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For information about the stories these illustrations were made for, please follow the links in the titles. Please take note that these stories may contain slash (male/male sex) and are probably rated NC-17. Other warnings may apply.

Listed alphabetically by story title.


For Another Hunger by Uluithiel

"This is a vampire fic. It will be bloody. It will be violent. It will be bloody sexy. Disclaimers: This is obviously fiction. I mean, REALLY. If they were vampires they might very well still be alive now, but they couldn’t get away with… but… Elijah does have really pale skin… and Dom does seem to prefer being out at night. And… No. The Wellington premiere parade was in broad daylight. Saw ‘em myself. Nope. All fiction."

For Inca by Ismenin

"It is an Alternate Reality. In my story there was no Pisarro to strangle Atahualpa or Cortez to do likewise to Montezuma. In my story, a lot is historical fact, and TONS more of it is made up by moi. For example, the King of Spain at this approximate time was King Carlos. Mine is called Ferdinand.

So, remember to leave your credulity at the door, and if you do go checking Inca facts, remember what I tole yer - and do not tell me off!"

For Jah and the Pharaoh by Trianne

"In an unspecified time during the turbulent history of ancient Egypt, a young man, Jah, is selected to be concubine to the Pharaoh. Jah is soon the favourite of his master and becomes the centre of a world of intrigue and lust. His life hangs by a thread at all times but can Jah find true love?
This is not meant to be in any way based on accurate fact, more it is a fantasy of beautiful people in an ancient world. The period is deliberately hazy - think of this story as an AU set in a land that bears a vague resemblence to Ancient Egypt and you will enjoy it much more. If you think you recognise the actors portraying the various roles, then you are probably right."

For Of A Hobbit And A King by Mews1945

"Frodo finds understanding in an unexpected place."

For Son of the Sun by Ismenin

"This is a AR (Alternate Reality) fic, and not intended to be historically accurate. It is a conflation of styles and dynasties, written with love."