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I discovered this band at the 2004 Oscar party of, the biggest fansite for the Lord of the Rings movies. (11 of 11 Oscars - a clean sweep, woohooo!!!) WWS won over 1000 new fans that night - and not only because they're friends of Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan. Introduced by Elijah as his friends, World Without Sundays proceeded to rock the party! Their set list was: "Happiness", "Life at the North Pole" (both from their self-titled first CD), and "How I Got In Here", which I think might appear on their second CD. The final song in their set was a cover of the Oasis classic "Supersonic", which to the joy of the present LOTR fans was sung by Dominic Monaghan! You can download a 2-minute video of that here. (11.5MB Quicktime file - RIGHTCLICKSAVE PLEASE and don't link to it directly, thank you*.)

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Long story short, once I got back home, I of course had to go look at the WWS official site to post my feedback for their performance and order their CD. Like hundreds of Ringers who have heard them at the TORN Oscar party, I have fallen in love with this band, and think that many others would enjoy them too. So I thought I'd use my little site to spread the WWS love! Go visit them, listen to some of their songs online,chat with the band members Shox, Guy, Grecco and Adam at their forum - they're good musicians and really nice guys to boot! - then order their CD and merchandise! And say hi from me. :-)

PS: Elijah, get that music label going, so you can sign WWS. And Dom too, while you're at it!

*If you'd like to put the video up on your own site, please credit ChrisB and let me know where it is.