The Witches of Eriadne:
Interlude Four D - Part 1: Cartoon Time

by The Space Witches

... or a snake?
... or a snake?

Chapter 1

June 2270

"Why don’t you have a pet name for me?"

Demon looked up at Gideon as he spoke. They were lying in bed enjoying a few moments of peace, before he needed to get up and go to the bridge. They had made love slowly and satisfyingly, and were now lazing in the warm afterglow of passion spent.

She smiled and kissed his shoulder. "What do you mean?"

Matthew sighed deeply. "Well, Lily has pet names for her men. She calls John ‘Sweet-face’ and Luke ‘Sad-eyes’. Why don’t you have a pet name for me?" He grinned down at her, teasing. "I have a pet name for you, after all. You’re my beautiful goose." He kissed her forehead quickly and smiled, lovingly.

Demon stretched languidly then pulled herself up to kneel beside him, smiling down as she stroked his chest. "Hmm, let me see, what might be appropriate?" Her face filled with mischief as she thought of some things that she could call him. "Do you still have Disney these days?"

Matthew laughed. "We have a whole damned planet dedicated to pleasure called Disneyplanet, so yeah, we still have Disney. Why?"

She leaned forward and kissed his nose. "Because I think I’ll call you Pinocchio. You are always sticking your nose into other people’s business."

Matthew laughed again. "No, that one won’t work. I’m not made of wood, although there’s a part of me that you make hard enough..." He pulled her head down and kissed her, before releasing her and continuing, "and I hate anything that comes with strings attached."

Demon smiled. "Well, we could always try Dumbo." She tweaked his ear.

"Hey! Now that’s getting personal! They’re not that big." She leaned forward again and started to nibble on his ear lobe, then ran her tongue around the edge. Matthew jerked his head away from her mouth. "Stop it, you’ll get me going again, and we don’t really have time. Try again, you can forget Dumbo."

"Picky, picky. OK, what else might there be...? Do you know The Jungle Book?" Matthew shook his head. "Well, there’s a character called Shere Khan who might suit." He raised his eyebrows, waiting for her to continue. "He’s a big, bad tiger." Demon smiled lasciviously at him as he lay below her, arms behind his head.

Matthew sat up suddenly, grabbed her and rolled her onto her back, kissing her passionately. "That’s better. I like being a tiger. Shere Khan it is."

Demon grinned up at him, not even trying to escape his grip on her wrists, where he had them pinned to the bed. "Oh, there’s another character in The Jungle Book who might be even more suitable."

Gideon shifted himself, until he lay on top of her, pinning her down with his body, still holding her wrists immobile. She could feel his arousal as his cock was pressed between them. His mouth covered hers again, and this time the kiss was long and slow, arousing her, making her juices flow and her nipples harden against the hairs on his chest. When he finally broke away, Demon could see his eyes had darkened with passion.

"So who’s this other guy then? What would be more appropriate than a tiger?" He smiled lazily down at her, raising her temperature another notch, until she was burning for him again.

"He’s called Kaa. And he fits in more ways than one." Demon’s grin was now pure mischief. "Because he’s the biggest snake in the jungle!"

Matthew roared with laughter, then looked down at her as she lay grinning beneath him. "So I’m a big snake am I? Well, maybe I’d better show you just how good a fit that big snake is."

{Chapter 1}

The Witches of Eriadne: Interlude Four D

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