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The Guest House

Your Drama Queen is proud to provide a home for some wonderful friends. They love to entertain guests, so don't forget to pay them a visit!

Bucksangel's American Gothic Site
Surely one of the best AG sites out there in the WWW, proudly hosted by Your Drama Queen. If you're looking for lots of wonderful pictures and interesting tidbits about this extraordinary TV series, you've come to the right place!

Buck Mansion - An American Gothic Site
A new and improved version of Christine's American Gothic Site, but this time in English. You'll find most of the German site's content here, including the Unofficial American Gothic Soundtrack, but also many new pages. Furthermore, The American Gothic DVD Petition is an integral part of Buck Mansion.

London Hooligans
A Real Person Slash Role Play Game. Your Drama Queen is very excited to host the London Hooligans site! For one, this is the official archive for this fantastic Alternative Universe RPG - AU because while the characters are based on Lord of the Rings actors, the story takes place in Victorian London, particularly Soho. To ensure that you can safely move around this battleground of rivalling gangs, the site also contains background information about the characters and the times and places they live(d) in.

The Space Witches HomePage
A site that a few friends of mine created. Along with many other sites it was deleted by Tripod, where it used to be hosted, as their automated system went wild in March 2001. When I heard this I offered to put their HomePage up at my domain, for their stories are truly worthy of being supported by the Drama Queen! So I leave you to the skilled hands of the Space Witches and hope you'll enjoy their HomePage as much as I do.