eyes and moaned with pleasure. This was what I needed. It had been so long since I'd been with a man. And what a man this was. I wouldn't have believed it possible that he could swell further, but my fingers weren't lying as they played with him, making him harder than ever.

Dylan pulled away from my grasp, sliding down my body, gently parting my legs to lie between them. I groaned with disappointment as he pulled his finger away, but then groaned again with pleasure as his tongue and lips started to play with me, arousing me even further, making me hotter than ever inside.

"Oh god, please. Now, Dylan, now!" I begged him to pleasure me, desperate for the feel of him inside me, but he wasn't ready.

Lifting his head, Dylan smiled up at me, saying, "Soon, Angelique, but not yet."

He lowered his head and continued to lap at the juices running from inside me, then he slipped first one, then two fingers into me, slowly stretching me open, preparing me for what was to come. As he pushed his long fingers deeper within me, all the while continuing to lick and suck my clit, I felt myself lifting, arching my back as the waves of pleasure started to build. My vaginal muscles contracted, as Dylan brought me closer and closer to orgasm.

I screamed as I came, wave after wave of bliss sweeping through me, as his fingers continued to probe and stretch me, finding that spot deep inside that lifted me from the bed again and again.

When I thought I would faint from sheer ecstasy, Dylan slowed his movements, then gradually withdrew his fingers. Shivers of pleasure still coursed through my body as he pulled himself up the bed to lie alongside me, propping his head on one hand.

Dylan lifted his other hand to brush back the hair that my sweat had stuck to my face, then he leaned over me and kissed me gently. I rolled onto my side and ran my hand down his hard body, finding his cock once more, caressing it. I was sure it had grown even harder and larger since I'd last touched it. The Captain placed his hand over mine, stopping my fondling. He said, "I'm very close to the edge, Angelique, but I don't want to hurt you. You may feel more comfortable on top, where you can lead, and take things at your own pace."

I moved my hand back to caress his handsome face, smiling as I kissed him again, whispering, "You could never hurt me. Just go slowly."

The Captain gently rolled me onto my back, and I parted my legs. He lifted himself to lie between them, careful to raise himself on his arms, so he didn't put too much weight on me. Dylan Hunt was one of the most considerate, gentlest lovers I had ever known, despite--or perhaps because of--his great size and strength.

He moved himself up my body and I felt the heat of his cock pressing against my opening. Parting my legs further, I braced myself for his first thrust, a little nervous of taking that great shaft inside me. But Dylan moved slowly and gently, and there was no pain as he entered me, just pleasure. I was stretched and filled, and felt complete in a way I hadn't for far too long.

The next few hours were unlike anything I'd ever known. The Captain's stamina was as great as his strength, and we spent the short time we had together constantly making love, lifting each other to orgasm again and again, until we were spent. Then I curled up against that broad, hard chest, letting him hold me in his arms like a child. I have never felt so cherished and protected as I did in those few moments. Just for a short while, I felt that nothing and no one could ever hurt me again, because Dylan Hunt would shelter me from harm forever.

"I have to go soon." They were the words I'd been dreading, but I'd known they had to be spoken. I buried my head in Dylan's neck, pretending I hadn't heard. He pulled me close in his arms, then turned his head to kiss me gently on the lips, whispering, "It's time, Angelique. Time to go."

I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, knowing he was right, knowing our time was over, but wanting time to stand still. This night should never end.

Dylan kissed me with equal passion and longing, and I knew that he didn't want to leave, any more than I wanted him to go. When we finally broke our kiss, his eyes were filled with sadness. I reached up to brush away a lock of hair that had fallen over his forehead, and as I looked into his face, I could see his eyes had become moist.

He pulled my head down and kissed my forehead, whispering my name over and over, "Angelique, Angelique, Angelique. My universe will be a lonely place and my bed a desert without you there."

I wanted to weep with pain, my own and his, but I told myself to be strong. I told myself repeatedly that Dylan Hunt wasn't real. He was just a character in a TV series. [But Dylan my love, you feel so real. Your touch is real, your kiss is real. You are real.] I couldn't let myself think like that, or my heart would break at letting him go. Putting on a brave little smile, I pushed gently against his chest. "Go on then. You'd better get dressed. Your crew will wonder what you've been doing if you arrive back with no clothes on."

