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Welcome, friend. So you want to find out more about your Drama Queen. You probably look at this site's design and picture me as one of these 'goth' types, wearing only black and listening to gloomy music all the time?

Not at all. I love to wear colourful clothing, red being a favourite. And as for my music tastes... well, some of what I listen to may be gloomy, but that is merely one colour of the spectrum.

So I am not a goth, and yet I sometimes seek darkness in movies, music, books, art...

I can't remember a time when I was afraid of the dark. Instead, I have always been fascinated by it, and love to listen to the sounds of the night while watching the stars above me.

I like the idea that we are all 'star stuff', and in a sense, I believe it is true. That in essence, we are beings of light, who have chosen to come to this physical plane to live and learn, to grow. That each of us has a destiny to fulfill, a purpose in life, but every one of us chooses their own way to get there. And that sometimes, it takes us more than one life to find the way, because we forget the reason why we have come here.

While I don't subscribe to any particular religion - I was raised Catholic - I have a special affinity for Earth Goddess/Wicca related beliefs, and try to live my life by the rule, "An it harm none, do as ye will".

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"You're that geeky Stephen King kid. There's one of you in every school." - Delilah to Casey, The Faculty

I guess I do fit some of the 'geek' criteria, and have alwasy been interested in computers, but I'm not into gaming. My interest in fantastical worlds seems to have been inherent in my personality before I set foot in kindergarten. It helped me through many a difficult time in my life, helping to get my mind off my problems and recharge my mental batteries. Despite being shy and quiet, I always had a few friends. And I soon learned to shrug off others' teasing for what they felt were odd interests. I still consider myself a bookworm, although other interests have cut my reading time considerably - like watching my many DVDs/VHS tapes, or busying myself on the internet.

Your Drama Queen is a contradiction in terms - born to the sun sign of Gemini, with Gemini rising, I am at first look a very atypical representative of this sign. Quiet and calm on the surface, the liveliness is often hidden beneath, only bubbling up when I get excited. I will never be the life of the party, but I enjoy gatherings of family and friends. Night is my time, and yet I enjoy the sun, basking in its light and warmth. When among peple I have a connection with, I talk freely even of things I usually keep to myself. Most acquaintances think me an everyday girl, and are surprised to no end when they learn of my tastes in music, books and films, or some of my other interests and abilities.

And this is where I am a typical Gemini - I have many different interests: archeology, art, astrology, astronomy, crafts, dancing, erotica, the environment, fantasy, foreign countries and cultures, horror, human rights, the internet, legends and myths, movies, music, poetry, reading, science fiction, writing... Of course, also typical for a Gemini, I can hardly keep up with all my interests, so the focus always wanders. Another typical trait is that I often find myself torn between the two sides of my personality.

Someone once told me that the one time when the Gemini's ruling element, air, really shows up in me, is when I laugh.

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Ask anyone who knows me, and they'll tell you that I'm (in)famous for my loud laughs. Once I let rip, it's almost impossible to stop me, or to make me get quieter. But don't expect me to ever watch "Ace Ventura" a second time. I prefer my humour less overdone, and like it best with some spice, double entendre or darkness on the side.

Why "Drama Queen", then?

It goes back to my fascination with darkness. I earned this nickname from my sisters, due to my love for drama - I love books, movies, music, or any other form of art that manages to touch me so deeply that it can make me cry. Make me choose between a drama and a comedy, and I'll probably choose the drama. I'm a sucker for the darkly seductive bad boy and the tortured, tainted hero. Speaking of which...

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Your journey is only beginning here, unless you decided to turn back for some reason. If you want to continue exploring my humble virtual home, I hope that you will find some interesting, intrigueing, thought-provoking content.

Love and Light to you, Your Drama Queen