The Keep

The Keep

Music Room

Drawing Room

Writing Room


The Guest House

Welcome to the main building of your Drama Queen's castle. Renovations are still underway on most of the rooms, but feel free to stroll through those that are open. More will be added as they are finished.

A word of caution before you go on though, and don't complain later that I didn't warn you:
Please be aware that I have varied tastes, so while some things may be sweet and innocent, others can border on the bizarre, disturbing or shocking - at least for the easily offended. You will encounter nudity in written or pictorial form throughout my humble abode, and you'll also risk drowning in drool in some rooms. If you still dare to go on, I hope you enjoy your stay here!

The Rooms

You are on the Ground Floor. Where would you like to go from here?

The First Floor:

The Music Room
My favourite music from around the world and across the spectrum.

The Drawing Room
Exhibiting some drawings and photo manipulations by Yours Truly.

The Writing Room
Yes, occasionally I do put pen to paper... or more likely, hit the keyboard for literary *cough* pursuits. The Writing Room is where you can find the results.

The Second Floor:

These are my private rooms, the place where you can find out more about me.

About your Drama Queen
For those who want to know more about their hostess.

More rooms will become available for you to visit as they are finished.