Dylan smiled and kissed me quickly, then leaped out of the bed. I watched him as he dressed, enjoying my last sight of those long limbs and that broad chest. When he pulled his sweater over his head, I rose from the bed and joined him at the door of my bedroom. He took me in his arms once more, running his hands over my naked body, igniting the flame within me again. I stood on tip-toes and hung my arms around his neck, then he swept me up into his arms, and carried me through to my living room. As we entered, I saw the clock on the wall. 06:57. We were out of time.

Lowering me gently to my feet, Dylan gave me one last sweet, gentle kiss, then grabbed his jacket and moved to stand in front of the view screen. Tears coursed down my cheeks as I wove my last spell:

Dylan love, we've had such fun
But now alas, our time is run
Head for home, and Rommie's care,
Fight the good fight, don't despair.

His eyes widened a little as he caught my reference to his ship, then his form wavered, pixelated, and he was gone.

"You look tired, Angel. Didn't you sleep well last night?" Demon lowered her tray to the table we were sharing in the mess hall. Lily slid in beside me, and looked up at me quizzically.

I smiled gently at my sisters. "I had a bit of a restless night." Ain't that the truth! If only they'd known. I went on, "It's a good job I was off duty today, as I'd have been useless in Medbay. Fortunately, I was able to sleep in late, and I feel much better now."

All of which was the truth. Demon may not be able to read my emotions as she can others, but over the years I've learned not to tell lies around her if I can help it. She always seems to know if I do. An irritating ability in a big sister.

Demon nodded and sat down, then started digging into her lunch enthusiastically. The children were all in the crèche, and the men on duty, so we'd agreed to meet for a snack. Looking at Demon's well-laden plate, it seemed she wanted something more substantial to eat. [Been burning up calories in the sack, no doubt.] I told my mind not to go there. I really didn't want to think about my sister and her husband in bed.

I thought I'd dealt with the awkward question quite well, but then Lily piped up, "Are you sure you're OK, Angel? You looked as if you were limping when you came in."

Now normally I love my little red-headed sister dearly, but at that moment I could have cheerfully strangled her. Demon had come in after me, so hadn't seen me limp. Now Lily had told her, and I could see that long nose of Demon's twitching. Damn it, I didn't need to be reminded of bunny rabbits again! My big sister limited herself to a raised eyebrow, and carried on plowing through a mountain of pasta. Where did she put it all? Hollow legs?

Of course, Lily was right. I was limping. You don't spend four hours making love to Dylan Hunt without feeling a little stretched and sore. But it had certainly been worth it. I kept my thoughts carefully under control, not wanting my twin emotional barometers--otherwise known as my nipples--to alert my sisters to my excitement at the memory of what Dylan and I had done together the night before.

I smiled sweetly at Lily, inwardly cursing her keen observation. "Oh, you know what happens sometimes. You get a little carried away with a work out, and strain something. Nothing serious." The truth again. Dylan had given me one of the most rigorous work-outs I'd had in months.

Lily nodded seriously, saying, "You shouldn't push so hard, Angel."

[Tell Captain Hunt that!] I managed to keep the words to myself, and kept my smile innocent. Wanting to change the subject, I waved my hand at Demon's plate. "If you keep on eating at that rate you'll get fat, Demon!"

Demon paused, then looked down at her plate and up again, giving me a pathetic little smile. "But I'm hungry! I didn't get time for breakfast, because Matthew...Well, never mind, but now I'm hungry, and you know what I always say. 'Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.' So there." My big sister grinned broadly, then tucked back into her meal as Lily and I laughed at her.

Suddenly, Demon's words started ringing bells in my mind. If anything worth doing was worth overdoing, maybe it was worth overdoing again. I thought about the data crystal and all the things on it. I could always copy each item onto a separate crystal. And then...

"Angel? Are you OK? You were miles away." I came to with a start at Lily's words, and smiled at my sisters.

"Stop nagging. I'm fine." Actually, I was more than fine, but they didn't need to know that.

Demon had finished her pasta, and was looking over at my plate, eyeing my fries with an acquisitive gleam. I started eating them quickly, so she sighed and sat back in her chair. After watching me eat for a few moments, she asked, "What do you have planned for tonight, then? We haven't seen much of you lately. Have you been watching much TV?"

I nodded, then answered with a gentle smile. "I don't think I'll have much on tonight though. Not much on at all."

The Witches of Eriadne: Interlude Four H

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